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    Chapter 185: Caught in the Act with the Master

    When consciousness returned, Chu Wanning vaguely realized that they had somehow left the bustling crowd and retreated to the nearest woods. They were kissing passionately, their breaths hot and hurried against each other.


    Both of them, longing for one another for so long, kissed with an impetuous and restless urgency, almost bordering on madness. Their throats moved, swallowing, teeth clashed hastily, drawing blood, yet neither noticed nor could stop.

    Mo Ran pressed him against a tree, the rough bark adhering to his trembling back. Distant sounds of music seemed to linger in the air, but it was irrelevant. All sounds, whether near or far, high or low, were fragmented. The only coherent sound was their mutual gasping.

    Lips moistened, roughly rubbed together shamelessly, entwining and rolling without inhibitions.


    Chu Wanning refused to yield, but he had always been abstinent. The sudden, raw desire unleashed by the other was terrifyingly vibrant, like a fierce beast ready to tear at his throat and devour his flesh.

    He didn't understand how he had reached this point, unsure if it was right or wrong, and uncertain about what would follow.

    This man, who had always been disciplined, abstinent, restrained, and solitary, calculating every step for a hundred more, seemed to be torn apart and shattered in this moment.

    Only his stubbornness was ingrained in his bones, serving as the buoy that kept him afloat amidst the depths of desire. He refused to show weakness or vulnerability, even when his back had gone numb and his soul seemed to be drained. He would rather take the initiative than be a helpless, malleable object at someone else's mercy.

    Unfortunately, his ambition far outweighed his skill.

    So much so that Mo Ran had been bumped by his teeth more than once, with his forceful kisses causing his tongue to bleed, filling his mouth with the salty sweetness of blood. His breathing grew increasingly labored, his face flushed, and his breaths more erratic.

    In the end, Mo Ran couldn't help but laugh, finding the earnest yet unskilled Chu Wanning utterly endearing.

    His once-hard heart had melted into a tranquil spring, a vast lake shimmering with golden ripples, tender and pliable like silk between his fingers.

    As they separated, their lips remained moistly connected by a glistening thread, an indulgent and wanton sight. Their reddened mouths and eyes brimming with affection and desire spoke volumes. Mo Ran's voice was rough, heavy with moisture as he gazed into Chu Wanning's eyes, his calloused fingertips gently tracing Chu Wanning's cheek.

    Chu Wanning knew full well how terrible he was, but he refused to admit defeat. Squinting, he demanded in a threatening tone, "What are you laughing at?"

    Seeing that Mo Ran didn't answer, but only smiled wider, Chu Wanning grew more frustrated.

    "Was I... not doing it right?"

    A smile finally tugged at the corners of Mo Ran's lips. He embraced Chu Wanning again, this time facing each other. Their equally tall bodies pressed together, not as seamlessly as a male-female embrace, but igniting a fiercer flame, a heavier spark.

    "There's nothing wrong, it's perfect." Mo Ran nuzzled affectionately against the crown of his head, then whispered into his ear, "Shifu is the best..."

    "But why are you still laughing!"

    Mo Ran laughed again, low and deep. His chest was warm and solid, but his heart was growing softer and more tender.

    "My reaction wasn't just laughter."

    Before Chu Wanning could grasp the deeper meaning, Mo Ran's embrace deepened, from just their upper bodies pressed close to their entire bodies overlapping. Suddenly, Chu Wanning felt this man's intense, powerful passion pressing against him, moving with each breath. It was thrilling, intense, and vivid, sending shivers down his spine, making his heart race, yet causing his throat to constrict and go dry.

    This sensation made Chu Wanning sharply aware of how aggressive, fierce, and violent the seemingly gentle man before him truly was, capable of taking a life with flesh and blood, tearing apart organs.

    He felt his hairs stand on end, wanting to push him away immediately. But before he could raise his hand, Mo Ran's plump, feverishly hot lips descended again, moistly capturing his own in a kiss, licking and sucking. This man breathed deeply and passionately, his fierce body pressing against Chu Wanning through their clothes with every rise and fall. Chu Wanning lost himself in this terrifying intimacy, and before he knew it, Mo Ran's rough, heated tongue had invaded his mouth, hungrily and obsessively kissing, licking, and rubbing against him. In the end, Chu Wanning's mind went blank, his legs weak and numb...

    He trembled slightly, overwhelmed by the stimulation, the unfamiliar helplessness, the hardness and heat, and the burning passion.

    That day, Chu Wanning didn't know how he managed to return to the Edge of Life and Death. He seemed like a wooden statue, devoid of consciousness. The only memory he had was of them parting at the Red Lotus Water Pavilion, gasping and clinging to each other in the darkness, hungrily kissing for what felt like an eternity, wishing they could devour their lover and desire whole, never sated... not enough...

    In his haze, he recalled Mo Ran pleading with him in a low voice, asking for permission to sleep at the Red Lotus Water Pavilion that night. Chu Wanning, barely holding onto his last vestige of clarity, panted and struggled to regain some composure, refusing to give in.

    He couldn't explain why he didn't yield; perhaps it was an inexplicable sense of pride, or maybe being alone for too long made him unaccustomed to such intimacy. It could also be his rigid and conservative mindset that found all this absurd and implausible, despite its irresistible allure, occurring too suddenly and swiftly.

    With great effort, Chu Wanning freed himself from the grip of desire and Mo Ran, pushing open the door to enter the pavilion. For the first time in his life, he understood what it meant to "not dare look back."

    He knew his self-control was stretched to its limits. If he turned around now, all his efforts might crumble, and the floodgates of desire would burst open, making it impossible to push away the person before him.

    They would be reduced to ashes, leaving not even a trace behind.

    While bathing and changing clothes, Chu Wanning discovered that his undergarment was damp, its slightly pungent and sweet scent causing his cheeks to flush red with embarrassment. Even the corners of his cold and sharp phoenix-like eyes took on a faint blush, like the petals of a peach blossom.

    He stood there for a long while, unable to shake off the thought of how things had escalated so abruptly. This had never happened to him before, never.

    Damn it, what should he do?

    Whenever Chu Wanning encountered an unsolvable problem in the past, his instinctive response was to seek answers within books. Thus, he had read extensively since childhood, accumulating vast knowledge.

    For the first time, the countless volumes in his mind failed to provide a solution.

    Thus, he was at a loss, completely unsure how to proceed or respond.

    Fortunately, Mo Ran seemed to understand him well. After being rejected once, he realized the confusion and restlessness in Chu Wanning's heart and refrained from pushing further.

    But their intimacy went beyond holding hands. They would passionately kiss in the alley behind Meng Po's Hall, or they would cuddle intimately in a deserted forest under the cover of night. Mo Ran wasn't much of a sweet talker; sometimes, he only replied when Chu Wanning asked a question. However, his eyes spoke volumes, filled with honeyed words and boundless affection. It was just that he was clumsy with expressing himself, unable to convey his feelings properly.

    More often than not, Mo Ran preferred to show rather than tell.

    Strangely, Chu Wanning felt that Mo Ran could always sense what he desired, even though they had just started their relationship. Occasionally, Chu Wanning would think that Mo Ran had been by his side for many years in this new role.

    As time passed, their embraces and kisses grew longer, yet their desire only intensified. Every time they parted, both were left wanting more, their bodies burning with unquenched longing.

    Chu Wanning, having practiced asceticism for years, had exceptional self-control, but Mo Ran was different. He didn't cultivate the same heart technique as Chu Wanning, and as a young man full of vigor, he found it impossible to regain composure immediately after their trysts.

    It was too obvious, and his clothes couldn't hide the evidence. Anyone who saw him would suspect something.

    He suffered in silence, enduring the torment far too much.

    One evening, after dinner, they spent nearly an hour entwined in a secluded spot near the back mountain. However, there was an elder's meeting that night, and Chu Wanning, calculating the time, told Mo Ran that he needed to leave. But Mo Ran, believing they still had some time, was reluctant to let him go.

    His rejection was rather forceful, not through words but by kissing him again.

    In the forest, there were some abandoned garden rocks. Mo Ran sat on one of them, holding Chu Wanning in his arms and positioning him to face him while sitting on his lap. Typically, the person sitting below would be slightly shorter than the one seated on their legs, but Mo Ran was naturally tall, allowing them to be at eye level with Chu Wanning, without any loss of dominance.

    They continued to kiss passionately for a long time, from lips to neck, with Mo Ran gently biting on Chu Wanning's Adam's apple. Hearing the low, suppressed gasps from the other, Mo Ran found himself even more tormented, his heart burning with desire.

    Chu Wanning couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to break free, to leave, but his waist felt weak, and his limbs refused to obey him. Lately, Mo Ran had developed a fondness for this embrace, as it allowed him to hold Chu Wanning so intimately, creating an electrifying tension that left his whole body trembling. Chu Wanning could almost envision the breathtaking sight if they were not separated by clothing.

    Perhaps they had reached a critical point, as even the most intense kisses failed to alleviate their desires, instead fanning the flames higher.

    Mo Ran's eyes were moist when he finally released those swollen lips, breathing heavily and sensuously rolling his Adam's apple. He gazed intently at Chu Wanning, seemingly about to say something, but ultimately said nothing, only to fiercely bite down again.

    It was a real bite, causing Chu Wanning to feel pain, yet it was thrilling, like an acupuncture needle piercing his nerve endings.

    With love-filled sighs muffled in his throat, the man held his beloved tightly, stroking his jet-black hair. He felt that his Shifu was so wonderful, someone he yearned to cherish with all his heart, yet also so tempting, making him want to bully and dominate fiercely...

    In the quiet air, a raw, primal energy grew stronger. Chu Wanning lifted his head, closing his quivering eyelids slightly. This embrace and kiss were already unbearable, and it was even more torturous for the young man who held him in his arms. Mo Ran's eyes shimmered with a reddish glow, slightly dampened with emotion.

    He spoke in a low, hoarse voice, barely holding back and sounding aggrieved: "Master..."


    "Please, I can't take it anymore..."

    What did 'can't take it anymore' mean? Chu Wanning recalled those fragmented dreams, a shiver creeping up his spine. He remained silent, his ears burning red. Can't take it anymore... What did that entail?

    Before Mo Ran could once again capture his already swollen and moist lips, Chu Wanning whispered softly, almost inaudibly, "Then... not here."

    Not here meant elsewhere, where there could be more.

    Mo Ran abruptly lifted his head, a mix of surprise and delight evident on his face. Then he fiercely kissed him, attempting to lift Chu Wanning up while still holding onto him.

    Chu Wanning felt an overwhelming sense of shame, anger surging within him. "Put me down!"

    Mo Ran set him down but didn't neglect to kiss him again. "Where does Master want to go?"

    Before Chu Wanning could reply, they heard rustling sounds coming from the nearby haystacks. Startled, he suddenly snapped back to clarity, instantly pushing Mo Ran away.

    The moment the two separated, they noticed a figure emerging from the shadows of the bamboo grove, carrying a lantern that swayed gently in the breeze, their clothing fluttering with the wind.

    The person was silent for a long while before speaking, their voice laced with both astonishment and confusion.

    "Both of you... why are you here?"

    Author's Note:

    Mini-drama: "Don't Take It Too Seriously"

    Some friends previously complained about why cultivators need to eat and have such short lifespans. Actually, it's like this: if we flip through the "History of Cultivation in the Upper and Lower Cultivation Realms," we'll find a record. Long, long ago, cultivators could ascend directly to the heavens, strictly divided into Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Tribulation Transcending Ancestors, and then, ascension beyond. It was rumored that those who reached the realm of Tribulation Transcending Ancestor didn't need to eat, and even if they did, their farts would be rainbow-colored. The burning clouds we see in the sky now are actually the result of Tribulation Transcending Ancestors finishing their dinner and starting to fart, turning the sky red.

    Those who could ascend to the Ninth Heaven as Tribulation Transcending Ancestors would occasionally descend to Earth to tell people how magnificent life in heaven was. However, no ascended Immortal had ever returned to Earth to share what lay beyond the Ninth Heaven.

    One day, a Tribulation Transcending Ancestor successfully ascended once more. He broke through the Ninth Heaven and arrived in the world beyond, only to witness a heart-wrenching sight...

    He exhausted all his spiritual energy to convey his final message to Earth. This message became the preface to the "History of Cultivation in the Upper and Lower Cultivation Realms":

    "Don't strive to become a grand Immortal, don't venture beyond the Ninth Heaven. I've seen the corpses of our forefathers! There's no oxygen up there! No oxygen! No... wuwu!"

    Grand Ancestor Tribulation Transcender, deceased.

    (Adapted from an online parody of a popular Chinese web novel genre - lacking oxygen)


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