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    Chapter 210 - Only I Can Have Master's Handkerchief

    In the middle of the night, Chu Wanning stirred from a light slumber to find Mo Ran already out of bed and dressed properly. He sat at the table with a single lamp burning, engrossed in a pile of items.

    All the unease and helplessness he had felt earlier seemed so insignificant under the soft glow of the lamp. Chu Wanning gazed at him lazily for a moment before asking, "What are you doing?"

    "Master is awake? Is the light too bright...?"

    "No," Chu Wanning repeated. "What are you doing?"

    Mo Ran pressed his lips together and smiled bashfully.

    Chu Wanning got up, draped his robe around himself, and padded barefoot to stand beside him. Leaning against the table, he watched. On the desk lay Chu Wanning's peach blossom handkerchief, along with three plain white ones. Mo Ran was threading a needle and carefully embroidering patterns onto them.

    "You're sewing handkerchiefs?"

    "...I want what Master makes to be just for me," Mo Ran put down the needle and thread, wrapped an arm around Chu Wanning's waist, and leaned in to kiss his chest.

    There was a scar on Chu Wanning's heart.

    Chu Wanning had never mentioned the origin of this scar, so Mo Ran didn't inquire further.

    During their intimate moments, however, he would subconsciously tenderly kiss that spot.

    Mo Ran said, "I'll be the one to embroidery on other people's handkerchiefs. After all, they won't know who actually did it…" As he spoke, he picked up an already embroidered handkerchief and asked with a smile, "Shifu, do you think this, embroidered according to your original, resembles yours?"

    Chu Wanning sighed, "It's obvious without even looking that they're alike."

    How could this person's possessiveness be so intense?

    Chu Wanning brushed his fingers through Mo Ran's hair, and Mo Ran looked up at him with a gentle smile.

    The lamp was too dim, causing Mo Ran's eyes to ache a bit. As he lifted his gaze, there were faint signs of bloodshot eyes, but his expression and smile were both tender and radiant.

    Chu Wanning asked, "Are you still dwelling on unnecessary thoughts?"

    Mo Ran was taken aback for a moment before softly replying, "No, I'm not."

    "Good," Chu Wanning said. "That's what I wanted to hear."

    "Let nature take its course..." Mo Ran seemed to be speaking to himself, yet also addressing Chu Wanning.

    Let everything unfold as it should.

    Days like these were far too scarce.

    He, Mo Weiyu, was no god. He was but a tiny, insignificant piece of driftwood amidst the vast ocean of mortal life. People were inherently selfish; to offer a near-dying man a cup of water, only for him to sip a little and then demand he discard the entire cup, choosing to wither in thirst—this was an almost impossible task for anyone in the world.

    Mo Ran wished to savor more of this sweet rain.

    In the future, should I ever descend into the abyss again, it won't hurt quite as much.

    There is a pool of past memories, clear enough to quench a lifetime of drought.

    The following day, everyone gathered outside the manor, ready to depart for Dragon Mountain together.

    Master Ma instructed his subordinates to provide each person with a robust and majestic steed. In front of the black-gold saddle hung a Qiankun Bag embroidered with an image of a night cat. Seated on the horse, Xue Meng picked up the bag for a look and immediately scrunched up his nose in disdain.

    Suddenly, he heard someone chuckling softly beside him. "I really can't appreciate Master Ma's taste. It's one thing to have a big-headed cat embroidered on the Qiankun Bag, but to add a bright red 'Horse' character on the back – that's quite amusing."

    Xue Meng turned around and saw Mei Hanxue riding on a majestic white horse, also fiddling with the same bag. He lifted his light cyan eyes, giving Xue Meng a playful glance with a hint of a smile. The teardrop-shaped crystal hanging between his brows shimmered gently, swaying slightly, making his face even more captivating.

    Xue Meng rolled his eyes and whispered, "Scum."

    The scum merely smiled slightly, narrowing his eyes, showing no sign of anger. Instead, he said, "Young Master Xue seems to be in low spirits today. Did you not get enough sleep?"


    "There's a bluish tinge under your eyes, and your forehead is darkened. I have some soothing herbal ointments for better sleep here..."

    "Are you really that bored, Mei Hanxue?" Xue Meng held back for a while but couldn't resist anymore. He turned around angrily and asked, "Did Treading Snow Palace expel you? Why are you wandering around the Peak of Life and Death?"

    "My master sent me over," Mei Hanxue replied with his smile unwavering. "To deliver the concealed weapons your father requested yesterday."

    "Well, hurry up and get lost after delivering them."

    Surprisingly, Mei Hanxue didn't get angry. He chuckled and said, "Alright, I'm rolling now."


    Xue Meng felt that this person was simply ill. Every time he saw him, he was either as soft as a woman or as cold as a stone. Last time they met at the Confucian Wind Sect, he had subtly taunted Xue Meng. Today, he was putting on a "hit me on one cheek and I'll offer the other" saintly face. Xue Meng couldn't hold back anymore. He turned his horse around and stared at the exquisitely handsome man sitting on the back.

    "Not to be rude, Mei Hanxue, do we have a grudge?"


    "Then are we close?"

    Mei Hanxue smiled but didn't answer right away. His light-colored eyes were filled with shimmering fragments of light. A breeze caused his fine, golden hair, hidden beneath his hood, to flutter gently. Sunlight bathed it in an even warmer hue.

    Xue Meng wasn't really expecting an answer. With a frown, he said, "After delivering your weapons, get lost. If you want to flirt with people from other sects, that's none of my business. But don't try to curry favor with me to take advantage of my Death Peak junior sisters."

    "…Pfft." Mei Hanxue couldn't help but laugh. He quickly covered his mouth with a fist and coughed softly, looking at Xue Meng with amusement. "Alright."

    He took the reins, his fair wrist adorned with a silver bell that jingled with the wind.

    Mei Hanxue smiled sidelong. "Leaving now."

    Xue Meng glared at him. "Hurry up? Do I need to set off firecrackers to see you off?"

    Mei Hanxue truly left, his horse's hooves taking two steps before he suddenly remembered something and turned his head, saying, "Oh right, there's one more thing."

    Xue Meng didn't want to listen, but his curiosity got the better of him, so he asked grumpily, "What is it?"

    Mei Hanxue smiled slightly, a slender and fair finger resting on his lips. He was the epitome of a refined beast in disguise, a well-mannered scoundrel, and chuckled softly, "You're quite spicy."

    Xue Meng's face instantly turned green!

    "You... You — you!!" He was thoroughly disgusted, stuttering for a while without being able to say anything else. Just then, the sect leader's group was calling for assembly, preparing to set off. Mei Hanxue waved at Xue Meng with a grin before riding away.

    By the time Mo Ran rode up next to Xue Meng, Mei Hanxue had already vanished into the crowd. Mo Ran saw Xue Meng pounding his chest in anger and dry-heaving repeatedly.

    Mo Ran paused. "...Did you eat something bad?"

    "Ugh—don't talk to me now! Damn it, I woke up early this morning and ate... sh*t..."

    Mo Ran: "...Even though fasting can be very hungry, you wouldn't starve to the point of eating dog sh*t..."

    "Get lost!!" Xue Meng pushed against Mo Ran's chest, pushing both him and his horse away. He was so furious that he felt like he was ascending to heaven and entering nirvana as he bellowed red-faced and flushed neck, "Ugh—! Sh*t! You're the one who's f*cking spicy!"

    Amidst the clamor, thousands of people set off from Lonely Mountain towards Dragon Mountain. It was indeed a rare sight, for on ordinary days, everyone would travel by sword, and even with large groups, they would arrive in an instant. Seldom did one see such a scene of cultivators riding horses on a long journey.

    Many among them were not accustomed to riding for such extended periods. The first day was manageable, but after that, it became a challenge. Fortunately, Lord Horse's Qiankun Bag held everything one could need: energizing pills, fragrant fans, and even a few silk-embroidered books listing the prices and suitability of various innovative products from Peach Bud Manor.

    Xue Meng glared at Lord Horse, who was loudly advertising under the shade of a tree during their rest. The world's second wealthiest man was enthusiastically promoting his wares: "Ladies and gentlemen, if there's anything you fancy from our merchandise, just mark it in the catalog. I, Ma, will personally deliver your purchases to your doorstep. Seven-day satisfaction guarantee, fifteen-day exchange policy. Pay for your immortal artifacts only when they arrive!"

    Many truly had nothing else to do, and it was clear that Lord Horse had done this on purpose. His massive Qiankun Bag contained nothing but these catalogs, leaving no other distractions.

    After staring at them long enough, one or two items would inevitably catch the eye. Even Xue Meng couldn't resist circling "Suitable for all ages, mild flavor, premium ingredients, enhances spiritual energy – Nanshan Spirit Swallow's Nest Pastries."

    Now he finally understood what Mo Ran had meant by "making money."

    After seven days on the road, Master Ma's coffers were overflowing, and everyone was feeling weary. In the evening of that day, they finally reached the Panglong Range.

    "Dragons have proud bones; may you honor them."

    Xue Zhengyong gazed at the enormous rock standing before the entrance to Panglong Mountain and recited the words inscribed upon it. Turning to Nan Gongsi, he inquired, "Young Master Nan Gong, what does this mean?"

    Nan Gongsi explained, "It means that from this point forward, we must journey on foot. Moreover, from the moment we enter the mountains until the Dragon Mountain barrier is activated, we must not utter any profane or vulgar language. Doing so will invite punishment."

    With Nan Gongsi's warning, the various sect leaders immediately passed on the message. However, each sect had its own way of communication. The Treading Snow Palace's Palace Master picked up the jade flute at his waist and blew it twice, while Grandmaster Xuanjing shook the silver bell in his hand. Jiang Xi stood still, with Hua Binan conveying the message for him. Hua Binan waved his sleeves, and a cloud of black smoke emerged from them. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be thousands of tiny flying insects, each landing by the ears of Solitary Moon Night's disciples, whispering instructions.

    Sickened, Xue Meng said, "Cold Scale Saint Hand is truly bizarre. Does he have bugs all over his body?" Suddenly remembering something, he turned to Shi Mo and said, "Speaking of which, you studied at Linling Island before. You didn't come into contact with Hua Binan, did you? Don't go using bugs too, or I'll really have my hands full."

    Shi Mo turned around and smiled. "Young Master worries too much."

    At that moment, the Peak of Life and Death also began to convey the message. Other sects were showing off their skills, but Xue Zhengyong simply shouted using amplification magic:

    "After entering the valley, no foul language or crude talk! If you can't control yourself, use a silencing spell to seal your mouth beforehand! Did everyone hear that?"

    His powerful voice echoed through the forest, shaking the trees and stopping the clouds in their tracks. The echoes lingered on and on—

    "Did everyone hear that? Hear that? Hear? That?"

    All the cultivators: "............"

    Author has something to say:

    "Xue Meng Is Straight."

    Mei Hanxue: There's nothing going on between Xue Meng and me.

    Jiang Xi: There's no possibility between Xue Meng and me.

    Mo Ran: My relationship with Xue Meng is like a ghostly encounter.

    Chu Wanning: There's no future for Xue Meng and me.

    Shi Mo: Who would take the dominant role between Xue Meng and me?

    Nan Gongsi: Xue Meng isn't beautiful enough for my liking.

    Xue Meng: ...Have any of you thought about my feelings?


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