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    Chapter 56: A Dainty Young Lad

    Was this the truth after drinking or just the boldness of a drunkard? Ye Jiangbai couldn't help but laugh and touch her puffed-up cheeks. "Are you still upset about what happened last time? Didn't I already make it up to you?"

    Chang Nian lifted her eyes in confusion. "Make it up to me?"

    The person in front of him looked delicate and innocent, endearingly naive. Ye Jiangbai couldn't resist poking her little dimples. "Yes, I made it up to you. Otherwise, why would I bring you here today?"

    She was just a cover, and he could have earned favor by bringing anyone else. Yet, he still chose her.

    Chang Nian complained, "That doesn't count as compensation."

    By the end of her words, she was barely able to kneel steadily. She swayed, shook her head, and laid on his leg. Turning her face, she blew a saliva bubble.

    Tiny droplets splashed onto his robe. Ye Jiangbai saw this and said sarcastically, "If this were someone else, they would've been thrown off the carriage a long time ago. It's only you who doesn't appreciate your good fortune."

    With half-open eyes, Chang Nian harrumphed, clearly still upset.

    Looking down at her, Ye Jiangbai wondered if there was something wrong with him. He usually avoided dealing with drunks, yet he didn't find this person on his lap annoying. Instead, he found her incredibly adorable.

    Gently helping her up, he invited her to sit on his lap. Ye Jiangbai whispered, "I've never coddled anyone before, nor am I skilled in sweet talk. If I make up for what I owe you with tangible benefits, isn't that enough?"

    "It's not enough." With the alcohol taking effect, Chang Nian's eyes grew hazy, lacking any focus, as he slurred, "The stories in the books tell of how young lords would go to great lengths to win back the favor of their angered beauties... Who acts like you... bestowing favors as if it's an act of charity."

    So she still regards herself as a delicate beauty? Ye Jiangbai couldn't help but find her amusing.

    However, upon gazing at her luscious red lips, Ye Jiangbai's smile faded, and his eyes darkened slightly.

    How could such a person have been born? With rosy lips, pearly teeth, and skin as fair as snow, upon closer inspection, they outshone the refined young ladies of the capital by leaps and bounds.

    Why was he born a man? If he were to don a dress adorned with butterflies, he would undoubtedly be a stunning beauty that could captivate the nation.

    With this thought in mind, Ye Jiangbai instructed Liang Ce, who was outside, "Turn the horse around."


    "Head for the Butterfly Flutter Pavilion."

    The Butterfly Flutter Pavilion was a silk and satin shop secretly owned by Feng Tingyun. In the past, when the master needed to deal with noble ladies, he would inevitably purchase items from there. However, he never set foot in the place on ordinary days.

    What was going on today? At this hour, why would he suddenly want to go there?

    Liang Ce was puzzled but dared not inquire further. He simply tugged at the reins and guided the carriage in that direction.

    As it was nearing the end of the year, many shops had already closed for their proprietors to return home for the festivities. The Butterfly Flutter Pavilion was no exception. However, Ye Jiangbai had sent word ahead, so by the time they arrived, the establishment's doors were wide open, and a group of attendants stood outside to greet them.

    "Your Excellency."

    Ye Jiangbai stepped down from the carriage, and in his arms, Zhao Changnian slept soundly. His headdress was askew, and his small face flushed like a sunset.

    One of the attendants happened to glance up and was immediately captivated.

    Pausing in his stride, Ye Jiangbai spoke coldly, "To the second floor. Disperse the rest."

    "Yes, sir." The proprietor acknowledged promptly, hurriedly dismissing the attendants before personally lifting his own hem to lead the way upstairs.

    He had intended to suggest that the stairs might be too high with a person in his arms and whether he needed assistance from the Duke. But upon seeing Ye Jiangbai's gaze, the proprietor swallowed his words back down.

    Carry on, then. It looked impressive and demonstrated strength!

    On the second floor of Butterfly Flutter Pavilion, rows of ready-made garments hung, and the shopkeeper, unsure of the gentleman's intentions, stood by respectfully without daring to intervene. Ye Jiangbai glanced around and placed Chang Nian on a warm couch nearby before saying, "I'll handle it myself."

    "Understood!" The shopkeeper hurriedly turned and rushed downstairs.

    After the sounds of footsteps faded away, Ye Jiangbai rose and strolled around the racks of clothing. He reached out and pulled out a golden silk skirt intricately embroidered with a hundred butterflies in flight. A gentle shake brought the embroidered butterflies to life, as if they were about to flutter away.

    Smiling slightly, he turned back to Chang Nian, who was still in a deep sleep, and gently laid the skirt over her body.

    The vibrant colors of the dress concealed her dark male attire, adding an alluring charm to Chang Nian's already delicate features.

    Ye Jiangbai's lips curved upward as he propped his hand under his brow, gazing at her sideways for a long while.

    Chang Nian's sleep was anything but peaceful. While most people would sleep soundly after intoxication, she stirred awake after just a short doze, her brows knitted, and her face pale.

    Ye Jiangbai was taken aback, realizing what was about to happen. Swiftly, he carried her to the window.

    "Ugh—" Chang Nian immediately vomited.

    Liang Ce, who was guarding the stairs, jumped in fright and quickly approached to check on the situation. Seeing his master supporting Prince Seventh with a look of disgust, he hurriedly offered, "Allow this servant to take care of it."

    "Indeed." Ye Jiangbai shifted aside, allowing Liang Ce to promptly support Zhao Changnian.

    Changnian emptied her stomach of its contents and, feeling unwell, reached out to cling onto Liang Ce, letting out a soft whimper.

    Observing from behind, Ye Jiangbai pursed his lips, narrowing his eyes slightly. Nevertheless, he stepped forward to pull Liang Ce away. "I'll take care of it. You go ask the shopkeeper to wrap up this dress."

    Dress? Liang Ce turned back, her feelings rather complicated.

    Her master had diverse interests and collected numerous treasures, including porcelain, jade, and bone artifacts. But... would women's clothing also be added to the collection?

    Unable to defy her master's wishes, Liang Ce carried out the request despite finding it odd.

    With one hand supporting Changnian, Ye Jiangbai poured tea from a nearby table, offering it to her lips. "Rinse your mouth."

    Changnian opened her mouth, took a sip, and swallowed it with a gurgle.


    He truly disliked her so much, she was filthy!

    Chang Nian felt incredibly dizzy, stretching out her hand for a long while before barely managing to grab hold of Ye Jiangbai's belt to steady herself. With tears in her voice, she said, "It hurts so much."

    "You drank too much!" Ye Jiangbai said coldly. "You're the first prince to get drunk at such an occasion!"

    Chang Nian didn't understand his words and only persisted in tugging on his belt, repeating, "It hurts!"

    "There's nothing to be done about it. Just lie down when we get back," Ye Jiangbai said, supporting her as they started to descend the stairs.

    As her vision blurred, Chang Nian spotted something beautiful and reached out to pull it off.

    "Oh?" Looking closely at what was in her hands, she chuckled. "How pretty!"

    It was a popular, strapless green smoke sheer dress. It felt soft and gentle to the touch and would surely float elegantly when worn.

    Ye Jiangbai paused, a hint of surprise flickering across his eyes.

    "You...," he croaked, his Adam's apple bobbing slightly. "Do you want to try it on?"

    Try it on? Chang Nian tilted her head, suddenly letting go.

    "I am a man," she said, looking down with a hint of amusement in her voice. "Men do not wear such attire."


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