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    Chapter 84: Let's Make a Bet

    In the warm chamber, a gentle aroma of incense filled the air, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

    Knowing Chang Nian had acquiesced, Ye Jiangbai pressed her against the door for a prolonged, intimate moment before finally releasing her. He asked her with a delightful mood, "Why are you so obedient today?"

    Blushing, Chang Nian looked down and said, "Anyway, I'm not as strong as you."

    "Those who recognize the times are wise," Ye Jiangbai praised, pinching her face affectionately. He effortlessly lifted her up and, as he walked, assessed her weight, "Your Highness is still too slender. Despite eating so much, why haven't you gained any weight?"

    "I've grown!" Chang Nian protested indignantly, "My clothes are getting looser."

    Especially the band used to tighten her chest; previously, it could wrap around five times, but now it only fits around four and a half times. How could she not have grown?

    Ye Jiangbai dismissed her claim, "Ordinary men weigh at least twice as much as Your Highness."

    "That's precisely why they're ordinary," Chang Nian puffed out her chest proudly, pointing at her small nose, "I am extraordinary."

    Ye Jiangbai: "..."

    It was said that after spending a long time together, two people would start to resemble each other in some ways. Yet, she hadn't learned his intelligence but had instead absorbed his shamelessness to the fullest.

    "Tomorrow is a day of rest. What do you wish to do, Your Highness?" Ye Jiangbai asked as he sat on a soft couch.

    Chang Nian's eyes lit up. Grasping his sleeve, she said, "I heard Miss Mu mention that during the beginning of spring, there's always a lively event on Delong Street in the capital. According to the dates, it should be happening tomorrow. How about making a bet with me, Duke Guo?"

    "What kind of bet?"

    "You and I will both dress as commoners without any money. We'll see who can hold out longer without giving in." Chang Nian grew excited, gesturing enthusiastically. "We can't spend any money on food either. We won't starve to death in just one day."

    Ye Jiangbai knitted his brows deeply. He found this bet peculiar. Why would they simulate a life without money when they clearly had it? Besides, without a horse-drawn carriage, one would be trampled into a meat pie on Delong Street, where commoners gathered!

    However, the anticipation in the child before him was too evident. With her bright eyes staring at him, his refusal lingered on his lips but was eventually swallowed back.

    "Sigh." Rubbing his temples, Ye Jiangbai muttered, "If Your Highness wishes to go, then let's go."

    "From dawn till midnight, not a single hour can be skipped!" Chang Nian grinned, revealing her dimples as she wrapped her arms around his arm and gently swayed. "The loser must... grant a request—an unconditional request, no matter what it is."

    Ye Jiangbai raised an eyebrow. "If Your Highness wins, must I also comply with a request that could cost me my life?"

    Chang Nian pouted, angrily biting his handback. "Am I such an unreasonable person? This request doesn't involve life and death, nor wealth and status."

    "Alright." Allowing her to bite his hand, Ye Jiangbai kissed her temple. "I'll follow your Highness's wishes."

    Loosening her grip, Chang Nian looked at him with a pout. "Why do you always like to kiss me?"

    "Hmm?" Pecking her again, Ye Jiangbai asked, "What's wrong with that?"

    This was simply... not right, wasn't it? Chang Nian puffed up, covering her face. "Men... men shouldn't be so intimate!"

    For every word she spoke, he kissed her once more - nose, lips, forehead, chin. Ye Jiangbai curled his lips and lifted his head, asking, "Anything else you want to say?"

    Dazed from the kisses, Chang Nian covered her face, reluctantly answering, "No."

    "Cute." Unable to resist, he licked her lips again.

    Her heart trembled slightly. Chang Nian hugged her head and tried to retreat, but the person in front of her was quicker, reaching out to catch her, pulling her back into his embrace.

    In the quiet and warm chamber, a big gray wolf held a little rabbit, gently licking her.

    The little rabbit whispered, "You're being overly affectionate."

    "Mm?" The big gray wolf narrowed his eyes.

    "…I mean, you really enjoy being close to me," the little rabbit said, her ears going limp with submission.

    The big gray wolf spoke gently, "If you remove the words 'being close to,' the meaning remains the same."

    The little rabbit was confused for a moment, muttering to herself before realizing what he meant. Her face flushed, turning her into a pink rabbit.

    The big gray wolf watched her with delight, holding her tightly in his paws and unwilling to let go.

    There was a saying that went something like this: A gentle land is also a hero's grave. Ye Jiangbai used to dismiss it, after all, how many true heroes would be content to rest on a beauty's lap? But now, he realized that heroes were still human, and they too had their favorites.

    Once they found someone they favored, they couldn't bear to part from them.

    Having promised Chang Nian to spend a day with her, Ye Jiangbai arranged his affairs beforehand, instructing his subordinates not to disturb him under any circumstances. If anything happened, they were to send it to Feng Tingyun for handling.

    So the next morning, Chang Nian woke up early, put on a simple outfit, and went to the main courtyard in search of him.

    "Marquis, Marquis!"

    The door creaked open, and Ye Jiangbai emerged reluctantly, dressed in a robe adorned with moonlight and blossoms.

    Chang Nian's eyes sparkled!

    In the past, this man often wore luxurious silk and furs, exuding an imposing presence. But now, clad in this clean, simple robe, his handsome features instantly stood out. He resembled an elegant young nobleman, fresh from the manor, untouched by the world, and refined beyond compare.

    However, this nobleman was not in a good mood. "What kind of rag is this?!" he grumbled.

    Liang Ce wiped the sweat from his forehead and replied softly, "'s just a common cloth, and we had to rush it. It can't be helped, my lord. Please bear with it."

    Chang Nian approached with a smile, circling him twice before clapping her hands in admiration. "You look fantastic!"

    Ye Jiangbai's expression softened slightly. He coughed gently and brushed his sleeves, heading outside. "Daybreak is near. Let's leave quickly."

    "Ai!" Chang Nian hurried after him like a little follower, keeping step with his every move.

    On Delong Street, various stalls were already being set up. The early morning mist was still thick, and in front of the wonton stall, a lantern hung, casting a warm, golden glow with the scent of steaming freshness. It made Chang Nian swallow hard with longing.

    Ye Jiangbai heard the commotion and glanced at her, asking, "Feeling peckish?"

    Chang Nian shook her head against her will. "I'm not hungry. We should explore first and see how the common folk enjoy themselves."

    "There'll be many small gambling stalls around here during the early morning hours," Ye Jiangbai explained. "If Your Highness is feeling hungry, you might as well find a way to get some capital first."

    Gambling? Chang Nian shook her head repeatedly. "I've never done that before."

    "Well then..." Ye Jiangbai curved his lips, his fox-like eyes gazing lightly at her. "You'll just have to bear with your hunger, then."

    The morning mist gradually dissipated as the sun emerged, and the cries of vendors along the street could be heard. The crowd grew larger, and Chang Nian looked around in excitement, captivated by the lively scene. She momentarily forgot about her hunger, tugging on his sleeve and exclaiming, "Look over there! That person climbing theBlade Mountain! Wow! They're amazing!"

    Ye Jiangbai said disdainfully, "The blades aren't sharpened. What's so amazing about it?"

    Despite his words, he still followed her lead, walking towards the seemingly unimpressive acrobatic display.


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