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    The other end of the phone paused, and then said to the person next to him, "Come on."

    "Yes." Another man replied.

    After Yu Jiao Niang sent the painting to Ji Yankun, he thought about it and called his senior brother.

    According to senior brother's serious and serious personality, he would not disclose the cultural relics without obtaining the documents approved by the authority, even if the other party's power is monstrous.

    In order not to waste time, it would be better for an acquaintance to make it clear to him in advance, otherwise this stupid goose will probably keep asking people to show him documents.

    When received a call from Yu Jiao Niang, brother's voice was so loud that the whole cab could hear it.

    "God, are you still alive?!"

    Yu Jiao Niang tutted, "How much do you want me to die?"

    "No," Senior Brother explained in a panic, "Let me tell you, Li Gong has invaded all the monitoring systems in the western region. We just saw the 'Chaos' in the monitoring system next to Wangya Mountain, and it hit a mountain!"

    There are many hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the base. The brother Li Gong mentioned was once a world-famous hacker.

    Three years ago, he and another master hacker made an appointment to fight at the top of the code. Li Gong lost. He retired from the arena and chose to work as a small systems engineer at the Xianluo Archaeological Base.

    There are still many legends about him when he is not in the arena. Almost all the top Internet companies at home and abroad have tried to dig him out of the mountain, but they were all rejected by Li Gong.

    Yu Jiao Niang glanced at Ji Zhuokun, Ji Zhuokun glanced at his mobile phone, and silently turned off the speaker.

    I wonder if the deputy minister of the Military Commission will have a heart attack when he hears that someone has cracked the national surveillance system in such a short period of time.

    Yu Jiao Niang said to his senior brother, "Someone should contact you later, and you should give him all the information about "Dragon Touring in Kyushu"."

    ""Dragon Touring in Kyushu" is related to the 'Chaos', isn't it?" Senior brother asked quickly.

    When Yu Jiao Niang asked him to send the scanned image, he became suspicious. If not, why would Junior Sister ask for a painting at such a critical moment?

    "Yes," Yu Jiao Niang said, "so don't waste your time, and quickly make the information public."

    "Okay." Unexpectedly, Senior Brother agreed quickly, "Now Li Gong can't see you here, are you safe?"


    Yu Jiao Niang suddenly felt that the safest place seemed to be the 'Chaos', and the outside could be destroyed by the train at any time, but they were inside the train, and no matter how big the outside impact was, they couldn't fall into the car.

    After Yu Jiao Niang finished explaining, he hung up the phone.

    Yue Chengtian, who was leaning on the cab door, felt a little strange in his heart. He saw that the two of them had finished their phone calls, and asked, "You want to let more people know the information of "Dragon Touring in Jiuzhou", right? "

    Yu Jiao Niang nodded.

    "Then why don't you just post on Weibo? Yu Jiao Niang, don't you have a lot of Weibo followers? It's faster to make it public." Yue Chengtian blurted out.

    Yu Jiao Niang glanced at him, wondering why Yue Chengtian seemed to know who he was.

    After spending all day in the base with cultural relics, she didn't know that she was already so famous?

    One or both knew her identity.

    "You know me too?" Yu Jiaonian asked in surprise.

    "Cough," Yue Chengtian scratched his head in hindsight, feeling a little embarrassed, "I just remembered, I saw you at school before, when you came back to teach last winter."

    "It turned out to be my apprentice."

    When he said this, Yu Jiao Niang knew that her university professor had a good relationship with her, and sometimes invited her to go back to school to share the latest developments in the archaeological world with her juniors.

    In the early winter of last year, some texts on bronze wares of the Shang Dynasty were analyzed at the base, which directly accelerated the research process of today's Shang culture. The professor asked her to go back to the school to talk about it. Because the discovery was of great significance, the school arranged a lot of bells and whistles on the day she went back, and the media came to interview her. It is estimated that many people in the school saw it that day.

    So what about Ji Zhuokun, how did he know about himself?

    Seeing Yu Jiao Niang's inquiring eyes, Ji Yankun understood her question, but didn't explain it. He rubbed his right wrist with his left hand through his sleeve.

    Yu Jiao Niang thought to himself, there is a problem, there is a big problem with his reaction, it is definitely not as simple as seeing himself on TV.

    Seeing that he didn't want to say anything, Yu Jiao Niang shook his head slightly and didn't ask.

    "Why don't you post on Weibo? Young man, you think too simple."

    Yu Jiao Niang said to Yue Chengtian: "If I'm not on the train now, as an ordinary person who knows about such a bizarre and destructive thing as the Chaos, what I want to know is whether it will harm me and how to save myself. Instead of another "Dragon Touring in Jiuzhou" that is even more mysterious than the 'Chaos', it will only make me more hopeless for this world."

    "At times like this, top-down arrangements are the reassurance for people in despair."

    "Does this mean that you are depriving ordinary people of their right to know?" Yue Chengtian asked her.

    Yu Jiao Niang shook his head: "I don't think so. Because the situation we are facing now should have gone beyond the scope of the law. Citizens' right to know in this case will only cause mass panic. Why do people need the right to know? That's to protect Your legitimate rights and interests are not infringed..."

    "Yes, but I think your non-disclosure is likely to cause the loss of citizens' personal and property safety."

    "You're a law major, I..."

    "Do you guys in the Hydrogen University like to discuss legal issues at such a time?" Ji Yankun reluctantly interrupted them, and this posture will be debated if it is not stopped.

    Yu Jiao Niang immediately turned around and took a look. Not only did she know that she was from the base, but she also knew her school.

    She finally couldn't help but ask, "Do you really know me?"

    She said so, Ji Yankun knew that she had exposed a lot and could no longer hide it.

    He had no choice but to nod his head, looking at Yu Jiao Niang's eyes that he didn't even know he knew.


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