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    She remembered that she once said to the 'Chaos' that it was just a puppet of "Dragon Touring in Kyushu".

    The train immediately tilted and threw her against the wall of the carriage.

    She felt that she was right at the time, and that's why the train punished her like she was angry.

    Intuition told her that the train must still be following some track.

    It's just a new map, just find it, Yu Jiao Niang thought.

    Don't be afraid of it.

    Chapter 20

    People all over the world have witnessed the departure of trains.

    On the program that Li Siqin sent to the world, the 'Chaos' was a small red dot that kept flashing.

    The program marked its arrival and departure times in each city, which the train followed perfectly before Slobia.

    But when it reached Slobia, everything went wrong.

    Every time the 'Chaos' stayed for an extra second, the heart of the person who was staring at the red dot in front of the screen sank.

    Confusion, doubt, anger...

    Emotions take over the world like the air, and people are more panicked than when they first heard that a runaway train was going to destroy the world.

    At that time, they were just at a loss and in disbelief. Before they had time to collapse, they received the escape procedure from China, and they also heard Yu Jiao Niang's encouragement to everyone outside the train.

    This program has become almost everyone's heartbeat, and many people are watching it non-stop, not even daring to blink.

    But helplessly watched this only hope begin to deviate.

    Every second the train stops in Slobia, the more panic and distress signals are sent out on social networks.

    People all over the world are looking for Li Siqin, and they want to ask: what happened?

    At that time, someone said to Li Siqin, let's close the program, and if this continues, it will only cause even greater panic.

    Under enormous pressure, Li Siqin resolutely disagreed.

    He promised Yu Jiao Niang that "Jiuzhou You Long Tu" would be made public, but before he had to give up, he had to fulfill his promise to the end.

    So everyone watched helplessly, the 'Chaos' left the dragon's body trajectory on the "Jiuzhou Youlong Picture" and arrived at Suralie, the only nearby city not covered by the dragon.

    At that moment, the whole world was boiling, and all kinds of emotions rushed to the top in an instant.

    Before the train arrived in Suralie, someone imitated Li Siqin and used technical means to hack Suralie's city surveillance, and broadcast the scene of people moving into the city from all directions to the world.

    Every time a group of people escapes, people around the world who can see the surveillance are lucky.

    Some even began to count, in vain counting Surale's dense population of tens of millions.

    Everyone thought that the first step of mankind's resistance to the "Chaos" had been taken firmly.

    But when the train entered here, the surveillance screen that originally symbolized hope turned into a nightmare for everyone.

    The high-definition camera recorded the tragic situation of the train crushing the city. The people were no longer human, and became a variety of strange fragments, which were densely scattered all over the Suralie, and piled up into a high mountain of corpses.

    Almost everyone in the world who saw the surveillance footage chose to commit suicide.

    How hopeful they used to be, how desperate they are now.

    It's not that they are not brave, it's just that human beings are really vulnerable.

    You see, the tens of millions of people who worked so hard to escape into Suralie, the Chaos only took less than ten minutes to destroy them all.

    Anyway, you can't escape the "Chaos" no matter what, you will die no matter what, so don't waste your efforts.

    It is rare for people in the world to have such a tacit understanding. After watching the surveillance video, nearly 100 million people on earth have left forever.

    The train has not yet completed the ball, and the breath of death has permeated the world.

    This breath is contagious, it spreads faster than the fire of a prairie prairie, and many cities in many places even commit suicide.

    It didn't take long for some parts of the world to be completely quiet.

    The 'Chaos' probably doesn't know, it doesn't need it to visit in person, the 'Jiuzhou Thousand Miles' has been slowly realized.

    Li Siqin's friends immediately blocked the dissemination of Suralie's video, preventing more people's emotions from being affected.

    Do you want to simply close the program of "Dragon Tour of Jiuzhou"? He asked Li Siqin.

    When the train deviates, the original program that can guide people around the world to escape is useless, and it will even become a life-threatening program.

    Just like Surale.

    Not only him, Li Siqin received many orders to shut down the program.

    But Li Siqin's stubbornness struck again.

    He ignored the anger of those people, and didn't think about whether he was accelerating the panic of the people on earth.

    He just thought, how to realize Yu Jiao Niang's plan?

    If can't save her, at least can't let her down.

    So he looked at the only clue he had, "Dragon Touring in Jiuzhou".

    As a person in the base, he also knew the peculiarity of this painting.

    It cannot analyze the specific dynasties, and the painting skills and methods are not from the hands of any famous masters.

    In the past, he joked with Yu Jiao Niang, saying that she had unearthed a painting that did not belong to this world.

    Will such a bizarre painting lose its value because the Chaos no longer follows its trajectory?

    Will there still be clues to the train running in the painting, but they haven't found it yet.

    Li Siqin suddenly thought of Suralie, who was not covered by the dragon in the painting.

    On the "Jiuzhou Youlong Picture", there are other places that are not covered by the dragon's body.

    So could Suralie be a hint of where the Chaos will be next?

    All the places that were not covered will be the places where the train will arrive next.


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