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    Lin Shuicheng lied to him.

    Those gentle whispers, the longing gazes, the shimmering stars in his eyes, and the blushing cheeks when he was moved – none of it was for him. It was all fake. He never knew that Lin Shuicheng could act so well.

    As if possessed, Fu Luoyin repeated those words in a daze. On the other end, Su Yu grew anxious. "What did he lie about? Who is it? Negative Two, what's wrong with you? Where are you?"

    "He lied to me," Fu Luoyin said. "When he broke up with me, he already planned to be with someone else. Lin Shuicheng deceived me. Another man sent him flowers, and he even smiled at that man."

    Su Yu panicked as well. Hearing the gravity in his tone, he shouted, "Negative Two, calm down! Are you possessed or something? It's just a bunch of flowers! Besides, if someone sends gifts to... I mean, to Lin Shuicheng, how does that concern you?"

    "...It does," Fu Luoyin replied in a frighteningly hoarse voice, his eyes reddening. "If he dares... If he dares to be with someone else..."

    "If he dares to be with someone else..."

    —What could he do then?

    Suddenly, Fu Luoyin froze. He felt as if all his strength had drained away, leaving him in a boundless state of confusion and emptiness.

    He hung up the phone, and Su Yu's voice on the other end faded into the distance. He didn't catch the rest before the call disconnected on its own.

    He couldn't even comprehend why he had spent so much time on Lin Shuicheng. What kind of person could he not find? Someone handsome, talented, from a compatible background, lively or quiet... what couldn't he have?

    Yet, the three characters "Lin Shuicheng" had become a thorn in his heart, provoking an urge within him to pull it out and examine it closely.

    Since he was the one who always dismissed others, he had sincerely written in his diary during those countless nights away from home that he would not pursue anything that wasn't offered to him.

    If someone didn't want him to see them, then he wouldn't bother looking.

    This should have been how it was all these years.

    In the dead of night, new information was promptly delivered.

    Su Yu came along with it—dressed in pajamas, he rushed over carrying two bottles of Erguotou liquor.

    He first asked, "Minus Two, do you have work tomorrow?"

    Fu Luoyin nodded with bloodshot eyes.

    Su Yu understood: "Working, huh? Good, work is good. Live for the moment, brother. I'm here to accompany you in drinking."

    Fu Luoyin gazed at him and murmured, "Why should I drink?"

    Su Yu poured two glasses of wine and transferred them into two water cups with a glug-glug sound. "Stop looking at me like that. I know my alcohol tolerance is low. I'll drink mine, and you can drink yours. I know you're not sad at all. It's just that I feel like having a drink. Can't our dear Brother Negative Two accompany me a little, please?"

    Fu Luoyin didn't refuse.

    After a few glasses, Su Yu, who was three sheets to the wind, leaned back on the sofa, trying to maintain consciousness and thus began to babble.

    Fu Luoyin glanced at him and found a black-and-white plush slipper by the door. He placed it in Su Yu's arms.

    Then, he sipped his drink slowly while studying some documents.

    Han Huang, a third-year student at Star City University, had changed majors once and departments twice during his undergraduate studies. He initially studied robotics in the Jiangnan branch, then switched to chemistry before dropping out and reapplying to pursue finance, eventually entering the main campus of Star City University.

    Other information was easier to obtain, especially about Lin Shuicheng. This Han Huang had never hidden his affection for Lin Shuicheng, but due to their one-year age gap, they barely spoke until Lin Shuicheng followed him to the main campus.

    The Hans were the wealthiest family in the former Middle East branch, and Han Huang was their only son. The Han family's business was a typical family enterprise, implying that Han Huang would inevitably inherit the business.

    Fu Luoyin turned on his computer and searched for Han Huang's personal profile on a social platform.

    There was something inexplicably odd about this action, as if he was invading someone's privacy. Fu Luoyin sensed it vaguely.

    He glanced at Su Yu, explaining, "This is the person who took Lin Shuicheng away. I want to see how terrible Lin Shuicheng's taste is to be attracted to him."

    In his half-asleep state, Su Yu hugged the slippers in his arms tightly. He only caught Fu Luoyin's chatter and nodded at him kindly, expressing his support.

    The page refreshed, and the first post at the top of Han Huang's feed nearly gave Fu Luoyin a heart attack.

    It was a photo with two words as the caption: "Rainy days and you." It had a somewhat artistic vibe.

    In the picture, there was a back view of a young man in a simple white tank top, reaching for a jacket on a closet by the door. The slender figure had fair skin that appeared even paler against his jet-black hair. His proportions were elegant without being overly thin, with smooth lines. Beautiful butterfly bones could be glimpsed, and Fu Luoyin could easily wrap his arms around that waist and toss the person onto a bed effortlessly. Despite the clean, abstemious style, the image stirred a sense of excitement.

    Even if he were reduced to ashes, Fu Luoyin would still recognize it as Lin Shuicheng!

    The camera was positioned outside the door, capturing the scene through the rain. Inside, the warmth was palpable, with a few cats perched on a shoe rack, tilting their heads to look at the person in the photo. A vibrant bouquet of sunflowers adorned the entrance, creating a cozy and delightful atmosphere.

    When Lin Shuicheng was with him, their home was as clean as a hotel. Yet, barely a week after their breakup, Han Huang already had new flowers and new cats in his new home.

    Fu Luoyin felt his temples pulsating with anger. He trembled slightly and took a deep swig of alcohol. The burning sensation in his throat helped him regain some composure, but he couldn't help but let out a sarcastic laugh.

    Su Yu was on the verge of dozing off when he was startled awake by Fu's laughter. "?"

    Fu pointed at the computer screen. "Look at him. He's been prepared all along. Lin Shuicheng is cunning. How could he break up with me without finding someone else?"

    The redness in his eyes became more apparent. When he smiled, his gaze appeared even colder and gloomier, making him seem somewhat menacing. Fu's fingers, gripping the glass, turned white from the pressure, causing his knuckles to crack. Su Yu almost believed he was about to shatter the cup.

    Curious, Su Yu leaned in for a look and tugged at Fu Luoyin. "Snap out of it. Look at the comments below. They're not together yet. This guy is just chasing after my brother-in-law, I mean, Lin Shuicheng, hiccup."

    There were numerous comments under Han Huang's post, with the top one asking, "Is this the chairman's boyfriend?"

    Han Huang himself replied, "Hahaha, unfortunately not as of now."

    Fu checked the date and saw that it was from yesterday.

    He started to refute Su Yu, but his relief was obvious on his face, and his tone softened significantly. "He says 'not as of now,' which means it's going to happen soon. We're both men; do you think I don't know what's on his mind? Huh? There's definitely something going on between this person and Lin Shuicheng!"

    He took another sip of wine.

    Su Yu pondered for a while but failed to figure anything out. He then leaned over and continued browsing with Fu Luoyin. "Let's keep looking, scroll down."

    Fu Luoyin scrolled down the page.

    Han Huang posted a picture of himself receiving a gold medal in a debate competition. Su Yu commented, "Huh, he's quite handsome."

    Next was a group photo of the school football team, to which Su Yu remarked, "Ah, he's athletic and looks sunny. Perfect match since your sister-in-law is into research. Hic, their interests complement each other. He should be well-liked."

    Han Huang shared a love song about waiting and unrequited love, with the caption: "It's been nearly four years. I didn't have the chance to introduce the freshman me to you, but you met the junior me. Thankfully, I might be even more outstanding now than before."

    Su Yu chuckled. "Seems like he's been pursuing your sister-in-law for quite some time... hic."

    Fu Luoyin's temples throbbed with frustration. "Can't you just shut up for a bit?"

    Su Yu held his slippers and fell silent after a brief moment.

    After finishing all the content on Han Huang's profile, Fu Luoyin, under Su Yu's guidance, decided to explore the university forum.

    Su Yu suggested, "Student forums usually have the juiciest gossip. With how outstanding your sister-in-law is, she must be quite popular. You should check out who your rivals are. Knowing yourself and your enemy will lead to victory in a hundred battles!"

    Fu Luoyin retorted, "Rival in love?"

    Su Yu suddenly understood, "Oh, right. I know you. You don't have any feelings for Elder Sister-in-law, so there's no such thing as a rival in love. In that case, let's not look at it."

    As he spoke, he tried to get up and take Fu Luoyin's laptop, but Fu Luoyin pulled him apart, warning, "Don't touch anything."

    Su Yu maintained his amiable smile.

    Before they started, Fu Luoyin encountered a problem – the student forum of Star University was not open to the public. He simply patted Su Yu on the shoulder and said, "Go get my wallet from the sofa. It has my access card inside."

    Su Yu replied, "…Seriously? Minus two?"

    Fu Luoyin didn't bother with his reaction. Calmly, he inserted the access card into the computer and logged into the student forum of Star University using the seven-factor authentication system.

    He searched for "Lin Shuicheng" directly and found numerous posts.

    Most of them were requests for contact information, confessing their admiration. A few threads were about gossip related to the Quantum Analysis Department and the lecture incident. More prevalent were the ongoing posts seeking help: "Does anyone know this guy? I met him at the math department entrance/canteen/laboratory. He's so good-looking." The replies in these threads gradually shifted from patient friendliness to sheer annoyance, "Process or LSC?"

    Some odd posts also made their way in, "Has anyone seen our missing cat around the dormitory…"?


    "Is the food street outside the school open today?"



    Aside from that, the mathematics department's internal forum had practically turned into a small fan club for Lin Shuicheng, who was worshiped as a deity of exams. His flawless academic record from childhood to adulthood was well-known, and his fame within the department was sealed by his perfect score in the department-wide quantitative reasoning exam during the summer session.

    The mathematics department was already notorious as the most daunting faculty in the entire university, with many students avoiding it like the plague. The summer session's quantitative reasoning exam, recognized as an excruciatingly difficult assessment, was designed collaboratively by several math professors. Its purpose was to entertain students, stimulate their curiosity, deflate their overinflated confidence, and acquaint them with recent developments in mathematical research.

    Quantum analysis and quantum computing departments were more pragmatic, with few naturally gifted mathematicians among their students. Most could only scrape by with a passing grade, which used to be 60 points but was reduced to 20 after Xu Kong joined, causing numerous postgraduates to fail. The quantum computing department suffered a total wipeout, except for three survivors.

    This year, the failure rate for the exam was 43%, and the average score was a mere 67.74. Amidst this scenario, Lin Shuicheng achieved a perfect score, outscoring the second-place candidate by an astonishing 18 points, thereby solidifying his status as the exam deity. Previously, there had been heated debates on the forum between supporters of Lin Shuicheng and a fellow student from the applied mathematics department.

    If Fu Luoyin had always known that Lin Shuicheng was an exceptional student, it was only at this moment that he truly comprehended just how dazzling his bedmate was.

    When the moon shines alone in the night sky, its presence might not draw much attention. But when accompanied by a myriad of stars, the moon's prominence amidst the celestial spectacle highlights its rarity and value.

    It turns out that so many people have a fondness for Lin Shuicheng.

    A wave of inexplicable emotions surged in Fu Luoyin's heart, making him restless. He even had an urge to rush out and bring Lin Shuicheng back home right away.

    He needed to capture this person, confine him, prevent him from going out, and keep him hidden from everyone else.

    Otherwise, wouldn't this person really leave?

    Su Yu looked up at Fu Luoyin, aware that he was completely drunk. He had fallen silent again, withdrawn as if he were a sword sheathed in its scabbard, cold and silent, lost in his thoughts.

    He watched as Fu Luoyin took out his phone, removed someone's name from the blacklist, and then dialed the number with great care.

    Su Yu mumbled, "It's already late at night, you'll definitely disturb them."

    Fu Luoyin hastily hung up and repeated softly, "Yes, he should be asleep by now. Asleep, I won't bother him."

    To his surprise, just as he put down the phone, Lin Shuicheng called him back.

    Fu Luoyin froze. His heartsick heart suddenly pounded with excitement.

    For the first time, he became aware of his own heartbeat, realizing that he was actually nervous.

    Su Yu looked at the caller ID and shouted, "Answer it! Are you stupid?"

    He pressed the answer button for Fu Luoyin, cheekily putting the call on speaker, hugging his furry slippers tightly as he perked up, ready to eavesdrop on gossip.

    Lin Shuicheng's voice sounded calm, revealing no particular emotion, but there was a hint of fatigue. "Hello?"

    The moment Fu Luoyin heard Lin Shuicheng's voice, his throat tightened, and the pounding heart that had just been racing seemed to dissolve in a sourness, leaving nothing behind that could be salvaged.

    Lin Shuicheng continued, "Is there something you need?"

    "...You're still not sleeping, Lin Shuicheng," Fu Luoyin whispered. "You're going to ruin your health like this, little kitten."

    "Thank you," Lin Shuicheng replied politely, his voice pausing briefly. "Is there anything else? If not, I'll hang up now. I'll find a way to repay your kindness, or have you decided how much money you want?"

    Fu Luoyin disliked Lin Shuicheng's tone and words; they were more likely to push him over the edge than anything else.

    Lin Shuicheng always knew exactly how to test his limits.

    His carefully cultivated image of tenderness shattered in an instant. He couldn't endure it any longer and interrupted fiercely, "Lin Shuicheng!"

    Silence fell on the other end of the line.

    Taking a deep breath, Fu Luoyin spoke softly, "Come back. I won't hold anything against you for what you've done or who you've been with. I won't question your thoughts. I... I'll come to pick you up if you return. Would that be okay?"

    "I... I'm not working tomorrow. I'll come and get you." Fu Luoyin struggled to control his fluctuating breath, his voice raspy, "Stop playing games with me. I won't hold it against you. You're out there alone, mixing with unsavory people. Is it necessary to act this way? I—"


    "..." After a brief silence, Lin Shuicheng disconnected the call on the other end.

    Author's Note:

    Today, Su Yu experienced:

    Little Fu's demonic whisper: He lied to me

    The demon's mocking laugh: Huh

    Demonic Roar: Lin Shuicheng!!!

    Little Lin: Hang Up.jpg


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