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    The proposal for marriage had come from Lin Shuicheng.

    At that time, Fu Luoyin had just recovered from his hospital stay. After the great upheaval at Department 7, its power structure had undergone a significant reshuffle. Following discussions and votes by Department 9, the Defense Bureau, and other departments, it was decided to retain the original purpose of Department 7: focusing on technological development to advance human progress. It was officially incorporated into the Alliance's organizational structure.

    Xiao Jue was transferred to Department 2 for retirement, while Fu Luoyin was directly promoted to department head.

    Upon assuming the position of department head, Fu Luoyin's first task was to reorganize the B4 project. The main team continued to be led by Jin Li, with Lin Shuicheng as the deputy.

    Lin Shuicheng resigned from his post in the police department, taking on responsibilities in both Department 7 and the National Security Agency for quantum security. The B4 headquarters were located in the Fu Military Industrial Science Park in Jiangnan, so Lin Shuicheng found himself shuttling between the two locations. In contrast, Fu Luoyin, who was tied to Department 7 for work, was barely seen all day long.

    Lin Deng would visit Department 7 every day, sprawled out in Fu Luoyin's office to do his homework. While he studied, Fu Luoyin worked on documents, and the two of them ate their meals at the department cafeteria with a melancholic air, constantly gazing at the empty office across from them.

    Lin Shuicheng hadn't returned home for several days.

    With a hint of dejection, Lin Deng asked, "Sister-in-law, when will my brother come back? Aren't you the CEO? Can't you make him stop working so hard? I really miss my brother's corn and rib stew. I miss him so much."

    Fu Luoyin felt even more downcast. "Does he look like someone who wouldn't work hard? Your brother is the executive CEO! He hasn't replied to me in three days; he said he's on an extraterrestrial space station studying the impact of cosmic rays on genomes, and communication has been temporarily cut off."

    "Sigh, then when are you guys getting married? My brother said he'll come back to teach after this busy period. He said Star University wants to appoint him as a professor... but we don't know how long this will take. Does he even have time to get married to you?" Lin Deng flipped through the calendar, showing him. "Look, it's been months now, and you two are still dragging it out?"

    "What do you, a young kid, care about these things?" Fu Luoyin glanced at him.

    Lin Deng pouted, but under Fu's piercing gaze, he reluctantly revealed some truth. "My brother said that once you two get married, he'll give me an entire floor to decorate as I wish. If I prefer a small villa, that's fine too. I wanted to discuss this with both of you, and I also want a game room... So when are you getting married?"

    Fu Luoyin gave him another glance and vaguely replied, "We haven't discussed it yet."

    Indeed, they had not talked about it.

    When he mentioned marriage to Fu Kai in the hospital last time, it was actually a way for him to secure an opportunity for himself back home, and also to give Fu Kai another boost of confidence: he had set his heart on Lin Shuicheng, and no one else could interfere from now on.

    The topic of marriage was too specific, and neither he nor Lin Shuicheng had directly broached it. To be precise, Fu Luoyin couldn't quite grasp what Lin Shuicheng was thinking. For one, they were both too busy, and for another, Fu Luoyin wasn't entirely certain—would Lin Shuicheng want to marry him so soon? If he were to propose, what kind of proposal scenario would Lin Shuicheng prefer?

    "Ask him if you're curious," Lin Deng winked mischievously.

    "Then ask for me," Fu Luoyin replied. "If you ask for me, I'll help you get an extra hour of gaming time."

    Lin Deng's eyes lit up as he extended his hand, sealing their agreement with a firm clap of their palms.

    As the workday drew to a close, the sounds of people moving around outside grew louder, signaling the end of the workday, with farewells exchanged for tomorrow.

    "Brother-in-law, what are we having for dinner tonight?" Lin Deng asked eagerly as the daylight outside began to fade.

    Fu Luoyin pondered seriously. "Cafeteria food?"

    Lin Deng pouted.

    Then Fu Luoyin offered another option. "How about I cook? ?"

    Lin Deng reluctantly agreed. "Well... considering how hard you've been working, Sister..."

    "In that case, let's order takeout," Fu Luoyin decided definitively.

    Both of them heaved a sigh of relief simultaneously.

    Next, they encountered a significant dilemma.

    Lin Deng turned to Fu Luoyin. "Sister, what kind of takeout should we get?"

    Fu Luoyin was at a loss. "..."

    For many days, both he and Lin Deng had grown tired of the takeout options around their home. Last month, they had taken advantage of Su Yu, asking him to explore Star City for dinner after work. Eventually, they grew bored of all the restaurants they visited.

    Fu Luoyin drove back home, with Lin Deng in the backseat reciting ancient poetry energetically.

    They eventually decided on instant noodles.

    In the community living area, Lin Deng and Fu Luoyin grabbed four packs of noodles, also ordering some green onions, radishes, sausages, and other such items. Along the way, Lin Deng snatched up a bunch of snacks as well.

    When the two went upstairs, they were stunned.

    The front door was wide open for ventilation, and the entrance was spotlessly clean. With one household per floor and direct access from the elevator, the transitional space outside was cluttered with miscellaneous items. A small gray cat lay on an old sofa cushion; upon seeing them, it meowed and wagged its tail.

    After a while, the leader peeked out too. The cow-patterned cat glanced at them before retreating again. The air was filled with the familiar aroma of cooked meals.

    —Lin Shuicheng was home!

    Fu Luoyin and Lin Deng exchanged quick glances. Without hesitation, Lin Deng swiftly passed his instant noodles to Fu Luoyin and pulled out a textbook from his backpack, holding it in his hand. With an innocent expression, he poked his head out and asked, "Brother? Is that you? I just got back from work with Sister-in-Law. Why didn't you call us?"

    Promptly, Fu Luoyin piled the bags of junk food outside in the corridor among the clutter. He picked up the gray kitten, using the cushion under its bottom to conceal part of the shopping bag, then stacked a few old sofa chairs to fully hide it.

    Lin Shuicheng's voice drifted out from within, mild and tranquil: "Just landed and came straight home. Called and texted Fu Luoyin, but he didn't answer. Seventh Bureau said you two had already left."

    Then came Lin Deng's muttering: "Oh, so that's how it was. Big brother, you got back faster than us."

    "Alright, put the books there. Come tidy up your room and throw out any clutter. I'll cook later," Lin Shuicheng said. "Where's your sister-in-law?"

    "Yay!!" Lin Deng cheered as he rushed into the room. "Sister-in-law is outside! Uh, playing with the cat!"

    Fu Luoyin held the small gray cat with one hand before entering while changing his shoes.

    Lin Shuicheng wore a simple white shirt with rolled-up sleeves to his elbows. He held a cup of warm honey water and leaned against the wall, watching him.

    His raven-black hair was damp, clearly indicating that he had taken another shower.

    Lin Shuicheng tilted his head to look at him, and Fu Luoyin did the same. Finally, he slowly curved his lips. "Just staring at your husband like this, what do you want?"

    Lin Shuicheng glanced back; Lin Deng hadn't come out yet. So, he set the water cup aside, tiptoed, and gently wrapped his arms around Fu Luoyin's neck. "Want a hug from my husband."

    The little gray cat let out a cry as it was squeezed away. As Fu Luoyin carried him forward, Lin Shuicheng obediently leaned back into his embrace, completely immersed in his husband's arms.

    Fu Luoyin whispered, "Do you want a hug, a kiss? A kiss, perhaps?"

    Lin Shuicheng hummed in response and tilted his face upward, closing his eyes to await the embrace. But Fu Luoyin didn't kiss him as expected. His warm breath brushed close, teasing with a narrow margin of space between them, almost but not quite touching. As Lin Shuicheng reached up on tiptoe to chase after that kiss, Fu Luoyin continually evaded, only to draw near again once Lin Shuicheng retreated.

    It was like playing with a cat, amusing yet maddening.

    Opening his eyes, Lin Shuicheng glanced at him before directly looping an arm around his shoulders and giving him a not-too-light, not-too-hard peck on the lips, followed by a playful nip. Fu Luoyin drew a deep breath, feeling as if his entire being was about to swoon from the sensation.

    This long-awaited reunion kiss was sweet and tender, the scent of their fresh shower acting as a tantalizing temptation. Fu Luoyin's gaze darkened, just as he was about to grip Lin Shuicheng's back and delve deeper into their intimacy – when Lin Shuicheng suddenly opened his eyes, flashed a mischievous smile, and pulled away.

    Lin Shuicheng had always known how to manipulate him, withholding affection both then and now.


    Unconsciously, Fu Luoyin took a step toward him. Lin Shuicheng turned to look at him, amusement sparkling in his eyes.

    "I see you're still holding a grudge," Fu Luoyin muttered, striding forward to grab him. "Come back here! Behave yourself."

    As Fu Luoyin tugged, Lin Shuicheng was lifted effortlessly into a embrace, his waist held securely while his legs dangled in mid-air as they twirled around playfully, like children engaged in some innocent game. In the end, both Lin Shuicheng and Fu Luoyin dissolved into laughter together.

    "Cough, be mindful of your behavior, don't corrupt the children," Lin Deng emerged from the room, eyeing the pair of them cuddled together, and said with a righteous tone.

    Upon seeing Lin Shuicheng raise an eyebrow, Lin Deng immediately fell silent. He obediently approached and shook Lin Shuicheng's hand. "Brother, I missed you. What are we having for dinner tonight?" After saying that, he glanced at Fu Luoyin. Their gazes met, and they both understood each other's intentions—Lin Deng would distract Lin Shuicheng while Fu Luoyin quickly disposed of the snacks and instant noodles!

    Lin Shuicheng was meticulous about their diet. One had chronic stomach problems (Fu Luoyin), and the other was in a phase of growth requiring nutritional supplements (Lin Deng). Instant noodles had long been blacklisted. If Lin Shuicheng found out about their plans for tonight, the consequences would be disastrous.

    In the meantime, Fu Luoyin and Lin Deng exchanged a silent signal—Lin Deng understood; this was an agreement they'd made at Unit 7.

    If he helped inquire about marriage, Fu Luoyin would grant him an hour of gaming time!

    The moment Lin Deng eagerly went to help chop vegetables for Lin Shuicheng, he saw Fu Luoyin caught in the act. Lin Shuicheng turned to Fu Luoyin and asked, "Honey, if you have time, come cut the meat and blanch it."

    In a pinch, Fu Luoyin came up with an excuse. "The honey water is by the entrance. I'll grab it and come assist you right away."

    Watching Fu Luoyin obediently approach, Lin Deng shot his teammate a disdainful look: A mission not yet accomplished, but already fallen in battle.


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