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    Pei Qianyue is now exhausted before returning to his original form. His body is no longer as huge as when he lost control and madness, but is closer to the spiritual consciousness that Feng Ci had seen in Linxiantai.

    But the amount is not light.

    The adult black snake's body is several meters long, and it is completely coiled up and pressed against Fengci's chest, making it difficult for him to breathe.

    Feng Ci reached out and pushed his head: "Get up."

    The snake's head didn't move, but its tail tangled up, hooking Feng Ci's wrist affectionately.

    Wind Ci: "..."

    The bastard really knows how to make Fengci soft-hearted.

    Apart from this, there is no other action.

    The black snake seemed to be really tired, and after a while, he breathed evenly and steadily, with his head resting on Feng Ci's chest, only his body rose and fell slightly with his breathing.

    Appears to be asleep.

    "Deserving it." Feng Ci sighed and stopped tossing, rubbing his palm on the black snake's head, "Who asked you to do it."

    I don't know who to learn from the stinky temper that makes him soft-hearted by tossing himself.

    The black snake slept very deeply, Feng Ji stretched out his hand and gently stroked his smooth and cold snake scales, and a little spiritual light overflowed from his palm, submerging into the black snake's body.

    Wen's spirit wandered along the spiritual veins, repairing internal injuries little by little.

    Feng Ci stroked and "touched" the snake's body, and suddenly recalled the dream just now in his mind.

    The place in the dream, he had never been to before.

    But whether it was the cool night wind in the mountains and forests, the lingering sound of the bell, or the lingering sadness in his heart in the dream, they were all terrifyingly real.

    It's like... he really went to that place and did those things.

    But unlikely.

    Pei Qianyue stayed with him all night, and if his consciousness left, Pei Qianyue would at least be aware of it.

    Other than that, there is a closer possibility.

    - The foreshadowing of heaven.

    Just as the way of heaven gave him a foreshadowing of the imminent calamity in the world at that time, the ancient temple called Hanshan Temple was probably the next target of the real murderer behind the scenes.

    In any case, when this matter is over, it is necessary for him to go to the Hanshan Temple in person.

    As for now...

    Feng Ci looked down at the black snake that was coiling around him, entangling him so he couldn't move, and sighed again.

    Let's talk about healing his snake's wound.

    The only good thing is that after taking Pei Qianyue back, Feng Ci's restless mood finally calmed down. Meditating at night did not allow him to rest, but now that he was relaxed, his body felt a little sleepy.

    The snow outside was getting heavier and heavier, Feng Ci raised his hand and waved, and the room moved to close, blocking all the snow and wind.

    Afterwards, he yawned, without cutting off the spiritual transmission, he just fell asleep with the soft snake body in his arms.

    Feng Ci slept for a long time, and when he woke up, the snow outside had stopped.

    The black snake on his body has disappeared, replaced by a warm quilt, and... the man lying beside him.

    Feng Ci just woke up, and his mind is not so clear. He rubbed his eyes, raised his head blankly, stared at Pei Qianyue's handsome face for a while, before realizing that there was something wrong with their current posture.

    There was only one window in the room, and now it was closed, so little light could penetrate.

    The blood-stained silk cloth on Pei Qianyue's face had been removed, his eyes were gently closed, the ends of the eyes were slightly raised, and the eyelashes were long and clear. His blood-stained robe had also been replaced, and he was only wearing a black 'color' undershirt.

    Pei Qianyue slept on Feng Ci's side, with one arm on his waist, and the other arm stretched out on the pillow for Feng Ci's pillow, as if he was completely in his arms.

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Feng Ci is not used to being so close to people, it's okay to hug the snake shape, no matter how you look at the human shape, it feels strange.

    Being clingy is not a method of clinging.

    Pei Qianyue didn't seem to wake up, and his breathing was steady and long. Feng Ci thought for a while, then raised his hand eagerly, trying to push the opponent's arm away. But as soon as he used it, the latter's arm suddenly tightened, hugging him even tighter in an instant.

    Feng Ci slammed into Pei Qianyue's chest.

    Pei Qianyue's body was still very cold, and through a thin layer of clothing, he could clearly feel the outline of an adult man's texture under the clothing.

    Thin and well-proportioned, but not thin.

    Feng Ci's forehead touched Pei Qianyue's chest, listening to the other party's steady heartbeat, a little sour.

    The snakes he raised are in better shape than he is now.


    Feng Ci was only distracted for a moment, and wanted to continue to push Pei Qianyue away, but the arm suddenly used a big way, tightly clamped to Feng Ci's waist, and Feng Ci pushed it a few times but couldn't move it.

    "..." Feng Ci raised his head expressionlessly, "If you don't make enough noise, go out and continue kneeling."

    The voice fell, and the arm around Feng Ci's waist loosened, and it was retracted after a while.

    Feng Ci turned over and sat up.

    He pretended to be asleep, really because he would be fooled every time?

    Pei Qianyue was not embarrassed to be exposed at all, but still lay openly on Feng Ci's bed and asked in a low voice, "Is the master sleeping well?"

    Feng Ci can sleep well.

    It should be the most peaceful sleep he has slept in recently.

    But for some reason he didn't want to answer the bastard's words. It is probably the experience of Pei Qianyue getting along for some time - don't let him take the lead, otherwise you will never know when the guy will dig a hole in front of you.

    Feng Ci ignored him, stretched out his hand to hold Pei Qianyue's pulse and probed.

    Yuanshen's injuries have recovered to seventy-eighty-eighty.

    As expected of a great demon who has been cultivating for three thousand years, what kind of injury, Feng Ci only transmitted a little bit of spirit to him, then changed back to his original form and slept, and he has recovered to this point.

    It seems that the group of people from the Xianmeng is really huge.

    In order to gather a few elites in the cultivation world, he wanted to hold Pei Qianyue, but he was arrogant.

    Thinking about it, Feng Ci suddenly remembered what Xiao had mentioned this morning.

    Feng Ci asked: "Why did you throw the arrested disciples of the Immortal Alliance into the dungeon and leave them alone?"

    Pei Qianyue replied, "Intentionally."

    Pei Qianyue's eyes were still closed, in order to help Feng Ci to help him diagnose his pulse, he got up slightly and leaned on the head of the bed, looking how well-behaved.

    But the words he said were cold and ruthless: "Isn't this the best way to punish a person? Especially those monks who are prudent and greedy for life and fear of death, let them be trapped in a place where the sun does not see the light, trembling all day long, frightening themselves, Wouldn't it be happier than killing them directly?"

    For those people, the fear of the unknown is far more terrifying than if Pei Qianyue gave them a break.

    Feng Ci has seen Pei Qianyue's ability to manipulate people's hearts, not to mention that those people once wanted Pei Qianyue's life, and he has no opinion on how Pei Qianyue should deal with them.

    Speaking of which, Pei Qianyue "sex" told Feng Ci all the treatment of the immortals that day.

    Feng Ci heard what he was interested in: "Poison Gu made by Xiao Que?"

    The Witch Doctor Gu is not good at treating poisons, and the disciples in the faction are not only superb medical skills, but also all Gu masters. But he had never heard of it before that there was a poison that could control the minds of others.

    Pei Qianyue: "This Gu is called Blood Deed Gu."

    Injecting the curse of the blood pact into the poisonous Gu, and refining it through the spell, taking the poisonous Gu is like establishing a blood pact, which cannot be violated in this life.

    Feng Ci has a guess: "Is it your idea?"

    The curse of blood contract is an extremely sinister spell. Feng Ci was not passed on to the disciples back then, but was put into Lingwu Mountain as a secret book. think Pei Qianyue should have read it from his secret book.

    Pei Qianyue lowered his head slightly, and his tone became lighter: "Three thousand years, always do something to pass the time."

    It sounded a little embarrassed.

    Feng Ci coughed lightly, looked away, and changed the subject: "It's fine if you do it the same way. If you kill all of them, it's easy for people to think that you are too indifferent and ruthless, and it's also a loss to the Immortal Alliance."

    If you don't deal with it, there is only one scruple left.

    Ling Xiao.

    This time, Ling Xiao led the disciples of the ministry, but Lord Ling Xiao did not come forward. Now that Chengchao is dead, the captured disciples are not considered high in the sect. Even if they promise not to betray again, it does not mean that Ling Xiao will be safe in the future.

    Feng Ci asked, "What are you going to do with Ling Xiao?"

    "Ling Xiao has always been dissatisfied with me." Pei Qianyue said, "Ling Xiao used to be the largest faction in the world hundreds of years ago, but in recent years, due to various reasons, it has gradually declined. They are the sixth middle school, and they are most eager to find them. The sect of the lost secret book."

    It means that if they don't get what they want, they will not be at peace.

    Pei Qianyue heard something from Feng Ci's tone and asked, "Master already has an idea?"

    "You might as well spread the news that Chengchao is dead, and let Lord Ling Xiao come to pick up the body. When he arrives at Langfeng City, he will be detained and let him express his position." Feng Ci said, "If you are willing to submit, you will be with him. Everyone else will take the blood deed Gu to prove their loyalty, if they don’t want to…”

    When he said that, he paused a little.

    Pei Qianyue asked, "If you don't want to, what will the master do?"

    "If it were me, I wouldn't leave a person who was unfaithful to me." Feng Ci said calmly, "I think your treatment of Luo Hua is not bad."

    The treatment of Luo Hua was that all those who participated in the rebellion would be executed, and the rest of the disciples in the sect would abandon their roots, be expelled from their teachers, and would never be allowed to enter the cultivation world again.

    Pei Qianyue laughed softly: "My master will think I'm too cruel."

    "You are not cruel, do you want him to send his disciples to continue to stay in the cultivation world and come to you for revenge after you have completed your cultivation?" Feng Ci said, "There are still nine clans involved in the crime of treason in the mortal world, not only did you not kill them, Instead, they are allowed to leave the cultivation world and find other ways to survive, where is the ruthlessness?"

    Feng Ci's expression was light when he spoke, and there was a chilling coldness in his eyes.

    His methods have never been lighter than Pei Qian.

    Pei Qianyue didn't answer, only whispered: "But Ling Xiao is one of the six after all."

    Feng Ci frowned: "It's because of your indulgence to Liu Tai that it led to today's situation."

    Pei Qianyue: "Master taught me the lesson."

    Since that day, Pei Qianyue "forced" Feng Ci to reveal his identity, he has always behaved almost obediently in front of Feng Ci, what Feng Ci said. Feng Ci thought it was funny and said, "Stop pretending, if you really don't think about how to deal with Liu, how can you let them easily grab the handle and hit Langfeng City."

    Pei Qianyue has established the Immortal Alliance for nearly three hundred years. If Liu has always been so dissenting, and Pei Qianyue just connives and does nothing, Liu cannot delay until now to rebel again.

    Pei Qianyue has been able to weigh in it for so many years, but now he is deliberately "exposing" his flaws. Feng Ci does not believe that he is just to "force" himself to show up.

    Pei Qianyue did not refute, and said truthfully: "At the beginning of the establishment of the Xianmeng, I tried to preserve the Sixth Inheritance to the greatest extent possible, but in reality it backfired. If they insist on doing their own thing, it would be better for the Xianmeng to truly take over the Sixth."

    When he said that, the wind words have been understood.

    From the beginning, Pei Qianyue's plan was to completely unify the six. But the six have been standing side by side for a long time, and the immortal alliance teacher is unknown. Just like those immortal sect rebels need a name, Pei Qianyue also needs an opportunity to take over Liu.

    The opportunity is a rebellion.

    He deliberately let the rebel army attack Langfeng City, not only to "force" Feng Ci to show up, but also to capture all the Zongsheng who have dissent towards him in Langfeng City, to pave the way for taking over Liu in the future.

    It's like killing two birds with one stone.

    These immortals were too lazy to ask any more questions, and only asked the questions that were more concerned: "Did you guess what they were going to do before you went to Wuya Valley?"

    Pei Qianyue did not hide: "Yes."

    Fengci: "The poison is intentional, and people are also intentionally killed?"

    Pei Qianyue: "Yes."

    Feng Ci sneered: "So, you didn't completely lose control at that time?"

    Pei Qianyue: "..."

    Feng Ci was right, Pei Qianyue's face flashed with panic, and the smile in his eyes deepened.

    The bastard had tricked him so many times, and finally let him in too.

    Since he was able to retain his consciousness and accurately killed a senior in the cultivation world with high authority, then when he was beside the cold lake, did he also retain consciousness?

    I don't know what to think, Pei Qianyue lowered his head slightly and tried to explain: "The demon poison did have some influence on me, it's not completely fake..."

    Feng Ci stared at the other party and could see the ears that were slowly turning pink with the naked eye, understood.

    The consciousness is indeed there, but under the effect of the demon poison, it is not so clear, and the behavior is somewhat difficult to control.

    No wonder it was cowardly.

    Feng Ci no longer teased him, and changed the topic again: "You wanted to take me to Wuya Valley at that time, was it on purpose?"

    Pei Qianyue: "...Well."

    "When did you guess my identity?" Feng Ci couldn't understand, "How many days did you spend in Linxiantai? You didn't lose your memory?"

    Pei Qianyue shook his head.

    "It's in the Purity Sect."

    Wind Ci: "Huh?"

    Pei Qianyue said: "Master is protecting me in front of others."

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Can it also become evidence?

    Pei Qianyue said: "From the first time we met, I had some guesses. But the master's cultivation base is unfathomable. I have tried several times to find out the details, but in other words, there are a few people in the world that I can test. Someone who doesn't know the details?"

    With such a profound cultivation base, he is willing to protect him like that in front of outsiders.

    Besides Qianqiu Patriarch, there will be no second person.

    Feng Ci was helpless: "Your conclusion is too arbitrary. What if you guessed wrong? What if I just fell in love with you?"

    Pei Qianyue raised his head.

    Feng Ci: "...It's just a metaphor."

    Pei Qianyue didn't open his face, for some reason he didn't look very happy, and said lightly: "If not, just kill it."

    Wind Ci: "..."

    As expected of you.

    "But even if you have more guesses in your heart, you shouldn't use such a risky method to 'force' me to show up." Feng Ci said.

    Pei Qianyue's plan is not completely without loopholes.

    If Feng Ci was not the real Patriarch Qianqiu, or if Patriarch Qianqiu didn't care about Pei Qianyue's life or death, it was very possible that he would have died in the Prison Demon Talisman Formation.

    From the day the Xianmeng rebelled, Feng Ci felt that Pei Qianyue's actions were outrageous. He has been trying to find time to talk to Pei Qianyue for a few days, and he will talk about a topic, and then he will tell his true thoughts together.

    "You're doing nothing but putting yourself in danger."

    Pei Qianyue said softly, "It doesn't make sense?"

    "Isn't it meaningless?" Feng Ci didn't hear the strangeness in the other party's voice, and continued, "You want to prove my identity in so many ways, why do you need to—"

    Before Feng Ci finished speaking, he was suddenly grabbed by the wrist.

    Then use a pull.

    Feng Ci was sitting on the edge of the bed, and without precaution, he was dragged back to the bed by him.

    In the next second, an icy body covered him.

    For a few days, don't know if it was a guilty conscience or something else, but Pei Qianyue always spoke carefully, restrained and polite. It wasn't until then that he finally tore off that obedient disguise and "revealed" his true appearance.

    Pei Qianyue covered him, and the voice that sounded close to his ear was cold and dangerous: "Why did I do it, does the master really understand?"


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