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    Hearing this sentence, Feng Ci's expression sank.

    He raised his head and tried to find the slightest joke on Pei Qianyue's face, but there was.

    Pei Qianyue said these words very seriously, and their weight was also very heavy.

    Feng Ci stared at him for a long time, and then withdrew his gaze lightly: "Absurd."

    "Is it?"

    The cold wind ruffled Feng Ci's hair on the temples, Pei Qianyue raised his hand to straighten it out for him, and slipped his fingertips from his forehead behind his ears, "What do you think is absurd?"

    "It's absurd everywhere." The cold fingers lingered behind his ears, Feng Ci knew that he was a liar, and didn't look at him, "So in your heart, Xiaohu spent hundreds of years of cultivation and trapped himself in an illusion. It's worth it, you should practice revenge and then die with the Lord, is this worth it?"

    Pei Qianyue even smiled: "What's wrong?"

    Feng Ci: "What's the difference between you and the decision?"

    He thought it was not worth it for the little fox to do this, because the demon clan lived for a long time, so they shouldn't trap themselves in the illusion, trapped in these old things. What's more, the illusion will be broken sooner or later, and then nothing will happen.

    Pei Qianyue was fine, and directly gave him a more absurd answer.

    Can't you have a choice to live for yourself?

    "And you—" Feng Ci wanted to say something else, but the other party gently pinched his earlobe.

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Is this getting more and more presumptuous?

    With one hand still playing at the base of his ear, the wind can be endured, and he grabbed the opponent's wrist: "Believe it or not, I will leave you behind?"

    Pei Qianyue said with no bottom line: "I know I'm wrong."'s very refreshing to admit that I'm wrong.

    Feng Ci let go.

    "But..." Pei Qianyue paused, "We already did."

    When the voice fell, Feng Ci only felt that suddenly his feet were empty, and his body fell straight down. In the event of danger, instinctively grabbing the things that are close to him, even if the wind and the air spell, it is difficult to stop his original instinct.

    He subconsciously reached out to grab Pei Qianyue and touched him, but he met a smiling face.

    The next moment, his outstretched hand was gently held and pulled into a familiar embrace.

    A low smile rang out in his ears.

    Wind Ci: "..."

    no talking?

    Childish or not?

    Is it fun to scare him? ? ?

    Hanshan Temple is not far from the city of Gusu, and Pei Qianyue's sword can be reached in just a moment. He entered the city directly, but took the wind and fell into the woods outside the city of Gusu.

    Pei Qianyue hugged Feng Ci and slowly landed, and said with a smile in his ear: "Lord, don't be afraid, we are."

    Feng Ci sneered.

    He raised his hand unceremoniously and pushed it, staggering and hitting the tree trunk by the roadside.

    The leaves rustled and fell, Feng Ci didn't bother to pay attention to him, turned around and left.

    "Lord." Pei Qianyue quickly caught up and stretched out his hand to pull him, "It was my fault."

    Fengci snorted coldly, it was reasonable.

    Pei Qianyue said: "But I think the Lord just said something wrong."

    Feng Ci tilted his head and glanced at him.

    "The fox does not dare to face the death of the past, and would rather trap itself in an illusion. In the end, it is just cowardly and timid." Pei Qianyue said, "But this is only one."

    Wind Ci: "How do you say?"

    "Because the time can dilute everything." Pei Qianyue said in a low voice, "The little fox will recover his memory one day, but later, the hatred, pain, and even the memory of being with the monks have long been consumed by the time. The Lord really thinks, , can't he get out of the illusion?"

    Feng Ci opened his mouth, not knowing how to answer.

    But he knew that Pei Qianyue was right.

    Just like at the beginning, he was extremely disgusted with the war with the demons, disgusted by being driven by heaven, disgusted with death and hatred, and even at the risk of escaping from this world. But looking back now, some of these things have long since become irrelevant.

    It can really dilute everything.

    "In that case, such a choice is quite good." Feng Ci said.

    The little fox is still young and cannot accept the pain of parting, so he would rather not go through this.

    Maybe Master Huikong knew this and helped the little fox create an illusion.

    Let the spirit of the monk of Hanshan Temple, in another form, accompany the little fox to grow up for a while.

    The pain will gradually wear off during the waiting period, and wait for the day when you can accept all this.

    "That's why I'm different." Pei Qianyue said, "I don't give myself the chance to forget."

    Feng Ci took a step.

    The forest in the early morning was extraordinarily quiet, and the breeze blew the golden leaves scattered around Er.

    Pei Qianyue stood not far behind Feng Ci, Feng Ci turned back and asked in a low voice, "This is how you came here for three thousand years?"

    Pei Qianyue: "Yes."

    Feng Ci: "If I come back, you will continue to wait. If you can't wait, you will die?"

    Pei Qianyue answered.

    But the answer is self-evident.

    Feng Ci lowered his head and smiled softly: "I know how your inner demon came from."

    For three thousand years, even Feng Ci has forgotten the scars left by the Demon War, but Pei Qianyue has forgotten everything.

    There is hope and yearning for the future, which can become a driving force for living. But when this kind of expectation lasts too long in the bottom of my heart, even beyond the time spent, it becomes an obsession.

    The obsession is too deep, it is the devil.

    What's more, Pei Qianyue's obsession has lasted for three thousand years.

    Feng Cisheng breathed a sigh of relief, and his heart was a little stuffy.

    How can he be.

    But what Fengci said, he continued to walk forward, and found that Pei Qianyue was standing in the same place, and turned back: "Why, don't you follow me soon."

    Pei Qianyue got cheap and behaved well: "The Lord is not angry anymore?"

    Feng Ci: "Are you going?"

    "Go." Pei Qianyue said slowly, "I just wanted to remind the Lord that the direction was wrong, it should be this way."

    He turned sideways, raised his finger and pointed behind him.

    Feng Ci looked over his fingers, and through the heavy tree shadows, he saw the city gate in the distance.

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Is it strange that Qianqiu Patriarch has a poor sense of direction?

    He's here again!

    Outside the city of Gusu in the early morning, people who did not come to the market were already lining up to enter the city. Some of them spoke loudly in Wu Yu and the people beside them. Several young children ran quickly through the group, and the babies who had just woken up were crying in their backpacks.

    The refreshment shop on the roadside is still alive, but the smoke from the kitchen has risen, and the faint scent of tea can be faintly smelled in the air.

    A firework.

    Feng Ci took a deep breath, and finally felt that he was finally completely released from the heavy environment of Hanshan Temple.

    Pei Qianyue was in a hurry to enter the city, and first sent a letter to Xue Wei. While waiting for Xue Wei to come, he simply resigned from the roadside tea shop with "sex".

    As soon as they were seated, a second came over to serve them tea.

    Feng Ci didn't understand: "Since he lives in the city, why don't Yu Jian look for him directly? He also walked in outside the city of Gusu. Isn't there a magic circle in this mortal world?"

    "That's true." Pei Qianyue shook his head, "But it would be inconvenient to enter the city directly with the sword."

    Feng Ci: "Why is it inconvenient?"

    "Is this the first time this little Xianzun went down the mountain?" When Pei Qianyue answered, the little 2 "interjected" first, "Little Xianzun doesn't know anything, there are too many cultivators these days, you throw them in the city A single stone can hit several people who have passed through Xianmen."

    "You cultivators are flying in the sky, and you come from such as, if you grow up, the yamen is basically managed by the law. So, ah, a few years ago, the rules were issued, and cultivators should pass through the city gates like ordinary people to check the common documents or those under the sect of self-cultivation. Jade Order."

    "So it is." Fengci nodded, and was curious: "What if you don't check?"

    Xiao Er pointed to the city gate, Feng Ci looked up, and a half-height square device was placed directly above the city gate.

    Xiao Er explained: "What is this thing called a spiritual power tracking instrument, one is placed in every direction of the city gate, forming a formation. Once a cultivator enters the city without inspection, it will be detected by the government. Although there are serious consequences. , at most, the tape will be checked and cross-examined again, but it's a bit of a delay, isn't it?"

    Feng Ci asked: "Playing is also done by Wanfa Pavilion?"

    "Yes, it's called Wanfa Pavilion." Xiao Er said, "What they do is really amazing. I heard that they also made wood that swept the ground with tea and water, and cattle that could automatically plough and harvest. Alas, It's a pity that some things are too precious, and we little people are afraid that we will see it all in our lives."

    "...The tea is ready for you, just call me if you have something to do."

    Fengci thanked him, and the tea shop's second turned to work again.

    This roadside tea shop, the tea is naturally not good, the right to quench your thirst. Feng Ci took a sip of tea and was still looking at the tracker on the distant city gate.

    Feng Ci said: "I still think that the things made by Wanfa Pavilion are only circulated in the cultivation world. I think there are also folks, and they don't seem to be."

    Pei Qianyue added more tea to him and said, "The government can afford the money, so naturally Yuchichu will not refuse."

    Feng Ci laughed: "Is he so short of money?"

    I think Pei Qianyue answered seriously, "Yes."

    Feng Ci was curious: "I thought Wanfa Pavilion should be the rich faction in the Immortal League."

    Qingjingzong is also very rich, because they make friends with powerful people, and the incense is flourishing. But this way of making money is not comparable to Wanfa Pavilion. The things made by Wanfa Pavilion can be sold to major sects. They can sell more if they produce more. They even want used goods that have been eliminated for several generations. The financial resources should be endless.

    Pei Qianyue said, "They do."

    Wind Ci: "Why..."

    "Because they consume a lot." Pei Qianyue explained, "The power source of Yanjia's mechanism is the spirit stone. If there is a spirit stone, no matter how talented Yuchichu is, he can't make anything, and what he can make can't be done. It works. The things he is constantly researching, even a small organ kite consumes thousands of spirit stones before making the finished product."

    "No wonder..." Feng Ci understood, "So he not only made deals with the comprehension world, but also with the wealthy businessmen of the private government, in exchange for enough spirit stones to support his research."

    Pei Qianyue nodded.

    Feng Ci was dumb: "It takes a lot of consumption..."

    Spirit stones are not only the energy source of mechanical techniques, but also an indispensable thing for cultivators to practice. For refining Qi, alchemy, and "drugs", there is no need for spiritual stones in any part of the cultivation process.

    Natural spiritual stones are produced in places with abundant spiritual veins, but how can there be so many inexhaustible spiritual veins in this world?

    This is the reason why the major immortals have been fighting for spiritual veins all the year round.

    Feng Ci took another sip of tea and said half-jokingly: "You have to persuade Pavilion Master Yuchi, and if you do it like this, don't even think about cultivating."

    In fact, spiritual veins are not non-renewable things, but the regeneration speed is very slow, and the environment is extremely demanding. It must be in a place where the air is at its peak, and after years and months, the spiritual veins can be formed.

    With Yuchichu's consumption rate, Ken couldn't keep up.

    In the long run, it is even said that it will not lead to the depletion of spiritual energy.

    Feng Ci has lived in a world where spiritual energy has been depleted. Not only the cultivators continue to practice, but even the demons and gods cannot survive, and can only be eliminated from the world one by one. After that, no spells exist in this world.

    Cultivation, magic, demons and gods have all become fictional things in the story.

    But thinking about this, Feng Ci felt a little unfounded.

    He shook his head and continued.

    After Feng Ci and Pei Qianyue finished drinking a pot of tea, Xue Wei finally finished.

    Nian looked like he had just woken up a long time ago, and his hair was unruly, with a loose ponytail tied at the back of his head. The fabric on his body was actually pretty good. The light blue gown was embroidered with dark patterns, but the collar was slanted to one side, and the belt was knotted.

    It seems indescribable.

    "The city owner has been waiting for a long time." Xue Weiwei trotted over, panting while speaking, "Just... just woke up, not good."

    Feng Ci was silent: "...Aren't you some magic?"

    Even if you don't use the sword, can you use a little light power?

    Xue Wei: "'Fuck', I forgot!"

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Is this really reliable?

    However, Feng Ci soon saw the usefulness of Xue Wei.

    Pei Qianyue and Fengci came to Hanshan Temple to investigate secretly and did not tell anyone. Now that he is in Gusu, Pei Qianyue does not intend to reveal his identity, and shows the token of Langfeng City to the official.

    San came to the gate of the city, and before entering, he saw the official greeted him: "Master Xue, are these two your friends?"

    Xue Wei made a serious appearance and cleared his throat: "Well, can we come in?"

    "Yes, yes, please." The official smiled and respectfully stepped aside.

    They were so easily ushered into the city.

    After walking far away from the city gate, Feng Ci asked, "What the hell are you?"

    "Xue Wei's father is a wealthy businessman in the city." Xue Wei paused, "No, it's my father now."

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Xue Wei "touched" his nose, but he could continue to say as if it was a matter of fact: "Anyway, in this Suzhou, except for the prefect, only the master of the Xue family can speak. What kind of ceremony is on the city gate? You see, it was bought by my father."

    It was probably because Feng Ci was Pei Qianyue's disciple in Xue Wei's eyes, and he was the same age as him, so it was more natural to speak with more scruples than to face Pei Qianyue.

    This year is a self-acquaintance, Feng Ci and him have two words to open his chatterbox.

    During the journey from the Xue Mansion at the gate of the city, Xue Wei took the wind to talk about the local customs of Suzhou, what is there to eat and drink in the upper city, and there is a new beauty in the lower Fengyue Pavilion. He Fengci said it again.

    Said that, Pei Qianyue's face became more and more ugly.

    The Xue Mansion is located in the prosperous area of ​​Gusu City. Xue Wei led them to the gate of the Xue Mansion, and was still introducing Feng Ci: "Follow this road and turn right to the Fengyuelou, which is a whole street. Casino, but you have to play and bring me, they like to play new. And—"

    "Xue Wei." Pei Qianyue finally could bear the interruption.

    Xue Wei almost jumped up in fright as if his tail had been stepped on. He quickly restrained his indecent appearance, and said seriously: "My father goes out to buy goods, and he can't come back until noon. The city master will not rest at the mansion first, and I will recommend it to you when my father returns?"

    Pei Qianyue said coldly, "Lead the way."

    Xue Wei was completely stunned, and he honestly took them into the mansion and came to a secluded and elegant courtyard.

    "This yard is quiet and soundproofed. You don't like being served, so I told them not to come near here." Xue Weiyi looked at Pei Qianyue's face and introduced him, "What do you think? ?"

    Pei Qianyue responded lightly.

    Xue Wei turned around and wanted to slip away, but was held back by Feng Ci: "Where do I live?"

    There is only one bedroom in this yard.

    "Ah?" Xue Wei said blankly, "You don't live together..."

    His eyes touched Pei Qianyue's face, and Fu Ling's heart was normal, and he decisively made a look of embarrassment: "There is only one yard left in my house to live in, there is a real way, Brother Lu, you will just do it. Bar!"

    Wind Ci: "..."


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