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    The two finally found a shelter from the wind at the entrance of the cave and laid a floor.

    Feng Ci was still inexplicably angry, Pei Qianyue didn't provoke him, and took the initiative to give him the only straw mat he found in the depths of the entire cave, leaning against the bluestone on the side of the road, Going to be like this for one night.

    Instead, Feng Ci couldn't sleep.

    The straw mat was laid beside the bluestone, Feng Ci was lying on his side, and when he looked up, he could see the silhouette of Pei Qianyuejun.

    His face was calm and his breathing was steady, because he couldn't tell if he was awake because of the black silk covering his eyes, but Feng Ci knew that he was definitely not asleep. At the side of Feng Ci, Pei Qianyue would never fall asleep before him.

    He had one leg bent, his hand on his knee, hanging down at will, his fingertips almost pale.

    Even if he sat quietly like this, he could see that Pei Qianyue was indeed completely different three hundred years ago.

    His appearance has not changed in any way, but his temperament three hundred years ago was much gentler, unlike now, as if he had wrapped himself with a hard shell, cold, lonely, and independent.

    It seems that there is a wind word, and the outer shell will soften a little, and it will be more like... a living person.

    But if he is gone, what will this man do?

    Feng Ci thought inadvertently in his heart.

    This thought made Feng Ci feel a little bored. He didn't think about it any more, but turned to face the night sky and asked in a low voice, "Xiao Hei, are you asleep?"

    "No." Pei Qianyue answered quickly, "Can't the master fall asleep?"

    He was in a good mood from the beginning, and when he answered Feng Ci's words, his voice was a little pleasant.

    Feng Ci responded softly and said, "Let's chat."

    "Okay." Pei Qianyue said, "What does the master want to talk about?"

    Feng Ci thought about it and asked, "Do you think I am different from three thousand years ago?"

    Pei Qianyue: "Yes."

    Feng Ci: "Where is the difference?"

    Pei Qianyue didn't answer immediately.

    He tilted his head slightly, as if thinking about words.

    After a moment, Pei Qianyue said, "The master's "sex" is much more peaceful than before."

    This answer surprised Feng Ci.

    "Am I not peaceful enough before?" Feng Ci tilted his head and asked.

    He is now back to his original state, and his slender hair was completely let down when he lay down. Pei Qianyue lowered his hand and grabbed a strand in his hand.

    Pei Qianyue played with Feng Ci's hair and whispered, "Before the change, it was difficult for the master to fall asleep at night. Even if he barely fell asleep, he would often wake up from nightmares."

    The rumors from 3,000 years ago, just after the end of the long and terrifying battle, were filled with a chilling aura honed from the slaughter. Eyes open and closed, they were all demons who died under the sword, and their companions who fell by the side.

    It was because the little black snake back then liked to stick to him so much.

    I want to give him some comfort, so that he is not so uncomfortable.

    "I forgot." Feng Ci chuckled, "You remember it very clearly."

    If it had something to do with Fengci, Pei Qianyue always remembered it better than him.

    Feng Ci does not shy away from mentioning the events of the past. On the contrary, he likes to tell them as stories, as if in this way, those who have passed away can continue to exist in the world in this way.

    It's one of the few pleasures he's had over the years.

    However, most of what he mentioned were those magnificent wars, and he had completely forgotten these details.

    "It's a good thing to forget." Pei Qianyue's fingertips were wrapped around Feng Ci's hair, and he whispered, "Isn't the master who left here just to forget these things?"

    When Fengci reunited, Pei Qianyue said that Qianqiu Shengzun was tired of everything in this world, and ruthlessly left the world and left.

    These are just passing words.

    Even if the little black snake back then didn't know why Bai Fengci had to leave, after all these years, he has gradually come to his senses. The war left Feng Ci with not only the honor of being admired by the world, but the trauma of the war tormented him day and night, making him unable to escape, and life was better than death.

    After he left, he went to one world after another, in order to escape those unbearable memories.

    Pei Qianyue said: "I've been thinking all these years, if I could have been born earlier, or transformed earlier, maybe things wouldn't be like this."

    If he could accompany Feng Ci earlier, he would be able to hug Feng Ci every time he was emotionally unstable, and comfort him every time he woke up from a nightmare, so that he would not have to suffer so much.

    There is no need to leave home and be alone for so many years.

    Feng Ci's eyes moved slightly.

    But he smiled lightly and opened his eyes: "How can there be so many ifs."

    Feng Ci didn't say anything, and Pei Qianyue stopped talking.

    At night, Lingwu Mountain was silent, and the cool night wind blew the treetops and there was a rustling sound. Feng Ci looked up at the sky, and above the night, the stars and the moon were so close that they seemed to be within reach.

    Lingwu Mountain is located in the Kunlun Mountains, the terrain is extremely high, stargazing here, the feeling in the mortal world is completely different.

    A fallen leaf happened to fall in Feng Ci's hair, and was caught by Pei Qianyue.

    Feng Ci tilted his head to look over, Pei Qianyue lowered his head slightly, and put the leaf to his mouth.

    A melodious tune poured out of his mouth.

    That tune is different from the Jiangnan minor tune that was previously played, like weeping and complaining, like sadness like joy, accompanied by the leisurely breeze and the "color" of the moon, drifting in the "color" of this empty and misty mountain.

    Feng Ci this tune, and my heart gradually calmed down.

    After calming down, sleepiness followed.

    Feng Ci couldn't help yawning, and the tune suddenly stopped.

    Pei Qianyue said, "Master wants to rest?"

    "No." Feng Ci rubbed his eyes, feeling a little sleepy, but he still didn't want to sleep. "You keep blowing, I like it."

    Pei Qianyue smiled lowly: "Sleep if you want, and I'll blow it to you someday."

    Perhaps it was from Folding Sword Villa, Feng Ci had never had a good rest. Physical exhaustion finally defeated reason, Feng Ci yawned again, and said, "Okay, then you forgot."

    Pei Qianyue: "Well, no."

    Feng Ci lay on his side on the straw mat, and soon became so sleepy that he couldn't open his eyes, and he said vaguely: "You know so much, it's really good..."

    It's a pity, such a good person, why did he take a fancy to him.

    Feng Ci didn't finish speaking, and fell asleep after a while.

    The time in the fantasy world stopped from the moment Pei Qianyue woke up. Therefore, when Feng Ci woke up, the sky was still high above the moon.

    The star shift is no longer changing, and he doesn't know how long he has slept, but his body is no longer tired.

    After recovering their physical strength, they still have to go to work first.

    - Find a way to get out of this Illusory Spirit Cauldron.

    Ordinary illusion, if the person who falls into the illusion wakes up, the illusion will naturally collapse. Therefore, in Feng Ci's cognition, there is no experience of how to deal with this kind of stagnant illusion.

    Feng Ci swung a sword forward, but was knocked back a few steps by an invisible force, and was caught by Fang's Pei Qianyue.

    "Master, be careful." Pei Qianyue said.

    The sword in Feng Ci's hand dissipated, his body relaxed, and he fell into Pei Qianyue's arms: "I don't want to do it anymore."

    They are now at the foot of Lingwu Mountain.

    This illusion is based on Pei Qianyue's memory, and the entire area of ​​the illusion is also near Lingwu Mountain. Feng Ci originally wanted to find the edge of the illusion and see if he could break it.

    But after trying for a long time, the invisible light-transmitting wall in front of them remained motionless.

    Feng Ci's mentality collapsed.

    Pei Qianyue supported Feng Ci and walked to the side to sit down and said, "Master, rest first, I'll try it."

    "Try it." Feng Ci grabbed him, "Huan Lingding is known for its incomparable sturdiness, it is definitely not something that can be broken by external forces. We tried so many times just now to no avail. We are wasting our efforts."

    Pei Qianyue: "Then what should we do?"

    Feng Ci fell silent.

    Suddenly, as if something had happened, his eyes lit up.

    Seeing Fengci raised his fingers together, he drew out a sword qi, which hit a treetop above his head without bias.

    The wild fruit rustled from the tree.

    Pei Qianyue: "..."

    Do those generations in the cultivation world know that their respected Patriarch Qianqiu uses sword energy to pick fruits in private?

    Feng Ci ran over quickly, squatted on the ground to pick and choose for a while, picked out the biggest and most beautiful, and threw it back to Pei Qianyue: "Next!"

    He picked another one himself and wiped it on his sleeve: "I can't think of a way, why don't you eat something first."

    I have seen this kind of fruit before, it is not big, it is better than the thin skin, the pulp is full of juice, sweet and sour, and it is mouth-watering.

    He took a bite, but was sour that his whole face wrinkled: "Bah—"


    Pei Qianyue: "Pfft."

    Feng Ci threw away the leftover fruit and glared at him: "What are you laughing at?"

    "This kind of fruit doesn't have to be good-looking, it must be delicious." Pei Qianyue walked up to him, "groped" on the ground for a moment, picked out a fruit with a soft skin, and handed it to Feng Ci ,"try again."

    Feng Ci glanced at him suspiciously, then leaned in and took a bite from his hand.

    Really sweet.

    The illusion of the two of them was not broken, but instead they picked the fruit full of fruits and walked back.

    Pei Qianyue said: "There is a forest under the valley in the east, and there are many such berries. If the master likes it, I will go and pick some for the master."

    When it comes to living in Lingwu Mountain, Pei Qianyue, an aboriginal who has lived for three thousand years, is more familiar with it.

    Feng Ci was eating with relish, Yan didn't know what to think, and said "uh".

    Pei Qianyue tilted his head and asked him, "What?"

    Feng Ci looked at the leftover fruit in his hand, and looked at the ones in Pei Qianyue's arms, and smiled: "I just thought that we really seem to be living in this secret realm."

    Pei Qianyue paused.

    If the senior who created the Magic Spirit Cauldron knew that his magic weapon could still be used in this way, he would probably find it unbelievable.

    But it was just such a misunderstanding that Feng Ci and Pei Qianyue took advantage of it.

    "Actually this seems to be not bad." Feng Ci said, "You think, if we both can't find a way to get out, my meat is now a puppet that can kill, and he can't get out. He can't get out, It will no longer harm the cultivation world."

    The more he talked, the more he felt that his idea was very reasonable: "Your illusion has now been broken, and there will be no more danger. I don't think there is much area in the real Lingwu Mountain. You can live here for three thousand years, and there are two of us. It is not difficult to live with you for a long time.”

    Pei Qianyue repeated softly: "Live for a long time..."

    "It's a pity, the time here has stopped. If you stay in this fantasy forever, you may never see the dawn again." Fengci looked up at the sky, the galaxy is still bright, "and the fruit eaten will not be Reborn, you have to save some food."

    Feng Ci said, and took another bite of the fruit.

    Pei Qianyue didn't rush to answer, Feng Ci narrowed his eyes and looked at him: "Why, you don't want to?"

    He also thought that Pei Qianyue would be very happy with this proposal. After all, from the point of view of getting along these days, this person has no interest in, nor does he care about, those outsiders.

    He always wanted to follow the wind.

    Feng Ci thought for a while and asked, "Are you still worried about the six doors?"

    "No." Pei Qianyue shook his head, "I am very happy that the master can say that."

    Feng Ci: "Then you..."

    "I'm really happy." Pei Qianyue interrupted him, "If I can be with the master, no matter where I go, I'll be happy. Yes..."

    Pei Qianyue paused and said calmly: "Yes, living in a forest for a long time is not as easy as the owner imagined, and life may be very boring."

    "So what?" Feng Ci didn't care, "You live alone and have been here for thousands of years. Can't I do it? Besides, I have you by my side."


    A smile appeared on Pei Qianyue's lips: "Individual life is indeed much more interesting than a person's life."

    Feng Ci revealed the deep meaning in his words, and quickly denied: "I didn't mean that!"

    "What do you mean?" Pei Qianyue said with a smile, "I mean, it's better for individuals to talk to each other to relieve boredom than to be alone... Where did the master think?"

    Wind Ci: "..."

    He was suddenly very lucky that Pei Qianyue was invisible, otherwise he would have seen his ears turn red again.

    Feng Ci was angry and annoyed, and he didn't know how to answer, so he turned his head angrily: "I'm leaving!"

    He was about to leave, but was held back.

    The smile on Pei Qianyue's face has subsided, he pulled Feng Ci closer with a little force, and a low voice sounded close to his ear: "But if the master wants to try to do something interesting, I will definitelyaccompany to the end.”

    He raised his hand and gently wiped off a little bit of berry juice from the corner of Fengci's lips. From the movement to the sound, it was very suggestive.

    "—Want to give it a try?"


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