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    There was a brief silence in the house.

    Xiao Guo seemed to have heard something extremely shocking and vulgar. He didn't even bother to diagnose the pulse, and looked at Pei Qianyue like a ghost.

    Even Xiao couldn't hold back and looked at Pei Qianyue.

    He knows Feng Ci's identity, but...

    Could it be that he had been thinking wrong before?

    It's not that the city owner doesn't know how to control, but the city owner... clingy?

    The three eyes in the room all focused on Pei Qianyue. The latter was calm, lowered his head slightly, and replied softly, "Well, you are right."


    Xiao Guo didn't know whether to shock Pei Qianyue, or to be shocked that the city lord Langfeng, who had always treated others with indifference, could be so gentle. He didn't take a breath, and coughed violently.

    After a while, he smiled dryly like a cover up: "It's good, so...very good."

    Pei Qianyue faced Xiao Guo, and returned to his indifferent and indifferent appearance: "How, can it be cured?"

    "If you can cure it, you can cure it." Speaking of business, Xiao Guo slightly corrected his "color", "It depends on how much you want to cure."

    Pei Qianyue said: "Of course it is completely cured."

    "But to what extent is this cured, isn't that the difference?" Xiao Guoyou said leisurely, "This little beauty...cough, this little son is under too much spiritual pressure, causing the meridians to collapse, if you just want to reconnect Go back to the meridian and heal the injury, but can't you let Xiao take action?"

    Behind him, Xiao was startled.

    The relationship between the two brothers is indeed very strange, but when Xiao mentioned his brother, his attitude was dodging, evading, and reluctant to mention it. As for Xiao Guo, he was able to mention it with such an expression as usual, as if there was no grudge between the two, and they had never been separated for a long time.

    Feng Ci's eyes swept across the two of them, and he couldn't see what Xiao Guo's attitude was.

    Sure enough, being able to become the first of the six gates is not easy.

    "But you all came to my Witch Doctor Valley, obviously not just for 'curing'." Xiao Guo turned and returned to the table in front of him, took the cigarette bag from the table, tapped on the edge of the table, and took a deep breath. With a sip, "Why, do you just want him to return to the state before the injury, or do you want to... let his body perfectly accept the power of the soul?"

    Feng Ci's eyes were faint.

    Does he see it?

    Just check the pulse?

    When Feng Ci returned to this world and met Pei Qianyue for the first time, Pei Qianyue also probed into his spiritual veins and wanted to find out his identity. But even Pei Qianyue didn't find any clue, why is this person...

    "Why are you looking at me like this?" Xiao Guo leaned against the table, "Do you know how difficult it is? He is obviously using a power far beyond what his physical body can handle to use up his physical body. The power of the soul, but the body is only a ten-year-old child, who believes?"

    I see.

    This answer makes Feng Ci a little easier to accept.

    If this person is really strong enough to see Feng Ci's true body at a glance, I am afraid that the position of the Lord of the Immortal Alliance should be replaced.

    Xiao Guo thought about it again, and frowned: "Did I tell a secret that shouldn't be told? Let me talk about it first, but you can't silence me after it's done. They are all leaders in the cultivation world. You can't do this kind of thing that removes the grind and kills the donkey."

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Doesn't this person think it's a problem to compare himself to a donkey at all?

    "Don't worry, no one will silence you." Feng Ci asked him, "Do you really want my body to accept the power of the soul?"

    "Why is this so difficult?" Xiao said, "Your physical body is simply because your strength is weak and cannot withstand the pressure of the soul. As long as you strengthen the meridians of the physical body and make it indestructible, it can contain the power of the soul."

    The theory is true, but the actual "operation"...

    Xiao Guo took another puff of his cigarette and said leisurely, "Don't worry, I have tested it before, and the strengthened body can withstand several times the spiritual pressure. Unless the spirit of the ancestor Qianqiu descends, there will be absolutely no problem."

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Pei Qianyue: "..."

    Xiao Que: "..."

    Xiao Guo frowned: "Why do you guys look like this again, am I wrong?"

    Fengci pressed his eyebrows and smiled: "Then guess, who am I?"

    Later that day, Xiao Guo arranged for Feng Ci and Pei Qianyue to live in the Witch Doctor Valley.

    The Witch Doctor Valley rarely entertains guests, so the accommodation arranged is just an ordinary dwelling in the tribe. The chalet was built on the mountain wall, and the terrain is high. Looking out from the window, you can see the style of most of the Witch Doctor Valley.

    After sending the person to the wooden house, Xiao Guo's expression was still a little dazed.

    He stood beside the cane bridge and watched the door close before patting the young man beside him: "Qianqiu Patriarch... Really come back?"

    Xiao didn't look at him, and his voice was a little stiff: "Can you still fake it?"

    "It's hard to say." Xiao Guo took a puff of his cigarette and said leisurely, "Who in the world doesn't know that Patriarch Qianqiu started "chaos" with Pei Qianyue and finally abandoned it. Shouldn't it be Qianqiu?"

    Xiao Que: "..."

    Xiao was silently relieved, and explained: "He is Qianqiu Shengzun, and I have seen his sword in Langfeng City."

    Xiao Guo said angrily "Oh".

    Xiao Que asked again, "Are you really able to strengthen the body of the Holy Venerable?"

    "You can only try it." Xiao Guo sighed, "That is the ancestor of Qianqiu. This person can withstand the power of his soul. If you ask Pei Qianyue to give up his own body, maybe it will work."

    Xiao Que: "..."

    "Speaking of which, since Patriarch Qianqiu isn't dead, what about his physical body? Wouldn't it be eaten by Pei Qianyue?"

    Xiao Que: "..."

    Xiao Guo wanted to say more, the window beside the wooden house was pushed, Feng Ci sat by the window with a blank face: "First of all, the body of this seat was not eaten by City Lord Pei, thank you for your concern. Secondly, this seat has not begun to "chaotic" 』Final abandon, don't talk nonsense."

    Ignoring the same embarrassed expressions of the two brothers outside the door, Feng Ci closed the window, retracted his gaze, and looked into the house.

    Pei Qianyue was helping him make the bed.

    This dignified Immortal League's first seat is such a high and respected existence outside, no one would have imagined that he would do such a thing. But Feng Ci did not feel abrupt, on the contrary, it was quite pleasing to the eye.

    Who wouldn't like a beautiful woman in the family "fucking" to serve.


    Most are not firm.

    Feng Ci's eyes narrowed slightly.

    Suddenly there was a slight noise under the edge of the table next to him, Feng Ci looked down, and saw a small "hairy" ball curled up under the corner of the table, shivering.

    It was the little white cat had just seen.

    Feng Ci frowned.

    Why didn't he find out that this kitten was here?

    Feng Ci is now seriously injured, almost losing his spiritual power, but the basic induction power is still there, and it makes no sense that he can't even notice it.

    But he could see that the kitten was not a demon either.

    No matter how high or low their cultivation base is or how much spiritual power they have, they will always carry a demon around them.

    Even a big monster like Pei Qianyue who has been practicing for many years can at best hide his prototype from being discovered, and he can't completely hide the monster.

    But this little cat has no demons.

    Noticing the elegant gaze, the kitten held its tail and trembled even more.

    Feng Ci looked into the back room, Pei Qianyue was still making the bed, and he didn't seem to notice this. He lowered his head and waved to the kitten.

    The kitten raised its head, and looked at Fengci with a pair of round and bright light green eyes.

    This little white cat is extremely beautiful, slightly larger than an ordinary kitten, and the fur all over its body is soft and fluffy, and it looks very good to the touch.

    Seemingly aware that Fengci was not malicious, the kitten slowly approached and rubbed Fengci's fingers with her head.

    The next second, a hand grabbed the back of the neck.

    "What do you want to do?" Pei Qianyue picked up the kitten with a cold tone.

    The kitten was covered in fluffy "fur", kicked its legs in Pei Qianyue's hands, and squeaked and screamed in an extremely shrill voice.

    Pei Qianyue said indifferently: "If you pretend again, this seat will send you back to Master Xiao Gu."

    Kitten struggled harder.

    He spit out his mouth and made a very clear youthful voice: "Don't don't don't-"

    Pei Qianyue raised his hand and threw it, and the moment the kitten landed, he turned into a handsome and beautiful boy.

    "City Lord Pei, anyway, you haven't seen each other for so long, can't you be gentle?" The young Junxiu frowned and complained as soon as he changed back.

    "It's been a long time indeed." Pei Qianyue said coldly, "Master Zizhuwu."

    Zizhuwu, the last sect among the six sects, is also an extremely marginal sect.

    Unlike the Witch Doctor Valley, although the Witch Doctor Valley is also very marginal among the six gates, it is because they are located in remote areas and do not want to travel too much with the Central Plains. In addition, the medicine of medicine and poison in the Witch Doctor Valley is still famous, and it has some reputation in the world of self-cultivation.

    Going to Zizhuwu... It's purely because the inner strength of the door is not pleasing enough.

    No one wants to learn, no one wants to learn, and over time, no one cares about it.

    This has always been the case since ancient times. If a sect wants to develop for a long time, the core skills of cultivation are indispensable.

    The core skill of Zizhuwu is Spiritual Control.

    Feng Ci recognized that it was fair to accept apprentices back then, and the Spiritual Control Technique passed on to the ancestors of Zizhuwu was definitely not bad.

    As the name suggests, Spiritual Control is the power of the soul to drive living beings. Sons who form a bond with spiritual pets are also included in this skill. After the completion of the Royal Spiritual Art, it can not only drive all living beings in the world, but also have the ability to coexist with heaven and earth.

    No matter how you look at it, you shouldn't be despised to this point.

    But unfortunately, there are a group of less diligent descendants in the Yulingshu booth.

    The core of spiritual control is to drive living beings. It not only requires extremely high talent to practice, but also is extremely difficult to practice.

    The difficulty is high, the threshold is high, and it has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, there are not many descendants who can fully master the Spiritual Control Technique.

    The current Zizhuwu is actually good at... tame spiritual pets.

    To put it uglier, it is the salted fish school that only cares about raising cats and dogs, and having fun every day.

    But no one wants to go.

    And the one in front of them is the current owner of Zizhuwu, named Li Jiu.

    "In recent months, the owner of Zizhu Dock has never participated in any six-door gatherings. I am still the owner of the dock and no longer want to take care of the six-door affairs. It turns out that I was entangled by other things." Pei Qianyue said calmly.

    "I want to take care of it too!" The boy was indignant when he mentioned this, "It's all Xiao Guo's fault, he locked me in this broken place for half a year."

    Having said that, he walked in the direction of Feng Ci, but was stopped by Pei Qianyue sideways.

    Li Jiu looked at Pei Qianyue's "look", and returned to the original place angrily.

    The young man looked at Feng Ci, his eyes moist and bright, very similar to that of the kitten just now: "I was hiding outside and heard it, are you really... Really the Patriarch Qianqiu?"

    Feng Ci didn't answer, but instead asked, "Have you been hiding outside the door just now?"

    Li Jiu: "Yes."

    Feng Ci pondered for a moment and understood: "Have you cultivated to coexist with heaven and earth?"

    "You can see it!" Li Jiu's eyes lit up again, "Yes, yes, I have cultivated for a hundred years!"

    After the cultivation of symbiosis with heaven and earth is completed, the flesh body is completely integrated, and it becomes a state of being like a human being like a monster. Not only does it not require diet and cultivation, it can survive only by absorbing the spirits of heaven and earth, but it can also transform into any creature and survive forever.

    This is also the reason why Cai Fengci didn't notice the kitten's breath.

    His breath has long since melted between heaven and earth, becoming a part of heaven and earth, and he can hide himself perfectly.

    Feng Ci still finds it strange: "Then what is your holiday with Xiao Guzhu, he wants to imprison you here?"

    He didn't forget that Xiao Guo said earlier that he was poisoned by that kitten.

    "Well..." Speaking of this, the boy's eyes became a little erratic.

    Pei Qianyue poured Fengci a cup of hot tea and said calmly, "Mostly, it's because Guzhu Xiao can't stand his madness."

    Feng Ci frowned slightly.

    Xiao Guo's condescending appearance, he actually thinks that others are "swinging"?

    Li Jiu was also very dissatisfied with this and said, "Where can I be 'swinging'? I just...don't I just like beautiful women, everyone loves beauty!"

    "...It's obviously Xiao Guoxiao."

    The teenager Xu is very fond of turning into a cat, and he also has a habit of dyeing cats in various behaviors. He jumped lightly, sat down on the edge of the table, and began to complain to the two of them.

    The cause of the incident was that in a six-door gathering, Li Jiu met Xiao Guo who came to attend the meeting.

    After Li Jiu cultivated the symbiosis of heaven and earth, he devoted himself to enjoyment and determined to read all the beauties in the world. Especially the kind of handsome man who doesn't seem to be approachable is more in line with his heart. At a glance at the assembly, Li Jiu noticed the new witch doctor valley owner.

    With a little more rhetoric, the person will be caught.

    Li Jiu has lived here for hundreds of years, and it is not the first time that he has done such an immoral thing. The good times are all kinds of sweet words, but they are forgotten and never taken to heart.

    But he never imagined that this time he caught a lunatic.

    "He actually tricked me!" Li Jiu said angrily, "He didn't let me out of the valley, and he forced me to eat worms!"

    Feng Ci was silent for a moment, then turned to Pei Qianyue, and said seriously: "See, this is called "chaos" and the end is abandoned, I don't."

    Pei Qianyue: "..."

    Li Jiu: "..."

    The young man didn't seem to feel that there was anything wrong with what he did, and sighed: "I knew he was so young, so I didn't provoke him in the first place."

    "Who's younger?" The youth's voice sounded from outside the door.

    The door was pushed with a creak, Xiao Guo leaned against the door, the face hidden by the mask was a smile but not a smile: "Xiao Jiu, I've been looking for you everywhere, how did you come here?"

    The boy shuddered and turned into a kitten and fell to the ground.

    Before Xiao Guo left, he picked up the kitten with one hand and hugged it into his arms, and skillfully "touched" the two hands: "Don't disturb the guests, it's time to go back. If you don't go back, your worm will attack and you will cry and feel uncomfortable again."

    The kitten whimpered and lay obediently in his arms, no more.

    Xiao Guo then looked at Feng Ci and Pei Qianyue who were on the side: "A little family business, let the two of you laugh. I have just prepared the "medicine" for the Holy Venerable. I will rest for a while tonight, and I will start treatment tomorrow."

    Feng Ci looked at the completely wilted kitten in Xiao Guo's arms, it was really hard to hold back his curiosity: "The poison of the master of the dock..."

    Although Yulingshu might be better than spell-proof swordsmanship in combat, Li Jiu has already cultivated Yulingshu to the top.

    It shouldn't be taken care of by a junior like Xiao Guo.

    Guessing what Fengci wanted to ask, Xiao Guo said, "It's just a little Acacia Gu, Xiao Jiu likes it very much."

    The little white cat's tail slapped unhappily between Xiao Guo's wrist.

    Wind Ci: "..."

    After Xiao Guo said this, he wanted to leave. As soon as he walked to the door, he suddenly seemed to remember something, and poked his head from outside the door.

    "Yes, I still have some Acacia Gu left over there." Xiao Guo smiled and said, "If City Lord Pei needs it, I can sell it to you cheaply."

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Feng Ci: "???"


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