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    Inside the tower is another world.

    Feng Ci opened his eyes, and the first thing he entered was a vast and quiet snow-capped jungle. There is a dense canopy of fir trees on the top of the head, the soft snow is underfoot, and the breath is full of the cold air after the snow.

    This tower is truly a self-constructed, self-contained secret.

    Feng Ci then turned to talk to the person behind him: "Little—"

    The sound stopped abruptly.

    Pei Qianyue was not around.

    Just now, everyone stepped into the tower together, and when they reached this wood, Pei Qianyue saw a trace.

    Fengci closed his eyes and wanted to release his induction force to investigate, but he didn't.

    The spiritual power is gone.

    Feng Ci lowered his head to his hands and frowned slightly.

    The secret realm has its own unique set of "rules" since its inception. No matter how high your cultivation base is, as long as you step in, you will be limited by the "rules" in it.

    Dispersing people who have entered the secret realm together, limiting spiritual power, and facing danger alone are common methods in the secret realm.

    Feng Ci subconsciously glanced at his right hand.

    Pei Qianyue made a mistake this time, guessing that the secret realm would open them, and gave Feng Ci a contact thing.

    The magic weapon has not been activated, and there is nothing above Feng Ci's right hand, and he can even see it.

    This instrument is limited by region and spiritual power. With a light touch, this red-rope instrument will be connected to Pei Qianyue, and no matter how far apart, they can perceive it.

    Even in the secret realm is affected.

    "Sima Zhao's heart, Xiao Hei..." Feng Ci sighed meaningfully, put down his hand, and planned to contact Pei Qianyue soon.

    Suddenly there was wind in the ears.

    Feng Ci turned sideways lightly, a long knife fell from the sky, fell close to him, and smashed into the snow with a bang.

    The man is nine feet long, tall and strong, wearing a shabby dark yellow monk's robe, with scars on the top of his head and bright red color.

    He raised his head, and "exposed" a ferocious blurred face.

    Feng Ci: "...'Fuck'."

    His face was gray and white, and his facial features seemed to be covered with a layer of white gauze, it was real. There are no pupils in the eyes, and a pair of empty eyes stares straight at Feng Ci.

    Feng Ci was taken aback by this face at such a close distance, and was really startled. But he didn't even give time to react, and pulled out the big knife.


    The silence in the forest was broken, and the vague-faced monk attacked Feng Ci again, attacking quickly and arrogantly. Feng Ci now has no spiritual power, and was "forced" to retreat step by step.

    "Master, this disciple has no intention of intruding, are you angry with this?" Feng Ci retreated while trying to talk to this ghostly monk, "Why don't we sit down and talk? For example, where is this place and what should I do? Going out? Also, did you see a little snake I lost when I entered, it's very pretty, but it's just too good-natured."

    The broadsword swept across, Feng Ci ducked sideways, and the blade sank deep into the tree trunk behind him.

    Feng Ci: "Why are you so irritable as a Buddhist disciple?"

    The monk drew out his big sword and slashed at Fengci again.

    "I don't seem to be conscious." Feng Ci shook his head, "Offended."

    But Feng Ci was named a saint by the cultivation world back then, so he would naturally only rely on his spiritual power cultivation base, and he would never lose to anyone in terms of martial arts and movement skills. The sound of this sentence fell, and he easily dodged a blow. Before the opponent could hold back his strength, he raised his hand and grabbed the monk's neck.

    Feng Ci gave a low drink, squeezed the monk's hand a little harder, and slammed the man to the ground.


    The ground trembled violently, and the snow on the treetops was shaken down and sprinkled on Feng Ci.

    click one.

    Feng Ci snapped the monk's neck neatly.

    Silence returned to the woods.

    Feng Ci got up and clapped his hands: "I recognize where this is, thank you."

    Fir forest, snow, and misty mountains in Mingling.

    And it is Lingwu Mountain three thousand years later.

    A long time ago, the divine consciousness returned and possessed the disciple named Lu Jingming. The first thing he saw when he woke up was this forest.

    It's just that it was too late at that time, and it was daytime in this secret realm, because didn't recognize it immediately.

    Feng Ci raised his eyes and looked into the distance, his vision was blocked by layers of fir trees, only to see the gray sky, and even the time could be discerned.

    Xu secret realm will be changed and presented in the same place according to the change of people's hearts. Knowing where this is is doesn't help much.

    So where should the exit of this secret realm be?

    Feng Ci was thinking about it, but he didn't notice that the monk at his feet moved his fingers slightly.

    The long sword that the monk had just used fell on his hand, his right hand was slowly raised, and his eyes could reach the handle of the sword.

    At this moment, a black figure flashed by.

    The hilt of the knife was picked up by a pair of slender hands, and the backhand chopped it down, cutting off the monk's head.

    This all happened too fast, Feng Ci turned his head and saw the monk whose head was beheaded, his right hand still raised in the air, but his figure gradually became blurred, and finally turned into flying sand and dissipated in the snow.

    "Monsters in this secret realm have the power to regenerate, and they must be decapitated before they can be completely killed." Pei Qianyue threw the long knife in his hand, the long knife fell to the ground, and it also dissipated as flying sand. Then, Chao Fengci smiled: "Sorry master, I'm late."

    "This pagoda is called the Infinity Pagoda. There are six reincarnations in the Buddhist family. The bottom of the hell is also called the Infinity Hell." Pei Qianyue walked among the cedar forests with Feng Ci, explaining to him, "It is inevitable that some Buddhist disciples can do it. When the six senses were purified, Master Huikong built this pagoda and the secret realm, extracted the disciples’ evil thoughts and distracting thoughts, and locked them at the bottom of the pagoda.”

    "Over time, this tower has become a gathering place for evil thoughts, and it is dangerous."

    When Pei Qianyue said this, his voice was gentle and slow. Feng Ci followed behind, holding back his eyes.

    Seemingly noticing the sight, Pei Qianyue asked warmly, "Does the master have something to say to me?"

    "..." Feng Ci retracted his gaze, "It's okay."

    After thinking about it, he asked again, "So how should we get out?"

    Feng Cihu asked nonsense, but Pei Qianyue was still patient: "Look for the eye."

    "This secret realm is built on the master's mind, and the eye of the formation should be the most important place in your heart."

    After walking in this wood for a long time, some snow fell on Feng Ci's head. Pei Qianyue raised his hand and gently brushed the fine snow from his temples, gently: "The cave where you retreated back then."

    Wind Ci: "..."

    Feng Ci's expression was a little weird, but he didn't say anything, just took a half step back silently, and replied in the same polite tone: "Okay, take me there."

    Three thousand years of vicissitudes, the grass and trees of this Lingwu Mountain have long been the same as those of the past. Putting the words of the total loss of spiritual power here, it is really easy to find the cave of that year.

    Pei Qianyue nodded, and led Fengci to move forward.

    Along the way, there are still monsters attacking with few people and ghosts, most of them are monks, and a small number are some monsters and monsters. No matter what it is, if you enter this Infinity Tower, you will lose all your spiritual power and only fight with force.

    With Pei Qianyue present, Feng Ci was happy and leisurely, and generously handed over all the monsters to the other party to deal with.

    The more you go to the center of the secret realm, the more frequent the monsters appear. What makes Feng Ci a little interesting is that Pei Qianyue's movement is unexpectedly good. Pei Qianyue has been practicing with the secret manuals left behind for the past three thousand years. In terms of body skills, Feng Ci is naturally the set of orthodox swordsmanship that he is best at.

    But Pei Qianyue's movement was more treacherous and unpredictable than Feng Ci.

    It took a while for Feng Ci to understand that it was a collection of the best of a hundred schools of thought.

    Before Pei Qianyue rarely showed the movement, because Fengci also did not inquire where this movement came from. After seeing each other for a while, the most curious question turned out to be, who will be better in a fight with Pei Qianyue?

    People are more cultivated, and Pei Qianyue is definitely better than the upper hand, but in a purely physical contest, who wins and who loses is really certain.

    After all, Pei Qianyue is a disciple of the immortal sect. First, he is the most diligent disciple in the sect. He gets up early every day to practice swordsmanship, and rests every day.

    And the words of the wind... They haven't drawn a sword for three thousand years.

    Feng Ci thought for a while, and in the distance, four or five monks had surrounded Pei Qianyue.

    "Can I help?" Feng Ci asked.

    Pei Qianyue was the same and carried a weapon with him. He held a long knife in his hand that he knew where to get it, and he slashed the head of a monk neatly.

    Only when he turned his head, his voice was gentle: "Yes, it's good for the master to rest on the side."

    Feng Ci had never heard Pei Qianyue use this line and talk, and immediately got goosebumps.

    He smiled helplessly, and suddenly felt a gust of wind approaching him.

    Even if there is no spiritual power now, Nian Xiwu keeps his intuition sharp, Feng Ciben falls backwards, and his slender waist bends into a beautiful arc.

    Then, heard the sound of a sharp blade cutting through the void, sliding close to eyes.

    Feng Ci stood up straight, his eyebrows lowered slightly, and he sensed something was right.

    Pei Qianyue was still dealing with the monster in the distance, and there was nothing in the small forest where Feng Ci was standing alone.

    The sharp blade that saw soon became heavy, and the wind word sensed who it was, and dodged only by feeling.

    one move.

    Two strokes.

    Three strokes.

    Feng Ci was half-kneeling on the ground, and a slender wound was cut on the side of his face.

    "Master!" Pei Qianyue's voice transmission, quickly walked to Feng Ci, "What's wrong with you?"


    Feng Ci still had a smile on the corner of his mouth. As soon as he finished speaking, his left arm was cold again. The disciple's uniform suddenly burst open, and blood seeped out from it.

    Pei Qianyue: "In the end—"

    "Pei Qianyue." Feng Ci interrupted. Looking down at the injury on his hand, calmly, "I was suddenly thinking of a question just now."

    Pei Qianyue: "What?"

    Feng Ci raised his eyes and smiled lightly: "I was thinking... 'You' entered this secret realm, did you encounter the same thing as me?"

    There was no light in the depths of the cave, and the sound of messy footsteps and sword collisions echoed in the cave.

    Pei Qianyue swung his sword away, piercing the opponent's shirt, and a faint smell of blood permeated the cave.

    "You actually hurt me?" The young man in front of him held a sword in his hand, clutching his bleeding right arm, his eyes full of grievances, "Xiao Hei, how did you hurt me?"

    "Shut up." Pei Qianyue's voice was cold, and the long sword in his hand was raised, pointing directly at the opponent's throat, "You are also worthy of the appearance of learning."

    The boy's expression changed slightly.

    But in just a moment, it has returned to normal, and there is even a smile on his face. Those smart eyes were tactful, revealing a hint of seductiveness: "Am I better, Xiao Hei?"

    "Wind Ci" faced the long sword and took a half step forward, letting the sword's edge pierce the throat.

    Raising his hand, his fingertips slid down the edge of the sword, holding the back of Pei Qianyue's sword-holding hand: "Do you miss me, Xiao Hei?"

    Pei Qianyue's Adam's apple rolled.

    The hand held by "Feng Ci", the fingertips rubbed little by little on the back of the hand: "What if you recognize it, what if it is true or false? In this secret realm, I am the real Feng Ci, stay with me. Is it good to be here?"

    Pei Qianyue replied.

    The young man only felt the shadow flicker in front of his eyes, and the next second, the cold sword edge pressed against his neck.

    Behind him, Pei Qianyue's breath covered him.

    "Flesh, spiritual, you also have one, and you also want to "fascinate" and "confuse" me." Pei Qianyue sneered and mocked, "What kind of thing are you?"

    Just as he was raising his sword to end the young man, the ring finger of his right hand suddenly became hot.

    A clear voice entered his mind: "You really killed this man, but you will never see me again."

    In the woods, Feng Ci was leaning against the tree trunk, 'touching' nothing in the clear sky, but clearly felt the neck of an icy sword, helplessly smiled, and said, "Be merciful, Lord City Lord."

    This secret realm is not as simple as Feng Ci originally imagined. It resigned Pei Qianyue and Feng from two spaces, and did not duplicate the exact same person in these two spaces. The duplicator and the deity have a synaesthesia, and the damage received by the replicant will be instantly shifted to the deity.

    After Feng Ci said this, he felt the sword edge against his neck loosen, and Pei Qianyue's voice sounded in his mind: "Master injured?"

    Low and cold, but a little anxious to hear.

    It's the normal Pei Qianyue.

    Feng Ci glanced at another "Pei Qianyue" who was squatting aside and bandaging.

    As soon as this person appeared, it felt right.

    Pei Qianyue would never use that tone and speech, and Pei Qianyue, who spoke in such a gentle manner and behaved restrained and polite, was taken away and a counterfeit.

    "Pei Qianyue" also knew Feng Ci's thoughts, wrapped his arms for Feng Ci, raised his head and asked gently, "Does the master still hurt?"

    Feng Cichao smiled: "It hurts, thank you."

    This gentle and well-behaved little black snake is too rare, so Feng Ci did not wear the first time stamp, but continued to follow.

    I just didn't expect that Pei Qianyue also encountered the same situation, exposed the false rumors, and almost killed people.

    Fortunately, Pei Qianyue gave the contact thing, otherwise the grand patriarch Qianqiu would have died today.

    Dead baby pets.

    "It's alright, Xiao Hu." Feng Ci asked through voice transmission, "Where are you now?"

    Pei Qianyue: "The cave."

    Feng Ci: "Is it the cave where I retreat?"

    Pei Qianyue: "Yes."

    Feng Ci has no idea of ​​breaking the game yet, so he said, "I'm going there, let's go over there first."

    Pei Qianyue didn't answer.

    Feng Ci also said, got up and continued to set off with the fake little black snake beside him.

    This secret realm is probably a mirror space, and the copied little black snake is simple and easy to deceive, and has no doubts at all, and even intimately supports Feng Ci to move forward.

    Feng Ci's right hand was hidden in his sleeve, and the root of his ring finger flashed from time to time.

    Pei Qianyue: "Is the master seriously injured?"

    Feng Ci: "I said a little injury, which is in the way."

    Pei Qianyue: "How did the master discover the key in this secret realm?"

    "Your movement." Feng Ci, "The copy of you by my side used the same trick just now to defend against the enemy."

    It's exactly the same trick when Feng Ci was attacked.

    Pei Qianyue: "Yuanru, thank you master for finding out."

    It's almost a bit out of place.

    Fengci frowned, feeling vaguely right: "What's wrong with you?"

    Pei Qianyue's voice was quicker than before, and he heard a little "chaos" from time to time.

    The other party paused for a while before answering: "...It's okay."

    Feng Ci tilted his head to the fake Pei Qianyue beside him.

    This person was not injured, which proves that Pei Qianyue's deity was not injured, so why...

    His gaze moved up, and it landed on the black silk that Pei Qianyue covered in front of him.

    The footsteps were abrupt.

    Everyone in this secret realm has no spiritual power, and so does Pei Qianyue.

    Therefore, it cannot be seen with spiritual power.

    See you even.

    Now I'm just waiting alone in that empty cave, falling into darkness alone.

    The person beside him tilted his head and asked, but Feng Ci ignored it.

    Gently stroked the faint red mark on the ring finger, and whispered in his head, "Pei Qianyue."

    The other party should be quick: "Huh?"

    "Don't worry." Feng Ci lowered his eyes, Wen, "I'm here."


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