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    The shocking sight of the crimson color made Rong Xun's heart race.

    Recalling what Shen had done, a surge of anger rose within him, only to be extinguished swiftly by a sense of anxious panic.

    Rong Shu hurried through the Moon Cave Gate and grabbed Rong Xun's arm, asking, "Father, how is Mother?"

    Seeing his eldest daughter with reddened eyes, holding back her tears, Rong Xun felt a lump in his throat.

    "Your mother suddenly started bleeding two hours ago. The physician is currently administering acupuncture. As long as the bleeding stops, her life will be saved."

    Rong Shu's voice faltered, "But what if it doesn't stop?"

    Rong Xun didn't answer, only gazing silently at the door of the sleeping chamber.

    He dared not contemplate the answer to Rong Shu's question.

    When his father had initially arranged his marriage to Shen, he was very reluctant.

    Unlike his two elder brothers who enjoyed military life, Rong Xun had always been fond of reading. He had envisioned a wife who would share his love for poetry and painting, a refined lady who would add fragrance to his scholarly pursuits.

    Miss Shen was born into a merchant family, and in Rong Xun's eyes, she was a woman tainted with the stench of money.

    However, after their marriage, she turned out to be different from his preconceived notion of a merchant's daughter.

    Though not educated in the classics like a lady from an esteemed family, she had been pampered with fine food and gold. Apart from her fiery temper, she didn't possess the coarseness he expected.

    Father said that Elder Brother was a natural-born military leader, favored by the Emperor. With him, the Rong family would sooner or later secure a position in the capital. But that wasn't enough; the Rong family lacked a solid foundation, and this foundation required vast wealth to build.

    Thus, Father accepted the marriage proposal from the Shen family and arranged for Rong Xun to marry Miss Shen.

    Rong Xun remembered the first year of their marriage. Although they often quarreled over trivial matters, their life together was generally harmonious.

    She had traveled extensively with her father and brothers since childhood, and knew more about the world's wonders than he did.

    When she spoke of the outside world, her eyes shimmered like stars in a cold night sky.

    Rong Xun enjoyed listening to her tales of the past and watching her animated expressions.

    But after he brought Pei Yun into the household, Miss Shen refused to let him enter the Qingheng Courtyard. He, too, had a temper. Since she forbade him entry, he decided not to enter.

    Never had he imagined that the Qingheng Courtyard would one day lose its lady.

    In his memories, Madam Shen was always vibrant, like a crimson red kapok flower, blooming brilliantly even without its branches and leaves.

    Rong Xun couldn't associate the person lying inside, on the verge of death, with Madam Shen.

    How could she die?

    How could she?


    A sobbing voice of Ama Zhou echoed from within the room.

    Both father and daughter were startled. Rong Shu, disregarding everything else, lifted her skirt and rushed into the chamber.

    Madam Shen lay with her eyes closed, bleeding profusely from beneath.

    Ama Zhou wiped away the flowing blood, weeping loudly, "Madam, Miss has come. You must hold on."

    The midwife attending to Madam Shen was a seasoned one from the Rong family, who, despite being in her advanced years, possessed vast experience. Looking at Madam Shen's ashen face, she trembled with fear and said, "Madam... I'm afraid the situation is dire."

    Rong Xun, who was about to enter the room, paused at the sound of her words.

    Unlike his two elder brothers, Rong Xun was handsome and carried himself with the refinement of an erudite scholar. However, at that moment, his scholarly elegance vanished as if something that had been supporting him had suddenly disappeared.

    Rong Shu glanced at the dispirited Madam Shen and grabbed hold of Rong Xun's sleeve, declaring decisively, "Mother holds the title of a Fourth Rank Lady, Father must rush to the palace to summon the Imperial physicians!"

    Only then did Rong Xun snap out of his daze and rush out of the Qingheng Courtyard, stumbling along the way.

    In his haste, he collided with a maid upon exiting. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was Yingyue.

    "Lord, this is Doctor Sun from the Imperial Medicine Court! He has come especially to attend to Madam!"

    Rong Xun didn't recognize Doctor Sun Daoping. Hearing that he was a physician, and seeing how young he looked, Rong Xun harbored some doubts about his abilities.

    But Doctor Sun was not concerned with Rong Xun's thoughts. Focused on saving a life, he simply gave a casual bow and, carrying his medicine chest, hurried inside.

    Rong Xun reached out to intervene, but before he could, a jovial voice interrupted, "Lord Hou, rest assured. Doctor Sun is the grandson of Court Attendant Sun. It was he who cured my lord's injury back then."

    Rong Xun followed the sound, and his gaze fell upon a stranger, one whose countenance was unfamiliar to him. The attire adorning this person was plain and unassuming, immediately betraying that they were not a servant within the ranks of the Marquisate.

    The man bowed respectfully and said, "I am Chang Ji, Lord Gu's personal attendant. My master, upon learning of Lady Hou's critical illness, has specifically sent me to summon Doctor Sun."

    Lord Gu, Gu Changjin, whose son-in-law held a position in the Ministry of Punishments.

    Rong Xun was now vaguely recalling that when Gu Changjin had fainted in the Throne Room, the Emperor had dispatched a Senior Physician to accompany him back to his residence. He had heard his colleagues mention this before, saying that the physician came from the Sun family and was the cherished grandson of the Grand Medical Director of the Imperial Medicine Court, known for his remarkable medical skills.

    Rong Xun felt a slight ease in his heart, yet he remained concerned, for the child was still so very young.

    "Yunzhi is thoughtful indeed," spoke he, "yet the Imperial Physician-in-Chief, being still young in years, I shall personally pay a visit to the Imperial Medicine Court." Thus saying, he hastened away.

    Chang Ji watched him depart with a bowed back, a cold harrumph escaping his heart.

    One who had previously shown such indifference towards his wife, why put on this display of heartfelt anxiety now that her life hangs by a thread? For whom is this performance intended?

    Chang Ji glanced at the courtyard, where Yingyue had already led Sun Daoping inside.

    Back in Wutong Lane, the moment Rong Shu left, Chang Ji hastened to the Ministry of Punishment to report the matter to his master.

    His master judged that it might be too late to summon a court physician at this point. After a moment's deliberation, he instructed Chang Ji to go straight to the Sun residence and bring Sun Daoping with him.

    Sun Daoping had been tirelessly attending to Gu Changjin day and night at the Gu household, which had deeply distressed his grandmaster, the eunuch in charge of his residence. As a result, he was granted a month's leave.

    That was what allowed Chang Ji to seize the opportunity to locate Sun Daoping without hindrance.

    Let's hope it isn't too late, Chang Ji thought to himself.


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