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    The man's voice abruptly ceased.

    Chang Ji, who had been listening attentively, instinctively asked, "To where?"

    Gu Changjin's gaze softened as he paused for a moment before continuing, "To Qiushan Courtyard. Send her to Qiushan Courtyard."

    It was four days later when Rong Shu learned from Liu Ping that Heng Ping had disembarked.

    "Did you find out why he left the ship?" she raised an eyebrow.

    "I didn't inquire," Liu Ping replied. "Shall I investigate for you, Miss?"

    Rong Shu quickly declined, "Heng Ping must have followed Lord Gu's instructions. He likely had a mission to carry out, so there's no need for us to pry into these matters."

    As she spoke, she opened the wooden window. Outside, the sun was setting, casting a golden glow across the river, shimmering and dazzling the eyes.

    "Tomorrow will probably be another beautiful day."

    On a clear day, the boat could travel much faster on the river. These past few days had been blessed with good weather, and each day had been glorious.

    Unfortunately, such pleasant weather only lasted for a few days before turning sour.

    On the night of the twenty-ninth of September, a sudden gust of wind stirred up the river, waves rolling with frost-like salt. In no time, a shower of autumn rain pattered down, creating a veil of mist on the water's surface.

    Rong Shu, clutching her moon-shaped pillow, was still sound asleep in her dreams.

    With a sudden boom, the ship jolted violently, followed by a series of increasingly heavy collisions.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The passenger boat was rammed by several cargo vessels, careening abruptly towards the steep cliffs on one side.

    Rong Shu awoke with a start amidst the growing intensity of the impacts. She hastily slipped into her outer robe and stepped off the bed. As soon as her feet touched the ground, the violently swaying ship tilted, sending her tumbling out.

    Amidst the chaos, a hand with distinct joints firmly grasped her wrist, pulling her into an embrace.

    "Breathe in quickly," came Gu Changjin's voice.

    Just as Rong Shu took a breath, before she could comprehend what was happening, Gu Changjin dragged her underwater. Cold river water surged from all directions, giving her a violent shiver.

    Amidst the misty rain, three cargo ships collided with a passenger vessel on the river, sending over a hundred oil barrels tumbling and spilling pine tar that spread from the ship's hull to the water's surface.

    The fire ignited from the middle cargo ship, swiftly engulfing the remaining vessels within moments. Even the passenger boat, rammed against the cliffside, was not spared.

    Flames raged fiercely, sparks soaring into the air amidst splashing waves.

    After a series of thunderous explosions, Rong Shu sensed a violent blast of air surging from nearby. The man behind her seemed to groan softly, his grip on her waist loosening marginally.

    Yet, he never let go, persistently swimming towards the shore with her in tow.

    Rong Shu was unaware of how long they had been swimming. Her body grew colder and heavier, but she knew she couldn't stop or burden Gu Changjin.

    As they neared the silhouette of the dark shoreline, Gu Changjin's pace gradually slowed down.

    Suddenly, the man released his hold, using both hands to brace her lower back and thrust her forward with great force.

    Rong Shu quickly turned to look at him.

    The flames illuminated the water behind him, revealing thin tendrils of blood fog spreading within.

    Gu Changjin's lips moved to utter a sound, attempting to tell her, "Swim on, don't look back."

    In that fleeting moment, his vision darkened, and all his strength seemed to be drained from his body. He began to sink slowly, the last image in his mind being her illuminated eyes in the glow of the fire.

    In his daze, he recalled the massive fire on Floating Jade Mountain that had once cast such a light upon his parents' faces as well.

    They cursed him amidst the flames, yet their eyes conveyed a different message: Live on, Suiguan, live well, don't look, don't turn back.

    Once, Gu Changjin couldn't comprehend why they would leave him alone in this world.

    But in that instant before his eyes closed, he felt he understood his parents' feelings back then.

    Rong Zhaozhao, live on.

    Living is enough, there's no need to look back.

    In the darkness, he heard the voice of a young child echo in his ear.

    "Suiguan, do you think we'll die?"

    Blazing light poured in through wooden lattice windows on the wall.

    In the flickering shadows, two boys of similar age lay on a wooden bed in a cottage.

    The boy who had just spoken was delicate and refined. He turned his head slightly to look at the other boy beside him and asked, "Sui Guan, do you think we'll die?"

    "No. Father said that many people have survived this plague." The boy named Sui Guan smiled faintly, his pale and refined face displaying an unusual resilience beyond his years. "Father and Uncle Ni have already set off to find a cure for the plague. Ni Yan, you must trust my father and your father. They will surely find the medicine, and we will survive."

    Seemingly inspired by the determination and optimism in his voice, the frail boy also smiled weakly and murmured, "Yes," gripping tightly onto the jade pendant hidden in his clothes. "We will survive."

    "We will survive."

    Gu Changjin suddenly opened his eyes. His body was still sinking, but a gentle hand persistently held onto him.

    The girl's long, black hair spread out in the water, her small face, the size of a palm, showing determination as she gritted her teeth and pulled him upward with great strength.

    Gu Changjin blinked slowly, kicked his feet, and swam towards her, firmly grasping her hand.

    With a splash, the two emerged above the surface, greedily inhaling great gulps of air.

    Rong Shu gazed at his retreating figure, her voice trembling slightly, "Gu Changjin ——"

    "I'm fine," Gu Changjin pulled her towards the shore, saying, "Quick, get out of the water. Those pine oil cargo ships deliberately collided with us; someone will be searching for us soon."

    Blood kept flowing from his injuries.

    Looking at his face as pale as gold paper, Rong Shu felt a lump in her throat.

    Afraid that he would push her away again like before, she disregarded the propriety between men and women, tightly gripping his hand and saying firmly, "Gu Changjin, we'll walk this path together from now on. Until the rescue arrives, neither of us is allowed to leave the other behind."


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