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    "Is it regarding Governor Liao's situation?"

    Gu Changjin nodded.

    Rong Shu lowered her gaze in contemplation for a moment before nodding after a while. "I'll go with you, Your Excellency."

    At the Spring Moon Building.

    It was still that dimly lit and narrow corridor, still emitting the unpleasant scent of decaying wood.

    Two sets of footsteps, one light and one heavy, echoed through the darkness. Upon reaching the second floor, the old wooden door creaked open, and a flood of light from the hallway illuminated their vision.

    Rong Shu squinted and said, "Your Excellency, please find Aunt Guo first. I'll look for Sister Lu Yi."

    The Spring Moon Building had been closed for a month. Guo Jiuniang was currently energetically directing her staff to hang lanterns and burn incense in preparation for reopening the establishment the next day.

    Spotting Gu Changjin out of the corner of her eye, she widened her beautiful eyes in surprise. "Why is Magistrate Gu here?"

    After entering the room and hearing Gu Changjin's purpose, the seasoned madam who had dominated the pleasure district for over a decade immediately refused. "No, the Spring Moon Building cannot be involved in Liao Rao's affairs. Your Excellency should seek help elsewhere."

    As she finished her sentence, the curtains of the door fluttered suddenly.

    Lv Yi held a banana leaf fan embroidered with a phoenix perched on a branch, and strolled in gracefully. Addressing Guo Jiuniang, she said, "Mother, I wish to meet Governor Liao today."

    Following behind Lv Yi with a bright smile, Rong Shu said, "Aunt Guo, don't worry. I'll accompany Sister Lv Yi and ensure her safety."

    Guo Jiuniang glared at the determined Lv Yi and then at the smiling Rong Shu. Her teeth gritted, she exclaimed, "Hurry up! Hurry up! If you don't leave now, I'll chase you out myself!"

    Pausing for a moment, she sternly added, "Both of you must return swiftly!"

    Chapter 61

    Rong Shu had long anticipated that Guo Jiuniang would not consent to letting Lv Yi go with Gu Changjin.

    It wasn't because Lv Yi was the top courtesan at the Spring Moon Building, but rather because Guo Jiuniang wouldn't involve the brothel in political conflicts. Doing so might offend the powerful and jeopardize their business.

    However, Guo Jiuniang was unaware that this very Gu Changjin would become the Crown Prince in two years. Although Gu Changjin wasn't someone who would abuse his power for personal gain, any assistance he could provide at this time would be beneficial.

    Despite being the madam of the Spring Moon Building, Guo Jiuniang never manipulated the will of her girls. If Lv Yi wished to go, Guo Jiuniang wouldn't stop her.

    Thus, Rong Shu and Gu Changjin split their paths, with one going to visit Guo Jiuniang and the other heading for Lv Yi.

    To Rong Shu's surprise, when she mentioned Liao Rao, Lv Yi merely paused for a moment before agreeing without any hesitation.

    Liao Rao was currently within the Governor's residence.

    In the carriage, Lv Yi slowly waved her banana-leaf fan and asked, "Can Lord Gu tell this servant why it is necessary for me to make this trip? Does His Excellency truly believe the rumors outside that Governor Liao is deeply infatuated with me?"

    At the end of her question, she smiled, a hint of mockery glinting in her alluring eyes.

    Gu Changjin replied, "Miss Lv Yi possesses a voice strikingly similar to that of Lady Liao."

    Lv Yi's hand froze in mid-air, her gaze fixing on Gu Changjin, utterly stunned by his words.

    Scenes of her interactions with Liao Rao flashed through her mind.

    In front of her, he never put on airs as the Governor. Instead, he enjoyed provoking her and listening to her scold him.

    Only when she was exasperated would she call him by his name, berating him as "a good-for-nothing."

    Upon hearing this, he not only didn't get angry, but encouraged her to vent, even smiling as he asked, "Are you still angry? Will you stop now?"

    When he spoke those words, his eyes brimmed with tenderness, easily drawing others into his gaze.

    Lv Yi lowered her eyelashes and gave a sudden smile.

    No wonder he had never touched her. It turned out that he only liked the sound of her voice, wanting to hear through it the words he desired.

    Her reputation as the number one courtesan of Wujiatou wasn't established without his help. Yet, because of him, other high-ranking officials and nobles didn't dare to have designs on her.

    Lv Yi sighed softly and murmured, "Seems like this servant's voice is truly a blessing. So, what does Magistrate Gu want me to do?"

    The carriage arrived at the Governor's residence. Liu Yuan was already at the Weeping Flower Door, acknowledging Gu Changjin's party with a slight nod before leading Lv Yi into the central courtyard.

    Lv Yi changed into a simple outfit and followed a maid with delicate features into the main house.

    Rong Shu surveyed the surroundings. This should be the main courtyard of the Governor's residence, surrounded by fragrant camphor trees. In the quiet autumn night, the air was filled with their sweet aroma.

    Under the swaying tree shadows, two bamboo chairs were placed side by side, seemingly untouched for quite some time, now covered in a thin layer of dust.

    Gu Changjin brushed away the dust on the bamboo chair with his sleeve, placing two chairs at arm's length apart. He said to Rong Shu, "Sit and wait. It will take some time for the medicine to take effect."

    Rong Shu lifted her skirt and sat on one of the bamboo chairs, lifting her gaze to look at Gu Changjin. "Will that medicine really work?"

    When Gu Changjin had left the Spring Moon Building earlier, he had specifically asked for a packet of powder from Guo Jiuniang.

    At that time, Guo Jiuniang had seemed rather peculiar.

    Gu Changjin nodded and explained, "When you mix Wolf's Bane with Spring Breeze Powder and consume it, it can alleviate pain while also inducing hallucinations. Whatever you yearn to see the most will appear before your eyes."

    Rong Shu raised an eyebrow. "Can you truly see what you desire the most?"

    "Indeed," Gu Changjin replied. He didn't sit down on the other bamboo chair but leaned slightly against the tree trunk, gazing at her with lowered eyes. "I've taken this medicine before, and I did see the person I wanted to see the most at that time."

    There was a pause in the man's voice before he continued, "It was my family on Floating Jade Mountain."

    This recipe had been personally developed by the old court physician.

    A great fire in Floating Jade Mountain had destroyed everything he once possessed, and he fell gravely ill. On his deathbed, the old court physician gave him this medicine so he could bid farewell to his father and mother.

    "They want you to live well," the wise and aged court physician's eyes were filled with affection. "After His Highness bids them farewell, you must forget the past and live on."

    Indeed, Gu Changjin did survive.

    But he never forgot the past, always keeping the memories of Floating Jade Mountain alive in his heart.


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