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    As Lu Shiyi turned around, his gaze fell upon the wooden door, and he slowly set down the cup in his hand.

    The man's fingers holding the cup were slightly reddened.

    This was due to the tea scalding them when his heart had been unsettled upon hearing the young lady's voice earlier.

    Only upon entering the courtyard did Rong Shu realize there was a guest.

    Looking up, she saw the morning glow glistening like gold, and the dawn hues resembling flames. A few rough chairs were hidden under the dense shade of a corner pine and cypress tree.

    An old copper kettle bubbled gently, steam rising softly, while the young scholar, not dressed in official attire, wore a black robe adorned with an jade crown, sitting calmly beneath the tree.

    Rong Shu's fingers holding her skirt relaxed, and her snowy white Flowing Immortal dress descended gracefully.

    She had styled her hair into a Fairy Gazing bun today, with only a single white jade peony hairpin adorning her raven-black tresses. Her appearance was simple, elegant, and reminiscent of a celestial maiden descending from the nine heavens bathed in the morning light.

    Gu Changjin's throat constricted slightly. He paused for a moment before addressing her with a steady tone, "Miss Rong."

    After a momentary surprise, Rong Shu responded respectfully, "Lord Gu."

    Lu Shiyi pulled over a wooden chair from the side and said to Rong Shu, "Have some tea first. Lord Gu's visit to me today is actually related to you."

    After Rong Shu sat down, Lu Shiyi began to brew tea with a copper kettle, pouring a cup for her.

    "Be careful, it might be hot. Why did you come looking for Uncle Shiyi so early in the morning?"

    Rong Shu glanced at Gu Changjin and, after a moment of contemplation, replied, "I came to ask Uncle Shiyi to help me acquire some Foreign Goldflowers, and while you're at it, could you also get a packet of Spring Breeze Powder from Auntie Guo at the Spring Moon Building?"

    Upon hearing this, the young man nearby furrowed his brow and fixed his gaze on her intently.

    What medicine could "Spring Breeze Disperses" be that Lu Shiyi would not know?

    For a moment, his eyes widened like bronze bells, perplexed as to why this young lady would want such a medicine.

    Rong Shu, fearing he might misunderstand, added, "When used in conjunction with Spring Breeze Powder, Wolf's Bane can relax the mind and induce hallucinations. This is a drug that Lord Gu employed previously."

    Gu Changjin nodded and said, "Indeed, it has such effects. As long as the dosage is appropriate, it won't harm the body."

    Lu Shiyi pondered for a moment before frowning and asking, "Is this for Mother Zhang?"

    Rong Shu nodded obediently.

    Lu Shiyi knew that Rong Shu, like Shen Yizhen, was independent-minded and didn't pry further. After considering for a moment, he said, "Alright, I'll take care of it. You've come at the perfect time. Lord Gu will be leaving Yangzhou after noon, so you can bid him farewell personally, and there's no need for me to convey your message."

    Rong Shu was rather surprised.

    It wasn't even September yet, and he was already planning to leave Yangzhou? In her previous life, he didn't set off for the capital until late October and arrived in December.

    After a moment's thought, she asked, "Has Lord Gu found some evidence?"

    Gu Changjin smiled and replied, "Yes."

    Rong Shu was genuinely curious about how this evidence was connected to Liao Rao's final words. However, these matters were classified, and despite her curiosity, she refrained from asking.

    She offered her congratulations and sipped her tea silently.

    Little did she know that Gu Changjin had already seen through her thoughts. Just as she swallowed her tea, he continued, "When the Second Prince recruited Liao Rao, he sent him an jade tablet. Over the years, Liao Rao received numerous bribes in Jiangzhe and embezzled a great deal of silver, most of which he sent to the capital. He kept a ledger with a detailed record of every transaction, and those evidences were hidden in a small Buddhist shrine within the Liao residence."

    Gu Changjin paused here, "Madam Liao moved to that small shrine five years ago, and it was in the temple hall of Daci'en Temple where Liao Rao first met his wife."

    In other words, the thing Lady Liao had been searching for was right under her nose, delivered by Liao Rao himself.

    Indeed, Lady Liao understood Liao Rao. With just a few words, she guessed where he had hidden the item.

    Rong Shu sighed softly. "They... truly were unfortunate."

    Despite their deep affection for each other, if Qi Family hadn't recruited Liao Rao, or if the former Minister hadn't recommended him to Jiangzhe, and even if Emperor Jiaoyu's health had been better, they might have been able to stay together.

    Gu Changjin looked at her. "It is indeed a great pity."

    Pausing, he added, "Aside from bidding farewell, I came to see Road Chief today because there's one more matter."

    "I know you're investigating your uncle. Shiiun is the person I trust most. From now on, Shiiun and his team are at your disposal. Whenever you need assistance, find him at No. 18 Binning Street."

    The leaves rustled above them, and the sun climbed higher in the tree branches. Even the autumn breeze that brushed past them seemed to carry a touch of warmth within the soft morning light.

    Rong Shu clenched the teacup in her hand. Her clear eyes held surprise as well as a hint of bewilderment.

    When someone entrusts you with their most capable aide, it is both a form of protection and an expression of trust.

    Rong Shu lowered her eyelashes, pausing for a long while before she softly said, "Thank you, Your Excellency."

    Chapter 63

    The official's ship was set to depart at noon, so Gu Changjin rose to bid farewell after just two cups of tea.

    For some reason, his expression didn't seem well. Compared to the day at Liao's residence, his injuries didn't appear to have improved.

    If not for his composed demeanor, Rong Shu would have almost believed that he had sustained new wounds.

    She accompanied him to the door, her gaze sweeping over his tranquil and refined features as she said, "I wish Your Excellency a safe journey back to the capital."

    For someone like him, safety truly was the greatest wish one could have.

    He was injured on the way here, injured during the investigation, and injured again in battle. Rong Shu had never seen anyone get hurt so frequently.

    It was only because he had trained in martial arts since childhood and had a solid foundation that he could endure so many injuries.

    Gu Changjin nodded, giving her a deep look before strolling towards the willow trees at the end of the alley, where a carriage with a green canopy was parked.

    The carriage wheels rolled gently, and the sound of hooves faded into the distance.

    Lu Shiyi closed the wooden door, casting a glance at Rong Shu. "This Lord Gu is truly remarkable."

    Rong Shu, well aware of the hidden meaning in Lu Shiyi's gaze, smiled and replied candidly, "Lord Gu has a heart as clear as the moon, dedicated to the country and its people. Of course, he is admirable."

    After sincerely praising him, she grinned and fell silent for a moment before continuing, "Uncle Shiyi, hurry to the Spring Moon Building. I have quite a bit on my plate today. When you return, please find me a locksmith or an expert in mechanisms, and accompany me to the Commander's Office." She urged Lu Shiyi repeatedly until he finally left.


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