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    Chapter 8 Cloud Sucks Wife

    On Christmas day, Lu Ying continued to be busy in the store. The number of girls around him in the mall has doubled, and some people seem to have come to see him on purpose? Lu Ying, who was so busy flying, was a little confused. Feeling a lot of blatant stares makes him fidgety.

    Until his colleague told him enviously, "Brother Lu, did you know that you were on the hot search yesterday?"

    "What's hot?" Lu Ying looked confused.

    "It was just yesterday that someone secretly photographed your photos and videos and posted them on the Internet, and then you became popular because of your beauty. Now many people know you, and most of these girls are coming for you. It's really profitable to look good. "

    "Which network, show me." Lu Ying hurriedly asked.

    The colleague dug out his mobile phone and quickly looked for it, and then helplessly spread his hands: "It's actually very strange, your news was suddenly deleted late last night, and today I can't even find the scumbag."

    "It's gone?"

    "Yes, it's a pity, otherwise you can definitely continue to fire."

    Instead, Lu Ying breathed a sigh of relief and was busy doing his work: "It's good if it's gone, I don't understand those things, and I don't want to attract unnecessary attention." Someone asked him just now if he was really married and whether his son was his own. What the hell are they, scary and irritating. He used to be fearless, but now he just wants to live peacefully with his son.

    The colleague immediately hated that iron was not steel, and knew that Lu Ying was not lying, but that Lu Ying really resisted. No matter how evil he looked, it would not change his ordinary core. This is the sincerity of being a good dad Man, God is rewarding you with food but you don't know how to grasp it! God knows that when they first met Lu Ying, they were shocked when they first met Lu Ying, and then they helped each other with their ideas. They all eagerly suggested Lu Ying to try it out. With his beauty, he would definitely be popular, even if he was lucky. No matter how bad it is, it is definitely better than doing errands in the supermarket. It is necessary to know how many parallel import broadcasters make money on a daily basis.

    As a result, it was useless for everyone to speak out, Lu Ying was not moved at all. It's a waste to blind a handsome face. No matter how bad it is, you, a poor single father, can take advantage of his face and find a rich and rich woman to take care of him.

    Tucao return to Tucao, colleagues still admire Lu Ying's character, the kind of diligent spirit of respect for work and love for work, really, can't be compared in a lifetime.

    Knowing that there was a reason for the incident, Lu Ying still sticks to her job and continues to endure the naked gazes of strangers, like a light on her back.

    There are still people posting beautiful photos and live videos about 'Christmas Brother' from time to time on the Internet. It's a pity that 'Christmas Brother' has not made waves all day. It becomes 'Sorry, the picture/video you posted has been deleted'.

    "What's the matter, the food for the little brother Christmas has been deleted?"

    "Hey, the video I just posted was complained! Everyone who wants to watch can secretly join the group."

    "In other words, the speed of the cleanup is too fast, I feel like being watched."

    "Didn't you say that the little brother Christmas is an ordinary dad who works in the supermarket and delivers food part-time? Is there someone behind him?"

    "Bullshit, he wants someone behind him to sell it in the supermarket?"

    "Hype! Absolutely hype!"

    "Hype up new tricks? I bet that little brother will definitely make his debut in a month, and lose the keyboard!"

    "I looked at the little brother (#^.^#) openly at the scene. The real person looks better than the photo, and he is so tall! I just saw the little brother is too hot and rolled up his sleeves, I want to blow the little brother Hands and arms! The fingers are really pretty, glowing white, and the muscles of the arms are very strong."

    "Don't be a nympho, you're not a celebrity or an internet celebrity, so don't harass people if you go to the scene on purpose!"

    "I despise the shameless person who exposed the information of my little brother!"

    "Hoohoho! I just bought chocolate, and the little brother talked to me! wdm, the little brother's voice is so good, low and soft, sexy and cute, I asked him if the chocolate is sweet? He said yes!" Mmmmmmm... 'Oh my God, my phantom limb is going to be Y!"

    "The upstairs is poisonous, is your surname dirty? ennnn..."


    The phone was pressed heavily on the table, and the owner of the phone pursed his lips tightly, but did not let out his anger. The secretary and the others next to him were startled, and they didn't dare to come out and stomped on the ground. Qin Zhuopu realized that something was wrong, took a breath, and waved calmly: "You guys continue."

    Secretary Huang had no choice but to find that the always diligent workaholic, Mr. Qin, didn't know what to do in the past two days. Suddenly, he couldn't figure it out, and he held his phone all day and couldn't bear to let it go. A moment of gentleness and a moment of silence, he is like an anxious father waiting for his wife to give birth to a child outside the delivery room.

    So, President Qin is addicted to online cloud sucking 'wife'?

    There is sufficient evidence for Secretary Huang's speculation, and it is by no means excessive. President Qin ordered people to delete videos and pictures all night long, but those 'Christmas brothers' disappeared on the Internet, but there were a lot of plates in President Qin's mobile phone and computer! He almost thought that President Qin wanted to set up the beautiful photos of people on the desktop. Fortunately, President Qin was still the same President Qin, at least on the surface, he was stable.

    "Mr. Qin, do you need to contact Mr. Lu?"

    Secretary Huang reminded thoughtfully that as long as President Qin is willing, what star and Internet celebrity can't be seen?

    Qin Zhuopu shook his head, his voice steady as Taishan: "No need."

    Qin Zhuopu was the only one left in the office. The bright sunlight swayed on his back, he bowed his head slightly, and looked directly at the old mobile phone in his hand.

    The old mobile phone looks like a model from several years ago. The mobile phone case is a pink cartoon pig head, which is naive and ridiculous.

    It is rare that its owner is not angry, but admits it magnanimously. Yes, I am a pig head.

    There is also a little inexplicable pride in his small temper. It's heart-wrenching.

    Qin Zhuopu slowly opened the screen, and the most familiar face jumped up, it was himself.

    The person who can be seen in the mirror every day is very strange on the screen of this mobile phone. He is younger and more immature than today's Qin Zhuopu, and he looks happier when he smiles.

    At that time he asked, why not just set up a photo of the two of us as a desktop?

    While playing with the new phone, the other party said with a smile, I think I am tired of looking at it, but your photos are more eye-catching. I just want to see you, don't you?

    He is very comfortable. What if you get tired of seeing me one day?

    The man hummed softly, if one day, this broken phone should be thrown away! Are you scared?

    Reluctantly raised my hand to surrender, I am afraid! Afraid to die!

    Lu Yingke was so excited that he rode on his neck and took selfies repeatedly.

    Qin Zhuopu didn't know how many stories were stored in the phone. When he searched for the location with great difficulty, he saw no one on the phone. It was in an inconspicuous potted plant in the airport, and the mobile phone lay quietly in it, blinking the dying red light.

    All photos, videos, and original things in the phone have been emptied.

    The screen desktop is the only thing left... past.

    Oh, and countless other missed calls he made, all scarlet.

    The sun was setting in the west, and a cold winter wind was blowing outside the window.

    The pig-headed mobile phone fell into the darkness in the man's hands, and was thrown into the drawer with a bang.

    Busy until the evening, Lu Ying and his colleagues who worked overtime were eating in the lounge. At this moment, the colleagues next to him were still eating instant noodles, but Lu Ying used the microwave to heat up the dinner that he brought with him. with two fried eggs.

    Lu Ying swallowed her saliva and enjoyed it happily while holding a rice bucket with an amazing capacity. Fried rice with minced meat, green peppers, carrots, chives and pickles smells especially delicious.

    The colleague who was holding the instant noodles couldn't help but sigh: "Brother Lu really knows how to live, and I will bring meals next time I work overtime."

    Lu Ying nodded silently and did not answer.

    Hehe, even if you say good things, this meal will not be divided for you, give up!

    In fact, none of Xiao Xianghuafan's colleagues wiped their mouths. They took out their mobile phones and brushed them. After a while, they said, "Brother Lu, I really can't find your news. It was deleted so cleanly."

    Lu Ying was completely relieved about this matter.

    "Brother Lu, you shouldn't offend anyone, someone doesn't want you to be popular, right?"

    Lu Ying paused and shook his head solemnly: "No." How could this be offended? He really wanted to thank him.If it is really popular as my colleagues said, more people will come to watch him in the future, what's the point, he is not a gorilla.Like a star in the entertainment industry, the stars hold the moon, and people on and off the stage are stalking him. Thinking about it makes his back go cold. He is timid and thin-skinned.I don't even want others because he pays attention to the cubs.He likes ease and hates big changes in life.

    A colleague analyzed: "Someone is definitely staring at you, tsk tsk, completely staring at your photos and videos to delete, damn it, it's more ruthless than the public relations of those big stars."

    Lu Ying paused, biting the spoon and thinking for a second.

    "Maybe to help me."


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