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    Chapter 11

    Yes, your dad got rich, but it wasn't my dad who got rich.

    Lu Ying boredly washed out a pot of cherries and blocked her son's mouth, but she sat on the side and stared at the cherries in a daze. The cherries in front of her were of good quality, big and round, and imported from a fruit shop. The kind, the price... not to mention.

    Once, he ate it every day for a while, and it took him half a year to get bored and change his mouth.

    The cub asked vaguely: "Why is Baba so dumb?"

    Lu Ying shook her head, picked up the box and looked for the sticker. The sender's name was ambiguous, and the number was a landline number. The familiar first three digits made it clear which city they belonged to.

    "Dad, who do you want to call?" Lu Zizai saw that Lu Ying pressed down a number on his mobile phone, but couldn't get through for a long time.

    Lu Ying sighed, put down the phone, picked up cherries and stuffed them into his mouth one by one: "Eat more if you like, I'll cook."

    "Oh..." Lu Zizai looked at his father from time to time while he was eating. He always felt that his father's eyes lit up when he saw Cheerilee, but now it's suddenly cloudy and cloudy, and he was even depressed. Even the last time I had a fight with my annoying neighbor, my dad wasn't so sad.

    Lu Zizai slid off the chair, and the chubby hand grabbed the cherries and rubbed against his father, "Dad open your mouth, you cook for me, I'll feed you the cherries, hee hee~ Come on, open your mouth!"

    "Ow~" Lu Ying didn't want to cheer him up, he hurriedly lowered his head and opened his mouth wide, like a beast, grabbed the cherries and chewed them: "Hmm, it's really sweet."

    "Hee hee~ Come and come again..."

    You take one bite and one bite, father and son enjoy each other happily and leave their troubles behind.

    "Mr. Qin, does this have an object?"

    In a quiet and simple private restaurant, Qin Zhuopu led his secretary and sat opposite his partner. Everyone was acquaintances for many years and spoke more casually. Qin Zhuopu has always paid great attention to table manners and rarely plays with his mobile phone on the table, but today, after eating, he has not put down his mobile phone for a long time. And the tensed eyebrows, unconsciously softened a lot, which is really amazing.

    Qin Zhuopu shook his head helplessly: "Mr. Wang is joking, I am single until now because of my strength. Otherwise, how can I be rated as the 'the single aristocrat I want to marry the most' and top the list every year."

    "Hahaha! You look like you're about to be released. You didn't make jokes before. You still know how to make fun of yourself today, tsk, you're in a good mood."

    "Mr. Wang misunderstood me too much. As long as I become a friend, I have no taboos on anything. But I'm in a really good mood today. Come, let's celebrate our cooperation to a new level."

    "Okay, try to let me drink your wedding wine next year."

    "Thank you for your blessings."

    After returning to the office building after dinner, Qin Zhuopu stepped into the office, dropped his jacket, and quickly asked the external assistant, "Is there a call from the landline on my desk?"

    The assistant nodded hurriedly: "There was a call from Director Qin at 18:05, and I just told you to call back."


    In Qixia Town, Lu Zizai was very happy when he returned home from school, because New Year's Day was a three-day holiday, and his father said that he would take him to the amusement park on New Year's Day!

    Lu Ying, who made up her mind to resign, is also looking forward to the amusement park. The last time she took her children to play was more than a year ago. Doing some jobs with low technical content, coupled with educational restrictions, it is really difficult to make money and upgrade. Brother Yang gave him the chance he had always dreamed of to learn first-hand skills.

    "I want to sleep a little longer, Dad, I don't want to get up woo woo..." On the first day of the holiday, at 7:30 in the morning, Lu Ying had finished cleaning and returned home, but the soundly sleeping little guy actually stayed in bed.

    Lu Ying directly took the fragrant breakfast and sat on the bedside to eat it.

    The little guy jumped up and grabbed the clothes clumsily and put them on angrily. Lu Yingcai ignored him and continued to enjoy the delicious food.

    "Dad! You are still eating alone! You are not waiting for me!" The little guy couldn't do it in a hurry.

    "Go brush your teeth."

    "You have to wait for me, you can't eat any more!"

    "Go, let's go, Dad is waiting for you." That's weird.

    Lu Zizai washed out, Lu Ying was full, sat quietly, watching his son's "eating and broadcasting" live.

    "It's raining outside today, do you want to go to work with me?"

    Lu Zizai shook his head: "I don't want to go, the shopping malls and amusement parks are getting more and more boring, there are little babies playing there, huh, I can't speak clearly, and I'm still swaying when I walk, I'm already the big brother of Taipan, I don't want to hang out with the baby every day, it's so boring!"

    "Haha..." Lu Ying laughed, pinching her son's chubby cheeks: "Okay, big brother, you are amazing."

    "Can I just make toys and eat cherries at home?" Lu Zizai looked at the toys and fruits expectantly.

    "Of course you can." Lu Ying got up and fiddled with the rice cooker, filled it with a proper amount of rice and a little stir-fried chowder soup. '.

    "When you are hungry at noon, press the button for cooking rice, let it go when you hear the sound, and after cooking for a class, you can unplug the rice cooker and eat when the rice cooker beeps."

    Lu Zizai nodded: "I've known it a long time ago. I've cooked it many times. Dad always keeps talking. I'm not a little confused."

    Lu Ying was very relieved about his son: "The mobile phone is on the table, so I can call my father if I have anything."

    "Know it."

    "Remember not to open the door for strangers, and not to go out alone." Lu Ying repeatedly urged, although knowing that his son has experienced many times at home alone, he is very obedient and reassuring, but Lu Ying still talks tirelessly.

    "I'll be very obedient at home."

    Lu Zaizai, like before, stayed at home alone for a day to play, eat and drink and take care of himself, without causing any burden to his father.

    The next morning, the temperature inside and outside the house dropped significantly, and the temperature finally broke 1° and dropped to minus zero. The rain was dripping, mixed with scattered snowflakes, and there was a little bit of winter wind, which was bitingly cold.

    Lu Zizai still chose to stay at home. Lu Ying was afraid that he would be bored, so he took out a new box of puzzles.

    "Wow! My favorite Peppa Pig family! When did Dad buy it?"

    "This is a New Year's Day gift for you. I wanted to give it to you tomorrow, but I think you might be happier a day earlier."

    "Hee hee~~ That's right, I'm very happy! Thank you Dad! I'll definitely spell it out today."

    "Come on, I'm going out. Remember the precautions I said."

    "Goodbye Dad, Dad must be careful to cross the road when riding a bicycle, don't run a red light~"

    "Understood, little traffic cop."

    Saying goodbye to his son, Lu Ying, who went out to work today, was in a good mood. He rode his bike to the big shopping mall in a tidy and unhurried way. He put on his work clothes, greeted his colleagues, and waited for Director Li in a short time.

    "Director, this is my resignation letter."

    Director Li was surprised, staring at the excellent employee who described him as outstanding: "Why did you suddenly resign?"

    Lu Ying had already thought about his remarks: "Today is the last day of the year. In fact, I have long wanted to resign, and I delayed until the end to come up with my resignation letter. This year's affairs will end this year, and I want a new beginning next year. I hope the supervisor can Understand me, you also know that it doesn’t make any sense for me to stay any longer.” The salary does not rise, the bonus is gone for no reason, and there is no hope of rising.

    Of course, the most important thing is that there is a better choice from Brother Yang's family.

    Director Li sighed, "I understand what you mean, originally you were my favorite employee... Xiao Lu, have you found a new home?"

    Lu Ying nodded seriously: "A friend asked me to work in his shop, a cake shop. The salary is higher than now."

    Director Li nodded: "That's good, I know it's not easy for you, no matter where you go, I hope you can get better. I'll give you approval for your resignation, but according to the rules, you have to work for a month to find new people, and you will be very busy at the end of the year. Can you understand?"

    "I know, I will follow the rules. But I must ask for leave on New Year's Day."

    "New Year's Day is the last day of the event..." The supervisor was embarrassed.

    Lu Ying shrugged: "my son is going to school the day after tomorrow. I haven't had a vacation for a long time."

    "Okay, I'm ready."

    "Thank you boss."

    "Hey, you're welcome. I really miss you. Xiao Lu will remember to contact me often in the future. If you have any difficulties, you must tell me, and don't be outsiders."


    Both resignation and leave have been approved by Director Li. Lu Ying's work this day was extraordinarily easy. Colleagues did not know that he resigned, and everyone still took their place.

    "Supermarket special offers, 100% off the whole site, and a free Chinese cabbage! When you spend 200%, you can get a 10% off Chinese cabbage and a pound of potatoes! When you spend 300 dozen, you can get 18.5% off. Plus Chinese cabbage..."

    "Don't miss it when you are passing by! Buying is earning!"

    The event has been going on for two days, and the parents and mothers for Chinese cabbage and potatoes have not decreased at all. The supermarket employees were busy, and Lu Ying was barely able to take a breath as a registrar wearing a mask. Seeing that the line is still winding and crowded, noisy, it is a big head.

    "Master, you are really a master, look how fresh this Chinese cabbage is, you have to peel off the outer layer of skin! Oh, you still peel it! What a waste!"

    "I just want to peel it off. The leaves outside are not good-looking and dirty."

    "It's not dirty at all. The Chinese cabbage has turned into a small cabbage. You are really good. You dare to eat only a cabbage core."

    Fathers and mothers like to care, but there are a few aunt employees who like to fight against each other, and they can chew on big things for a long time.

    Saying that these aunts and aunts save money, don’t feel bad about wasting things from merchants. feel that the outer layer or even several layers of leaves are not good, so peel them off and throw them away. When the employees of the supermarket left, a lot of cabbage leaves that were disgusted and peeled off in the big basket were immediately emptied, and it was the same group of uncles and aunts.

    Disputes between the employees and the guests occurred from time to time. Lu Ying just endured it silently, and did not dare to slip out.

    Well, today he is a gentleman who is holding a pen, so even the air is much fresher.

    "Lu Ying! Lu Ying! Little Brother Lu!"

    Lu Ying, who was busy with her work, raised her head when she heard the voice, and saw a colleague who was in charge of cleaning hurriedly ran over with his little pig mobile phone: "I answered the call from your son after it rang many times in the lounge. He kept crying and didn't tell me. Just ask the kid if something happened."

    Lu Ying quickly connected the phone.

    Lu Ying panicked as his son's cries poured into his eardrums.


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