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    Chapter 40

    "Teacher is early, I am Lu Ying, the father of Lu Zizai, I will trouble you in the future." Came early


    , Lu Ying sent the child in, and when she saw the female teacher at the door of the classroom, she was more excited and nervous than the child.

    "Oh, Mr. Lu is early, my surname is Wang, and I will be the head teacher of Class 7 in the future, teaching Chinese." The female teacher smiled politely, and she couldn't help but be in a trance when facing such a handsome and stunning student's parents. If he hadn't known about his family situation, at first glance, he would have thought that he was the noble son of a rich family.

    "Hello, Mr. Wang!" Lu Ying smiled back. It's great that the Chinese teacher is the head teacher. He is afraid of being the math teacher. The cub has a headache in mathematics, but there is no problem with the language, and the memory is super good. What's more, during the summer vacation, he also signed up his children for an early childhood transition class, which should be foolproof. Even in mathematics, as long as Lu Zizai doesn't make quick mental calculations, he can do problems very well. The teacher of the kindergarten transition class also said that the first and second grades are very simple, and few children can't keep up. Zizai is a particularly outstanding student, so there is no need to worry at all.

    Saying goodbye to the teachers and children, Lu Ying turned around and left the campus one step at a time.

    Lu Zizai stood in the classroom of the seventh class of the first grade and looked around curiously with his schoolbag in his arms. He came very early, but two of his classmates were earlier and had already found their seats. Immediately he wanted to sit next to them, so it was lively.

    Teacher Wang came in at this time and shouted loudly, "Classmate Lu Zizai, sit here." She pointed to the seat next to her.

    "Oh!" Lu Zizai stood up and walked over obediently with his schoolbag in his arms. In the last row of the classroom, farthest to the side, the chair was already against the back door, and he felt that half of the people were outside. He didn't like this position.

    Lu Zizai sat down helplessly, looking at the empty classroom full of desks and chairs, if all the seats were full, how many people would there be?

    Lu Zizai couldn't help counting them one by one, and when he finally finished counting, his little eyes were stunned, "Oh my God, Teacher Wang! Are there sixty-eight students in our class?"

    Teacher Wang frowned: "Don't make any noise in the classroom. That's right, there are 68 students in our seventh class, and our class has the largest number of students in the entire grade, huh. Because it's too much for you to find a relationship like this and spend some money to put it in. counterpart students."

    "Ah...oh." Lu Zizai didn't really understand what a wrong student was, but he felt that the teacher was unhappy, as if he thought too many people had something to do with him, and Lu Zizai didn't dare to talk much.

    In the blink of an eye, it was time for lunch, and the auntie in the cafeteria brought the meals to the classroom and distributed them to each classmate, one dish, one soup and one bowl of rice.

    "..." Lu Zizai pursed his lips, this meal is very small, and everyone has been allocated, it seems that he can't finish eating like the kindergarten and add it. Kindergarten has several dishes and fruits at a time! snort! Primary school is so stingy.

    Lu Zizai finished his meal in almost two bites, feeling even more hungry.

    Fortunately, he had already prepared. He brought snacks, three boiled eggs and two steamed buns. Just as he was about to start eating, he quickly grabbed it with one hand: "Lu Zaizai! You are not allowed to eat your own food at school!"

    "But teacher, I'm not full..."


    "..." Lu Zizai was about to cry.

    At 3:30 in the afternoon, Lu Ying, who had been thinking about her son all day, left the shop and set off for the Twelfth Elementary School.

    When arrived at the school gate, saw that all the parents were waiting for their children.

    Lu Ying looked left and right, and after waiting for a long time, a ** student came out, which was much more difficult than the kindergarten. When she finally saw her son's class, Lu Ying hurried to the door, only to find her son hung his head listlessly and was in a bad mood.


    "Dad..." When Lu Zizai saw his father, he was immediately full of grievances.

    "What's wrong?" He wanted to ask Teacher Wang, but the teacher was behind the team.

    Lu Zizai went out of the courtyard directly and rushed into Lu Ying's arms to complain: "I was criticized by the teacher today."

    "Why?" Lu Ying's first reaction was anger. It was only the first day of school. Why did the teacher criticize the child?

    Lu Zizai took a breath, "I brought food to school, and the teacher confiscated it for me. He criticized me for being greedy, saying that school was not allowed to bring snacks into the school, and I was the only one in the class who was disobedient and brought food. But my father... the school's Lunch is so small, it’s hard to eat, and it’s not enough to eat at all.”

    "..." Lu Ying's heart was stuffed. He still stuffed eggs and snacks, just worried that his son wouldn't get enough to eat. The school did not state these rules when applying.

    "It's not your fault, it's my father's fault. Tomorrow my father will tell the teacher, and I'll ask if I can send you lunch at noon."

    "Well. Dad, I want to go back to kindergarten. Elementary school is not fun. I don't have any friends."

    "... Elementary school is not for playing."

    "I have to lie down on the table to sleep at noon, my hands are numb."

    "Hey..." Lu Ying couldn't help it. It was like this in elementary school. "Come on, Dad will take you to try the freshly baked pork floss toast. Dad's improved pork floss this time is more fragrant than before." It's still early for dinner. Buy two toasts for my son's stomach.


    That night, Lu Ying entered the class's WeChat group and wanted to privately chat with the class teacher to apologize for bringing snacks.

    As a result, he saw himself being Aite before he finished dinner.

    The head teacher sent a few photos in succession, eggs, snacks, and Lu Cub cub eating eggs with his head down, and Lu Ying suddenly felt bad.

    Sure enough, pulled down and saw the head teacher made some words: Parents, it is forbidden to bring snacks and toys on campus. You must have meals at school, and you can bring your own water bottle. Today is the first day, only one student and parent made a wrong demonstration, hope to improve next time!

    Parent a: Got it!

    Parent b: Received!


    "..." Lu Ying almost spit out a mouthful of food, and immediately chatted with the teacher privately: "Mr. Wang, today I didn't know that I asked my child to bring food. My child has a big appetite. And teacher, you should chat with me privately, not Post photos in the group to criticize."

    Head teacher: All other parents know that they can't bring food, why is it yours? How can I act as a warning if I don't say it in the group?

    "Well, I don't know if it was my fault. But please pay attention to the child's self-esteem. He is very sad to be criticized by you on the first day."

    "Knowing mistakes can be corrected. I treat students equally."


    Lu Ying almost lost sleep at night, but the cub still slept soundly.

    When Qin Zhuopu sent a video call, Lu Ying regained his energy: "You just got off work?" It was half past nine.

    "Yes, I came back to take a bath and finally lay down. How is Cubs going to school today? He should be able to adapt well."

    "Many are not used to it. He still talks about kindergarten."

    "Haha, I really want to be beautiful."

    "How are you and your beautiful collaborator?" Lu Ying asked with a fake smile.

    Qin Zhuopu raised the corner of his mouth and said, "What else can I do? Of course, it's a great conversation."

    "Yeah, I also had a lot of fun chatting with the 'beautiful teacher' today." I couldn't sleep with joy!

    "Uh, pay attention to your identity. As a parent, you must keep a moderate distance from your teacher."

    Lu Ying snorted and was silent.

    "Why don't you speak? I'm angry." Qin Zhuopu raised his eyebrows, but the screen was dark, and under the dim bedside lamp, Lu Ying's appearance could only be seen in a silhouette.

    Lu Ying rolled her head on the pillow and asked in a low voice, "Do you want me to send red envelopes and gifts to please the teacher? I don't know if other parents have secretly given them. But I heard that some parents secretly It will be like this. Please please the teacher and let the teacher take more care of the child. But what is the right gift? How much is better?"

    Qin Zhuopu frowned: "You want to give gifts just after school starts? I suggest you not to give them to teachers, because the first-year teachers are probably very young, and new people who have just come out of the society, you may not dare to accept gifts. Not suitable. You can first observe for a while to see how the cub adapts to it, and whether the teacher's character is okay. If the cub doesn't suit himself, you can give it a gift, and if he adapts well, there is no need to give it."

    "That means no delivery?"

    "If you want to send it, send it directly to the principal, he will definitely be more effective than the teacher." Qin Zhuopu said bluntly.

    "..." Lu Ying rolled her eyes: "What you said makes sense, I haven't even seen the principal's face."

    Qin Zhuopu said sternly, "Don't worry about this. I've been too busy and neglected recently. I'll take care of the gift-giving."

    Lu Ying didn't object, but hurriedly told him: "Don't be too generous. If the teachers don't dare to discipline the cubs in the future and only say good things to him, it won't be worse."

    "You can rest assured when I do things. The principal must know which class is the best and which teacher is more responsible. I don't want him to condone the child. They know how to treat the child well."

    "OK then."

    "Kiss me now and go to sleep."

    Lu Ying didn't hesitate, pouted and blew a kiss on the screen, "Wow! Good night."

    Almost blinded Qin Zhuopu's eyes, how can people fall asleep? Damn long distance relationship!

    No matter how uncomfortable Qin Zhuopu was, Lu Ying had already slept peacefully.

    The next day, the child was sent to the school gate, and there was no one but the teacher on duty.

    Lu Ying comforted the child and went back to work.

    When picking up the child at night, Lu Zizai looked unhappy again.

    "What happened today?"

    Lu Zizai's voice trembled a little and told Lu Ying angrily, "The teacher criticized me again."

    "...Come on, tell Dad why?" Lu Ying looked at him seriously, not to mention being angry.

    Lu Zizai said angrily, "The teacher in the Chinese class asked us to write pinyin, and I finished it. But the teacher criticized my handwriting for not being neat and asked me to rewrite it again. But after I rewrite it, she said I didn't write it well. Punish me to go home and write it ten times... woohoo, I don't want to write anymore."

    "Don't cry, Dad knows. I'll look at your homework."

    Lu Ying took the child's schoolbag to check the pinyin written by him. He was not boasting. The pinyin written by his son was all in the grid. Why do you say that he should be fined for copying if he did not write neatly?

    He felt that the teacher was simply targeting his son on purpose.

    But writing can be big or small. It is really hard to argue with the teacher. Maybe the teacher is strict with the students, and it seems unreasonable for the parents to argue for this.

    Lu Ying can only comfort her son optimistically: "the teacher is strict with you, and I hope you can write better. Why don't you think about it, has the teacher praised you?"

    Lu Zizai tilted his head and smiled: "The math teacher asked me to go to the blackboard to do the problem, and I did it right. The teacher praised me. The English teacher also praised my pronunciation standard."

    "Really? Cubs are awesome!" Lu Ying was happy for his son.

    Lu Zizai was no longer sad, he dragged his father to run, and couldn't wait to eat.

    "Brother Yang! Why did you come out today?"

    As soon as he returned to the store, Lu Ying saw Brother Yang who seemed to be fat.

    He trimmed the leggy branches and leaves of the green plants, and smiled slightly: "It's too boring at home, go out for a walk. How do you feel about the new school?"

    Lu Zizai said obediently, "Uncle Yang, the new school is not as fun as kindergarten."

    "Pfft, naughty." Yang Sigu was amused.

    Lu Ying continued her busy work and warmly invited Yang Sigu to dinner at home, but Yang Sigu agreed after a little hesitation.

    After get off work, Lu Ying went home and cooked a sumptuous dinner, all of which were very healthy and warm, with absolutely nothing spicy.

    Yang Sigu was polite and enjoyed his meal, "The craftsmanship is really good, I haven't had such a satisfying meal for a long time."

    Lu Ying looked at him as if he was greedy, and said stunned: "What does Brother Yang eat at home every day? Who cooks?" Brother Yang's craftsmanship is superb.

    Yang Sigu paused and coughed lightly, "Of course I didn't cook."

    "...That is, Mrs. Yang and Yang's cooking?" Lu Ying held back such a name, even though she knew that the other party was a man. And most of the cooking skills are mediocre.

    "Cough, cough! Cough..." Yang Sigu choked hard, his face flushed. Lu Ying hurriedly got up and patted him on the back, and instructed his son: "Cubzi, go and pour a glass of water."

    "Right now!" Lu Zizai jumped off the chair and poured water.

    Yang Sigu came over slowly, took half a glass of water handed over by Lu Zizai, and his shoulders were still shaking with a smile, "Sister Yang...haha...Lu Ying, why are you so interesting, no wonder your grandpa Lu likes you so much."

    Lu Ying continued to eat, and said a little embarrassedly, "sister-in-law may not be suitable...but I really don't know what to call him, or I should call him brother. What's his surname?"

    "...He...has the same surname as you, Lu." Yang Sigu replied in a low voice.

    "Ah, what a coincidence, fate!" Lu Ying was a little happy.

    "Well... when the child is born, you will see him. Now his situation is a bit special, and it is not convenient."

    "Oh oh oh." Lu Ying felt that he shouldn't be too curious about Brother Yang's object, but for some reason, he couldn't help but be curious and look forward to it.

    Yang Sigu smiled again: "Actually, you call him sister-in-law, I think it's good. I like it."

    "Ah... Is that so? Will he be angry? " Lu Ying was a little disbelieving. How could he not mind when a man was called his sister-in-law? Anyway, if Qin Zhuopu's younger brother called him his sister-in-law, he would not be happy.

    "Don't worry, he won't be angry with you. There's nothing good about this person. He is very good-natured with children and never loses his temper with children. Compared with him, you are a child."

    "It's nice to like children, loving and patient."

    "Can I pack one of these meals to take away?"

    "Of course you can, I'll help you pretend."

    After the meal, Lu Ying personally sent Yang Sigu to the door before leaving with confidence.

    When Yang Sigu returned home, the lights in the living room were on, and a young man sat cross-legged on the carpet. There were a few crappy meals on the table, and it looked like it was getting cold.

    Yang Sigu put the packaged food on the coffee table: "Lu Ying's dinner is delicious. Your craftsmanship is pig food compared to his."

    "..." The man sighed, took the meal, opened it, and enjoyed it slowly.

    Yang Sigu sat next to him, leaning against the sofa lazily with his back on the sofa, with his left hand propping his chin and smiling, "Guess what Lu Ying called you?"

    "What?" the man asked curiously.

    "Pfft." Yang Sigu laughed before saying a word, and said in a trembling voice, "Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law Yang, haha."

    "Nonsense! Nonsense!"

    The man's face darkened immediately, he put down his chopsticks and stopped eating!

    "Hahaha..." Yang Sigu laughed even more happily, and drew circles and forks on the man's back with his fingers, "Actually, it's right to shout like that. After all, you have no car, no house, no savings, and you have eaten me since you left the mountain. Drink mine and live with me, and it's entirely up to me to keep you from wandering on the streets. I am the head of the family, and you are a sister-in-law who is ashamed to see others. Oh, by the way, there is still a difference, you sister-in-law slept with me , and comes with a small baggage. Who is so lucky to have you."


    The man's face was as black as the bottom of a pot, but he was speechless and silently picked up the plate and cooked rice.

    Yang Sigu poked his back: "You can't smile at me with a straight face every day? With your virtue, children will like you? Didn't Lu Ying cry when you were a child?"

    " shut up, nagging."

    Yang Sigu got up quickly: "Okay, don't nag you. I'll take a bath."

    "You can't wash alone." The man said, stood up, and quickly followed.

    After waiting for Yang Sigu to finish washing, the man turned around and went to the kitchen to cut the fruit and mix it with yogurt.

    Yang Sigu, in a loose nightgown, took the fruit and watched TV while eating. The men did not say a word after washing dishes, washing clothes, mopping the floor, and doing housework, but they were all clean. At nine o'clock, the music was released on time, it was a soft piano piece.

    With the light music, Yang Sigu, who was yawning while watching TV, fell asleep on the sofa after a while.

    The man came out of the shower, picked up Yang Sigu and put him back on the bed in the bedroom, turned off the lights, and had a good night's sleep.

    "Hey, cub changed to the first shift?" In the kitchen, Lu Ying came out with a kitchen knife in surprise and asked Qin Zhuopu in surprise.

    Qin Zhuopu took a step back and said, "Pay attention. I have already taken care of the principal's place. The teachers in the first class are excellent teachers with rich experience, and the students in the class are generally good. Of course, the cubs have to be replaced. This is the principal's initiative. Yes. Now those in Class 7 are all rookies who haven't been prepared."

    Lu Ying was speechless: "No wonder the level is so poor and the character is so annoying."

    "What? Is the teacher embarrassing the cub?" Qin Zhuopu asked hurriedly.

    Lu Ying didn't hide it now, and complained angrily: "It's been a week since the start of school, and the head teacher, Mr. Wang, is like a sick person. Every day, he has to find something to criticize his son. It's not a good word or a bad attitude.


    , Said that the cubs were fighting in the classroom, and finally the child was punished to stand. I asked Zaizai to find out that it was just a joke after class. The three children were playing together, and only he was punished? It's a big deal, and it's on the line every day. Cubs pouted every day after school, and when I woke up in the morning, I was unwilling to go to school, and I was so anxious. "

    "...Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

    "At first I thought that maybe I didn't understand, for fear of causing misunderstandings. I didn't expect this to happen every day for a week. Although it was a trivial matter, it felt very bad, like it was deliberately targeting Cub. But neither I knew her, nor did I know her. I can't talk about offending her, it's inexplicable. Could it be that other parents secretly sent gifts, but I stupidly didn't, so I was targeted?"

    Qin Zhuopu folded his arms: "I can't rule out this possibility. Don't worry, I will send him to school tomorrow and see him change classes in person. I will find someone to check on that Teacher Wang."

    "Okay. Go wash your hands quickly, it's time for dinner." Lu Ying naturally agreed because of the child's school life.

    The next day Qin Zhuopu sent the child to school, contacted in advance, and met the principal directly at the school gate. It was soon confirmed that Lu Zizai changed shifts, and Qin Zhuopu personally went to shift the desks and chairs of Zizai in the seventh shift. When saw son's corner position, his face was so ugly. If it's winter, the back door can't be closed, and the child can only sit by the door and drink the northwest wind. Even if you squeezed into the middle of the classroom, you could put it in, but it was left at the back door.

    Qin Zhuopu patted the child's head and left quickly with the table and chair.

    Mr. Wang only had class this afternoon, and he came to the office in the morning to correct yesterday's homework. When I turned to Lu Zizai's book, I took a random photo and posted it in the group, "This kind of homework can't meet my requirements, these gogos are written in grids, Lu Zizai's father, please supervise your son next time. Do your homework. If you make a mistake, you should revise it in time, and don’t ask me to name and criticize every time.”

    It came again, and Lu Ying of Aite was typing angrily at the mobile phone in the bakery: "Please send me another student's homework so that I can look at it. Is it exactly the same as the print! Mr. Wang, I I told you privately on the first day, don't criticize children in public groups, very good, you only criticized my children. Once a day, you are a walnut dealer? Kindergarten teachers know to respect the growth of children's hearts, Are you too immoral? Is it difficult to find me in private?"

    Teacher Wang didn't expect Lu Ying to explode today, and immediately replied: "If you think the teacher's request is too much, it can be regarded as not heard or seen. This group is a group for assigning homework and discussing homework. I criticize your child because he needs to make corrections. If other children make mistakes, I will criticize them."

    "It's not your turn to correct me. I don't think you are a good teacher. I hope other children won't be treated like this by you. Goodbye." Lu Ying quit the group and deleted Teacher Wang.

    Teacher Wang breathed a sigh of relief, and called her cousin to tell her about her victory. She didn't know what Lu Ying meant by quitting the group, transfer school?It wasn't until I went to class in the afternoon that I found out that Lu Zizai had gone to class one, and it was directly arranged by the principal.Teacher Wang suddenly panicked, knowing that Lu Zizai could take the principal's relationship, what else did she do to help her cousin?

    Qin Zhuopu returned to the community after settling down on the child's affairs, and was going to work remotely in the bakery. It was perfect to ask Lu Ying out for a meal at noon.

    Entering the north gate of the community, Qin Zhuopu walked to the first corner of the flower bed, and happened to meet a familiar man.He subconsciously squinted his eyes and looked at the other party, and when he got closer, he blurted out, "Lu Ying?"

    wrong!How could this be Lu Ying!


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