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    Chapter 56

    LY Bakery opened successfully. Lu Ying didn’t spend too much effort and money on publicity. Like other shops, he printed some leaflets and sent them out. The place to focus on publicity was the private school where his son attended, and Brother Yang works at Guanlan University. Sandwiched between these two schools, doing food business, as long as it tastes good, the business will not be too bad. College students are basically independent, and children in private schools are not short of money. What's more, in addition to the school, there are still many working people nearby.

    On the first day of the bakery's opening, there are various promotions, and with family members coming to join in, it is naturally festive and prosperous. Moreover, it was chosen to open on the day of the Lantern Festival. First, it was a good day to read the almanac, and secondly, today was Lu Zizai's birthday!

    The cub is already seven years old.

    Whether it's to celebrate the opening of Lu Ying's bakery or to celebrate his son's seventh birthday, Qin Zhuopu said that he would have a big event. Even if he doesn't do it, the old man still has to do it!

    At the reunion dinner a year ago, the old man spoke.

    "Take this opportunity to hold a big game for Cub and Lu Ying, just to let friends and relatives get to know the new members of our family. In the future, the children will walk and play outside. Whoever dares to bully my cub will bully the old man me!" The old man looked serious , with a resolute attitude. When he was old, he rarely went out, but what he should know could not escape his ears. Now those people outside are talking a lot, and even some of the family's generous relatives are all kinds of sour cubs. When he is lucky, he is a 'wild species' brought by Lu Ying.

    Everyone is curious, and there are indeed a lot of gossip in this wealthy circle. But if he encounters an ignorant person who speaks rudely in front of children, he will not forgive him! Don't say that the cub is his grandson, even if it was brought by Lu Ying, he must let the people in the circle know that Lu cub will be the descendant of the Qin family in the future. No matter what his name is, his mother is Whoever comes from where, no one wants to despise him and despise him!

    "Many people go on vacation during the Chinese New Year. The Lantern Festival holiday is over. Our family's banquet is just in time." The old man thought very thoughtfully.

    Qin Zhuopu's idea coincides with that of the old man, so there is no way to disagree.

    After that, Lu Ying didn't interfere at all with the birthday party Qin Zhuopu prepared for the cub, and let him play freely.

    Until the opening of the bakery during the Lantern Festival, Lu Ying handed over the shop to the clerks after a busy morning, and hurriedly followed the driver to the banquet venue at noon. The Qin family's old house in Anshan is said to be one of the ancestral mansions. Because it's a little far from the city, everyone doesn't usually go there. When Qin's father was alive, his family lived there for many years, but it was completely empty. Usually, only the servants lived there to maintain the house.

    Today's Anshan old house is festive and festive.

    When Lu Ying arrived, he realized that this old house was in a very simple and elegant Jiangnan style. The car passed outside the white courtyard wall and drove for a while before arriving at the main entrance. He really didn't know how big the house was. Know. After entering, saw pavilions, gardens and ponds, rockeries and flowing waters, and the edge is connected to the woods. The ancient charm is long and full of charm.

    "Do you like it here?" Qin Zhuopu came out of the crowd and took Lu Ying's hand affectionately.

    Lu Ying smiled: "I like it, it's so beautiful here. Why would you want to celebrate the cub's birthday here?" He thought Qin Zhuopu would go to the theme playground to celebrate the child's seventh birthday.

    Qin Zhuopu squeezed his palm tightly and said with a smile, "This is a house handed down by our ancestors, although everyone will not live there. But if there is any important event, we will do it here. The last time I held a wedding was my grandparents' golden wedding. Fifty years."

    Lu Ying's eyes widened: "So that's the case." It seemed very meaningful.

    Qin Zhuopu smiled again: "the last wedding banquet was my full moon."

    "Ah..." Lu Ying was speechless.

    "My wedding before the full moon, guess what?"

    The corners of Lu Ying's mouth twitched, and he hesitated: "Your father is full moon?"

    "Hahaha, Lu Xiaozhu!" Qin Zhuopu couldn't help laughing: "Stupid, my parents got married."

    Lu Ying was speechless, "You can't tell me directly, but you want to make me lose my appetite. That cub is celebrating his birthday today, what should I pay attention to?"

    Qin Zhuopu shook his head: "Eat what you need to eat, and drink when you need to. I have arranged everything for the banquet, and there is nothing that will bother you. You just need to remember one thing. "

    "What?" Lu Ying asked hurriedly.

    Qin Zhuopu smiled: "remember that you will be part of my family in the future, and you and I are one husband and wife. I hope you treat yourself as half the master."

    Lu Ying thought about it, he felt that it was nothing to be one with Qin Zhuopu, it was necessary! Even if they can't get married in the country, and one less book, who dares to say that they are not a couple, he will never accept it.

    But on the other hand, it is a bit difficult for him to regard himself as half of the Qin family. He likes Qin Zhuopu and decides to advance and retreat with him in this life. He also liked the kindness of Mr. Qin, and he had nothing to worry about with Mrs. Qin. It's just that the Qin family has always been a giant in his eyes, not like a family, but more like a symbol. He met other relatives of the Qin family in the old man's house before the new year. Compared with their politeness and alienation, Lu Ying also regarded herself as a guest.

    In the final analysis, only living in the house where he and Qin Zhuopu lived would be the family in his mind.


    Simple. But Qin Zhuopu is not only burdened with him and Lu Zizai, he and Qin Zhuopu are together, and sooner or later they will learn to adapt and accept.

    Seeing Lu Ying pondering in a daze, Qin Zhuopu could basically guess what he was thinking, and said semi-seriously, "One day you will accept all of this calmly, because I will retire in the future, and all of this will belong to the cub. His father, what is not the master?"

    Lu Ying suddenly realized: "You, it makes sense..."

    "It's not true, it's a fact." Qin Zhuopu looked around, and there were invited guests everywhere. Today, everyone came to celebrate the cub's birthday, and one day in the future, they will also help the cub take over the Guanhai Group. celebrate.

    Starting today, I am unwilling to wake up except for daydreaming. Everyone will understand the meaning of the Qin family. The Qin family already has the next generation of heirs, and that person is the seven-year-old birthday star - Lu Zaizai. No matter what his surname is, it doesn't matter where he comes from. Where he will go in the future and what he will become is the most important thing.

    Qin Zhuopu said again: "I was on Qixia Mountain with you during the Chinese New Year. You took me and your brothers and sisters to spend the New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve together. I understand what that means. I'm an outlier, and I'm a stranger to you. You accept and approve. At that moment, I really can't describe in my heart..." After all, their existence completely subverted his cognition, and in the future he and those mountain people will be a whole, and their secrets are his secrets. Their protection is his protection. If one is not careful, the mountain people have to bear the risk of life and survival.

    The New Year is the Year of the Rat, and on that day he received a lucky bag for the Year of the Rat from Brother Shu.

    At that moment, Qin Zhuopu silently swore in his heart that he would consider himself a member of the mountain people from now on.

    Compared with Lu Ying's family, their Qin family is simple and ordinary, and it is also a burden that he must carry. He will always pick it up seriously, and now, there is someone who will be by his side, and when he is tired, he can rest for a while, and that is enough.

    Lu Ying looked calm: "I chose you and took you to the mountain, and they will recognize you."

    Qin Zhuopu nodded: "after today, everyone knows that my lover is you Lu Ying, and you are not just a bakery owner. You have a mine in your family, and many people will want to flatter you, win you over, and envy you, understand? "

    "Hahaha, I understand!" Lu Ying was amused by him, Qin Zhuopu was usually very humble, and it was rare to say such bragging.

    Qin Zhuopu admired his smiling face and couldn't help but smile: "If someone with short eyes bullies you in the future, even if you break his leg, our family can afford it."

    "Oh, there won't be such a person." Lu Ying hummed: "I'm not easy to bully."

    Qin Zhuopu added: "If there is someone who doesn't know how to hook up with you. I hope you don't be polite. If you break someone's legs, I will pay." On the bright side, he is handsome and rich, and he faces many temptations. But in fact, he was more worried that the charm of his lover Lu Ying was a headache!

    "Hahahaha..." Lu Ying burst out laughing.

    The guests wandering around in the garden saw the smiling host family in the distance. Some people smiled, some were curious, some frowned and some wondered.

    "That's Mr. Qin's lover, Lu Ying? No wonder he's infatuated. There's nothing to say just by looking at it."

    "Hey, hey, the two of them are a good match together! It's so eye-catching! I really want to draw it."

    "This is the most seductive pair of men and women I have ever seen in the three dimensions. I hope they will be together forever and grow old together."

    "I went to Mr. Lu's bakery in the morning, and I was super pleasantly surprised. Mr. Lu himself smiled very nicely, like a man who came out of the second dimension!"

    "Are the two of them married? I heard that the child is the son of Mr. Lu and his ex-wife. I didn't expect President Qin to praise him so much."

    "Mr. Qin is really infatuated! Mr. Lu is so lucky."

    "It's not that simple, if it's really the child brought by Mr. Lu. How would the old man Qin and Mrs. Qin be so nervous? You didn't see that the two of them revolved around the child in the morning, for fear that someone would bully him. Especially the old man Qin , tsk tsk, I heard that the old man's will has been made, and basically it was left to this child."

    "Will this kind of thing is too outrageous? I heard that Mrs. Qin has transferred a number of property shares under her name to President Qin and Mr. Lu. Moreover, Mrs. Qin has been very aggressive recently, and the acquisition of 'Yucui' jewelry has been done. "

    "She used to be very good. She didn't focus on her career in these years. It seems that her health is not very good. I didn't see her getting much older? Today, I saw her in much better condition..."

    "In the past, Mrs. Qin always asked my mother to dance. After Uncle Qin died, she would go out less..."

    "You young people are simple, the Qin family's birthday today is not easy. Although the child's surname is Lu, you can see his status by looking at the attitude of the Qin family. And are you all blind? Xiaoshou Xing and President Qin look exactly the same. Okay! If it weren't for the father and son, I wouldn't believe it. Take a closer look, Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin, plus the children, the three of them have unique ears, and the shape and size are printed by a mold. The nose also looks like , is that the eyes are very different. Believe it or not, if this child loses weight in the future, he will just be another President Qin. "

    "Hey, hey, I actually think so too!"

    "Really? Oh, I haven't seen President Qin's son yet! No, I'll go take a look now~~"

    "I'll go as well!"

    A group of young people cheered and dispersed.

    There was a table of elders sitting in the pavilion next to it, and a woman in her forties asked the old lady in a low voice, "Mom, is the cub really a simple son? I invited you and Dad on the phone, I see how happy he is. Really..."

    Mrs. Song smiled kindly and said kindly: "Whether it is or not, you are right to treat that child as your own." She hadn't had time to ask her daughter and grandson, but she already had a definite answer in her heart. The first time she saw the child, the seeds of doubt were planted in her heart. Now, I am really happy for my grandson's family.

    "Mom is right."

    The noon banquet was about to start, and the last guest of the Qin family who had been waiting for a long time finally came.

    Lu Ying and Qin Zhuopu stood at the door together. Seeing everyone getting out of the car, Lu Ying almost choked on her own saliva.

    "Sister Tu! Brother Wang! Brother Liu! Whoa, whoa, Brother Gou... Oh my God, you're all here?" Lu Ying cheerfully greeted him, smiling like a happy child, and brought him together for ten Two people, not a lot of one. This kind of thing can only be brought together during the New Year. I didn't expect that all of them would come to participate in the birthday of the cub this year. And he was completely kept in the dark, don't ask, this must be Qin Zhuopu's secret arrangement. During the short time on the mountain during the Chinese New Year, Qin Zhuopu had already gotten to know his brothers and sisters well.

    Lu Zizai squeezed out of the hall, grinning and pounced on Ji Xiaofeng: "Godfather, why are you here! Dad said that you were too far away to accompany me on my birthday! Hello, uncles and aunties!"

    Ji Xiaofeng laughed, "Of course your godfather, I will come, don't forget to accompany you on your birthday every year. No matter how far away, I will never be absent! Cub, happy birthday!"

    "Thank you godfather!"

    "Cub cub is one year older, happy birthday!"

    "The guy is awesome, and he's growing taller. When you're an adult, let's be a firefighter with Uncle Hou!"

    "Okay, okay, I still want to be a policeman like Uncle Gou!"

    "Haha, your ambitions are not only big, but also many."

    Qin Zhuopu looked at this family with a smile, and Mr. Qin and Mrs. Qin who were waiting beside them were so excited and complicated. When they had dinner with their relatives a few years ago, they were so frightened by Grandpa Lu's youth that they recovered after a few days. When saw Lu Ying's brothers and sisters today, heart pounded a few times again.

    Isn't this Lu Ying's blood brothers?

    What a family, everyone is handsome!

    The only sister Tu, oh mother, with that figure and temperament, is definitely the most dazzling beauty in the audience today. Mrs. Qin, who is also a woman, was amazed.

    Mr. Qin's eyes were vicious, he glanced at it, and was shocked. Lu Ying's brothers are either tall and mighty, mysterious and reserved, or dazzling. Except for Lu Ying and the very young Ji Xiaofeng, who looked tender and childish on their faces, the rest of them might not be simple.

    "Sister Tu, brothers, please come in. Grandpa Lu's family has already arrived, please come with me." Qin Zhuopu stepped forward to invite with a smile, and everyone entered the house in a lively manner.

    "Thank you~" Lu Ying secretly thanked Qin Zhuopu.

    Qin Zhuopu smiled without saying a word. He has the contact information of everyone and sincerely invites them to come, but he can't guarantee that everyone will give face. After all, everyone's occupation is different, especially Gou Ge and Hou Ge are not good at taking leave. didn't expect everyone to be very powerful, and many of them came.

    He knew that this was not because he was sincere and gave him face.

    But everyone, really attaches great importance to Lu Ying and Zaizai.

    Qin Zhuopu arranged for the old man, grandma and grandpa, Mrs. Qin, including Grandpa Lu and Brother Yang to sit at a table with him, and Lu Ying's other brothers and sisters to sit at a table. After the guests entered the table, they looked around and discussed in whispers. Lu Ying's family members are not many, but all the people at the table are eye-catching.

    Grandma is next to Grandpa on the left, but Grandpa Lu is sitting on the right. Grandma has been restless since she was seated, and asked repeatedly in a low voice, "Lu Ying, is this grandpa?"

    "Yes, my grandpa." Lu Ying replied.

    After a while, grandma asked again, "Lu Ying, is this really your grandfather?"

    Lu Ying was helpless: "It's really grandpa. Although he looks young, he is actually much older than you."

    Grandma suddenly clutched her heart exaggeratedly and was hit hard.

    At a young age, Lu Ying was a little fairy, who would know that the grandfather of the little fairy was actually a little fairy? ? ? Sitting on an equal footing with them, they have white hair and wrinkled faces, this one is as tall and straight as a pine, and his face is as tender as a green onion. Scared people to be careful with thumping... sin.

    Qin Zhuopu coughed lightly: "Lu Ying is joking. Grandpa is actually only in his forties, but he is of high seniority." Grandpa Lu is indeed in his forties on his ID card. Even at this age, it is still unbelievable.

    "Four or forty?" Grandma was stunned.

    "Hahaha, don't be frightened by my in-laws. When our two families met for the first time, I was as frightened as you were. Such a young grandfather compares us to each other." Mr. Qin laughed and turned away easily. topic. The old man was shrewd, although the grandson explained the age. But he intuition that things are not so simple, I'm afraid it has something to do with Lu Ying's special physique. The old man thought about it in his heart, but he would never ask too much. Just secretly determined to strengthen efforts to protect Lu Ying and Cubs.

    At Lu Zizai's birthday party, Mr. Qin had to come to the stage to talk. After he went up, he called Qin Zhuopu, Lu Ying, and Lu Zizai up. Then in front of the guests, his face was kind and kind: "Today is my great-grandson's seven-year-old birthday. I am a great grandfather. I wish him a safe, healthy, happy and happy life. From today, I officially resign as chairman. From now on, my grandsons Zhuopu and Lu Ying will take on the burdens outside the home. While the old man can still move, I will concentrate on transporting our cubs to and from school and help the grandchildren to lighten the burden."

    "Grandpa, why are you suddenly..." Qin Zhuopu behind him was surprised, but grandpa didn't tell him about it.

    Mrs. Qin next to him quietly pulled him, obviously she knew it, and may have discussed it with the old man.

    Qin Zhuopu sighed and smiled wryly at Lu Ying. Lu Ying is very calm, anyway, he is still the owner of a bakery (*^▽^*).

    What the old man said was not a scene. After the banquet, he really stopped Qin Zhuopu and Lu Ying with a lawyer, first offloaded the burden, and then transferred 8% of the shares held by him to Lu Ying.

    "The Guanhai Group will rely on the two of you to protect it from now on. Lu Ying, grandpa can only give you so much. This is my heart. Thank you for staying by Zhuopu's side."

    Although he didn't know how much it was, Lu Ying was moved by the old man: "Thank you, grandpa. I don't know anything about the company, and the same is true for you."

    "Silly boy, how can it be the same. It's yours to give it to you. If Zoupu bullies you in the future, you can use these shares to blackmail him, beat him, and make him obey you."

    "Really?" Lu Ying became more interested.

    Qin Zhuopu didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Grandpa! Don't teach Lu Ying badly."

    "Haha, don't worry, Grandpa, Zhuopu will never bully me." Lu Ying's face was full of confidence.

    "Only you bully me." Qin Zhuopu is meaningful.

    The old man laughed: "Just be happy."

    Mrs. Qin on the side couldn't help raising the corners of her mouth. Now the family is happy and lively, as if returning to the situation when her husband was still alive. This home is warm and happy. She is young and in good spirits. Now that have returned to the shopping mall, just want to develop career and expand business and create better economic conditions for the children. You can also be a good example to younger cubs. She didn't want her grandmother to always be a boring old lady with a bitter face in her child's memory.

    The next day, Qin Zhuopu and Lu Ying personally sent everyone from Qixia Mountain to the airport.

    At this banquet, both parties returned happily.

    After the noise, Lu Ying resumed the quiet life of a bakery owner. He is busy in the shop and at home every day, basically two points and one line. Lu Zizai didn't have to worry about it when he went to school. During the day, Grandpa Lu and the driver's bodyguard personally picked him up. In the evening, Qin Zhuopu tutored the homework. If Qin Zhuopu was not free, a tutor would come. In short, Lu Zizai don't want to be lazy and don't do homework. In addition to homework, Lu Zizai also has many more interest classes, including training classes outside and private teachers teaching at home. In the whole family, it seems that the busiest person is not the chief executive Qin Zhuopu, but the primary school student Lu Zizai.

    In the blink of an eye, half a year has passed, and it is the hot summer of the Year of the Rat.

    "Huh~ It's really comfortable~~" Lu Ying lay on her back comfortably on the water after soaking in the swimming pool. Son Lu Zizai followed suit and floated beside him.

    Qin Zhuopu pushed open the door and came over, dressed in white casual clothes, very refreshing.

    Lu Ying's eyes lit up, and she hurriedly swam to the shore: "You're finally home!" The other party had been on a business trip for half a month, and he looked forward to it every day.

    "Well, straight back from the airport."

    "Dad!" Lu Zizai shouted happily, "Dad, I'm on summer vacation~"

    "Yes. You two get up quickly. Lao Gao came back with me. He insisted on looking for you."

    Lu Ying laughed, "Did his hair grow out?"

    Qin Zhuopu sneered and nodded: "that's right. The hair really grew out. Although it's very short, the hair follicles are healthy and thick, which is a miracle. He cried every day when he looked in the mirror, saying he was so handsome. Your medicine It's really worth it, selling him for 1.8 million lost."

    "Uh uh..." Lu Ying was ashamed: "I bought it from Doctor Hu for 500,000 yuan."

    Qin Zhuopu smiled, "Forget it, Lao Gao. I guess someone will come to you next time. If it's less than 3 million, don't pay attention."

    "Wow, it's so expensive." Lu Ying was speechless: "I'm going to call and ask if Brother Ji has stock. I didn't expect long-haired pills to be so popular."

    "The market is in great demand, but it's a pity that Dr. Hu can't produce it in batches, otherwise I really want to find him for cooperation."

    "Forget it, Dr. Hu can't leave Qixia Town. He said that as long as you make enough money, you can sell it, if you don't have it, you won't sell it. Hee hee, I'll go see what Brother Gao has become first!"

    Lu Ying rushed into the hall after getting dressed, and saw Fatty Gao drinking a cold drink on the sofa, and immediately laughed: "Brother Gao, you are so young with long hair! The inch head is so handsome, it suits you very well." With a bald head, Mr. Gao is like a big brother.

    "Haha, isn't it? I used to be so handsome! Thank you for finally getting my scalp hair follicles back!" Lao Gao wept with joy, holding Lu Ying's hand for a long time and was reluctant to let go. This is his benefactor!

    "Cough cough." Qin Zhuopu pulled his face, and Fatty Gao immediately released his hand.

    Qin Zhuopu sat beside Lu Ying and hugged his shoulders affectionately, full of possessiveness.

    Fatty Gao turned a blind eye, and said with great interest, "Lu Ying, do you still have this pill? I still want to buy it! The more the better!

    "What do you want so much for?"

    Fatty Gao cried bitterly: "My grandfather, my father, my second uncle, my younger uncle, my father-in-law, my eldest brother-in-law, my brother-in-law, my eldest nephew... all of them are bald."

    "Pfft... I'm sorry." Lu Ying laughed.

    Qin Zhuopu held back a glass of kiwi fruit juice and handed it to Lu Ying to drink.

    Lu Ying drank half of the glass in one gulp, then went to take the beef grains on the table and threw them in his mouth. As a result, he just chewed and chewed a few times. When he was about to swallow, Lu Ying suddenly let out a retching, his face was pale, and his expression was distorted.

    "Lu Ying!" Qin Zhuopu was startled.

    Fatty Gao said stunned: "Did you eat too much cold food and make your stomach cold? Hurry up and drink some hot water to press it."

    The nanny hurriedly brought hot water, which Qin Zhuopu personally handed to Lu Ying to drink.

    Lu Ying took a few sips of energy, but it was tasteless and sullen.

    "It's so uncomfortable..." Lu Ying pounded her chest and closed her eyes uncomfortably, as if she was enduring something.

    "Let's go, I'll take you to rest, your face is as white as paper. Go back first, Lao Gao, and I'll contact you next time."

    "Okay, you all have a good rest."

    After Lu Ying fell asleep, her complexion returned to normal.

    Qin Zhuopu couldn't rest assured that Lu Ying had a special body and would not get sick easily. I don't know what happened today. Qin Zhuopu hurriedly walked to the balcony to call Dr. Hu. He didn't think about it at all, and would never send Lu Ying to the hospital for an examination.

    After Dr. Hu listened, he was silent for a while, and then he lightly wrote: "He is not sick."

    "What's going on?" Qin Zhuopu asked hurriedly.

    Doctor Hu laughed.

    "Congratulations, you're going to be a father again." As expected of Lu Xiaozhu, if he can eat and drink, stupid people have stupid blessings.


    The author has something to say:

    small theater

    Passerby: Is this your father?You two brothers look so alike.

    Lu Ying: Not a brother!

    Passerby: Ah, sorry.You two look alike!

    Lu Ying: We are not father and son!

    Passers-by: -_-|| Then you?

    Lu Ying: He is my grandfather, I am his grandson, and we are grandfather and grandson.

    Passerby: Are you grandsons?Not at all!

    Lu Ying: ...


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