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    Chapter 26 You Come With Me

    Suddenly being hugged into a broad embrace, Lu Ying still recalled the low-pitched 'Happy New Year' in her ears. The unexpected hug was as if she turned around unexpectedly. In such a snowy night, she saw him at a glance.

    The night is still dark, but today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. He has been looking forward to it for a long time, and it takes twelve years to wait for a round of the Year of the Pig. Everyone says that the year of the zodiac will bring good luck. Good luck to yourself. Good luck to others too.

    It was the first day of the Year of the Pig, thirty-five minutes after twelve o'clock, when he turned around, he fell into the embrace in front of him.

    Is this good luck for the first day of the Year of the Pig?

    "Lu Ying..."


    With her head pressed against her shoulders, Lu Ying heard her humming voice pop out with difficulty, her hands embedded in her waist tightened, and her hot breath fell to her ears and to her neck for a while.

    "I knew you were here."

    The voice sounded in his ears, very close and clear, but he could hear a bit of joy and satisfaction, and a bit of anxiety and exhaustion.

    Arriving at Qixia Town at more than seven o'clock, when did he come down to Qixia Mountain? It was cold and there was no assistant bodyguard, and he didn't even wear cold clothes. It seemed that he had just finished a meeting and got off work, so he came here in a hurry.

    "I feel at ease when I see you." Qin Zhuopu sighed with a smile, and finally relaxed his tight embrace. Although he was reluctant to part, it was the best start to the new year when he saw people. The best gift.

    He didn't even know why he was in such a hurry, he was in a panic. I have seen too many doctors recently, and everyone is professionally helping him analyze the 'condition' related to brain memory. He didn't know whether he was ill or not. He watched the passage of time and the approaching of the New Year. He could put down any specialist, any cause, or any job first. The restless heartbeat wants to go back even more urgently, seeing the person who is missing with my own eyes, hugging him, and this year will be able to be at ease.

    "Where are you from?" Lu Ying, who pursed his lips and looked at Qin Zhuopu intently, couldn't help but open his mouth. This man's clothes were veneer, but they were dirty, muddy, and stubborn leaves. A pair of shoes and trousers could not help but speak. Can not watch.

    "I took a direct flight from the United States to Caifengcheng Airport. I called a car and came to Qixia Town." Qin Zhuopu stared at the person in front of him, and his smile deepened: "I didn't get a response from you when I called or texted. Went to the bakery, it was closed. So I went to your door. I didn't wait for you, I guessed you were in Qixia Mountain, so I came."

    Listening to his calm and gentle words, Lu Ying was a little stunned, "You went to the mountain?"

    Qin Zhuopu paused: "I found the mountain road at the foot of the mountain, but... I seem to have lost my way, so I walked out."

    Lu Ying frowned and sighed: "Are you stupid? Ask the people at the foot of the mountain. Everyone knows that don't go to Qixia Mountain during the Chinese New Year. The mountain is full of fog, didn't you see it?"

    "I see, the fog is thick."

    "Then you still go up?" Lu Ying glared at him, Qixia Mountain usually goes up casually, but you will be disappointed if you go up anyway, there is no beauty and no beauty. But New Year's Eve to the third day of the new year will be covered by fog. The villagers at the foot of the mountain will avoid Qixia Mountain during Chinese New Year, and no one will mention the matter of going up the mountain. Even if someone secretly wants to go up, they can't go up.

    Qin Zhuopu said with a low smile: "I shouldn't have returned to China so early, but I just wanted to see you suddenly. No matter what, I want to meet and talk about it again. It's like a fluff in my heart. The more I stay in the United States, the more uncomfortable it is. I'm more comfortable."

    The person in front of him seems to be really relaxed now, his posture is relaxed and unrestrained, but he is also exhausted.

    "If I hadn't come down, you wouldn't be able to see me today. What will you do?" Lu Ying raised her eyebrows and looked at him, feeling that the big boss is really arrogant sometimes.

    Qin Zhuopu looked at his shoes and said, "Go back to the town to see your house. If there is still no one, find a hotel to stay, and the mobile phone is out of power. I stayed in a family in the village for a long time, but unfortunately their house is not suitable. You can't stay on the mountain every day, you will definitely come down in a few days. But...if you don't catch you in person, you don't want to pay attention to me. You haven't replied to me a message for so long."

    Seeing the strong resignation and disgust in his eyes, Lu Ying grumbled angrily: "I didn't say it before, don't follow me anymore."

    "I didn't follow you." Qin Zhuopu looked at him and smiled.

    Lu Ying immediately scolded him: "then why are you here?"

    "Now I'm not me, I'm a star, and I've crossed the ocean and landed here. The star doesn't follow you, it's involuntarily."

    "..." Lu Ying's eyes were straight.

    Qin Zhuopu's smile became softer and softer. He bent down to pick up the umbrella and briefcase on the ground, raised his hand to open the big black umbrella, and covered himself and Lu Ying under the umbrella. Lu Ying turned his head and Qin Zhuopu just raised his head His hand wiped his face, landed on his shoulder and patted, and then gently brushed the snowflakes from Lu Ying's hair. Lu Ying lowered his head subconsciously to make it easier for him to sweep the snow. For a moment, Lu Ying felt that this act was similar. Once in a famous snow-white city abroad, they walked on the street to enjoy the snow scene, and they experienced the same scene. Qin Zhuopu As soon as he raised his hand, he knew to bow his head, as if he couldn't agree more.

    "It's getting late, you can go back. I should go too. " Qin Zhuopu broke the silence.

    Lu Ying blurted out, "Where are you going?"

    "You go back to the mountain, I'll go back to the town to find a place to stay, and go home tomorrow morning to say New Year's greetings to grandpa."

    "Have you booked a hotel?"


    "..." Lu Ying endured the desire to complain, pulled up the hat on his clothes to cover his head, and strode forward: "Come with me." Just because his mobile phone was out of power and he didn't make an appointment, he walked to the town on foot. Still want to stay in a hotel? Don't even want to sleep until dawn.

    "You want to send me?" Qin Zhuopu quickly followed, and the big umbrella covered him again.

    Lu Ying sighed: "Today is the first day of the new year, and it's the middle of the night. Do you think it's normal? Business hotels have long been overcrowded, and deserted hotels are closed."

    "Then where are you taking me?"

    Lu Ying snorted and didn't answer him.

    Qin Zhuopu asked again.

    Lu Ying said helplessly, "just follow me. Don't ask."

    The two walked on the country road with an umbrella. Lu Ying walked quickly, Qin Zhuopu matched his pace and returned to Qixia Town in a short time.

    Lu Ying led the people straight to the community, came to the hut he rented, took out the key to open the door, Qin Zhuopu stepped into the narrow room, the lights flashed on, as if in a dream.

    Lu Ying bent down and quickly took out a clean towel, toothbrush and a pair of socks from the storage box under the bed and put them in a plastic bag. After hesitating for a while, he pulled out a pair of unworn pure white pants. He checked the labels one by one. , chose a familiar yard, took it out and stuffed it into the clinker bag, then got up and faced Qin Zhuopu: "This place is very narrow, do you want to live?" His small single room is not as big as the toilet in Qin Zhuopu's house, and more Not half as neat and clean. It's not that he is lazy and sloppy. It would be difficult for a father and son to live in such a big place. What can be put must be put, and there is no aesthetic sense.

    Qin Zhuopu's joy had cooled off when Lu Yingli bent over to rummage through clothes, the room was too small to be seen at a glance.

    The last time I came here, I was so out of control that I didn't even bother to notice anything else, and this is where Lu Ying really lives, and the information didn't include these details.

    "Don't you want to live?" Seeing that he didn't speak for a long time, Lu Ying asked bluntly. It was all an accident today. It was an accident that Qin Zhuopu would come, and it was also an accident that he would bring Qin Zhuopu here. But it was so late that there was no place to stay outside. Does he want to leave Qin Zhuopu behind? What if I freeze to death on the street...

    Lu Ying knew in his heart that, let alone outsiders dislike him, he would dislike it occasionally. Especially when he was busy looking for something but couldn't find it, and the summer was so hot that it would explode, and even after enjoying a delicious meal, the taste lingered for a long time. The cub is old, and he is planning to change to a room and a living room to sleep separately at the beginning of the year.

    Qin Zhuopu shook his head, "Can I wear your slippers?"

    "...Oh." Seeing him bending over to take off his shoes, Lu Ying put down his slippers, a pair of cold sandals.

    Qin Zhuopu: "..." It's so cold.

    Lu Ying also found out, and said embarrassedly: "I don't have cotton slippers." He is not afraid of the cold, and the cubs also have the same sandals and slippers.

    Qin Zhuopu changed out of his muddy shoes and wanted to take off his dirty trousers. Seeing this, Lu Ying hurriedly said, "You stay here, I'm leaving."

    Seeing that he was about to run away in a hurry, Qin Zhuopu's mouth twitched, and he quickly unbuttoned his pants on purpose, "I'm wearing long pants."

    "..." The embarrassed Lu Ying rolled his eyes and pointed to the bedside: "There are instant noodles and snacks on the bedside table. I'm hungry and boil water to eat. I'm leaving."

    "Well, be careful on the road." Qin Zhuopu knew that he had to go back to the mountain, because there was his son... Lu Ying's closest... dearest person.

    Lu Ying walked outside the door, suddenly pushed the door and turned back, met Qin Zhuopu's gaze, and sent a late blessing.

    "Good luck in the Year of the Pig."

    This person, whether it belongs to him or not, don't know if we can be together forever in the future, but he is not someone else, not an irrelevant person.

    It's the man he wants to bless.


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