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    Chapter 42

    Ji Xiaofeng's cheerful laughter made Lu Ying immediately stunned, and her head crashed for a few seconds.

    Immediately, he stood up and quickly got dressed and left the house. In the middle of the night, he flew to Qixia Mountain alone.

    It was only halfway through that remembered to give Jin Dachu a warning to prevent the cubs from waking up and seeing no one. Qin Zhuopu, the bodyguard, now lives opposite his house. He does not show up at night in a low-key manner, and shows up at the door of his house on time during the day to wait for Lu Zizai to go to school. When Lu Ying is particularly busy, he can also take care of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and other chores. It is very easy to use, and Lu Ying who has many people to help is much easier.

    Only Qin Zhuopu's careful eye kept telling him to be on guard, even male bodyguards were not allowed to live under the same roof.

    Lu Ying was quite speechless, and specially arranged for a bodyguard with such a 'characteristic' appearance, who didn't know how careful he was. Hehe, it's clearly a lack of trust in him. didn't even think that he would be tempted if he met a handsome guy. In the early years, he might as well be with Ji Ge! There is also a handsome and elegant guy like Yang Ge, which is easy to make people feel good...

    Zizi, Lu Ying shivered!

    Shaking his head violently in the cold wind of the night, Brother Yang's daughter has been born, and the object that Brother Yang has never seen before can finally show his true colors...

    I don't know if my suspicions and guesses are right, Ji Xiaofeng's ridicule is like a shot in the arm. It made his heart beat like a drum, and his scalp was numb.

    Little aunt, huh, aunt who is younger than his son... Lu Ying's blood was stuck in her throat, and she was panicking.

    Lu Ying just arrived at the intersection near Lujia Village and happened to meet Liu Dichuan who got out of the car. The two looked at each other and smiled, and then it was 'hahaha' that Liu Dichuan couldn't stop... Shaking the mountains, not for a long time rest.

    Lu Ying: "..." It feels like all the secrets you all know are being kept from me! Am I still the most favored Lu Xiaozhu in Qixia Mountain t﹏t

    "Is it so funny... Brother Liu, I'll be angry if you laugh again." Lu Ying pouted and sighed.

    "Hahaha, Lu Ying, why don't you laugh? Are you so unhappy when your little aunt was born? No, it should be said that our little niece was born, brother Yang's daughter, I wonder if Brother Yang will agree with me. Be the godfather of the little princess. I like cute little girls the most." Liu Dichuan was full of energy, and was on par with Ji Xiaofeng.

    Lu Ying walked quickly and aggressively. She didn't want to talk to Liu Dichuan, who was 'glad about misfortune', but she couldn't help but blurted out: "Brother Liu likes little girls so much, you can give birth to one yourself. Brother Yang can do it, you can do it, come on! "

    "No! I can't." Liu Dichuan waved his hands in horror: "I only like girls who are petite and soft, and sisters who are bulging forward and backward also like it."

    Lu Ying showed no mercy: "but you've always been a single dog."

    "!!!" Liu Dichuan was heartbroken: "Oh, I can't afford it!" He quickly tightened his mouth and ran after Lu Ying to Qixia Mountain.

    In front of the big mansion in the mountains, Lu Ying stopped at the door and took a few deep breaths. Liu Dichuan had already rushed to the back room a few steps ahead of him.

    The door is open, and lively laughter can be heard from time to time.

    When Lu Ying walked in, the first thing he saw was the side face of the man sitting at the mahogany table, holding the baby in his arms and feeding the baby with a bottle.

    Familiar faces, but also unfamiliar.

    "Lu Ying, you're here." Before Lu Ying could speak, the man had already raised his head to look at him. The familiar voice and the familiar gentle smile seemed to be the same as before, as if he had never left at all.

    Lu Ying burst into tears in an instant: "Master, grandpa... woo! Why... don't you tell me?" He was obviously alive and well, and was so close to him, but he didn't let him know, and even avoided him on purpose. Grandpa is like this, and Brother Yang is also an accomplice.

    Lu Qianchuan sighed, "This is a long story. Would you like to take a look first... your aunt?"

    Lu Ying was so stimulated that she snorted and wiped it in a hurry. She gritted her teeth and corrected her colorful face: "Okay! I'll look at Brother Yang's little princess, my little niece first!" Before, the probe focused on the newborn baby who was drinking milk powder.

    "..." Lu Qianchuan had a heart attack, his face flushed.

    Liu Dichuan and Ji Xiaofeng in the room clapped their hands and laughed, and Yang Sigu, who was dozing on the bed, was not spared either. But he was happy enough that he wished his daughter would be the little sister of the cub, not some aunt.

    "Looks like Brother Yang, he's so gentle and beautiful." Lu Ying couldn't help laughing and complimenting her. The little baby was pure and white, with round eyes and just right eyelids. Although it was just a newborn, he was already open and excited. Big eyes, staring straight ahead and drinking milk quietly. Lying in Lu Qianchuan's arms, she enjoyed and was at ease.

    Soon, a bottle of milk powder was drained by her, and she burped. Lu Ying's heart was about to melt, and she couldn't help but stretch out her hand: "Let me hug her! I want to hug her!" The little baby reminded him of how cute Lu Zizai was when she was just born Of course, Lu Zizai's fleshy face is bigger than hers.

    How could Lu Qianchuan refuse Lu Ying, and carefully sent the child to Lu Ying, Lu Ying took it skillfully, the little girl arched in her arms, as if she was resisting the powerlessness of the unfamiliar embrace, arched twice, her face reddened , started to cry when opened mouth, humming...

    Lu Ying panicked, and quickly put the child back into Lu Qianchuan's arms: "Is she afraid of me?"

    It's amazing, the baby stopped crying as soon as he returned to Lu Qianchuan's arms, yawned a little, closed his eyes and started to sleep obediently.

    "Sure enough, I still admit it." Lu Ying sighed helplessly.

    "Yeah, yeah, don't even want me, cry when you hug me, this little princess with a high rank is really different." Ji Xiaofeng almost smiled and crooked her mouth, feeling that these days were all fun. Ever since he knew who Brother Yang's target was, he was overly frightened and felt uncomfortable, and now he can finally vent to his heart's content.

    "Otherwise, how could she be a little princess, she must be sensitive and delicate. It's different from a stinky boy." Liu Dichuan agreed, and helplessly spread his hands: "Unfortunately, I won't let me hug you."

    Lu Ying smiled and said, "Many children are like this. It is estimated that as long as Brother Yang and Grandpa Lu hug each other."

    "Well, she doesn't want anyone, as long as the two of us hug her, she won't cry." Lu Qianchuan smiled, his eyes full of tenderness and pride that could not be hidden.

    Seeing that he was focusing on the little daughter in his arms, Lu Ying couldn't help thinking of himself when he was a child. Why didn't Lu Qianchuan love him and the cub so much? No matter how taciturn he is in front of outsiders, he always responds to their needs and answers any questions they have.

    Only this time was completely hidden from him. But he believed that Grandpa Lu must have a reason. Anyway, he always had to give an explanation.

    Lu Ying adjusted her mood a lot and felt that she had to congratulate her grandfather and brother Yang, who were new fathers no matter what. Lu Ying whispered softly and smiled slyly: "Congratulations on being a father, sister-in-law!" He quickly ran to Brother Yang and squatted down.

    "...Lu Ying you!!!" Lu Qianchuan was furious, staring at Lu Ying fiercely.

    "Hahaha, no, I'm going to break my bowels from laughing today!" Ji Xiaofeng covered her stomach and bent over while laughing. Even Doctor Hu, who had just entered the door, couldn't help laughing, and looked at his old friend with a black face with schadenfreude.

    "Wow hahaha..." Liu Dichuan's voice was too loud, covering his mouth and hurried out to laugh.

    "Lu Xiaozhu is doing well, this sister-in-law is really nice." Ji Xiaofeng trembled, "Brother Ji called your brother today, be convinced!"

    "What nonsense!" Lu Qianchuan was so angry that his brows were cold, and his reaction was too great. The daughter in his arms suddenly pursed his lips and was about to cry. people.

    Lu Ying, who finally escaped the catastrophe, laughed in a low voice, "Oh... I'm so happy. Brother Yang, congratulations on being a father, you have an extra sweet little padded jacket!"

    Yang Sigu always wanted to laugh and didn't dare to laugh so hard, he heard the self-portrait and said, "Thank you Lu Ying. Your sister-in-law is right, you are indeed very interesting, and you made me laugh as soon as you came, why is the little mouth so sweet? ? I really like it (*^▽^*)”

    "Hehe, there's no such thing, it's my sister-in-law who praised it." Lu Ying scratched her head and smiled awkwardly: "Is Brother Yang okay? I'll bring you stewed soup tomorrow, and I'll get you anything else you want to eat."

    "Thank you, don't bother you to run around, anyway, I'll take the child home to live in a few days."

    "No trouble at all, tomorrow I will definitely bring the cub over to see his... little sister. I have prepared some daily necessities for the little baby, and they will be delivered tomorrow." Hmph, anyway, the little aunt or something, if you don't recognize it, it's just deny!

    Yang Sigu lowered his head and smiled: "Okay, you are welcome to come to see her at any time. The little girl will definitely be very happy. In the future, I will want my brother to play with my sister more."

    "No problem, Zizai has always envied other people's brothers and sisters who have a second child playing games together. Now it's okay, I finally have a little friend."

    Lu Qianchuan, who was holding the child, listened to their chat, and felt helpless. Seeing that Lu Ying and Yang Sigu had properly pulled his seniority to the ground and stepped on it firmly!

    Simply powerless.

    If you want to yell at that kid, it's not enough. It's easy to yell at him. If you scare the girl, you don't have to coax yourself.

    How about Yang Sigu? That is even more impossible, dare not dare.

    Lu Qianchuan had no choice but to hold the child in a sullen mood for a while, frowning tightly into the word "chuan".

    Lu Ying and Brother Yang chatted for a while and then went out consciously, closed the door and let Brother Yang rest well, leaving only Lu Qianchuan and the child to guard him in the room.

    Mr. Xu prepared a late-night snack, and everyone sat down to eat and chat. No matter what, today is a good day, and adding a baby in the mountains is a joy. The rest of the friends were still on their way back. heard that Brother Yang gave birth to a daughter, and everyone wanted to see it.

    Although Lu Ying still has unsolved thoughts in her heart, she should be happy or happy.

    On the way back, he couldn't help but post a circle of friends.

    Perfect Dad:

    Welcome my little niece(*▽*)

    [figure 1]

    The photo is just a tender white claw of the little baby, which he stole from Brother Ji in the group.

    The next day, Lu Ying told Lu Zizai the good news when he woke up, but Lu Zizai was not so happy after hearing it, but was confused, "Dad, who gave birth to my little niece?"

    "She's...cough, she's your Uncle Yang's daughter." Lu Ying flicked his forehead.

    Lu Zizai frowned: "But Uncle Yang didn't marry a wife. The last time I saw him he was a bachelor!"

    "Hey, you kid still know the word bachelor? Don't ask so much, anyway, your sister's father is Uncle Yang and..." Lu Ying covered her face, she couldn't explain it to her son.

    Lu Ying went mad and secretly scolded Grandpa Lu for being an old man and disrespectful!

    On the first day of vacation, Jin Dachu was in charge of taking Lu Cub to play in the community amusement park, while Lu Ying went to work in the bakery by herself.

    On the way, he flipped through his mobile phone, and now he has received a lot of likes from his friends and colleagues, as well as a message from Qin Zhuopu.

    Qin Zhuopu looks like a beautiful little princess. Congratulations on being an uncle.

    Full marks Dad is cute, right? thanks.

    Qin Zhuopu is cute. If only cub was a girl, I like daughters.

    Perfect score, Dad, you can't force it if you like it, so accept your fate.

    Qin Zhuopu admits it. Anyway, although my son is a big man, he is also a small padded jacket. He is very caring.

    Full marks Dad, tsk, so shameless, who is your son? Do I agree? Did cub agree? Wait for him to call your father, then you can stop talking.

    Qin Zhuopu doesn't agree and can't change the fact. The fat boy likes to shout or not. I don't care about it now.

    With full marks, my father secretly cried and stopped talking. I'm going to start work.

    Qin Zhuopu, you are busy, come on! The moon cake gift box company has already sent it out, and the employees all say that the customized moon cakes this year are delicious, you are awesome!

    Full score dad (#^^#) kiss jpg

    Putting down the phone, Qin Zhuopu turned the pen in one hand, his eyes wandering a little.

    Although Lu Ying didn't tell him who the parents of the little niece were, he could somewhat guess that one of them was the owner of the bakery, Yang.

    The last time Boss Yang was sick and almost fainted, he and Lu Ying personally sent them to Dr. Hu's house. Since then, Boss Yang has started to recuperate behind closed doors, and Lu Ying has made delicious soups to Boss Yang's house every three days. deliver.

    What's more, he once saw Boss Yang himself by chance in the past. If it had been before, he would have taken it for granted that Boss Yang had gained weight in middle age and had only gained a lot of weight.

    But now, he is almost 100% sure that this little niece, Lu Ying, was born by Boss Yang himself. I just don't know who the kid's other dad is. Lu Ying's brothers and sisters are probably not mortals.

    Lu Ying has been busy all day. In the evening, he took Lu Zaicai to Qixia Mountain to visit Brother Yang and the baby. He had given his son a vaccination on the way, but when he saw Grandpa Lu, the little guy was still surprised. He rushed over like a small cannonball: "Grandpa Lu! It's really you!"

    Jumping on Lu Qianchuan suddenly, Lu Qianchuan subconsciously reached out and hugged him, involuntarily showing a doting smile: "Little cub, you have grown up." One big and one small hugging happily, a long-lost picture It made Lu Ying extremely happy.

    No matter how angry he is with Grandpa Lu's 'secret' this time, he will never really blame him. Lu Qianchuan not only raised him, but also thanks to Grandpa Lu for taking care of him before he was three years old. Otherwise, it would be a problem if he wanted to go out to work.

    "Where did you go, Grandpa Lu? Dad said that you would never see each other after you died. Why are you alive now? And you seem to have gotten younger, Grandpa Lu! I miss you so much!" He kept asking, and Lu Qianchuan could put away any bad temper of the child he had brought with him for three years, and he was very patient.

    Lu Qianchuan originally wanted to explain to Lu Ying well today, and the timing is not bad.

    "Cub, Grandpa Lu was reborn from the ashes." Lu Qianchuan stroked the child's hair and said, "Grandpa Lu misses you too, good boy." He hugged Cub Lu deeply, he was the weakest During the most difficult time, thanks to this innocent and lovely child who accompanied him. Watching him stagger and grow up, his mentality has changed a lot unconsciously.

    "Then Grandpa Lu won't leave in the future? Can I still see Grandpa Lu often?" Lu Zizai looked at the man nervously.

    Lu Qianchuan nodded: "If you don't leave in the future, Grandpa Lu can watch cartoons with you."

    "That's great! Are you happy, Dad?"

    Lu Ying smiled, "Of course I'm happy."

    Lu Zizai suddenly hugged him: "It's good, Dad won't be sad when Grandpa Lu is home."

    "..." Lu Ying sighed that when Grandpa Lu left, he was very sad and depressed, but he didn't expect the child to remember it to this day.

    Lu Qianchuan's eyes flashed slightly, full of shame.

    "Zizai, you go and see the little sister, she is very cute, remember not to touch the little sister, to protect her." Lu Ying instructed his son to go aside.

    Lu Zizai really forgot what he asked, and went to see his little sister with great interest.

    Lu Qianchuan sighed and corrected: "It's an aunt, not a little sister, how can you bring down your seniority so low? You dare to call me sister-in-law, really, really... Who did you learn bad words from, hey!"

    Still wanting to talk about seniority, Lu Ying sat down at the table to drink a sip of cold water, and started to talk to Lu Qianchuan unceremoniously, "I have a good relationship with Brother Yang, of course, I will calculate according to his seniority, and it looks like this It's more reasonable. Otherwise, in the future, the little princess will go out to play on the slide, 'grandmother', grandpa, don't you think it's scary?"

    "...What's the horror? Facts are facts, I'm an elder, and my daughter is higher than you." Lu Qianchuan was not convinced.

    Lu Ying snorted: "Heh... How come I didn't know that Grandpa Lu was so shameless and disrespectful to the old man. You are an old cow eating young grass! Brother Yang has such a good personality and is versatile and capable, but I keep calling him Yang. Brother's person. You are already a grandfather, a real senior, how can you be so embarrassed to others...such and such?"

    Lu Ying's words made Lu Qianchuan's blood pressure soar. He glared at him and retorted: "You are the following, but you call me shameless? It sounds so ugly to your mouth? I'm an old bastard, right? I'm about the same age as him! Don't talk nonsense if you don't know."

    Sheep, sheep?


    Lu Ying's jaws were sore all of a sudden, oh my god... this elder's numbness would kill him and shiver.

    Quickly shaking her head to stop herself from fantasizing pictures that shouldn't be there, Lu Ying muttered, "I didn't say you were an old bastard. You admit it yourself, it's not bad for me."

    "How unreasonable you are!" Lu Qianchuan was so angry that he slapped the table, "You have learned badly, you have learned badly, you have never dared to speak to me like this before, neither big nor small, rude, what kind of wrath did I do? Want you to teach me that?"

    Lu Ying held her head and continued, "You've been hiding from me and didn't tell me any news. Brother Yang also kept it from me. I didn't let me know until the child was born."

    "Are you afraid that I will laugh at you? Or are you afraid that I will block you? Although I think Grandpa Lu, you are very cheeky, but Brother Yang and you are willing, why would I say anything against it? You don't tell me anything. I don't know. Just tell me, and of course I support you."

    Lu Ying said angrily: "You actually lived at Brother Yang's house this year, but I haven't seen you. You avoided me on purpose."

    "Lu Qianchuan didn't expect his words to change again, and he explained, "I didn't see you, it wasn't because of this. Brother Yang and I have known each other for many years before you were born, but we didn't get along for a long time and we broke up because of incompatible personalities. "

    Lu Ying was dumbfounded, it turned out to be an old friend


    ! No wonder he lived in the mountains since he was a child, but rarely saw Brother Yang go back to the mountains. Grandpa stays in the mountains all the year round and never goes out. Brother Yang spends all the year in the mountains and waters to experience life. It is estimated that it is possible to travel around the world several times. When Brother Yang later settled in the town, he already remembered.

    No one on the mountain has ever said anything about the past between them. Maybe everyone doesn't know.

    Forget it, he can't control the elders' evening love, and the child is born, of course, it's good to bless.

    What Lu Ying cares about is not about the elders falling in love, but anger that he is by his side but refuses to show his face.

    "It's not because of this, then why does everyone know about it, but don't tell me." Lu Ying said dully: "If it wasn't for the birth of the child, would you still hide it from me?"

    Lu Qianchuan shook his head: "I didn't mean to hide it from you. My situation was more complicated before."

    Breathing out, Lu Ying took the initiative to change the subject, and did not deliberately anger Grandpa Lu.

    "When the cub was three years old, you obviously... I buried you in the stone room with my own hands. What's the situation now?" Lu Ying asked dully.

    Lu Qianchuan said with guilt: "I shouldn't have woken up, you have seen it, I was already very weak at that time."

    "Well, is it Brother Yang...?" Lu Ying guessed a possibility.

    Lu Qianchuan nodded: "It was he who rescued me, and it cost a lot." He said with a smile, "I can promise that sentence. Join hands for a lifetime and grow old."

    "You guys..." Lu Ying felt a dull pain in his heart. He didn't expect Brother Yang to pay so much. He knew what it meant. For a while, there was nothing to say except admiration.

    Lu Qianchuan stroked his hair and reassured him, "Don't worry so much about the two of us as a child. It's fine now, don't worry about it."

    "I'm not a child." Lu Ying retorted, adding: "I hope your family is happy."

    "In my eyes, you will always be a child." Lu Qianchuan smiled kindly.

    Lu Qianchuan continued: "I was very weak when I first woke up, and the situation was uncertain. So I didn't let him and the old fox talk to the outside world."

    "So that's what happened..." Lu Ying understood, but he wasn't an outsider?

    "I avoided you on purpose... because I did something I'm sorry for." Lu Qianchuan sighed.

    Lu Ying is confused: "Grandpa Lu, will you do something that's sorry for me?"


    Jingle, Jingle, Jingle.

    Lu Ying smiled apologetically: "I'll take a call."

    He walked to the side and lowered his voice: "Hey, what's the matter? Ah, you're already here? I'm on Qixia Mountain, not at home. You bought my niece's gift? This..."

    He hesitated, wondering if Qin Zhuopu should come up the mountain at this time. After all, Brother Yang just gave birth to a child.

    Lu Qianchuan put down the teacup and said, "You asked him to come up. It happens that the two of you are together. I will make it clear at one time."

    "Does it matter?" Lu Ying looked into the room.

    Lu Qianchuan shook his head: "He should know what he should know. Anyway, you recognized him, right?"

    "Yeah." Lu Ying blushed with a clear attitude.

    "Hey..." Lu Qianchuan had a headache, and the more Lu Ying hated that kid, the more he felt guilty for what he did back then.

    Lu Ying asked carefully: "Then I'll let him come up?"

    "bring it on."

    Lu Ying happily informed Qin Zhuoou: "You come directly to Qixia Mountain, my grandpa Lu wants to see you."

    In Qixia Town, Qin Zhuopu hung up the phone with a smile on his face and strode towards Qixia Mountain.

    Where he couldn't reach seven years ago, this time, he can finally walk in openly.

    The author has something to say: (*^▽^*) One Xiaoshou, Pig and Pig` Two Xiaoshous, three sheep and sheep, jiji? ? 2333 This style of painting is wrong!

    small theater

    Zaizai: Let me introduce to you, this is my sister Yang Xiaolu! It's the one I'm covering!

    Xiaolu: No, I'm his aunt!

    Cub: ...

    small theater:

    Zaizai: Don't be angry dear, that was my sister just now, you misunderstood!

    Deer: He lied to you! Don't listen to him! I'm not his sister!

    Cub: Yes, yes! You are my aunt!

    Unknown:  …

    small theater

    President Qin: I bought a lot of gifts for your niece, your niece is my niece

    Lu Ying: ^_^ Not bad.

    President Qin: The little niece is so cute, come and come, take a red envelope

    Lu Qianchuan: This is your little aunt!

    President Qin:  …

    Lu Ying: The little aunt is an elder, so she still hasn't taken back the red envelope?

    President Qin:  …

    Lu Qianchuan: ...

    Brother Yang: Cough, she is your niece! Where is the red envelope?


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