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    Chapter 105

    The moment Lane's power infiltrated the God on Earth's body, he knew that his gamble had paid off. Since he was saving someone anyway, it didn't matter where he started; why not lend a final helping hand to the God on Earth?

    Lane's energy entered the God on Earth's body, allowing his soul to manifest before human eyes.

    The residents in the square watched, mesmerized, as the half-human, half-goat deity appeared, his face concealed by a white cloth, his snowy-white hair revealing intricate ram horns underneath.

    An ethereal figure began to materialize from Norman Kin's corpse – the soul being guided by the deity. Everyone held their breath, even forgetting the proximity of death and the bizarre danger they were in.

    They instinctively wanted to etch this scene into the depths of their souls.

    At that very moment, it felt like a legend was reenacted, a myth descending upon them.

    The God on Earth also followed Lane's gaze and soon understood from the expressions of the people what was happening. He clenched his fists to prevent himself from losing composure, forcing a smile as he stood beside Lane and promptly activated the recording device.

    He sensed that this was the moment when Norman Kin would ascend to godhood.

    It was also an epic recreation of a divine manifestation.

    Will the gods save this world descending into hell?

    Lan didn't disappoint him; he never did.

    The illusory flute began to materialize in his hand, transitioning from fiction to reality.

    The flute, also known as a panpipe or syrinx, consists of several tubes of the same material, arranged in either ascending or descending length and connected side by side. The bottoms of each tube are plugged, forming individual pipes that can be blown separately.*

    He placed the panpipe to his lips and blew gently.

    It must succeed.

    The crisp sound of dice echoed in his ear:

    "Instrument: Success"

    A soft, ethereal melody gradually filled the square.

    None of the abnormalities attacked humans anymore; in fact, they had ceased their actions ever since Lan's appearance, staring at him with a mix of fear and greed, hesitating to approach due to his imposing aura.

    Until the panpipe melody sounded, the creatures' gazes grew hazy, and they couldn't resist drawing closer.


    Back in the past, when Lane witnessed Arkham's calamity unfold, he wasn't unwilling to immediately open the Divine Kingdom to save the people. Instead, he was busy utilizing his believers and plants to search for clues about the mastermind behind the scenes, hoping to prevent this disaster.

    However, the information gathered by the plants plunged him into despair. Albert had found Amos's trail, but it seemed useless since the other party had laced the cookies and candies with potions. The cookies had already been distributed, and it was too late to retrieve them now.

    Was it a dead end? How could he possibly save Arkham?

    Lane closed his eyes and tried to recall the cards he held in his hand – the dice, the wand, and the panpipe...

    Wait, the panpipe! It could attract all spiritual beings, and that should include the creatures!

    Lane had also been practicing playing it these days. But there was still an issue: He could attract the creatures, but what then?

    How would he deal with the amassed creatures?

    The more he pondered, the more trapped he felt. Lane couldn't help but grip his wand tightly.

    Wait… A staff?

    Lane looked at the black wooden staff in his hand, its essence and seed to be extracted...

    A believer.


    As if sensing Lane's despair, Ogier gently held Lane's head: "It's alright, you've done your best."

    "No…" Lane's voice was hoarse, "I haven't even started, how can I say I've done my best?"

    "Ogier, do you have a way to mitigate the madness I'll cause? Without letting humans turn into trees under my contamination when I use the aspect of the Pan God?"

    Ogier replied, "I can try, but it's impossible to completely isolate it."

    "That's fine, even a little isolation would be enough."

    In Lane's mind, a rough outline of a mad plan began to take shape. He needed to use the panpipe to attract all the anomalies, using the awe of the Pan God's true form to intimidate them, then slowly extract their essences with the staff.

    Yet, the scepter was unable to digest all of Arkham's bizarre spirituality in one go, let alone Lane himself. Thus, it needed an outlet for release.

    This plan was rough and daring; one misstep would lead to ruin. But there was no other option at present.

    Oger cast a special spell on a white cloth, making it impossible for humans to gaze directly at Lane's true form. However, creatures of the bizarre and souls were unaffected.


    Nightly rubbed his eyes and turned to ask Babba, "Did I see wrong?"

    Baba, equally astonished, stared at the scene. She turned her head and pinched Shu Shu Hao fiercely.

    Uncle Hao gasped in pain, but he didn't dare to shift his gaze away.

    There was nothing else to it; the scene before their eyes was so utterly breathtaking that even their souls seemed to tremble. The live stream had already exploded with comments, but the Mischievous Squad couldn't bear to divert their gaze from the spectacle to check the bullet comments, for to miss even a second of this would be a tragedy.

    A satyr, half-man and half-goat, his face veiled in white, traversed the skies while playing his panflute. Behind him floated a translucent soul, a figure well-known to the players.

    God walks among us.

    Behind them came a tide of the bizarre, densely packed and following closely. With each note of Pan's pipe, contorted creatures transformed into silver threads and golden specks, as if their souls had found redemption.


    Nayia heard a woman's voice behind her and turned to see the middle-aged woman cradling the six-legged creature. The bizarre creature in her arms withered, eventually dissolving into golden light that joined the ranks of the celestial beings in the sky.

    "Thank you, thank you," the woman sobbed uncontrollably.

    Similar voices echoed from different areas. Whenever Lane passed through a region, the creatures there would be drawn to the sound of his flute and the presence of the god, forsaking their prey to join the vast procession of the bizarre.

    Residents who had already closed their eyes in anticipation of death found themselves saved. Some, upon catching sight of Lane's figure, fell into a frenzied devotion, shouting praises to their savior. Others, struck with awe, attempted to capture the scene with electronic devices, though their efforts proved futile.

    Kerry sat on the edge of the Audit Bureau's rooftop, mesmerized by the scene before him. His cigarette dropped, burning his fingers without him noticing. On the back of his hand was a prominent tattoo of an open book page.

    "Teacher, is this the scene you witnessed back then?"

    A seed had taken root and sprouted within his heart.


    "It's breathtaking..."

    Amos watched the scene with profound emotion, tears welling up in his eyes. He stretched out his arms as if to embrace the moment.

    "This is what I wanted to see, this is the ultimate goal I've been striving for."

    Amos felt his heart pounding and his soul trembling at the sight, even though he had yet to witness the flower within Lane's soul.

    Some flowers, it seemed, were enchanting without being plucked.

    How could he not be captivated?

    Amos laughed maniacally, "Do you see? The Master of Arkham is born today."

    The divine entourage moved slowly towards Amos, their pace deceptive, covering great distances with each step. Lane's gaze remained fixed on Amos.

    Given the circumstances, how could he let the mastermind slip away?

    Behind his white veil, a cold smile tugged at the corners of Lane's mouth.

    The immense procession drew ever closer, but Amos was oblivious, his entire being captivated by the approaching deity.

    Yet, frustratingly, the white cloth that veiled the Lord's face prevented him from beholding the divine radiance.

    How could this be acceptable? Amos felt as if ants were devouring his heart. He quietly crushed a flower, a hint of purple flickering in his eyes, and fearlessly reached beneath the cloth.

    His wish was granted.

    A fleeting beauty transcending human comprehension appeared before him. Amos clutched his flower-like eyeball, laughing foolishly, as he spread his arms wide. The monsters swarmed upon him, engulfing and tearing apart his form.

    Lahn passed by indifferently, continuing to circle above Arkham.

    Near the police station, in Black Poker Street, at the square, the hospital...

    Archie opened his eyes, dazed. Unconsciously, he looked out the window, his eyes reflecting the divine figure.

    Edmund, who was slaying monsters to save lives outside, and Albert, who stood alongside him, both lifted their heads. The creatures they faced ignored them; wherever the deity passed, the monsters were drawn to Lahn like magnets.

    The melodious flute echoed in every heart. Occasionally, a monster would vanish from the ranks, its essence transforming into golden light that gathered around the god, as though sins had been cleansed, and souls uplifted.

    The rescued emerged from the structures, prostrating themselves devoutly on the ground.

    Gratitude, fervor, adoration, joy...

    Many had, in an instant, become true believers, even fanatics.

    Unaware, spirit seeds descended upon their souls and into the world, as Lane continuously drew on the strange procession behind him with his staff. He then transformed the overflowing spirituality into seeds, planting them into existence through the ever-increasing number of true believers.

    Invisible to them, these spirit seeds began to grow into plants that straddled the line between illusion and reality. These plants climbed the steel forest, eventually enveloping all of Arkham.

    Two trees make a grove, three trees a forest.

    Wherever they touched, it became a realm of the divine.


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