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    Chapter 166


    A mouth filled with razor-sharp fangs loomed before his eyes, ready to sink into his neck. Marcron abruptly jolted awake from his nightmare.

    Ha, ha...

    He was still alive?

    Marlon absently touched his neck, discovering it swathed in thick bandages and plaster. He seemed to be lying in a room resembling a hospital ward, surrounded by machines monitoring his vital signs.

    A voice came from outside the room as someone pushed the door open, "You're awake?"

    "Where... am I?"

    "You're in New Port, beneath the church. Father Austin brought you back here," the nurse said gently. "Do you feel any discomfort elsewhere?"

    Marlon felt his pocket, indeed finding no phone. This meant that he had indeed been attacked by the dog, and his memory was still frozen at that moment. The mere thought of the dog's sharp teeth caused the pain in his neck to resurface.

    Wait, Austin brought him back. What about that phone and the recording on it...!

    Eager to get out of bed, he was promptly stopped by the nurse. "Your wounds haven't fully healed yet."

    "Austin, where's Austin?!"

    "Lord Austin is in a meeting with the other elders. They said they can't wait indefinitely since you've been unconscious for too long," the nurse explained.

    As soon as she finished speaking, Malon impatiently waved her away, bolting out of the room through the door. "Tell me where the meeting room is?!"

    Malon burst in just as God Amongst Men was concluding his report on their investigation in Arkham.

    "Oh, Malon," God Amongst Men's eyes lit up with delight as he stepped forward, arms open wide. "It's wonderful to see you awake."

    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have interrupted the meeting," Malon said, regretful after his impulsive entrance. Looking at the assembly of cult leaders in the conference room, he suddenly felt uneasy and turned to God Amongst Men. "Did I miss something?"

    "No, you've come at the perfect time," God Amongst Men smiled, guiding the nervous Malon to the front. "Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause to this brave warrior. Thanks to Mr. Malon's fearlessness, we were able to gather such valuable information!"

    Indeed, some people exuded confidence and grace with every move they made. The high-ranking officials seated around the conference table began applauding spontaneously.

    The new cardinal, the supreme leader of the Secret Order, and the heads of numerous smaller organizations...

    These figures, whom he could only look up to in the past, were now applauding him.

    This applause swelled into a surging tide of emotion within Malon, leaving his eyes moist with gratitude. He felt that all the fright and risks he had encountered on this mission were amply rewarded.

    He stole a glance at God Among Men beside him, who was also clapping. Their gaze met, filled with approval.

    He hadn't seized all the credit while Malon was unconscious; instead, he had put him in the spotlight, acknowledging his contributions.

    Malon's heart, which had been suspended high since he awoke, finally eased, and he expressed his gratitude to the divine presence: "Thank you."

    The Divine on Earth smiled at him before turning back to the assembly of cult leaders. "Now that the other key figure in this mission has arrived, let's go through the previous report once more. You may add anything you think is necessary."

    Malon replied, "No problem."

    "Our task was to go to Arkham City and uncover Miskatonic University's secrets. However, shortly after landing, we encountered an eerie event," the Divine on Earth recounted the bizarre mist and their hotel encounter. As he mentioned the loss of two team members, his expression was one of deep sorrow. "We suspect that we've entered a mystical realm. Under the shroud of the fog, everything became askew. On reflection, even our emotions began to exhibit abnormalities, making us highly excitable."

    "A mystical realm? Are you certain?" the Cardinal in red asked, surprised.

    Both Malon, that minor wizard, and the short man knew of the two ways to create a Secret Realm. The cardinal, naturally, was aware as well. Considering that there had never been any rumors about mists in Arkham before, there was only one possibility left.

    "Let's be clear," God on Earth said, "at the very least, this mist wasn't formed naturally. Under its cover, we've clearly been separated from reality, and creatures that don't belong in this world have appeared within."

    "Arkham is th