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    Chapter 144

    "I… honestly don't know."


    Lane stared at him with widened eyes, and Ogler met his gaze innocently. "I just took on the Chief's commission, and then he handed me an infant."

    "An infant?" Lane was taken aback.


    Lane furrowed his brow, recalling the fleeting glimpse he'd caught the first time he'd opened the door.

    An infant...

    "But I don't think you're an evil god, or at least not purely one," Ogler said then. "Do you remember your directional prayer in the second timeline?"

    "The youngest son of dreams."

    Indeed, there was another oddity in the second timeline: Lane's targeted prayer wasn't 'Overturner of Fate' but 'Youngest Son of Dreams.'

    Recalling what Ogul had said earlier, that Perfect Ones were naturally born in the Dream World without parents, it could be inferred that the Old Gods also originated from the Dream World. If Lane was in a similar situation, then it would be impossible for him to be a hybrid or an evil god, as evil gods came from other worlds.

    Wait, if he's the 'youngest son,' does that mean he's the last Old God to have been born in the Dream World?

    "Does the corrupted Dream World no longer give birth to Perfect Ones or Old Gods?"

    "Exactly. The Dream World has a consciousness. Before, Perfect Ones enjoyed various privileges within it because they, in turn, added unique hues to the Dream World. However, after being contaminated by evil gods, the Perfect Ones polluted the Dream World, and thus were cast out."

    The last child...

    Lane pondered. Does this mean that the Dream World was already contaminated when I was being conceived? Hence, my adaptability to corruption and fog? And what about the privilege of opening and closing doors? Is it because the Dream World wishes to drive away the evil gods?

    Seemingly reading Lane's thoughts, Ogul spoke, "There's no need to worry too much. If you're concerned about this, I'll find a way to help you uncover the truth."

    "Uncover the truth? Who should I ask?" Lane was taken aback.

    "Of course, the Chief," Ogul said matter-of-factly. "Now that you've grasped the method to open doors and possess the Ark, you'll inevitably have to return to the Dream World, won't you?"

    Ah, right.

    In the second world line, Pan had lamented his inability to unlock the other seals, thus limiting its effectiveness to only a fraction.

    Yet, in his previous battle against Judah, it was largely thanks to the Ark that Lane had turned the tide. It had also played a crucial role in his confrontation with the angel. Such a powerful artifact could not be overlooked.

    In the second timeline, Pan was able to avert the apocalypse by transforming all humans into trees. This prevented the summoning of the malevolent deities, as there were no humans left to call upon them. Moreover, even if these divine beings attempted to forcefully manifest, Lanen, who had transformed the entire world into a divine realm, would promptly appear to send them back through the portal.

    This strategy is quite understandable. Just by transforming Arkham alone into a divine realm, with the majority of its inhabitants worshipping Him, Lahn had already gained considerable power. A newly descended deity wouldn't be a match for Him. However, conquering city after city would be an overly tedious process, unless He were determined to follow the path of the Second Timeline.

    ...But with the second timeline now revealed, it meant that Lane couldn't rely on its method to resist the deity's descent anymore, and he wasn't particularly keen on using that approach either.

    Furthermore, although Judah had been temporarily repelled, it was evident that he would return. He might even be plotting his comeback as they spoke. As the religion with the most followers in this world, if he were to descend as God, the Pasture God who failed to turn the world into a forest would undoubtedly be no match.

    Hence, the key lay in the Ark of the Covenant.

    "What are the conditions for unsealing the Ark?" Lane asked.

    "Actually, you should have already guessed it. The seal was imposed by the Council of Thirteen Perfect Ones, so it requires the assistance of the thirteen Old Gods," Ogar said.


    Lane recalled that when he first obtained the Ark, one of the seals had already been broken. "Was the original Pan also one of the thirteen deities?!"

    "Well, yes, but in the great battle against the Evil God, It was the first deity to fall," Ogier said. "Still, a seal was left behind, and it appears that one who inherits Its power can also undo it."

    So it is.

    The previous uncertainty surrounding the Ark of Covenant was now unraveled, and Lann sighed in relief. "In other words, the next phase of our objective is to find a way into the Dreamworld to unseal the Ark of Covenant?"

    Indeed, the players had guessed correctly. The next update would indeed introduce a new map, accompanied by a chain of quests that would run through the main storyline.

    Having absorbed too much information, Lane expressed his need to organize his thoughts. Ogar, being considerate, was about to depart when Lane tugged at his sleeve.

    "Sorry, could you stay with me for a little while?"

    Lane couldn't quite pinpoint his feelings. Perhaps it was because, upon seeing Ogar, he was reminded of his solitary self in another timeline, watching over a world reduced to mere trees.

    Others might not have noticed, but Lane, from one fleeting scene, had caught sight of Its hand touching the ground's shadow, revealing a forlorn and solitary expression.

    Was he also waiting for Ogar's awakening?

    Ogar remained silent, sitting on the ground, and Lane didn't do anything unnecessary. Instead, he leaned against Ogar's broad back, closed his eyes, and in reality, immersed himself in the players' forum.

    Upon waking from their dreams, all players received a notification that the main quest had concluded. Then followed the familiar routine: they were booted offline, only to vent their overflowing excitement on the forums.

    Seven Stars in a Row: AAAAAAAA! This main quest is over, so much information, so many parts worth discussing!

    Crazy No More: Those two timelines were incredible! How does Mad Official come up with such ideas? !

    Shake Off Troubles: The narrative animations were truly amazing, whether it was the awe of the angel's descent or the subsequent storyline across the two timelines – both were super smooth!

    Too Flashy Venus: Congratulations, another brilliant addition to the army of game-makers who use their feet for games but their hearts for animations!

    Money's Not My Thing: Stop making games, Official! Make animations instead! You'll definitely make a profit from those two timelines! Please, just do it!

    Innocent Cake: I'm different; I want replicas of those two timelines! Let me play, let me play now!

    Desperately Want to Be a Nuclear Power Plant: Me too, me too! I want to experience those timelines! Please, please, Official, sob sob.

    Glasses P: Despite my eagerness to play, it seems the climax has already unfolded, and the biggest mystery has been revealed. Although I enjoyed those two narrative animations, it would be more impactful if there were separate instances where players could progress the story step by step. Now, it feels like any additional content might lack that wow factor.

    Peppup: I agree. It's a bit disappointing, especially since I haven't been lucky enough to get into the closed beta yet.

    No Mischief, No Fun: No need to feel sorry! We can divide into two factions and fight! One for Pantheism and one for Liberty. And I'll be there to crush those who don't support Pantheism (smiling emoji)

    Whispering Shadows: Then no one would choose the Liberty faction, hahaha. Speaking of the main storyline, there's so much to discuss. The Ark transmission and the world lines, especially the world lines, seem to hold a wealth of information. I'm eagerly waiting for Master Black Cat's analysis.

    Liyu FishFishFish: +1, same here! Also waiting!

    The Strongest Man: So many people are waiting? Could someone @Black Cat? I don't want to think anymore! Master Black Cat, feed me your theories!

    Beauty Equals Justice: Does nobody care about our super cool Ark delivery? :/

    No Craziness: Care! Of course we do! You were awesome, darling!

    Perhaps due to the appearance of the key figures or Druid's mention that Black Cat was typing frantically and would arrive soon, the urging voices temporarily shifted their focus back to the Ark transmission.

    Nightly: Seriously, you newcomers stole the spotlight this time! That last move was incredible! You're surely headed for the Hall of Fame, right?

    Tax Inspector: Thankfully, I received the system notification promptly. Everyone's now in the cathedral!

    Baba: Damn, I'm so envious!

    This comment caught the attention of the veteran players who were previously more focused on the world line. They grumbled with envy.

    After all, entering the cathedral was still a sought-after achievement for players. The veterans had worked tirelessly to secure a position within, but their efforts ended in vain, even costing them Old Ka. Yet, the newbies managed to enter the cathedral – all of those who participated in the relay!

    Uncle Hao: Wow, how many of you are there?

    Appearance is Justice: 28 people.

    Upon hearing this number, the veterans fell silent. They had been occupied with their main quests while the new players were doing their relay, so they didn't have a clear understanding of what the newbies had accomplished. They only knew bits and pieces from forums and armchair gamers.

    But, 28 lives lost...

    Though they hadn't witnessed it themselves, the magnitude of loss was palpable from that single digit, conveying the weight of those brief moments.

    Ah Long: I'm so envious that 28 of you made it into the cathedral, qaq

    Beauty is Justice: Haha! Envious, aren't you! We owe it all to the veteran players! Really, thank you for paving the way; otherwise, we would never have had this chance!

    The other novice players quickly followed suit, expressing their gratitude in a mix of sarcasm and sincerity. After all, it was thanks to the veterans' initial 'trickery' that the novices had risen to prominence.

    Baba: Ahaha... I didn't take part in that!

    Tax Collector: Indeed, we must thank you. It's a combination of luck and coincidence that led to such an exciting plot twist. Ah, when I died, I felt as if I could empathize with the feeling of a god-like figure on earth.

    God Amongst Men: It was truly fantastic, wasn't it?

    Revenue Officer: Indeed, it was as if I had lived a second life in its fullness.

    Revenue Officer: Especially after Lahn took charge of the Ark, I felt that I could die right there, content knowing I had led a brilliant and radiant existence as a revenue officer.

    In reality, who can truly live as vividly as a summer flower?

    Most people lead unassuming lives, coming and going without fanfare.

    Not that they don't aspire to live a legendary life, but most simply have too many attachments holding them back.

    In the virtual realm, they have no inhibitions. They can be heroes or villains, saviors or unforgivable sinners.

    Divine Presence Among Mortals: Perhaps this is the allure of role-playing games – granting players freedom, and in turn, receiving their unique life narratives. This, I believe, is the essence of the game.

    Matcha Milk Green: Admiring the pros! Has the official side shown any response yet? Hurry up and give them a big thumbs up!

    As if by divine command, the official quietly released a new PV.

    PV3 - "The Flame Passed On"


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