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    Chapter 164

    Burdened with the sudden influx of significant information, the gloomy man, Malron, was visibly enthralled in an inexplicable state of excitement. His gaze oscillated between the Book of the Undead and the previous history book, clearly intending to take both with him.

    That wouldn't do. Though the Divine Being on Earth had intended for him to witness the depths of Myrdal's heritage, its assets were not to be touched.

    Before he could speak, Malron suddenly proposed, "I have an idea. Let's burn this place down."

    Divine Being on Earth: "..."

    Malron: "I'm dead serious. MIT is our adversary. This library is invaluable. If we can't take it with us, we certainly can't leave it for the enemy."

    Seizing the moment, he eagerly snatched the phone from God Amongst Men and pulled out a lighter from his pocket.

    Why would a perfectly sane person court death?

    God Amongst Men sighed, momentarily ignoring the barrage of angry comments triggered by his remark. He quietly moved behind Malron, pondering what excuse he could use to knock him out without arousing suspicion.

    Burning the library was completely unacceptable. Players would tear them apart. As Malron had mentioned, in a way, the library held MIT's 'essence.'

    Wait a moment.

    At this point, a foreboding premonition inexplicably surfaced in God Amongst Men's mind.

    It seemed they had overlooked something crucial.

    Just as Malon was about to ignite the lighter near the bookshelf, a dog silently appeared behind him.


    Malon felt the hairs on his back stand on end. He spun around swiftly, only to find the massive dog already lunging at him. With great difficulty, he managed to turn aside, but not before deep claw marks scored his arm.

    "Damn beast!" Malon cursed under his breath, his eyes fixed on the eerie black dog as he chanted a spell. However, something peculiar happened—the curse-like black mist flashed across the dog's body and vanished without a trace.

    Damn it, his spell didn't work on this dog? !

    This astonishing realization left Malon frozen in fear. If not for God Amongst Men's quick reflexes in pulling him away, the dog might have taken his head off.

    "Run!" Without hesitation, God Amongst Men grabbed Malon and dashed towards the library exit. Right, he finally remembered what they had forgotten—this library had a guardian!

    He also hadn't expected Mallon to be so reckless, directly provoking the library's guardian. Now, neither of them stood a chance at survival. This was the dog that once killed a creature of the strange!

    The dog wouldn't attack students, but the issue was that God on Earth wasn't a Michigan University student now. Mallon was a cultist, and the logic the professor had used wouldn't work in front of the dog. All they could do now was hope that Lane would step in just in time to save the day!

    The live stream audience was well aware of God on Earth's predicament and laughed mercilessly.

    "It's coming. Being chased by a dog, a classic moment."

    "Ha! Will God on Earth really get bitten to death?"

    "Hard to say. I bet God on Earth and the Black Cat crew didn't discuss this with the dog. Besides, God on Earth's card has nothing to do with Michigan University, so the dog won't hold back."

    "Oh no! Such a tragedy, hahaha... but why am I laughing?"

    "Admit it, it's just too funny."

    With the dog hot on their heels, God on Earth glanced at the barrage of ruthless taunts flashing past his live stream. He was utterly helpless.

    Indeed, the dog didn't intend to let them off. In the short distance, Mallon and God on Earth narrowly escaped being mauled by the dog's jaws and claws several times. The Michigan University dog's claws and teeth were deadly. A scratch or bite caused excruciating pain for some reason. Mallon had personally verified that wizard spells were ineffective against the dog. For a moment, the two grown men could only flee in panic.

    This dog is really capable of killing someone!

    After the initial laughter in the live stream subsided, the viewers gradually started to worry as they saw God on Earth being relentlessly pursued by the dog.

    "Poor guy..."

    "He can't really be mauled to death, right? Who's going to save them?"

    "No, we can't intervene. It would seem too deliberate."

    "Besides, if we rescue them, it would definitely raise suspicion according to their characters, and that would mess up the storyline."

    "But we can't just stand by and watch the big shot get bitten to death."

    "I've got an idea! God on Earth, head for the experimental area! That's the closest to the botanical garden, and those plants are directly connected to Lahn. If you appeal to the plants for help, there's a chance Lahn will notice!"

    It was a somewhat viable plan.

    God on Earth led Malon towards the research facility, which incidentally was also the final destination that God on Earth and the Black Cat had planned for Malon.

    Simply put, the infirmary was located in the westernmost part of the campus, while the research area happened to be at the eastern end. Their journey from west to east had practically encompassed the entire view of the university, almost fulfilling their mission.

    Malon was oblivious to God's subtle manipulations and focused entirely on his injured arm, which was causing him excruciating pain. "What the hell is this? A dog? Some kind of monstrous creature in dog form? Is there no normality in this school, even with dogs having resistance to magic?!"

    God on Earth replied, "I'm not sure either, but if that library has a Book of the Undead, it makes sense for it to have a guardian!"

    At first glance, it seemed logical.

    Malon could only grit his teeth and swallow his frustration, forcing himself to run. "Where are we running to?!"

    "Who knows? We'll head wherever it's safe!"

    Not quite.

    With his injured arm, Malon lacked the ability to judge direction and relied entirely on God on Earth. Meanwhile, God on Earth could already see the individual laboratories scattered ahead.

    If they could just make it through these labs, the botanical garden would be behind them – their salvation!

    Just then, God on Earth felt a chill down his spine as a system notification popped up.

    "Dodge: Successful"

    Divine Being tumbled on the ground, barely evading the dog's pounce. However, the dog's claws tore through most of his shirt, revealing that had the dodge not succeeded, it would have left a significant "reminder" on his back.

    Since the second main quest, when Mira joined Lane's Divine Kingdom, players hadn't seen her dog for a long time and were almost forgetting about the library's guardian. Even Black Cat and the others had overlooked bribing the librarian, nearly causing their well-laid plan to fail catastrophically here!

    "Ahh!" At this moment, Malon let out a shrill scream. Divine Being looked over to see that though the dog hadn't hit him, Malon had fallen victim to its bite, the creature clamping down on his ankle. A crisp snap echoed, the sound of bone breaking. Malon's body then turned into a black mist, vanishing before reappearing next to Divine Being a second later.

    However, this seemed to be his ultimate survival technique. After casting the spell, Malon's face was as pale as a patient recovering from a severe illness. His lips trembled, and beads of cold sweat covered his forehead.

    What made him most despair was that his right leg was broken, leaving him unable to stand. The dog, on the other hand, remained unscathed, sealing his fate to die here.

    The dog stood between them and the botanical garden, its red eyes locked onto them with murderous rage, ready to pounce at any sign of movement.

    "No, no, no! Don't leave me behind!" Malon gripped Divine Being's calf tightly, his face filled with pleading. He knew all too well how cultists reacted in crises; these scoundrels had no humanity. Even he himself would abandon a hindrance without hesitation if he were in this situation!

    To his surprise, Divine Being knelt down, placing the phone containing crucial information into Malon's arms. Then, he hoisted him onto his back. "Don't worry, I won't abandon you."

    "I'm the captain, and I'll bring my team back safely."

    In that instant, Malon's emotions were so convoluted that they defied description. He should have mocked this naive guy, but now, as he found himself in peril, he couldn't help but find the guy infuriatingly charismatic!

    However, divine intervention seemed to be at play, for a few seconds earlier, a fleeting message had flashed across the screen.

    "Black Cat: Big shot, the research facility behind you is open! Head there; perhaps you'll find something to slow the dog down!"

    Without hesitation, God Among Men seized the opportunity, dashing into the research facility with Malon just as the dog was about to pounce, and slammed the door shut.


    A deafening crash echoed from behind the door. Both God Among Men and Malon leaned against it with all their might to keep it closed. The pounding continued for a while, but as the dog outside saw no chance of entry, the noise gradually subsided.

    "Did it leave?" Malon asked uncertainly.

    "No, it's still there. Dogs are persistent. It won't give up its prey easily," replied God Among Men softly. Malon instantly grew tense, hurriedly turning his head to scan for any other exits. However, as he twisted his head 90 degrees, what he saw made the seasoned cultist scream in terror.

    Less than two meters away, on a laboratory table, a figure composed entirely of maggots lay silently asleep. Upon hearing the disturbance, the maggots on the body began to stir, with some dropping off the table, wriggling grotesquely.

    "Ugh!" Marlon couldn't help but cover his mouth.

    The gods didn't feel anything, not because they were tough, but simply because they were in green mode, seeing nothing but pixels before their eyes.

    Marlon was ashamed by this display of toughness and even felt a hint of admiration. He had previously looked down on, or rather, envied this young man who had recently joined the Church but had already risen to the rank of Bishop. Now, he finally understood why this person could attain such a position in such a short time—there was no doubt that this guy was a true powerhouse!


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