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    Chapter 162

    "Did we go too far?"

    "It's alright. Passing out was convenient for transporting him there without the risk of being discovered."

    "Alright, everyone, get into position! We'll start the next scene right away!"


    The gloomy man abruptly jolted awake from his nightmare, finding himself lying on a hospital bed.

    Just now, it seemed like he had been...

    "You're awake? Good to see you're alright, buddy," Divine Being on Earth was the first to notice the gloomy man's stirring and promptly approached to feign consolation. "Sorry, I thought I could handle it, but that monster was too cunning."

    The gloomy man's mind was in disarray as he gazed blankly at Divine Being on Earth's face, struggling for a while before he could piece together what had just transpired.

    It seemed he had assumed that Divine Being on Earth had temporarily taken control of the monster, so he had stepped forward...

    The gloomy young man clutched his aching forehead, then glanced around. He noticed the alluring woman and the milk tea dog lying on other beds, their conditions unknown. Besides them were a few others wearing school badges – badges that seemed eerily familiar.

    Michigan University!

    Instinctively, he tried to jump up, but the movement pulled at his wounds, causing him to fall back to the ground with a pained cry.

    "Hey, hey, calm down. We're not the bad guys," the Druid said, squatting down to reassure him.

    The black cat added, "We saved you, remember?"

    The gloomy young man looked questioningly at God Among Men, who nodded casually, "That's right. After you passed out, they appeared and rescued us. They drove away that black monster. However, Jimmy and Cassie were too severely injured and haven't awakened yet."

    God Among Men winked at the young man, who immediately realized that their identities hadn't been exposed. Their rescue was just a coincidence. A grateful expression spread across his face, "Oh, thank you so much. I mean, I thought we were done for."

    "No need to thank us, brother. In this terrible mist, we have to help each other to survive," the Druid said.

    "Um, could you explain to him what's going on here, where we are? Just like you explained to me earlier," God Among Men suggested.

    It was time to reveal the context.

    Druid: "No problem, we were planning to do just that. First of all, you're currently at Miskatonic University, or MU for short. You might not have heard of it. Our school focuses on investigating bizarre incidents and preventing malevolent schemes. Hence, what we study here differs from conventional universities. You could consider us like a specialized police academy grooming unique officers. We're all students here."

    Gloomy Guy: "I had no idea such a school existed."

    "Due to specific reasons, our existence is concealed from ordinary people, and our university only manifests when the mist appears," the Druid explained.

    Gloomy Guy, whose task was to gather intelligence, silently reached into his pocket and turned on a small, real-time recording device. "Why?"

    "Well, it's to prevent those guys from finding us," shrugged the Druid. "After all, the most dangerous places can also be the safest."

    Before Gloomy Guy could press further, the black cat interjected, "Oh, right, I heard you're outsiders, tourists, correct? That explains why you're unaware of Arkham's tradition of not leaving during foggy days. In fact, it's true. Once the mist arises, the city's magnetic field begins to warp, revealing strange phenomena that are usually unseen, including the creature that chased after you. It only emerges during foggy weather."

    "Don't worry, you'll be able to leave once the fog clears. Until then, stay here temporarily. Within MU, as long as you don't wander off, you'll be safe. Any more questions?"

    Gloomy Guy promptly replied, "Of course, there are still many things I don't understand."

    "Oh, while I don't mind explaining, knowing too much about certain things isn't beneficial for an ordinary person. My apologies," the black cat said, aware of when to stop. To avoid arousing suspicion among the cultists, they didn't disclose all their information at once. "Alright, your wound hasn't fully healed yet. Stay here before the mist dissipates. Your companion's injuries are more severe; they probably won't wake up anytime soon."

    At this moment, the Druid glanced at their phone, their expression turning grave. They tugged at the black cat. "There's more activity outside."

    "Alright, we have other matters to attend to. Sorry, but we can't stay here for long. If you need to use the restroom, turn left when you exit."

    The druid and the black cat hurriedly left the infirmary.

    "It's hard to believe how fortunate we've been."

    At that moment, Divine Being in the Mortal World spoke from beside, "I thought it was all over, but it seems like there's light at the end of the tunnel."

    The gloomy man grunted, struggling to his feet to check on the other two individuals. As the black cat and the druid had mentioned, their injuries were severe, and they remained unconscious.

    He then approached the window to survey the outside scenery. The fog persisted, and visibility seemed even lower than before, reducing from around three or four meters to only about two meters. One could barely make out the surrounding buildings through the outline of weapons.

    Is this... a teaching building?

    They were indeed within that enigmatic university.

    His spirits immediately stirred. The opportunity to complete the mission, return to New Harbor, and climb the ranks within the Church was now tantalizingly close.

    "...Who do you think they were referring to?"

    "What?" The gloomy man had been lost in his thoughts and hadn't heard what God Amongst Men had just asked.

    "Didn't they say that Miskatonic only appears in the fog to avoid someone?" God Amongst Men elaborated on the backstory calmly. "Think about it. They've offended so many church schools in New Port. Who could be the giant they're afraid of?"

    Hearing this, the gloomy man's attention was finally drawn back. "The church in Arkham couldn't be...?"

    "The Secret Church," God Amongst Men named the organization.

    Due to their profession, the cult in New Port would keep an eye on emerging groups, like the Forest Sect that had risen in Orland or the Secret Church that had taken root in Arkham.

    However, due to their geographical differences, they didn't interact much and only maintained a casual interest.

    The gloomy man still found it hard to believe. "Surely you don't mean that this Secret Church is stronger than all of us in New Port combined?"

    God Amongst Men replied, "I didn't say that."

    But that was precisely what he meant.

    After all, considering that Miskatonic University could send its students to confront all the cult organizations in New Port, yet had to establish itself in the fog out of fear of the Secret Church, the contrast in their attitudes was already quite evident.

    "Our role is merely to speculate; the validation of facts rests with them." The deity among mortals hinted at a deeper meaning.

    "Indeed," the gloomy man acquiesced, no longer dwelling on the enigmatic secret cult's strength. He slipped his hand into his pocket, instinctively fiddling with something before retrieving his phone. "Our priority now is to complete the mission."

    After a brief discussion, they exited the infirmary. The gloomy man took charge of filming with his phone, while the deity among mortals kept watch for any onlookers. Unbeknownst to him, a subtle smile played on the deity's lips as he led the way.

    "Hahaha, are we recording a guide for studying at Mystic University? Hilarious, especially since it's a cultist doing it!"

    "Laughing to death. Recording for Mystic University's arrival, well done."

    "Dude, they're ruthless cultists, but I feel a tragic sense of being deceived and still helping them count the money."

    "These cultists aren't up to par."

    "It's the players who are too cunning, and Deity Among Mortals and Black Cat bigwigs are just too strong, hahaha."

    "No, no, no. We owe it to Lane, hahaha. His crucial technical support made this performance possible."

    "How amusing! This is my first time encountering such a mission. Give the planner a big thumbs up!"

    "Agreed, hoping for more of these missions in the future."

    "Count me in, too! Hhh, I'd even be content with being an extra in the background."

    Now came the most crucial part of Act II.

    The deity moved stealthily among mortals, leading the gloomy man towards the academic building. With the thick fog covering their path, the gloomy man remained oblivious to their departure from reality or the obscured reflection of Arkham Hospital above them.

    Inside the teaching building, some classrooms were still in session. The deity and the gloomy man sneaked in cautiously, especially the latter, who was extra careful, unaware that he was already under the watchful eyes of the players.

    However, since the black cat had previously mentioned this situation on the forum, those players who weren't idling during class made an effort not to turn their heads and spectate.

    The professor on the lectern was also oblivious, delivering a passionate lecture with enthusiasm.

    As the gloomy man continued his surveillance, his mood grew heavier. Witnessing the earnest students in the classroom, he felt a sense of detachment and gravity. It was akin to discovering that the hooligan who had beaten him up in public was actually a good student. Lowering his head, he whispered almost inaudibly to the deity:

    "Indeed, I'm certain. This is the headquarters of those damned rascals. I recognized one of the scoundrels sitting in the classroom. They're actually students!"

    He almost lost control of his volume, and his contorted expression drew frequent sidelong glances from the divine beings on Earth. What on earth had the players done to him?

    "And they're teaching courses in tracking and identifying supernatural traces there. You're right, this place, this very place, is like a backup base for that damned Investigative Bureau, a cradle for investigators!" The gloomy man's face darkened even further.

    "Look, all those people inside are studying so hard! They're breeding a massive force of secret police here, just waiting to round us all up, and in fact, they already have. And what about us? We're still fragmented and disunited. No wonder a single school can defeat us all! This is the disparity. We must destroy this place!"

    Divine Being on Earth watched his tirade and couldn't help but marvel at how much ambition cultists had for their promotions.

    The chat was in stitches.

    "Loudly Conspiring.jpg"

    "We already know everything!"

    "So hardworking to earn trust points, but there are cameras beyond the camera!"

    "Is it a loss of morality or a loss of humanity? Stay tuned for the live stream, I'll be waiting for you at Michigan University~"

    Divine Being on Earth composed himself, striving not to break character. "Okay, then do you have a plan? You know, they rescued us thinking we were ordinary people, but from their behavior at New Port, they're not entirely benevolent."

    "Kind souls?" the gloomy man scoffed. "If they're kind, I'd rather rip off my head and use it as a soccer ball. They're a bunch of bastards! But you've reminded me; we need a brilliant plan..."

    "We don't have many bombs, and we can't confront them head-on. The only option left is to poison their water source. Fortunately, I know a curse that creates venom – this should do the trick. Once we've contaminated the water, we'll rush back to the infirmary and leave with the others."

    "What about the monsters outside?" God Amongst Men asked.

    The gloomy man replied, "From their tone, they've been battling the fog and its creatures for quite some time. We could create a distraction while escaping, drawing the monsters here, and then seize the opportunity to flee. What do you think?"

    God Amongst Men struggled to suppress his laughter. "Not a bad plan."

    The gloomy man said, "Alright, let's do it!"

    After outlining their strategy, the gloomy man and God Amongst Men left the school building, heading for the water source. Unbeknownst to them, the players who had pretended to be students instantly relaxed after they left. They turned around, logged into forums, and eagerly discussed their thoughts on the encounter.

    "Hey, do I count as part of the background now?"

    "Yeah, yeah, I saw you in the stream."

    "Hahaha, it's like we're attending a public lecture while playing a game. Hilarious."

    The professor on the podium let out a barely perceptible sigh of relief. The players' unusually docile behavior today had startled him; he'd almost believed they had collectively undergone a change in character. It turned out that it was all due to a mission.

    In that case, there was nothing to worry about.


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