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    Chapter 72



    Although Jing Baiyuan said he wanted Chu Li to come over, he didn't dare summon him to the frontlines in reality.

    He arrived at an aircraft carrier located further back with the other military doctors.

    Yalan was there to greet them.

    Knowing that Yalan was in the rear, Chu Li was worried about Jing Baiyuan's safety. Yalan quickly read Chu Li's thoughts and smiled at him, "Don't worry, Feng Yichen is over there. In some matters, he's much more efficient than me."

    Chu Li coughed dryly, thinking that there was no need for Yalan to put himself down like that.

    They had come for a serious matter. Once the war began, the demand for medical assistance would rise, but unfortunately, there weren't many doctors or medical devices in Lugu Port Fortress.

    As they walked inside, Yalan explained, "We want to establish a special medical team here, and we need three people to lead it. The Admiral plans to keep you here... Can you accept that?"

    Chu Li understood that Jing Baiyuan was worried about him. For him, being able to help was enough, and there was no need for him to rush to the front lines.

    He nodded in agreement. Ya Lan knew his personality well; she was aware that he disliked being seen as an Omega who could only rely on protection. Thus, when she heard the admiral's arrangement, she was afraid Chu Li would object.

    To her surprise and relief, he agreed without any objections.

    That was great. It would have been troublesome and time-consuming to explain further. Chu Li's acceptance of the plan spared them a lot of hassle.

    With Chu Li's attitude confirmed, Ya Lan proceeded with more efficiency, selecting only three people to stay on the warship while sending the rest to the front lines without delay.

    After dispatching the other military doctors, she personally led Chu Li and the other two towards the training room. "Before you arrived, we've already picked out a squad. They either have medical experience, studied this field, or have doctors in their families... In short, they're not completely inexperienced, but..."

    Chu Li sensed Ya Lan's hesitation in her tone and raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

    Stopping at the entrance of the training room, Ya Lan gave a bitter smile and said, "They're just not very willing."

    "Not very willing?" Chu Li grew even more curious.

    Ya Lan sighed. "They were all chosen from various planets, and they're absolutely loyal to the Expeditionary Force. However, they're all individuals preparing to join the military. Now, with the Empire at war, they're being pulled away to become medical personnel..."

    Ya Lan didn't finish her sentence, but Chu Li understood the unspoken message.

    Feeling that the medic role didn't align with his identity, huh? Something like a rebellious character, right?

    As he spoke, the large door to the training room swung open, revealing a hubbub of voices within. The sounds didn't resemble medical training at all; instead, it sounded more like... a brawl.

    Ya Lan's face turned even more unsightly as she quickly strode in. Immediately, her scolding voice echoed from within: "What are you doing?! Get down from there! Where are your clothes?! It's forbidden to be shirtless in the training room... Put on your white coats at once!"

    Chu Li was aware that Ya Lan was a strong-willed and straightforward young lady, but it was uncommon to hear her raise her voice to call out to others. The degree of difficulty in managing the group of "teammates" inside could be easily imagined.

    Behind them, the other two military doctors also wore troubled expressions. "This..."

    Chu Li cleared his throat softly, intercepting whatever they were about to say next.

    After roughly three minutes, Ya Lan emerged from inside, looking embarrassed. "I... I've already given them a proper scolding. They should listen now."

    Chu Li: "..."

    Really? He didn't believe it.

    Chu Li and his companions followed Ya Lan into the training room.

    It used to be a training room but had been transformed into a makeshift infirmary. A row of "trainees" stood awkwardly inside, their white coats haphazardly worn—some open, some using their sleeves as belts, and others with clothes splattered in multiple colors... Each had their unique style.

    After being roughed up by Ya Lan, these individuals slightly reined in their expressions, but upon seeing Chu Li, they regained their disdain and started grumbling in front of him, "An Omega, of all people!"

    "I came here to serve under the General, not to become a medic! Deputy Commander Ya Lan, look at me! I train for twelve hours every day! Both my physical condition and mental strength are outstanding. Why won't you let me go to the front lines?"

    "How can they make us learn medical skills from an Omega? Forget about the fact that I have no intention of inheriting the family's medical practice, what can an Omega possibly teach us?"

    Just moments ago, Ya Lan had assured Chu Li that these people would listen, but now they were speaking this way. Their blatant disdain, even mentioning Chu Li's gender, didn't provoke much anger in him; he merely found them idiots whose combined IQ might not even reach 250.

    Unaware of their despised status, the fools continued to complain to Ya Lan.

    Ya Lan had never felt so humiliated in her life! And they had the nerve to call themselves veterans of the Expeditionary Force!

    She straightened her posture, her face stern as she addressed the group, "As soldiers, obedience to orders is paramount! This is the mission assigned to you by the General. Tell me, can you complete it or not?"

    The female Alpha's voice carried an unwavering dominance that left no room for refusal. Even though the group had no interest in becoming medics, they had no choice but to nod under Ya Lan's questioning. "We... can..."

    "We... can... accomplish..."

    Their replies were hesitant and lacking energy.

    Alright, now Chu Li understood the situation at hand.

    Feeling embarrassed and furious, Ya Lan reminded herself that this was the Expeditionary Force! It was Chu Li's first close encounter with them on a mission, yet they displayed such incompetence. Weren't they disgracing the Expeditionary Force?

    Just as Ya Lan was about to lose her temper again, Chu Li stepped in to stop her.

    Ya Lan felt even more awkward, but before she could say anything, someone knocked on the door, signaling her to step out.

    She paused their conversation and went outside, conversing briefly before returning with a serious expression. "There's an urgent matter at the frontlines. The Admiral is returning... I'm sorry, I need to go receive him."

    Chu Li replied, "The situation outside is more pressing. It's alright, go ahead."

    Still concerned, Ya Lan scolded the group of troublemakers before leaving. "Behave yourselves! Do as you're told, or else face the consequences when the Admiral returns!"

    With that, he hurriedly left.

    After Ya Lan's departure, the other two military doctors seemed to have lost their anchor, exchanging uncertain glances, unsure of what to do.

    In contrast, Chu Li stood before the group of recalcitrant soldiers with a friendly smile. "Deputy Officer Ya Lan mentioned that all of you have some foundation. May I ask you a few questions to gauge your level of understanding?"

    Unexpectedly, the unruly soldiers expressed surprise. "You're going to interrogate us?"

    Chu Li had been serving as Deputy Director in the Medical Department for a while. After Ya Lan left, the two other military doctors remained silent, clearly indicating their intention to let Chu Li take charge.

    Chu Li never expected such skepticism.

    He raised an eyebrow. "Am I not allowed to interrogate you?"

    The few Alphas exchanged glances – they were all aware that an Omega had arrived in Luguang, the one marked by the Admiral.

    Soldiers who had come from Luguang sang nothing but praises for this Omega, describing him as intelligent, handsome, capable, and an exceptional individual.

    However, it was precisely because their opinions were so uniformly positive that it seemed somewhat artificial.

    They still clung to their preconceived notions - an Omega would appear impressive and intelligent just by doing the slightest thing... Otherwise, what else could an Omega do?

    To let him manage and lead them was simply a pipe dream!

    The Alphas were asked, and they chuckled without giving a direct answer, their gazes lingering provocatively on Chu Li's body - looking at his fair skin, slender arms, and legs. What could he possibly do on the front lines?

    One Alpha cleared his throat and said in what he thought was a tactful tone, "This... Omega sir, the conditions here are harsh, unlike those in Deer Harbor. Although we're unwilling, we'll still follow the Admiral's orders to be medics. But... you don't need to interrogate us. We know the knowledge you learned in school. Why don't you find a place to sit and rest while we handle this?"

    Chu Li raised an eyebrow and replied, "Oh, I see. You're not saying you don't want to be medics; you just... doubt my ability to lead you, right?"

    The Alpha believed he had phrased his words delicately enough, only to have Chu Li bluntly expose the truth. His expression shifted as he said, "We didn't say it outright, but that's how it is. You only spent a few years studying on Blue Vein Star. Those in Deer Port dote on you, but we won't. If we accidentally hurt you, you'll go crying to the Admiral. How troublesome would that be?"

    "Indeed, indeed. Besides, there's no need for you to instruct us. You should go rest. Just leave these two military doctors behind."

    Chu Li, however, smiled. As he walked to the side, he removed his coat and said, "So confident? Let's have a go then."

    "What?" The Alphas were taken aback.

    "Why not?" Chu Li chuckled. "Since you think I'm skilled at tattling, I'll give you both a fair chance to compete... You should prefer this method, right? Here, whoever wins gets to have their way."

    The Alpha felt that Chu Li was joking.

    An Omega.

    How could they compete with them?

    But seeing Chu Li's earnest expression, the Alpha found it amusing and said, "Are you serious? There are ten of us, and only one of you. How would that work?"

    He had intended to intimidate Chu Li and make him back down, but to his surprise, Chu Li replied coolly, "You can take turns. We'll engage in a round-robin battle."

    The room fell silent. The previously boisterous Alphas suddenly went quiet. Oh no, this Omega was really going to fight them!

    They were caught between a rock and a hard place! Refusing would be embarrassing after such a challenge, but if they actually fought... what if they hurt him?

    The Alphas froze, turning their gaze towards the two military doctors, hoping they would persuade Chu Li since they had accompanied him.

    However, as soon as the doctors met their eyes, they took a step back, seemingly uninvolved.

    The Alphas: "..."

    Chu Li smiled. "Who's going first?"

    He was actually serious!

    The Alpha was in a dilemma and reluctantly pushed one of his comrades forward.

    The man had lost all his previous bravado as he stammered towards Chu Li, "I... I'll tell you, I'm very skilled. I rank first in physical strength within our squad... Even Admiral Jing Bai has to think twice before hitting me!"

    Chu Li: "..."

    Young man, do you truly know what you're saying?

    The Alpha stood shakily across from Chu Li. It was clear that he was feeling guilty, but he was forcing himself to not show any fear for the sake of his pride.

    Actually, Chu Li didn't dislike them. Soldiers were filled with bloodlust and aggression; it was normal for them to be rebellious and unmanageable. As long as they were good soldiers of the Expeditionary Force, there was nothing for him to hate.

    Some of the things the other party said did make sense. He was an Omega, and most Omegas in the Empire were raised to be unable to stand on their own. It was reasonable for them to have stereotypes.

    That was why he chose the way of their world – to determine who was the boss through fists. It was to tame them, and also to prove himself.

    Well... it was foolish for a doctor to engage in a fight with a bunch of thugs in the first place.

    The training room had been converted into a makeshift infirmary. They moved to an adjacent empty training room. Chu Li rolled up his sleeves and waved at them. The Alpha who had previously spoken to Chu Li was pushed forward to stand in front of him.

    "I'm Liao Wenyan," Liao Wenyan declared. "If I beat you up later, remember who did it! Don't go after my brothers!"

    Chu Li smiled. "Got it."

    Then, without any regard for fair play, he launched a surprise attack.

    Jing Baiyuan had explained to Chu Li that the physiological differences between Omegas and Alphas were objective and immutable. He was weaker than most Alphas, and even some male Betas. If he wanted to win, he had to be unconventional.

    Skilled techniques allowed him to leverage his opponent's strength against them, using minimal force to yield maximum effect. Even with less power, he could still catch his adversary off guard.

    Among all tactics, a surprise attack was the most effective. It required striking when the other party was unprepared, achieving more with less effort.

    In a fight, victory was all that mattered. One need not concern themselves with whether their actions were honorable. Given the level of societal development, conflicts were typically resolved through words, not fists. Since they had already resorted to violence, there was no point in adhering to fair play. Winning was all that counted.

    Liao Wenyan indeed broke out in a cold sweat from Chu Li's unexpected move. He hurriedly countered, barely managing to fend off Chu Li's attack. To his surprise, the Omega didn't engage in a prolonged struggle. After his initial attempt failed, he swiftly withdrew and targeted another vulnerable spot.

    His movements were swift and organized, a continuous onslaught that dazzled the eyes.

    In their military training, most of the focus was on physical fitness. After all, in an era when battles were fought in mechas or starships, who would bother with hand-to-hand combat?

    At first, Liao Wenyan had assumed Chu Li had gained the upper hand through a sneak attack. As the two began to engage in direct combat, he realized that Chu Li's strength was unexpectedly impressive.

    He might not have reached the peak of an Alpha's physical prowess, but he was already stronger than many ordinary Alphas without specialized training.

    A momentary lapse in concentration caused him to stumble, and Chu Li tripped him to the ground. The Omega stepped on his chest, pretended to hold a gun with both hands, and mockingly clicked it against the back of Liao Wenyan's head, saying, "Liao Wenyan, you're dead."

    Liao Wenyan: "…"

    Yes, although it was just a minor slip-up, Chu Li seized the opportunity, and Liao Wenyan lost.

    One must accept defeat when they lose a bet. Liao Wenyan got up from the ground, ignored the surrounding gazes, and walked silently to the end of his own team.

    Chu Li wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned to the next person, "Your turn."

    The individual, showing some hesitation, still stepped forward obediently.

    This person wasn't a front-line soldier and had slightly less stamina than Liao Wenyan. After just over ten minutes, Chu Li seized an opportunity and took him down.

    Chu Li straightened up. "Next."

    The others: "..."

    Liao Wenyan and the other Alpha hadn't held back, but they hadn't intentionally lost either.

    To lose so quickly... The third person's expression turned serious. He walked up to Chu Li, hesitating as if he wanted to say something.

    But Chu Li didn't give him the chance. With a "please forgive me," he made the first move.

    Surprisingly, the third person also lost. Not only did Chu Li possess extraordinary strength for an Omega, but his techniques were also clever. He always struck at unexpected moments. The man was distracted for just a moment, and his wrists were already pinned behind his back. Before Chu Li could speak, he admitted, "I lost."

    By now, Chu Li had already faced three opponents in a row, and he was significantly drained. His hands had exerted too much force, and they trembled slightly when he leaned on the table nearby. Ignoring the sweat trickling down his fair skin, he wiped his face casually and said, "Keep going."

    The fourth person: "How about... we call it quits here? You've already won..."

    There was no need to push the Admiral's Omega this far, was there?

    Chu Li lifted his head, giving him a sardonic smile. "Can't handle it now?"

    "!!!" What was this Omega saying?! Was he implying they couldn't do it?! Could the term 'can't handle' be used to describe an Alpha?! Which Alpha would admit their own incapability?!

    The fourth person instantly became serious. "I can do it!"

    As soon as they spoke, they started their moves. Although that Alpha claimed he could handle it, he was actually struggling inwardly. He watched the Omega's breathing become heavier, his sweat increasing, and his movements less fluid, revealing many flaws. He knew he could win – with a ruthless mindset, he could defeat him.

    But he also knew it was because Chu Li was exhausted. Chu Li's stamina couldn't match an Alpha's, which was a physical limitation that couldn't be changed! Not to mention, he had already fought three others beforehand... Even if he won, it wouldn't be a fair victory!

    While he was distracted, Chu Li suddenly grasped his wrist and, catching him off guard, executed a shoulder throw. As he landed on his back, he realized it was over. He had been too focused on Chu Li's sweat, leaving himself open to attack.

    The Alpha, feeling indignant, tried to turn around and get up but was knocked down by Chu Li's kick.

    Breathing heavily and covered in sweat, Chu Li looked nonchalantly at the fallen Alpha. "Decent skills, but unfortunately, you're just too slow-witted."

    "You..." The Alpha's face flushed with anger. He had only held back slightly out of concern for the Omega, giving him a chance to win. Why wasn't this Omega grateful, even going so far as to call him stupid?

    If he hadn't been worried about hurting him, would he have lost?!

    Chu Li, however, calmly adjusted his cuffs and said, "When you're on the battlefield and encounter an attractive Omega, do you also spare them out of sympathy? Or do you simply refrain from attacking them?"

    The Alphas: "…"

    In an instant, they understood what Chu Li was implying, and their faces flushed with embarrassment.

    Yes, letting your guard down because the opponent is deemed 'weak' was a cardinal sin in combat. Yet, they had all made that mistake today.

    The training room fell silent as the Alphas finally realized how foolish – or childish – their provocation of Chu Li had been.

    They hung their heads in silence, but Chu Li had no intention of letting them off. He waved at them again, "Continue, don't you still have six more? Each of you has your own grievances. If you can't defeat me, I doubt you'll listen to anything I say."

    Upon finishing his words, no one moved. Chu Li glanced at them, the corner of his lips curving into a taunting smile, "Come on, give it a try. If I lose, you can lawfully remove me from my position. What are Omegas, if not birds caged in golden cages? So, have you lost the strength to even hunt a bird?!"

    His tone grew sharp by the end of his sentence.

    His words were like knives piercing their hearts. The Alphas lowered their heads in shame. In this situation, victory would only bring them dishonor.

    They realized they were in the wrong.

    Liao Wenyan's face flushed red. Before Chu Li could point at someone else, he stepped forward and yelled, "We lost! There's no need to continue!"

    However, Chu Li sneered. "How can that be? Keep going! Let's continue the match!"

    Liao Wenyan finally opened his eyes, locking gazes with Chu Li's stubborn and resolute pair. He was slightly taken aback. Suddenly, he understood that this Omega before him was just as seasoned and battle-hardened as he was. This Omega had his own convictions and obstinacy, willing to push forward for his goals and disregard everything for his ideals.

    There wasn't much difference between an Alpha and an Omega. It was merely a matter of their traits—Omegas were gentle, not physically strong, but meticulous with excellent logical skills, capable of handling more intricate tasks. Alphas, on the other hand, were a bunch of hot-blooded individuals, always striving towards the light with a positive attitude.

    They were merely two different types of people, neither better nor worse than the other.

    Liao Wenyan's face reddened further. Filled with resentment, he refused to admit defeat to Chu Li but also wouldn't engage in another competition with him.

    Time ticked by, and the stalemate persisted.

    Just then, the door to the training room suddenly swung open.

    Two individuals, who had been standing outside for an unknown duration, watched the scene unfold with grim expressions.

    Liao Wenyan exclaimed, "General?!"

    Jing Baiyuan's icy gaze swept across the row of Alphas. With confident strides, he entered the room and said in a cold tone, "Fond of fighting and competing, I see?"

    "Liao Wenyan, Wu Ru, Zou Liyun, Lei Hong..." He called out the names of ten individuals in one breath.

    The ten Alphas turned pale!

    As Jing Baiyuan recited the names, he walked to the center of the room. His dark green eyes exuded an intimidating aura. A mocking smile tugged at the corner of his lips, like the ominous clouds before a storm, "I'll compete with all of you."

    Author's Note:

    Liao Wenyan (Thoughts): Oh no, I've been caught bullying the General's partner.


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