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    Chapter 83


    Alright, big kitty.

    Chu Li arrived at the adjacent room but found the door locked, unable to budge it no matter how hard he tried.

    After pushing for a while, he suddenly realized something.

    Right, it's locked!

    A cat wouldn't lock a door!

    It was Jing Baiyuan! He had regained consciousness!

    This tremendous surprise descended from above, nearly overwhelming him with dizziness. Still, he managed to knock on the door and ask, "Is that you, Jing Baiyuan? Come out… hurry and come out to see me…"

    Due to Chu Li's urgency, the Alpha, who had only managed to throw on a jacket and shorts in a rush, opened the door.

    His face still carried a hint of anxious guilt, and upon his first sight of Chu Li, he said, "I'm sorry, I..."

    Before he could finish, Chu Li abruptly threw himself into his arms, interrupting the rest of his sentence.

    Their warm bodies pressed tightly together, and after days of anxiety, his heart finally found solace and a place to rest...

    Chu Li had never expressed his emotions with such fervor before. Jing Baiyuanting was momentarily stunned. After a while, Little Key emerged from the adjacent room and, seeing him suddenly at home, pounced on him, scratching at him with its claws.

    Jing Baiyuanting tried to dodge but accidentally touched the carpet behind his feet, causing him to stumble backward.

    Chu Li remained clingy, refusing to let go, so he tactically sat on the ground, one hand protecting Chu Li while the other held onto Little Key.

    "Little Li..."

    Jing Baiyuanting called out to him, at a loss.

    Only then did Chu Li lift his head.

    The person in front of him was still the familiar one, though it seemed that his forehead hadn't fully healed yet – after transforming into a human, it had scabbed over.

    Chu Li instantly recalled the sight of Little Li Hua Cat's bald spot and couldn't help laughing, but his tears hadn't even dried yet, causing him to cry and laugh simultaneously.

    He was furious and continued to bury his face in Jing Baiyuan's embrace, pounding his chest. "Why... They all said you couldn't come back, you scared me to death..."

    Jing Baiyuan Yuanting was at a loss on what to do. He held Chu Li, softly comforting him. After a long while, Chu Li's emotions gradually calmed down, and he lay motionless in Jing Baiyuan Yuanting's arms.

    Looking down, Jing Baiyuan Yuanting realized that Chu Li wasn't sleeping. His eyelashes were still fluttering lightly, but he just kept his head lowered without speaking or moving. Jing Baiyuan Yuanting sighed, picked him up from the ground, and carried him back to the bedroom, settling him in bed.

    The hastily draped coat was thrown on the floor as Jing Baiyuan Yuanting slipped under the covers, pulling Chu Li into his embrace. The little key followed, lying on their bedding.

    Suddenly, Chu Li reached out to turn on his personal terminal.

    Jing Baiyuan Yuanting pressed down on his hand. "What are you doing?"

    Chu Li replied, "Tell them..."

    Jing Baiyuan Yuanting said, "Let's talk about it tomorrow. Sleep first."

    He had seen how difficult this period had been for the Omega. Hearing this, Chu Li didn't say anything, keeping his head down and still. Jing Baiyuan Yuanting reached out to turn off his personal terminal, pulled him into his arms, and gently patted his back. "Go to sleep."

    Chu Li said, "Your injury..."

    Jing Baiyuan Ting replied, "It's been so long; it's scabbed over. There's nothing to worry about."

    "That won't do..." Chu Li struggled to sit up. "We should still get it checked out."

    Bai Yuanting firmly pressed him back down, his tone firmer. "I'm fine."

    "..." Chu Li fell silent for a moment before finally acknowledging with an 'oh' and obediently lying back down.

    Jing Baiyuan knew that he had caused Chu Li more worry again.

    After a while, Chu Li shifted as if he had remembered something else that needed attention.

    But Jing Baiyuan held him down firmly. After a long pause, there was finally no more movement, and his breathing became slow and deep.

    He had fallen asleep.

    Only then did Jing Baiyuan feel relieved. Instead of sleeping, he called Ya Lan.

    It was already past one in the morning, but Ya Lan wasn't resting. The call was picked up almost instantly, and an excited voice came through: "Admiral!"

    She had momentarily forgotten that Jing Baiyuan was no longer an admiral, blurting out his former title from habit.

    However, Jing Baiyuan motioned for her to be quiet with a finger to his lips. The camera shifted, revealing Chu Li sleeping peacefully beside him.

    Ya Lan knew that Chu Li must have been under immense psychological pressure during this time. She quickly softened her voice, yet couldn't contain her excitement as she gazed intently at Jing Baiyuan: "Marshal, you've recovered!"

    "Mm," Jing Baiyuan replied. "There are some things I need to tell you all... Let's meet at the base tomorrow."

    "O-okay... okay..." Ya Lan nodded eagerly, her gaze greedily fixed on Jing Baiyuan, unwilling to look away.

    After a moment of being stared at, Jing Baiyuan couldn't help but ask, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

    Ya Lan sniffled, "Marshal, we all thought we'd never see you again."

    Jing Baiyuan froze, his eyes dropping in silence. In the past, his memories of being a cat were hazy. He could recall bits and pieces that vaguely formed complete events, but it felt like a dream. The longer he remained in human form, the more he forgot about his feline days, unable to recollect his mindset back then.

    But this time was different. After recovering, he vividly remembered every detail of his life as the little Li Hua Cat. Even the internal turmoil and anxiety he experienced when he saw Chu Li crying were etched in his memory.

    This sensation... It felt as if he was the cat himself.

    Even though he was indeed that cat, the dream he had and the memories from his human self yesterday were distinctively different.

    Moreover, in the past, he was always forcefully awakened. But this time, he clearly sensed that he had woken up on his own.

    He was now aware of the conversation Bai Xian and Chu Li had regarding his father's bloodline genetics.

    "Everything's back to normal. Don't worry," Jing Baiyuanting assured. "I've been having some unusual sensations lately. Perhaps they can help resolve this predicament."

    Ya Lan nodded. "Alright, I understand."

    Jing Baiyuanting continued, "By the way, I'll be heading to the base tomorrow to tidy up any unfinished business."

    Ya Lan had been listless, but upon hearing this, he immediately perked up, his eyes gleaming with enthusiasm. "Yes! Understood, Admiral!"

    After ending the call with Ya Lan, the room fell into silence. Chu Li seemed to have been disturbed by their conversation, furrowing his brow slightly as he leaned closer to Jing Baiyuanting.

    Knowing that Chu Li was uneasy, Jing Baiyuanting lowered his head to kiss his forehead before retreating under the covers, embracing him tightly once more.


    That night, Chu Li experienced a rare peaceful slumber, free from any dreams. When he awoke, the daylight was already bright.

    The warmth beside him was comforting, with an arm loosely draped around his waist, not exerting any pressure on him.

    Behind him lay the familiar embrace.

    Chu Li exhaled deeply and nestled further into the embrace. Jing Baiyuan, startled awake by the movement, instinctively wrapped his arms tighter around Chu Li and nuzzled his neck.

    His actions were intimate and natural, yet Chu Li froze. If he recalled correctly, this was precisely the behavior of the little Li Hua Cat. Every morning when Chu Li woke up, the cat would rub against his neck like this.

    He reached out to touch the nape of Jing Baiyuan's neck, and they exchanged a good morning kiss. Jing Baiyuan's voice was still slightly hoarse, imbued with sleepiness, "Good morning."

    Such intimacy brought a sense of security to Chu Li, who responded with an 'um' before turning to look at Jing Baiyuan again.

    The Alpha, whom he hadn't seen in a while, was as handsome as ever. His features were rugged, with deep, serene brows. Chu Li couldn't help but ask, "Why did you turn into a cat instead of a lion or tiger?"

    Jing Baiyuan suddenly became alert, "You like lions and tigers?"

    Chu Li paused for a moment. Who wouldn't adore a big, fluffy cat? However, he wasn't saying that out of affection... It was simply...

    "You clearly resemble tigers or lions more in appearance. Transforming into a cat..." It would be hard to believe if one didn't witness it themselves, right?

    Jing Baiyuan remained silent.

    After a while, Chu Li noticed the man's silence. He turned back, astonished, to see him looking down with a sorrowful expression.

    He was actually upset because Chu Li preferred lions and tigers over him.

    Chu Li asked incredulously, "Do you somehow feel like a cat?"

    Jing Baiyuan Ting: "..."

    Previously, he hadn't thought much of it. Even though he knew that he would transform into a cat when severely injured, he was still him, and a cat was just a cat.

    Yet, upon waking this time, he suddenly felt that he was the cat, and the cat was him.

    After a moment of hesitation, Jing Baiyuan nodded.

    He was a cat.


    Chu Li couldn't help but laugh, stepping out of Jing Baiyuanting's embrace. "Alright, kitty, let's go."

    He was still worried about Jing Baiyuanting's health and wanted to take him for a check-up at the base.

    This time, Jing Baiyuanting didn't refuse and got up with Chu Li.


    Before they even arrived at the base, news of Jing Baiyuanting's recovery had already spread. By the time their car reached the base, everyone was waiting at the entrance.

    With eager gazes, Chu Li felt a sense of oddity as soon as he stepped out of the vehicle. He sensibly stopped in his tracks, allowing Jing Baiyuanting to lead the way.

    As soon as Jing Baiyuanting passed by, Ya Lan approached. "Commander, the issue of settling a few high-ranking officials from Blue Stripe Star hasn't been resolved yet. Feng Yichen and I suggested they farm in the countryside, but they refused, insisting on meeting you in person before they agree. What do you think..."

    "Tell them to prepare for a teleconference in an hour."

    "And the rest of the Butler family..."

    "Where are they now?"

    "To prevent any unrest, they were brought directly to Qian Yun."

    "Then let's head to Qian Yun tomorrow. I'll make the arrangements."


    As the group walked in, Chu Li and Bai Xian were left behind at the entrance. Bai Xian couldn't help but grumble, "He only came to take a glance at this old lady."

    Chu Li chuckled.

    Jing Baiyuan had been absent for a long time, so he must have had plenty of matters to attend to. Both he and Bai Xian were well aware of that.

    But Ya Lan seemed to have forgotten that Jing Baiyuan had come for a medical checkup today.

    Bai Xian said, "Come on, let's go snatch him away."

    Jing Baiyuan, with Yuanting in tow, attended to minor matters along the way. Upon reaching the grand entrance, Chu Li and Bai Xian hurriedly approached from behind.

    "Wait a moment."

    While he could ignore others, he couldn't disregard his wife's words.

    Jing Baiyuan promptly halted and turned to look at Chu Li.

    Chu Li stepped forward, took his hand, and apologized to Ya Lan, the vice-captain, "I'm sorry, Ya Lan, but he needs to go for a medical checkup first."

    Then, right before Ya Lan's eyes, Chu Li pulled Jing Baiyuan away.

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