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    Chapter 53: Being Firmly Suppressed Beneath

    Amidst their melodrama of "master's sacrifice and loyal servant's unwavering devotion," a potted plant on top of the standing air conditioner cabinet silently observed them from a distance.

    Lu Nanqing, of course, had heard every word. At this moment, he leaned against the head of the hospital bed, his face a mask of disbelief, with veins pulsating on his forehead as he struggled to maintain his composure.

    So it seemed that Jiang Yuduo was just naturally prone to saying inappropriate things. If not for his family's wealth, he might not have survived this long unscathed.

    Well, perhaps it was due to all those fights he'd been in since childhood, considering how muscular he was.

    In the afternoon, several waves of doctors arrived, including experts who had flown in from Jing City. However, all their examinations aligned with the original findings, leaving the medical professionals utterly perplexed.

    Feeling somewhat weary, Lu Nanqing resisted sleep. Yesterday evening, he'd first experienced dizziness before regaining consciousness back in the tree. If the same pattern repeated today, he needed to time it correctly.

    As the sun began its descent and twilight approached, Lu Nanqing glanced at the sky through the window, periodically checking the phone in his hand.

    Jiang Yuduo had intended to leave work early to visit the hospital but was delayed by some work matters. On his way there, he called his mother to inquire about Lu Nanqing's condition in the afternoon.

    "Regardless of which expert they consult, the diagnosis remains the same. Sigh, they all say he's perfectly healthy, even fit for discharge," his mother's voice echoed through the Bluetooth headset.

    Despite the doctor's reassurance, they remained on edge. Only if Lu Nanqing didn't fall back into a coma tonight and his condition improved over the next few days would they consider him truly healthy.

    "I understand. I'll be there soon," Jiang Yuduo assured them.

    The car drove down to the underground parking lot, and Jiang Yuduo took the elevator up. Lu Nanqing could roughly guess his location, but suddenly, that familiar dizzy spell hit him again. He only managed to glimpse at the time before he lost consciousness once more.

    Upon entering the ward, Jiang Yuduo found chaos. The doctors were there, along with all sorts of medical equipment in operation.

    "What happened?" Jiang Yuduo hurried forward to inquire.

    "He passed out again. He doesn't respond to anything," Jiang's mother explained with a worried frown.

    Though Jiang Yuduo was anxious, he could only wait patiently on the side. When the doctors couldn't find the cause and left, the elders followed suit, leaving Jiang Yuduo alone in the room.

    He softly approached the bedside, gazing at the unconscious Lu Nanqing. Lying there, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully, his features serene.

    Jiang Yuduo reached out to check for his breath. Everything seemed normal, and the heart rate monitor displayed no abnormalities. As he pulled his hand away, he realized that he had lingered, his fingers now gently caressing Lu Nanqing's cheek, as if in a tender touch.

    Hearing footsteps at the door, he withdrew his hand subtly and turned to look.

    "Are Uncle Lu and the others still discussing with the doctors?" Jiang Yuduo inquired.

    Jiang's mother nodded.

    "If there's no doctor in the country who can handle it, we'll have to seek help overseas," she said.

    Jiang Yuduo remained silent, while Lu Nanqing appeared healthy but still experienced unexplained episodes of unconsciousness despite medical examinations.

    Suddenly, he recalled what he had said that morning: the unconsciousness was beyond his control, whereas during the day, he could resist sleep with his conscious mind.

    But even with this information, they couldn't draw any conclusions or identify the cause. Besides, even if they told a doctor, there wouldn't be a solution, right?

    "Mom, is the duration of Lu Nanqing's coma the same as yesterday?" Jiang Yuduo inquired.

    "I can't guarantee the exact minutes, but the time frame should be roughly similar," Jiang's mother replied.

    "There was a doctor who suggested that this situation somewhat resembles a condition known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome abroad. The ability to wake up sets it apart from a typical coma," she added.

    Jiang Yuduo frowned. "We can't keep doing this forever."

    Mrs. Jiang sighed, unsure of how to respond. She walked over to the bedside and adjusted the blanket for Lu Nanqing in the hospital bed.

    "Mom, could you make an appointment with the master for me?" Jiang Yuduo requested.

    "Are you planning to consult the master?" his parents asked, looking at him.

    Jiang Yuduo nodded. "I want to take Lu Nanqing along."

    "On the day we visited the master, he only told me not to worry too much. He implied that things would improve," Mrs. Jiang shared. "But now that he's recovered, there are still aftereffects."

    "I asked more later on, but the master spoke in riddles that I couldn't understand. It's best if I take Lu Nanqing there personally," Jiang Yuduo sighed.

    That night, he didn't go home, instead choosing to sleep on the couch in the hospital room. Until the issue with Lu Nanqing's coma was resolved, his heart wouldn't find peace.

    In the underground garage at that moment.

    A potted plant sat quietly in the passenger seat of the Land Rover. Gazing at the familiar view, Lu Nanqing realized he was back within the tree.

    Taking advantage of Jiang Yuduo's absence, he quickly took a nap, only to wake up the next morning in his hospital room.

    He sat up to grab his phone from the nightstand and inadvertently caught sight of someone sleeping on the sofa, looking vaguely familiar from a distance.

    After a few seconds of focus, who else could it be but Jiang Yuduo?

    One leg was propped on the floor while the other dangled in mid-air, his large frame squeezed awkwardly into the small space like a giant crammed into a tiny tree hole.

    Lu Nanqing wondered if Jiang Yuduo had spent the entire night there or if he had arrived early in the morning without any sleep.

    Glancing at the phone, it was 5:28 am. He got out of bed, stumbled a couple of steps, then steadily made his way towards the sofa.

    One cushion served as a pillow, another supported his bent knee, and one had fallen to the ground. The thin blanket only barely clung to a corner of Jiang Yuduo's body.

    Lu Nanqing didn't immediately rouse him, instead bending down to pick up the blanket and cushions. As he draped the blanket back over Jiang Yuduo's waist, Jiang Yuduo's arm suddenly moved, catching Lu Nanqing's attention. Looking up, he found that Jiang Yuduo had opened his eyes.

    "Lu..." Jiang Yuduo's first sight upon waking was Lu Nanqing standing beside him. Overwhelmed with surprise, he attempted to sit up.

    However, he had forgotten about the discomfort of having curled up on the sofa all night – his back aching and his arms numb. In his effort to rise, he tumbled off the couch instead.

    Unconcerned about himself, Jiang Yuduo inadvertently pulled Lu Nanqing down with him. Lu Nanqing, who had been lying still for days, lacked strength and was thus tripped over as well.

    In a panic, Jiang Yuduo only managed to stretch out his hand to shield the other's head, firmly pressing Lu Nanqing beneath him.

    Despite some cushioning, the force of the impact left Lu Nanqing's head spinning, causing his vision to darken. It took several seconds before he regained consciousness, only to see the worried and anxious expression on Jiang Yuduo's face.

    "Are you alright?" Jiang Yuduo asked.

    "I'd be even better if you got off me..." Lu Nanqing mumbled, still feeling dizzy.

    Promptly, Jiang Yuduo sat up and pulled Lu Nanqing to his feet. However, due to an overestimation of his strength, Lu Nanqing stumbled when he let go.

    Jiang Yuduo hastily embraced him, saying regretfully and fearful, "How are you so unstable, like a Barbie doll without support?"

    Lu Nanqing reached out to prop his head, leaning against Jiang Yuduo's shoulder with his eyes closed, trying to regain his composure. After a long while, he replied weakly,

    "Don't you have any sense of your own weight? It's impressive I didn't pass out from your pressure, given my weakened state."


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