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    Chapter 79: How Are You Like a Nanny?

    With a pretended look of innocence, Little Fatty said, "I'm not sure. I thought they were looking for you for a meeting."

    "How could that be? Wouldn't they have informed me through you if there was a meeting?" Jiang Yuduo responded.

    "Well, it could be an emergency that they didn't go through me," Little Fatty replied.

    "That doesn't seem like a meeting. They were just watching the show," Jiang Yuduo frowned, confused.

    Unable to figure it out, he concluded, "I suspect there's a mole in the company."

    Little Fatty coughed slightly...

    "Whatever happens downstairs is their business. They saw me in Lu Nanqing's office at the front desk, but there's no reason for her to rush upstairs to notify you," Jiang Yuduo pursued the investigation with a Sherlock Holmes-like spirit.

    Not wanting to be a traitor, Little Fatty tried to change the subject. "Boss, don't overthink it. Maybe they genuinely had something to discuss with you, but got so surprised that they forgot for a moment."

    "No, that's not it," Jiang Yuduo wasn't easily fooled and was determined to get to the bottom of this.

    "Right from the start, they asked me where I went and if I was carrying a thermos. Clearly, there's something fishy going on," Jiang Yuduo declared with a serious expression.

    Little Fatty: ...Hmm, why is the boss so sharp-witted all of a sudden?

    Jiang Yuduo, unable to figure out who the mole was, sought Little Fatty's help for a word-for-word analysis. However, he noticed that Little Fatty's gaze was wandering, his mind elsewhere.

    "Fatso!" Jiang Yuduo exclaimed abruptly.

    Little Fatty jolted in response.

    "You're the mole, aren't you?" Jiang Yuduo narrowed his eyes, interrogating him. "Are you dating the receptionist downstairs? Did she tip you off, and then you told others?"

    "I'm innocent!" Little Fatty protested, feeling more wronged than Dou E herself!

    "You're obviously hiding something from me," Jiang Yuduo stated confidently. "I promoted you to be my chief eunuch, and this is how you betray your emperor?"

    Trembling with fear, Little Fatty realized it wasn't just a matter of outing the group anymore – he was about to lose his position! So, he reluctantly made a deal, "Boss, if I tell you, you have to promise not to interfere."

    Jiang Yuduo raised an eyebrow at this. Interesting, there really was something he was hiding!

    Little Fatty unlocked his phone, and Jiang Yuduo then grasped the entire situation as he scrolled through the chat group messages, fuming with indignation. "Add me in! I want to protest against them!"

    "I don't have the authority," Little Fatty replied.

    "Who's the group owner? The admin?" Jiang Yuduo asked.

    "The person downstairs," Little Fatty answered.

    Jiang Yuduo: ...

    "You're losing your geographical priority here! That's just letting the downstairs people bully you!" Jiang Yuduo declared.

    "Actually, they don't discuss much in the group usually," Little Fatty explained.

    "Hmph, I'm going to find Lu Nanqing and get this group disbanded!" Jiang Yuduo said, ready to send a message.

    "In my opinion, President Lu probably wouldn't bother with such matters," Little Fatty commented sensibly.

    Jiang Yuduo: ...

    Indeed, Lu Nanqing seemed indifferent; he still hadn't replied to the message Jiang Yuduo had sent three minutes ago.

    "Anyway, that's how it is. I'm innocent, and you, as the boss, don't need to worry about such trifles. A big boss should have a grand vision and an open mind," Little Fatty praised him with flattery.

    Jiang Yuduo, having been successfully flattered, said, "Forget it, I won't bother with them. I'm a benevolent and righteous boss."

    After approving the documents, Little Fatty took them out. Seated at his desk, Jiang Yuduo muttered to himself, "Hmph, all of you gossipy people, just wait until I acquire Shanglu. You'll all become cleaners! With a monthly salary of eight hundred yuan!"


    In the conference room downstairs.

    Lu Nanqing was holding a team meeting. There was a new project worth discussing, but considering the overall situation, it would be challenging for their company to take it on. On one hand, there were financial issues, and on the other, they lacked sufficient technical staff. However, he didn't want to give up on it, as he believed it would be highly profitable if completed.

    "The director from the Foreign Trade Department said, 'Mr. Lu, I think we lack the necessary conditions for this project. Perhaps we could consider another one.'"

    "I'll think about it and get back to you," Lu Nanqing replied.

    After the meeting, he walked out with his phone in hand, subconsciously checking the time. He then noticed that Jiang Yuduo had sent him a message half an hour ago.

    As he strolled, he opened the message and typed a response: [Why did you ask? I slept well last night.]

    Opposite him was an instant reply, as if the person had been waiting by their phone all along.

    Universe's Most Explosively Handsome: [Really? You're not joking? Where did you put the potted plant?]

    Lu: [In the living room.]

    Jiang Yuduo rubbed his chin, pondering: The living room, huh? That's quite a distance. Perhaps the tree spirit doesn't have the strength to travel too far yet.

    Universe's Most Explosively Handsome: [From now on, keep it in the living room or I'll bring it back at night and give it to you during the day.]

    Lu Nanqing was puzzled but sternly refused the latter suggestion. If the tree were taken back by Jiang Yuduo, he might witness more disturbing sights or hear more ear-shattering songs.

    Zhou Yu entered the office to report the afternoon's schedule. Lu Nanqing casually placed his phone on the desk, the screen still lit up. Zhou Yu couldn't help but glance at it. He first twitched his lips at the name displayed, then wondered who the person on the other end could be.

    The boss's social circle was incredibly simple – work colleagues and family, all of whom had names in their contact labels. This was the first time Zhou Yu had seen a conversation with someone without a label, and he didn't pry into private matters, having not seen the specific content of their chat.

    "Mr. Lu, would you prefer a salty or sweet lunch today?" Zhou Yu asked.

    "I'll decide later," Lu Nanqing replied.

    "Is it still from Mrs. Jiang's side?" Zhou Yu inquired.

    Lu Nanqing nodded in response.

    Zhou Yu understood and finished his work before leaving.

    At half past eleven, Aunt Wang delivered the meal, but she first went upstairs to ask the two young masters if they preferred to dine together or separately.

    "Let me take it, Aunt Wang. You can go back," Jiang Yuduo offered.

    "Alright, Young Master Jiang, please remind Young Master Lu to eat more. That's what Madam instructed," Aunt Wang said.

    Jiang Yuduo nodded.

    After she left, he sent a message to Lu Nanqing, along with a picture, that read: [Come upstairs to eat.]

    This time, he wasn't going downstairs. After being gawked at like a monkey in the morning, he intended to reclaim his dignity during lunch.

    Not receiving a reply, Jiang Yuduo impatiently initiated a video call.

    "Hello?" Lu Nanqing picked up after a glance, the phone still on speaker mode on the desk.

    "Where are you?" Jiang Yuduo asked.

    "At work," Lu Nanqing replied.

    "It's already ten forty and you're not done yet?" Jiang Yuduo noted.

    "Mm-hmm, I'm rushing a PowerPoint presentation for a project," Lu Nanqing responded.

    "Hurry up, come upstairs to eat. You can continue working after," Jiang Yuduo urged.

    "I'm in the zone right now. Either you wait or bring it down," Lu Nanqing suggested.

    Seeing that his words weren't persuading Lu Nanqing, Jiang Yuduo knew he might be waiting indefinitely. Thus, he decided to bring the food up himself.

    "Hey, come down and meet me so your colleagues won't see," Jiang Yuduo said.

    "What if they do? Are you afraid of being seen?" Lu Nanqing asked casually.

    Jiang Yuduo took a deep breath, wanting to say something but deciding against it. Clearly, Lu Nanqing was unaware of the group, so mentioning it would only reopen old wounds and invite ridicule.

    "Stop dawdling, come to the rescue! East staircase, second entrance!" Jiang Yuduo instructed.

    Lu Nanqing reluctantly complied, rising from his seat. As he held his phone, an idea struck him. "Isn't the East Two Gate for emergency use only? It should be sealed off."

    Jiang Yuduo huffed, proudly replying, "This entire building belongs to my family. Do you understand the concept of privileges?"

    Lu Nanqing: "...Alright, power does indeed allow one to do as they please."

    They met at the East Two Gate, with Jiang Yuduo having descended a level, but that mattered little. For him, this area was secure, free from unwanted visitors.

    "Quickly eat, the food won't stay warm for long," Jiang Yuduo advised as he delivered the meal.

    "Okay," Lu Nanqing acknowledged, taking the food and turning to leave.

    "Hey, eat right away. I'll be keeping tabs on you," Jiang Yuduo called out from behind.

    "Uh-huh, uh-huh," Lu Nanqing replied, somewhat dismissively.

    "You..." Jiang Yuduo started, but Lu Nanqing turned to him, cutting in,

    "I get it. Why are you acting like a nagging housewife?"

    Jiang Yuduo: ...

    "Hmph, I'm just looking out for you and you don't even appreciate it..." Jiang Yuduo huffed, hands on his hips.

    Lu Nanqing left entirely. Jiang Yuduo watched his retreating figure and secured the door.


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