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    Chapter 76: Want... to Bully Him Mercilessly

    With the "evidence" presented, those upstairs couldn't help but refute, "[They said he was wearing a mask and cap; why do you assume it's our CEO Jiang? Legal warning!]

    [CEO Jiang would never go downstairs to deliver breakfast. Please, restrain your imagination, thank you.]

    [I refuse to tolerate this impostor's defamation. Otherwise, I'll expose the truth downstairs right now!]

    The receptionist downstairs, seeing that those upstairs were still stubborn, directly mentioned Jiang Yuduo's assistant on social media: [Little Fatty, take your boss back. I saw him with my own eyes; if it wasn't him, it'd be a ghost.]

    Little Fatty, silent as he stared at his phone, recalled how he had indeed seen his boss sneak out, carrying something in hand. He had been puzzled by the reason behind the boss's mask and cap during summertime, only to realize it was for... "charming" President Lu.

    An employee asked directly, "Little Fatty, is that receptionist downstairs telling the truth?"

    Another employee replied, "It must be fake. Didn't they just see someone daydreaming in broad daylight?"

    "I find it ridiculous. Even if CEO Jiang did go downstairs, he wouldn't possibly be delivering breakfast!"

    "Little Fatty, say something. Is CEO Jiang in the office? Go check, please."

    People compete for dignity, and they had never admitted defeat in any clash with the downstairs department. This time, it was unbearable.

    In the end, Little Fatty couldn't remain silent. Looking at his agitated colleagues, he said hopelessly, "I think the boss hasn't returned yet..."

    "Where did he go?" a colleague asked.

    "Anywhere but downstairs delivering food," another colleague huffed.

    Little Fatty looked at him, thinking to himself: It could actually be possible that he's delivering food...

    He opened the chat window and messaged the boss, urging him to hurry back and not let the employees know he had gone downstairs.

    Downstairs, in the President's office.

    Jiang Yuduo had spent a while petting the cat, satisfying his urge. Lu Nanqing had finally finished most of his breakfast, leaving only a little behind.

    "You're not going to finish that?" Jiang Yuduo observed as he watched Lu Nanqing clear his plate.

    "Mm, I'm full," Lu Nanqing replied.

    "There are still plenty of char siu bao and steamed dumplings," Jiang Yuduo said. "Eat more, or my mom will scold me."

    "I can't eat any more..." Lu Nanqing said, but then a piece of char siu was stuffed into his mouth.

    Jiang Yuduo popped two shrimp dumplings into his own mouth. "If you don't eat them now, they won't taste the same when reheated."

    Lu Nanqing chewed slowly, while Jiang Yuduo watched, waiting to feed him more. But Lu Nanqing covered his mouth with his hand.

    "Go ahead and finish them, don't waste them. I was planning to reheat them for lunch," Lu Nanqing said.

    "Aunt Wang will still bring lunch over," Jiang Yuduo replied. "Just one more, come on."

    "I really can't eat anymore..." Lu Nanqing leaned back dramatically, causing his chair to slide away.

    To everyone's surprise, Jiang Yuduo gracefully flipped over the table, using his leg to block Lu Nanqing's chair. With his left hand supporting Lu Nanqing's chin, he fed him another shrimp dumpling with his right.

    "Mmm... please don't..." Lu Nanqing's words were muffled as he was forced to tilt his head back, resembling a teenager being bullied by a tyrant.

    "Truly just one more, that's it," Jiang Yuduo said calmly, maintaining his composure.

    Just moments ago, his fingers had brushed against Lu Nanqing's lips, warm and soft. The corners of the man's mouth were unusually rosy from eating, with a glistening sheen.

    He retracted his fingers but not his palm, fixating on Lu Nanqing from above. He felt a sense of vulnerability, an irresistible urge to torment and bully him further, just to see him cry.

    Damn it, I'm losing my mind... Jiang Yuduo realized this and scolded himself inwardly.

    Yet, he couldn't resist the wickedness in his heart. Although he refrained from further bullying, he stretched out his hand again, harshly swiping the other's reddened lips with his thumb while maintaining a composed expression. "Your lips are greasy from eating. Let me wipe them."

    Letting go of Lu Nanqing, he stood up and turned away, too timid to even look at him. His heart pounded wildly, his legs slightly wobbly, as the sensation of their touch lingered.

    With his mouth still puffed, the oppressive feeling lifted, and Lu Nanqing sat upright, finishing the remainder of his meal.

    "Hey, what about my money tree?" Jiang Yuduo asked, turning his back to Lu Nanqing, attempting to change the subject while keeping his voice steady.

    "I left it at home," Lu Nanqing replied.

    "How do you expect to water it if you left it at home? I gave it to you, which means I transferred my good fortune to you. Yet, you're treating it so carelessly," Jiang Yuduo argued.

    "If you don't cherish it, give it back to me," Lu Nanqing countered.

    "Mr. Jiang," Lu Nanqing swallowed the last bite, "firstly, you don't need to water the tree too much; it might rot. Once a day is enough, and I've been taking good care of it."

    After all, it was his other "body"; how could he not take it seriously?

    "That won't do. You promised me yesterday that I could visit anytime. How am I supposed to see it if you keep it at home? I can't exactly follow you back every night, can I?" Jiang Yuduo argued.

    "Alright, I'll bring it to the company tomorrow," Lu Nanqing conceded.

    Jiang Yuduo nodded. He was about to leave but remembered something undone, so he turned back to the table.

    With Lu Nanqing's phone still unattended, Jiang Yuduo picked it up and approached him, using his thumb to forcefully unlock the device.

    Lu Nanqing: ?

    Jiang Yuduo accessed the page to add a friend, silently scanning the code with his own phone. He then confirmed Lu Nanqing's friend request on the latter's phone before returning it, concluding with a stubborn remark:

    "I'll give you the chance to add me."

    Lu Nanqing: "...It seems like 'You added me,' right? You should handle it yourself."

    "Leaving," Jiang Yuduo announced, lifting the thermos and waving nonchalantly.

    "See you off," Lu Nanqing replied, watching his departing figure.

    The glass door opened and closed again as Jiang Yuduo emerged. He took a deep breath, but before he could exhale, he found himself on the receiving end of several stunned and astonished stares.

    "Holy crap, it's really President Jiang..."

    "What brings President Jiang to our company? And you even went to President Lu's office."

    "President Jiang, is that... a thermal box for breakfast in your hand?"


    Amidst the chorus of voices, Jiang Yuduo belatedly thought of using his hat as a disguise, only to realize it might have been left in Lu Nanqing's office. He then fished out a mask, hesitating whether to put it on or not.

    Wasn't it too late to wear it now? Wouldn't it just draw more attention and make him seem even guiltier?

    It had been a long time since Jiang Yuduo had felt so awkward, as if he were a zoo monkey on display. At the same time, he inwardly grumbled: Are all of Lu Nanqing's employees idle? Why are they standing at the door? Or is it just my bad luck to run into them while they're looking for Lu Nanqing?

    But who sends their employees to find their boss early in the morning, eager for a meeting?

    Just as Jiang Yuduo was feeling awkward enough to dig a mansion with his toes, the glass door behind him opened, and Lu Nanqing's voice echoed, "Jiang Yuduo, your hat..."

    As he spoke, he paused, noticing his staff gathered around.

    "What's going on here?" Lu Nanqing asked, walking over to hand the hat to Jiang Yuduo.

    Jiang Yuduo took it, flipped it onto his head, and swiftly darted away without even a word of thanks.

    "One moment, nothing important, we were just passing by," one employee said, sheepishly, as everyone dispersed.

    Hearing this, Jiang Yuduo felt both ashamed and enraged. He thought to himself,

    Damn, they were all watching me? Who leaked the news? Little Fatty? No, he wouldn't know. Oh, that damned receptionist! Women are indeed gossipy creatures! I hate women!

    Reaching the entrance, Jiang Yuduo didn't have time to argue with her. He only wanted to escape quickly, unaware that the receptionist was secretly taking photos to share in a group chat, muttering to herself,

    "Hmph, now there are both witnesses and evidence. Let's see how those upstairs continue to deny it!

    Lu Nanqing observed as the employees dispersed, then glanced toward the entrance, his brow subtly furrowing.

    Jiang Yuduo found it odd. Why was he in such a rush? It was as if someone were chasing after him.


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