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    Chapter 69 - Why Don't You Just Marry a Nanny?

    There was still a meeting in the afternoon as usual. Lu Nanqing sat in the conference room, his head lowered as he read through documents, listening to the new ideas from the design department. Suddenly, he felt his ear being "pinched." Without a doubt, someone's mischievous hand was at work again.

    The light yet persistent teasing was neither too soft nor too hard, repeatedly rubbing back and forth. It made it impossible for Lu Nanqing to focus on the meeting content. At the same time, a phone conversation could be heard from the other side.

    "Oh? A blind date? No, why am I even in this situation now? This is a severe lack of confidence in my personal charm!"

    [You have no charm at all! The girls in the company avoid you like trash! Have some self-awareness, please!]

    "How could that be? You're slandering me. I'm so handsome, they secretly have a crush on me."

    [Heh heh heh...]

    Since the call was on speakerphone, Lu Nanqing could clearly hear Jiang's mother's tone, and he could almost visualize the scene.

    Upstairs, in the president's office.

    "I'm not going on a blind date. Only people who can't find anyone go on them, but I already have someone who wants me," Jiang Yuduo protested as he plucked at the leaves of his money tree.

    "Do you have someone interested in you? Who is it? I'm not aware of anyone who would be blind enough for that." Jiang's mother mocked mercilessly.

    Jiang Yuduo: ...

    There's no point in continuing this conversation! Look at her attitude - which mother speaks of her own son like that?

    "Not that I don't appreciate your honesty, Mom, but you can't constantly belittle me either. Am I really that terrible?" Jiang Yuduo replied, speechless.

    "I had a sliver of hope in you, but after returning from Nanqing's company today, I realize I've overestimated you," Jiang's mother said.

    "Hmm? How does this involve Lu Nanqing?" Jiang Yuduo paused and asked.

    "Given that there are fewer young women in your company, I thought I'd drop by his to take a look. Turns out, everyone there has a soft spot for Nanqing, while they... well, let's just say they eagerly avoid you!" Jiang's mother said with a laugh.

    Jiang Yuduo: ...

    As it turned out, even if Lu Nanqing chose to remain "merciful" and not disclose the harsh truth, Jiang Yuduo would inevitably find out. And indeed, upon learning it, he erupted in anger, his voice escalating in volume:

    "Mother! You're... utterly obsessed! This is seriously disrupting the staff's work and damaging my personal image!"

    "My reputation isn't affected. I just had a chat with the receptionist, and indeed, your reputation doesn't seem great. You can tell a lot from a small sample," Jiang's mother said.

    "That's because she's slandering me. We had an argument not long ago. Why would she say anything nice about me?" Jiang Yuduo huffed.

    "An adult man like you arguing with a young girl? There's no saving you, Jiang Yuduo! You'll be single for life!" his mother exclaimed in frustration.

    "It wasn't my fault. She was the one who first accused me of stealing a cat. How could I just stand there and take it?" Jiang Yuduo argued logically.

    Jiang's mother: ...

    "Well, couldn't you have handled it differently? If Nanqing were in your shoes, he would definitely explain himself politely instead of arguing like you did," she said.

    "Why do you always bring up Lu Nanqing? He's probably just putting on an act for you. Behind your back, he's as venomous as a king cobra; not even a third of its toxicity," Jiang Yuduo gossiped, unaware that Lu Nanqing, who was in the meeting room downstairs, had heard him and was now frowning slightly.

    "A true gentleman speaks but doesn't resort to violence. He seems well-mannered unless, of course, you provoked him with your words," his mother stated fairly.

    Jiang Yuduo: ....

    Alright, this woman isn't my real mother. That's confirmed.

    "So that's why the women around you have no hope for you. You'll have to rely on someone who hasn't had any contact with you. Maybe you can even trick one into it," Jiang's mother concluded.

    Jiang Yuduo looked up at the ceiling speechlessly. His mother was his biggest critic, and there was no one else who could compete.

    "Don't worry about it. If I want a girlfriend, it'll happen in the blink of an eye. Right now, my career is my priority," Jiang Yuduo earnestly tried to reassure her.

    "In the blink of an eye? Easy for you to say. You're like a ghost that everyone avoids. Don't think just because we have some money that girls will automatically like you. We're in the era of independent women now. Do you still think finding a girlfriend is like buying vegetables at the market?" his mother ridiculed.

    Jiang Yuduo sighed, a mix of frustration and helplessness. His mother then asked, "Do you have a type you prefer? I can keep an eye out for you."

    With no way out of the blind date, Jiang Yuduo reluctantly played along with his mother's words. "Anything's fine, I don't have any specific requirements."

    Hearing this, Jiang's mother felt relieved that her son wasn't "beyond redemption." But the subsequent words made her realize she had jumped to conclusions too soon.

    "Firstly, she should have fair skin, good looks, long legs, and a slender waist. With my good looks, it wouldn't be fitting to be with someone too unattractive, right? She should be at least 1.7 meters tall, considering I'm 1.95 meters myself. After all, it's important for the genetic health of future generations not to have too significant a height or beauty disparity."

    "Secondly, one's temperament must be gentle and considerate, with a homely disposition. They should be skilled in cooking and managing household chores. Disagreements are not allowed, and if there are any frictions, they must yield in arguments. In other words, their oratory skills should not surpass mine."

    One should have their own career, not needing to earn excessively. While I'm at work, she ought to be independent and self-reliant, not clingy. And when I return home, she should greet me warmly, have a nice meal prepared, laundered clothes ready, and even have the socks for the next day neatly arranged.

    "Abstain from aggression, embrace tenderness, and of course, the most crucial aspect is gentleness. She shouldn't be more dominant than me."

    Jiang Yuduo continued his discourse, concluding with, "So, what do you think? Aren't my requirements straightforward? I could find someone like that right away, so why are you worrying about it in advance?"

    There was a long silence on the other end of the line. Mother Jiang regretted asking her son about his criteria for a partner. In her opinion, any woman, alive, and willing to be with him would be a blessing.

    Similarly, Lu Nanqing, who had listened to the entire conversation in silence, felt that Jiang Yuduo had a knack for comedy. However, he also perceived an underlying arrogance and self-adulation in the young man that seemed boundless.

    "Mom, why have you gone quiet? Do you agree with me?" Jiang Yuduo inquired, not having received a response.

    Over there, Mrs. Jiang seemed to take a deep breath, as if suppressing her rage and agitation. Perhaps feeling sympathy for her mentally challenged son, she ultimately refrained from scolding him, instead speaking in as calm a tone as possible:

    "Maybe you should just marry a nanny!"

    Lu Nanqing couldn't help but curve the corner of his mouth. This gesture caught the attention of the others in the meeting room, prompting Lu Nanqing to quickly recompose himself, reverting to his usual austere and detached demeanor.

    The meeting continued, with Jiang Yuduo's argument with his mother still audible in Lu Nanqing's ears. Feeling a bit overheated, he rose before anyone else, saying, "I need some fresh air."

    Indeed, he could no longer contain it; his ears were about to turn red from his own grip. As Jiang Yuduo kept talking, torturing the leaves in his hands, Lu Nanqing was the one enduring the suffering.

    At the windowsill, Lu Nanqing was lost in thought, gazing at the city's bustling streets. Zhou Yu soon approached. As an assistant, he had a keen sense of observation and noticed that his boss seemed unwell.

    "Mr. Lu, do you need me to take you to the hospital?" Zhou Yu asked.

    "It's nothing," Lu Nanqing exhaled.

    "But your neck and face are flushed," Zhou Yu expressed his concern.

    Lu Nanqing reached up to touch the side of his neck, remaining silent for a moment before inquiring, "Did you find the potted plant I asked you to look for?"

    "I couldn't find an exact match. I have some pictures here that you can take a look at," Zhou Yu opened his phone's photo gallery.

    Lu Nanqing scrolled through them, but none seemed right; it would be obvious if they were switched.

    "Hurry and find one, even if it's eighty percent similar. The flower pot must be identical," Lu Nanqing instructed.

    Living with this kind of 'control' was unbearable, especially since Jiang Yuduo was someone prone to fidgeting and meddling.


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