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    Chapter 54: You're Precious in My Eyes

    Jiang Yuduo awkwardly cleared his throat and apologized, "My fault, my fault."

    After that, he gently lifted Lu Nanqing with one hand under his armpit and the other under his knee, carefully cradling him horizontally as if holding a fragile gemstone. He didn't dare to take large strides while walking, fearing he might damage what was in his arms.

    Lu Nanqing was in pain all over and couldn't afford to worry about his pride. He allowed Jiang Yuduo to carry him to the bed. His ailing body couldn't withstand the impact of a tall figure like Jiang Yuduo's. His elbow had turned red from the collision.

    Jiang Yuduo noticed it and, feeling guilty, squatted half-way down. He rolled up Lu Nanqing's pajama pants to check for any other injuries. Apart from the elbow, only the left anklebone showed significant redness.

    Something must have crossed Jiang Yuduo's mind because he lifted Lu Nanqing's left foot and lowered his head to blow on the injured ankle.

    This action made Lu Nanqing shiver all over. As he felt the itch on his ankle, he looked down and saw the center of Jiang Yuduo's tousled hairdo.

    Jiang Yuduo was on one knee, carefully blowing on the injured area. The scene was strangely bizarre, yet Lu Nanqing couldn't quite put his finger on why. He felt reluctant about such intimacy and tried to pull his foot back, but it was held firmly. In the struggle, his foot ended up stepping on Jiang Yuduo's pectoral muscle.

    "Stop moving, I'm just checking," Jiang Yuduo said, still holding onto his ankle without letting go.

    "What's so interesting about it? There's no blood," said Lu Nanqing rather uneasily.

    "Your skin is already red. It might even turn purple. If my mom sees it, she'll probably rip my ear off," Jiang Yuduo replied.

    Lu Nanqing couldn't explain why he felt a bit relieved upon hearing this explanation. He said, "I'll keep it from Auntie Jiang for you."

    "No need. I have the courage to admit if I caused your injury," Jiang Yuduo replied. Otherwise, it would make him seem like a coward.

    Lu Nanqing snorted in response. He thought to himself, You dare to admit it? Then why did you twist the truth in front of Little Fatty?

    He didn't voice this out, as he couldn't explain how he knew about it.

    "When you fell, your entire back was on the ground, except for your head which had my palm supporting it. But your waist and butt..." Jiang Yuduo continued.

    "I'm... fine," Lu Nanqing gritted his teeth as he spoke these three words. If he didn't refuse, that scoundrel Jiang Yuduo would surely strip him right there and then.

    Jiang Yuduo looked at his furious expression, yet yearning to devour him, and couldn't help but chuckle. He said, "I didn't plan on taking advantage of the situation. But indeed, there's no need for an examination."

    "Because with more flesh, there's more resistance, providing better protection," Jiang Yuduo smiled slyly, teasingly adding those words.

    Lu Nanqing: ...

    He knew this guy would never say anything nice!

    The consequence of provoking President Lu was a ruthless kick from his uninjured right foot onto someone's shoulder.

    Jiang Yuduo stumbled backward and fell to the ground but quickly got back up, still wearing a playful grin. "I'll go get you some medicine."

    "No need, it's not broken. I'm not that delicate," Lu Nanqing replied with a grim expression.

    "But in my eyes, you are, no, Correction - tender, even more so than a woman," Jiang Yuduo commented.

    Lu Nanqing: ...The desire to kill could not be concealed in one's gaze.

    After his teasing, Jiang Yuduo swiftly left the ward. Instead of rushing for medicine, he called for a doctor to examine Lu Nanqing and informed both Lu's parents and his own mother.

    "Still no issues found?" Jiang Yuduo asked when the examination was over.

    The doctor simply looked at him, saying nothing - silence spoke volumes.

    "Well, I understand now," Jiang Yuduo sighed softly.

    The doctor left, and Jiang Yuduo observed Lu Nanqing leaning against the bed with his usual aloof expression. He couldn't help but ask, "Aren't you worried about your condition?"

    "Would my worry change anything?" Lu Nanqing turned to look at him, posing a question in return.

    Jiang Yuduo was rendered speechless; indeed, worry wouldn't solve any problems.

    "But Mr. Lu, your composure is remarkable. You're like someone who remains calm even when Mount Tai collapses in front of them," Jiang Yuduo remarked.

    "In youth, there are only two outcomes: life or death. Eventually, we all end up facing death. So why worry excessively?" Lu Nanqing said nonchalantly.

    Jiang Yuduo silently applauded his perspective, admiring, "Mr. Lu, at such a young age, you possess such insight and detachment from life and death. It feels like you could become a monk in the next moment."

    As soon as he spoke, he recalled the master's words to his mother a few days ago, muttering, "The master said that you and I have a connection with Buddhism. Seems like it refers to you and not me."

    Lu Nanqing initially didn't pay much attention, but upon hearing the latter part, he looked straight at Jiang Yuduo and asked, "The same master you visited for blessings?"

    "Aah? How did you know I paid a visit?" Jiang Yuduo replied, taken aback.

    A moment of stiffness passed across Lu Nanqing's face before he replied calmly, "Because you mentioned yesterday that Aunt Jiang is acquainted with a master, I figured you must have visited one."

    "Uh-huh, I did visit. To be honest, I don't usually believe in such things, but I went for your sake," Jiang Yuduo said.

    "Did you mention this to Aunt Jiang? When can you take me to meet this master?" Lu Nanqing asked.

    "I did. Don't worry, Mom will handle it. All we need is to schedule an appointment on the phone," Jiang Yuduo assured him.

    Upon hearing "phone reservation," Lu Nanqing felt a sense of alienation. Jiang Yuduo seized the opportunity to tease, "Look at you, sticking to old traditions. It's the 21st century, you know. Even masters use phones these days."

    Lu Nanqing found the reasoning sound and nodded silently.

    "Are you still feeling sleepy and want to rest more? If not, I'll get some medicine for you," Jiang Yuduo offered.

    "No, I had a good rest last night," Lu Nanqing replied.

    Jiang Yuduo found this answer peculiar. A good rest? Lu Nanqing was unconscious, not sleeping.

    "Why didn't you rest well the night before that?" Jiang Yuduo asked.

    Lu Nanqing gave him a professional smile but didn't respond.

    "Stop giving me that creepy look. I wasn't even in the hospital room when you were unconscious that night. It has nothing to do with me," Jiang Yuduo promptly replied.

    This time, Lu Nanqing not only ignored him but also withdrew his gaze, clearly showing his disinterest in engaging in conversation.

    Feeling rebuffed, Jiang Yuduo called for a nurse to keep an eye on things for a while and went to buy the medication himself.

    It wasn't that he couldn't have asked the nurse to purchase it, but being in the same room with Lu Nanqing at this moment made him feel as if the sweltering summer heat could turn into icy chills from the ninth heaven.

    As he walked, he pondered this matter, feeling that Lu Nanqing seemed to have some understanding of his condition, but it also seemed implausible. If even doctors couldn't explain it, how could an outsider like him know?

    Upon returning with the medicine, the awkward silence from earlier had dissipated, and Jiang Yuduo calmly washed his hands, preparing to personally apply the ointment on Lu Nanqing's injury.

    Kneeling on one knee, he squeezed the cream onto his fingertips, only to be stopped by Lu Nanqing's outstretched hand before he could touch his ankle.

    "I can do it myself, no need to trouble President Jiang," Lu Nanqing said.

    "As your caregiver, it's my responsibility to look after you, besides, this injury was caused by me," Jiang Yuduo replied, then used his left hand to grasp Lu Nanqing's ankle.

    Lu Nanqing found it impossible to withdraw his leg and reluctantly stepped back, saying, "Then sit on the stool."

    Only then did Jiang Yuduo realize he was on one knee, and he chuckled, asking, "What, President Lu can't handle such a grand gesture from me?"

    "I'm on one knee, not two," Jiang Yuduo clarified. "Even if you asked me to kneel on both knees, I wouldn't do it."

    Upon saying this, something clicked in his mind, and he added with a contemplative expression, "But a single knee seems... like a proposal?"

    The mention of that word seemed to trigger a response in Lu Nanqing, who promptly refuted, "It's an ancient gesture of respect from a guard to their master."


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