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    Chapter 59: Being Despicable Is the Most Effective Weapon

    "How come you're not pretending anymore?" Jiang Yuduo sneered.

    Lu Nanqing pursed his lips slightly. Before he could answer, his chin was suddenly gripped, forcing his face back to face Jiang Yuduo's.

    Again, those pitch-black eyes were inches away. Lu Nanqing saw anger and accusation in them. He then put on a bewildered and innocent expression, asking, "Pretending what?"

    "Don't play dumb with me. You know very well," Jiang Yuduo gritted his teeth, annoyed by Lu Nanqing's rabbit-like pretense.

    Lu Nanqing maintained his blank expression.

    "I nearly lost my voice shouting and pacing around like a headless chicken, and yet you woke up and pretended to be asleep?" Jiang Yuduo bluntly pointed out.

    "You usually call me a scoundrel, but I think that title fits you better. Are you happy seeing me worried? Feeling smug now, aren't you?" Jiang Yuduo added, still seething with anger.

    Lu Nanqing raised an eyebrow, no longer bothering to tease him. He calmly replied, "Pacing around? Show me."

    Jiang Yuduo: ...

    "The entire Jiang Corporation only has ten million in liquid assets? I find that hard to believe," Lu Nanqing remarked with a subtle curve of his lips, deliberately provoking him.

    "Ha... Haha," Jiang Yuduo sneered darkly. "Not a single cent will I give you, even if it's just a penny!"

    "Mr. Jiang, you're going back on your word, but I assure you, I've recorded our conversation," Lu Nanqing stated calmly.

    Hearing this, Jiang Yuduo was startled and was about to lash out at Lu Nanqing for being despicable. However, as the words reached his lips, his intellect kicked in. Glaring at the phone on the bedside table, he retorted, "You didn't even take your phone. What recording could you possibly have?"

    Unfazed, Lu Nanqing replied, "The voice recorder on my phone has been running the whole time."

    Jiang Yuduo now had no choice but to get up. He reached out and grabbed Lu Nanqing's phone first, then took his fingers and pressed them onto the fingerprint scanner. The result was a clean screen, and when he opened the voice recorder, there was nothing inside.

    Lu Nanqing, with effort, propped himself up into a sitting position. His objective had been accomplished, and even the air he breathed felt invigorating. Otherwise, it would have taken immense effort to push aside the sturdy Jiang Yuduo.

    "A wily scoundrel." Jiang Yuduo stood by the bed, glaring at someone with intense animosity.

    Lu Nanqing did not refute, casting a glance at him as he said, "In warfare, deception is key. General Jiang is truly naive and innocent. Be careful not to find yourself being sold one day and still counting the money for the other party."

    Deceived and ridiculed, Jiang Yuduo felt an indescribable sense of frustration and anger. His eloquence was no match for Lu Nanqing's, and in his haste, he just wanted to engage in a physical fight. However, he had to endure it, for if he were to start a brawl, his parents would immediately have him taken to the police station.

    "You," Jiang Yuduo said with a forced smile, pointing at Lu Nanqing, "consider yourself lucky that you're still sick."

    Despite his anger, now that Lu Nanqing was awake, Jiang Yuduo went back to the couch to continue sleeping, and the ward fell silent.

    "Hey, when did you wake up?" someone grumbled from the couch as Lu Nanqing got out of bed to go to the bathroom.

    "Did you hear everything I said?" the person added, mentally reviewing their words.

    The threatening part was fine, but he had softened his tone later on, almost begging. If Lu Nanqing had heard that, it would be so embarrassing.

    "Just a few seconds before you noticed," Lu Nanqing replied without turning around. "I only caught you mentioning that the Jiang family has ten million in liquid assets."

    Jiang Yuduo sighed in relief. At least he hadn't heard the rest.

    With his pride intact, he removed the pillow covering his face and cheekily asked, "Hey, do you want me to help you?"

    Lu Nanqing's hand was on the bathroom door handle. He turned his head expressionlessly and said, "No need. I don't have a fetish for being watched while using the restroom."

    "I'm taking care of an injured person here," Jiang Yuduo chuckled mischievously. "If not holding you, I can hold your cane instead."

    In response was the sound of the door slamming shut. Jiang Yuduo chuckled softly, feeling that he had gotten his revenge.

    But simply talking trash wasn't his style. If he was going to be provocative, he might as well go all out. Thus, he got up and walked over to knock on the door.

    "Lu Nanqing, are you alright? Don't fall, I'll support you~"

    "What's there to be shy about between men? If you're smaller than me, then you are. I'll just tone down my teasing."

    Listening to the pounding on the door and Jiang Yuduo's taunts, Lu Nanqing's brows twitched, and a dark line formed on his forehead.

    Sure enough, he should have tricked that bastard for a little longer. He was still too lenient.

    Knocking several times and spouting more veiled insults, from mocking Little Lu's "small size" to his feminine figure, and even suggesting that his thin arms and legs could be easily sent flying with one punch, Jiang Yuduo was in the midst of his tirade when the bathroom door suddenly opened, followed by something flying towards his face.

    The speed was too quick for Jiang Yuduo to dodge, but it didn't hurt. After catching it, he realized it was a towel, slightly damp. His first reaction was, "What kind of towel is this?"

    "What do you think? A towel I used to wipe my hands after using the toilet without washing them," Lu Nanqing replied with a fake smile.

    Jiang Yuduo: ...

    "I wondered where that unpleasant odor was coming from," Jiang Yuduo mused inwardly.

    Lu Nanqing: ...

    In the end, the prideful Lu Nanqing succumbed, his face dark as he said, "A towel for drying your hands after washing."

    He shoved Jiang Yuduo, who was lingering at the door, out of the way. To his surprise, Jiang Yuduo, shamelessly, persisted in asking, "Did you clean yourself thoroughly? There won't be any residue left, will there?"

    Lu Nanqing's fists clenched, and he turned his head angrily to retort, "Do you want to lean over the urinal again to check if I've flushed it clean?"

    "No need for that. I might as well just pull down your pants to see if you've shaken it off properly." Jiang Yuduo continued his provocative remarks. This time, he succeeded in silencing Lu Nanqing.

    Tossing the towel back onto the sink, he felt a sense of triumph whenever he saw Lu Nanqing upset. It was like the victory of a conqueror.

    He had learned a valuable lesson: To deal with someone sharp-tongued, one must use the tactics of a rogue, the most despicable kind. Lu Nanqing's downfall lay in his impeccable upbringing – how could a privileged gentleman compete with someone like him, born and bred in the rough streets?

    The impact of Jiang Yuduo's "vulgar assault" was significant. For the rest of the time, Lu Nanqing completely ignored him, focusing instead on his computer to catch up on work from the previous day.

    Thanks to Jiang Yuduo's updates, Lu's parents arrived before six. Seeing their son unharmed and in good health, they joyfully embraced Lu Nanqing.

    "Mom and Dad, can I go to that temple this morning?" Lu Nanqing inquired.

    "Go ahead, we'll take you there," said Lu's father.

    After breakfast, they set off in a stretch Lincoln. Jiang's parents sat upfront with Lu's, while Lu Nanqing and Jiang Yuduo occupied the backseat.

    "Can't you sit on the right side for once?" Lu Nanqing whispered, taking advantage of the adults' conversation.

    "I need to be close to assist you instantly if anything happens," Jiang Yuduo replied assertively, his voice equally low as he shifted his bottom closer to Lu Nanqing.

    Already shoulder to shoulder, Lu Nanqing was now pushed against the car door. Unable to push him away with his arm, he grumbled "childish" under his breath and fell silent, staring out the window.

    Observing the pitiful figure squeezed into the corner, a smirk tugged at Jiang Yuduo's lips as he crossed his arms.

    Though the mountain road had been smoothed out, it remained bumpy. As they navigated a sharp turn, Lu Nanqing lost his balance, almost hitting the window. But a large hand reached out just in time to shield his head, cushioning the impact.

    "See, I can save your life when it matters," Jiang Yuduo whispered playfully into his ear.

    "If you hadn't been crowding me, there would have been ample space. How could I have hit my head?" Lu Nanqing countered.

    Due to the sharp turn, both families instantly turned their gazes backward, fearing for Lu Nanqing's safety. To their surprise, they witnessed this scene:

    Jiang Yuduo, towering and sturdy, held Lu Nanqing's head with his left hand, nestling it against his shoulder, while his right arm encircled the younger man's body. The contrast in their statures was stark, forming a picture of complete protection.


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