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    Chapter 66: Embracing Through the Night

    As dusk approached, the hospital room was bathed in the soft glow of the setting sun, with a dozen people, including the doctor, intently observing the patient on the bed, afraid to blink lest he slip back into unconsciousness.

    Lu Nanqing felt uneasy under such scrutiny. Unconsciously, he rubbed his wrist adorned with a string of beads, his heart filled with unease.

    Jiang Yuduo had yet to return home; he had almost grown accustomed to sleeping on the couch in the hospital room so he could be aware of Lu Nanqing's condition at all times.

    Time ticked by, and with each inquiry from the doctor, Lu Nanqing gave the same response: "I'm not tired, I don't feel like sleeping."

    It was a bit surreal for him too. Yesterday, he had been helplessly succumbing to unconsciousness, but today, a miracle seemed to have occurred.

    After another round of checks, the doctor was almost certain that the patient would no longer inexplicably lose consciousness. Both sets of parents were overjoyed to the point of tears.

    "You've got some skill there," Jiang Yuduo said, standing by the bedside, looking down at Lu Nanqing with a penetrating gaze.

    Lu Nanqing met his eyes and replied, "Indeed."

    "Is there any basis for this?" Jiang Yuduo asked.

    Lu Nanqing sensed there was something off with his statement, verging on mysticism without any concrete basis. Could it be explained scientifically like other phenomena?

    Fortunately, Jiang Yuduo realized his foolish question and redirected his gaze to Lu Nanqing's left wrist, inquiring, "Is it this bracelet?"

    "Possible," Lu Nanqing nodded, unsure himself.

    Though the mysticism remained unresolved, at least Jiang's mother had contacted the master again, her excitement palpable through the phone.

    Jiang Yuduo remained silent, still on watch. He sat on the sofa, staring at the footage of his room's surveillance camera on his phone, finding it dull but not knowing what else to do.

    Should he chat with Lu Nanqing? Hardly appropriate, as they didn't have much to talk about anyway. It would be better for both to enjoy some quiet time.

    Perhaps sensing boredom too, Lu Nanqing, who couldn't work indefinitely or find any shows interesting, turned his head and noticed the unusually serene Jiang Yuduo.

    He seemed deeply engrossed, without headphones, and no sound coming from his device.

    "What are you watching?" Lu Nanqing couldn't help but ask.

    "Stock market," Jiang Yuduo replied without turning back.

    "Trying to fool whom?" Lu Nanqing raised an eyebrow.

    "How am I deceiving you? I'm quite the investor," Jiang Yuduo looked up at him.

    "Judging by your interest in the stock market, there should be a green glow reflecting off your face," Lu Nanqing commented.

    "Fine, go ahead and curse me then," Jiang Yuduo said with irritation. "This time, it was you who provoked me, not the other way around."

    Lu Nanqing didn't respond. He leaned back on his pillow, his unfocused eyes soft and distant, seemingly gazing into nothingness. Jiang Yuduo, having failed to provoke a reaction, didn't press further. He continued observing Lu Nanqing, but the latter's gaze didn't meet his.

    At times like these, Jiang Yuduo found it surreal. He had never imagined he would share a room so harmoniously with Lu Nanqing, let alone witness the usually astute CEO in such an unguarded state.

    The room was bathed in a gentle warm light that created a tranquil and serene atmosphere. The soft glow fell upon the hospital bed, as if draping Lu Nanqing in a veil of radiance. It reminded Jiang Yuduo of a Western painting, akin to the mood in "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

    "Hey, if you want to sleep, just do it. No need to force yourself to stay awake," Jiang Yuduo's voice echoed.

    In response, a faint hum, almost imperceptible, reached his ears.

    He withdrew his gaze, focusing again on the monitor, but his thoughts were scattered and jumbled. Gradually, weariness began to set in.

    "Lu Nanqing?" Before drifting off to sleep, Jiang Yuduo couldn't resist disturbing the person in the hospital bed, checking if they were truly asleep or in a coma.

    "Don't disturb me..." Lu Nanqing rolled over, burying his face into the pillow.

    Jiang Yuduo chuckled softly. Perfect, he was asleep.

    He quickly freshened up and initially planned to settle for the couch. But noticing half of the empty hospital bed, he thought: He's not really an injured patient anymore, surely he won't mind sharing.

    Without asking, Jiang Yuduo sprawled onto the unoccupied portion of the bed, realizing only then how uncomfortable sleeping on the couch had been.

    He draped a blanket over Lu Nanqing. The bed was a bit cramped, and any slight movement could cause it to sway. Worried about accidentally pushing the other person off during the night, he wrapped his arms and legs around him protectively.

    With the lights out, they both slept soundly through the night.

    The next morning, Lu Nanqing was jolted awake by a nightmare. His limbs felt bound, his breathing restricted, and he was drenched in sweat.

    As his eyes opened, the first thing he saw was a faded white cotton t-shirt, a familiar sight.

    In the second it took him to regain his senses, he glanced at his surroundings, then upward, falling silent upon taking in the full picture.

    Fortunately, he didn't have morning grumpiness, or else someone would have been on the floor by now.

    He had no idea why Jiang Yuduo was also in bed with him. Two grown men squeezed together, with him being hugged tightly, and the source of warmth radiating against him was none other than Jiang Yuduo.

    "Hey..." Lu Nanqing attempted to rouse him, but there was no response.

    Struggling to free his hand, he pushed against the other's shoulder. This time, there was a reaction as Jiang Yuduo pulled him even closer, burying his head into Lu Nanqing's shoulder and rubbing against it.

    Lu Nanqing, who always slept alone: ...

    Unable to resist due to their close proximity, Lu Nanqing stopped struggling. He was completely enveloped by Jiang Yuduo, and his cheeks flushed from the contact. At the same time, an indescribable hardness below his abdomen pressed against him, setting off fireworks in his mind.

    Being a man himself, he naturally knew what that was, and he hadn't seen it sparingly (of course, not by choice). Now, he felt a mixture of awkwardness and a simmering anger.

    "Get off me, Jiang Yuduo," Lu Nanqing gritted his teeth, but his voice, still raw from just waking up, held a husky quality that sounded more like a low, alluring growl than a threat.

    Jiang Yuduo slept soundly, vaguely hearing someone calling his name. He hugged his "quilt" tighter, finding this one particularly soft and fragrant. Wondering if it was silk or soybeans, in the next moment, his "quilt" started to "bite" him.

    Indeed, it was a real bite. Jiang Yuduo felt a sharp pain in his arm and, half-awake, saw Lu Nanqing staring at him with a glare, resembling a pufferfish puffing up its cheeks in anger.

    "Get off once you're awake," Lu Nanqing instructed, softening his tone.

    Jiang Yuduo's memory returned, reminding him of how he'd climbed into bed last night. With his eyes still closed, he grumbled, "President Lu, after taking care of you these days, what's wrong with sharing the bed?"

    He then tried to drift back to sleep, but soon opened his eyes again and asked, "When did you wake up?"

    For Lu Nanqing to be able to sleep and awaken at will was a tremendous improvement!

    "Just a while ago," Lu Nanqing replied, attempting to free himself from Jiang Yuduo's grip. "Can you let go now?"

    "Sure, sure." Jiang Yuduo released his hold, explaining, "I was just worried you'd fall off the bed last night."

    "How could I fall if you weren't wrestling me for the bed?" Lu Nanqing, now free, sat up.

    Jiang Yuduo pulled back the covers, about to say something, only to see Lu Nanqing push the blanket back into his arms.

    "Oh, oh, you accuse me of stealing your bed, yet here you are, sharing the blanket with me," Jiang Yuduo chuckled.

    Lu Nanqing looked at him, his early morning tousled hair swept back casually as his sleepy gaze gradually cleared. Without any hesitation, he stated, "It's merely to cover your embarrassment."

    In the blink of an eye, Jiang Yuduo was nearly "lost" in Lu Nanqing's tender care, only to be abruptly snapped back to reality. He awkwardly turned and got out of bed.

    "What do you know? This is called health! A man's masculinity... It's a vibrant energy!" The voice of someone trying to save face echoed from behind the bathroom door, causing Lu Nanqing to shake his head.

    Did Jiang Yuduo's masculinity need any validation? Lu Nanqing had long "appreciated" it and even thought it was excessive, bordering on the need for a girlfriend.


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