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    Chapter 78 - For President Lu

    In this harmonious atmosphere, the two bosses conversed "peacefully," while in the neighboring office area, the employees were at work.

    Little Fatty didn't bother to greet them at the entrance from the start. He wanted no part in the chaos. His colleagues returned, exhilarated, seemingly too engrossed in their joy to check their phones.

    With a heavy heart, he pondered how to resolve the situation. Should he delete everyone's posts? But he wasn't an administrator. Could he beg the receptionist downstairs to retract the photos? No, no, he wasn't about to beg anyone.

    "Everyone, ha-ha, don't look at your phones! Since the boss isn't here, let's slack off for a bit. Where would you like to eat for our gathering in two weeks?" Little Fatty stood up to divert attention, hoping to buy some time.

    Sure enough, the mood was lifted, and suggestions poured in. As they discussed excitedly, inevitably, they needed their phones to search for ideas. Thus, one person interrupted, shouting, "Discussion paused! There's more gossip downstairs!"

    The group was united, especially when it came to defending their boss's image and reputation. Everyone took out their phones. Little Fatty, with his chubby hands covering his face, felt utterly devastated, turning to face the wall.

    It was over. He had truly done his best. Boss, you brought this embarrassment upon yourself. Adults must take responsibility for their actions.

    "Those downstairs who don't do their work properly, heh heh, I'm going to anonymously report them to their boss."

    "Oh, there are pictures this time. I can't wait to see how they've been Photoshopped. I'm an expert in Photoshop; no fake image can escape my eyes!"

    "Remarkable, it does resemble the real thing. The clothes, the details, even the thermos color is spot on."

    "Hold on... why do I feel like this isn't photoshopped? Not only did the receptionist post it, but others have too..."


    A bolt from the blue struck everyone, leaving them stunned and feeling utterly devastated, as if their own house was on fire. Their fervent defense of their boss's dignity had been utterly undermined by the boss themselves.

    "Little Fatty..." a staff member muttered, clinging to the last vestige of hope that the assistant could provide some explanation.

    "Mm, that's exactly what it looked like. Let's disperse now..." Little Fatty replied hesitantly, turning away.

    "This time, the downstairs crowd has had their moment. We'll take revenge next time, but let's not stir up trouble in the group chat anymore."

    Hearing Little Fatty's words, all hopes were dashed, and everyone fell into a collective silence, the quiet now an embodiment of their frustration.

    Initially, they thought they could brush off the incident, with Little Fatty assuming that the downstairs chatter would soon die down. But, much to his surprise, it was like a hungry dog had found a bone and wouldn't let go. They kept tagging him relentlessly, almost overwhelming him with notifications.

    One can endure, but one's aunt cannot. Little Fatty fired back in the group chat:

    [Is this endless? Pushing your luck? Do you start a dye factory with just a single color?]

    [Yes, our President Jiang did go to deliver food to President Lu and even personally took care of him during his hospital stay. But that doesn't mean he was fawning over; it was an act of bearing humiliation for a greater cause!]

    [@Zhou Yu, speak up, will you? President Jiang also visited you, didn't he? How can you be so ungrateful?]

    Little Fatty dropped a bombshell in the group, with those upstairs watching the drama unfold, while those downstairs were secretly enjoying the spectacle.

    After a while, Zhou Yu was finally mentioned and replied: [What he said is true. There's a strategic cooperation between the Lu and Jiang families. You shouldn't keep pursuing this. The medical expenses and all were covered by President Jiang's family. His mother has visited our company to show concern for President Lu, as you all know.]

    Little Fatty: [Huh, you only explain when I mention you. Clearly, you're all in cahoots. Tsk, wasting our President Jiang's kindness!]

    Zhou Yu: [I was busy and didn't check my phone.]

    Little Fatty: [Nonsense, I don't believe that for a second!]

    The quarrel in the group escalated into a personal dispute between the two assistants. No one interrupted, yet they all accepted a reality—that being—

    The heavens seemed to be shifting, and the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers had indeed converged, turning erstwhile rivals into "allies" in the upstairs and downstairs offices.

    This explained why Lady Tyrant from upstairs had shown concern for President Lu the day before. All these developments had transpired without their knowledge, turning potential conflicts into amicable relations.

    Feeling that they had somewhat redeemed their dignity after venting in the group chat, Little Fatty went to the boss's office later to submit documents, keeping silent about the employees' knowledge of the connection between the Jiangs and Lus, awaiting approval.

    As he helped with cleaning during this interval, he noticed the absence of the money tree pot. He thought to himself, No wonder it felt incomplete. Where's the boss's lucky money tree? Doesn't he usually carry it around like it's attached to his waistband?

    Surveying the room, Little Fatty found it nowhere: not on top of the air conditioner, not by the windowsill, not in the potted plant garden, nor on the cat tree.

    "Boss, where's your money tree?" Little Fatty asked.

    "Given away," Jiang Yuduo replied without lifting his head.

    Little Fatty: ???? Given to someone else??

    Who could it be? Who possessed such influence that the money-obsessed and superstitious boss would part with his beloved money tree? After all, even watering it was a task the boss insisted on doing personally, not allowing anyone else near it.

    Hmm, most likely, it was either the Empress Dowager or the Grand Empress Dowager who was leaving.

    "Shall I find another one for you?" Little Fatty offered kindly.

    "No need, I can still see it anytime. Besides, my Money Tree is one of a kind in this world; nothing can replace it," Jiang Yuduo replied.

    Little Fatty understood: "Oh, so it's for your family, then."

    "Remember to remind Grandma to water it on time, or else it won't survive long," Little Fatty added considerately.

    "Hmm? Why does that concern Mom?" Jiang Yuduo looked up, puzzled. "Lu Nanqing will water it – I've already asked him to."

    Little Fatty was taken aback: "Lu? What Lu? Lu Nanqing???"

    "The CEO Lu from downstairs?!!" Little Fatty was stunned.

    "Aah," Jiang Yuduo acknowledged, then, thinking of something, he grabbed his phone to message Lu Nanqing.

    Galactic-level Heartthrob: [Hey, where did you put the Money Tree last night when you went to sleep? Did you wake up naturally? Any nightmares, like being haunted or anything?]

    Waiting for a reply, but getting none, Jiang Yuduo put down his phone.

    "Boss..." Little Fatty's expression was a mix of emotions.

    "How could you part with your tree for Manager Lu? Weren't you incredibly attached to it?" Little Fatty inquired.

    "It was Jiang Yuduo who asked for it," came the casual response.

    Little Fatty: ... You just gave it away because he asked? Like that??

    "Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" Jiang Yuduo looked at his assistant in confusion.

    Little Fatty took a deep breath and muttered, "... This is even scarier than seeing a ghost, alright?"

    "So precious, so cherished, and you just gave it to Manager Lu... Are you still the boss I know?" Little Fatty asked, struggling to find the right words.

    Jiang Yuduo pondered for two seconds. Little Fatty expected him to say something about taking the tree back, but instead, he heard, "Doesn't this precisely demonstrate my generosity?"

    Little Fatty: ... ...

    The boss was possessed, confirmed.

    "Speaking of which," Jiang Yuduo suddenly thought of a serious matter, and his expression turned solemn.

    "I went downstairs to deliver food, but how did all of you upstairs know? Were you intentionally waiting at the door to watch me make a fool of myself?" Jiang Yuduo called them out on their antics.


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