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    The glutinous rice cake is sweet, glutinous and delicious. It is square and about the size of an adult's palm. It is very filling in the stomach.

    Xie Jinling ate two, Lin Ye ate four, and the rest was eaten by Lu Huaiyu and the twins.

    Originally, it took no more than three hours to walk from Shanglingkou to Shangling Village under normal circumstances.But because the elder brother Wang Siyuan among the twins carried an oversized luggage, even if he and his younger brother Wang Xingze took turns to carry it, the whole journey was still delayed a lot.

    Compared with the original plan, it was half an hour slower.

    Lu Huaiyu and the twins.

    After finally entering Shangling Village, Wang Siyuan, who was already exhausted, leaned on his waist and panted half-bow, and sighed while wiping his sweat: "It's not easy, it's not easy."

    He felt that he didn't come here to find herbal medicine for research, he came here purely to overcome the catastrophe. Because he was too tired from walking all the way, he has obviously stopped now, and the feeling of adrenal glands flowing all over his body is still obvious.

    And Wang Xingze is not much better than his elder brother Wang Siyuan.

    He didn't wear a sweat towel on his forehead, and the fine sweat almost glued all the broken hair on his forehead together. He looked at Wang Siyuan, who was gasping for breath, and said angrily, "It's not because of you, you clearly know you're not here for a trip, and you still bring such a big suitcase."

    It made him have to help to carry it, and he was completely out of breath when walking.

    Among the three, only Lu Huaiyu's breathing was the most stable.

    Although there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, his overall condition was not bad. After walking on the mountain road for nearly three and a half hours, he did not experience shortness of breath or heavy exhalation.

    Lin Ye glanced at the twins, and then at Lu Huaiyu, as long as he thought that Xie Jinling would take them with him in the next few days, he would feel a little uncomfortable.

    He thought for a while, and said decisively: "I will also be with you when the time comes."


    Hearing what Lin Ye said, Xie Jinling was a little surprised, but not particularly surprised.

    "One more person has more power." Lin Ye wanted to find the grass as soon as possible, so that these three people could go back to where they came from, and don't get in his eyes here.

    "Okay." Xie Jinling smiled lightly. Since Lin Ye volunteered, he naturally couldn't refuse, but before that...

    "I'm going to take them to where you live now first."

    He needs to settle down in the residence of Lu Huaiyu and the others.

    There are a total of twelve rooms in the circular guest rooms in the village, except for the two unoccupied rooms, there are ten rooms. Now Lin Ye lives in one room and Jian Yi lives in one room, even with the addition of Lu Huaiyu and the other three, it is more than enough.

    Wang Siyuan listened to the conversation between Xie Jinling and Lin Ye, and saw the natural familiarity between the two, and immediately turned his head to look at Lu Huaiyu who was standing on the other side of him: "Brother Yu, your cousin should be the same How long have you been here?"

    Lu Huaiyu roughly calculated the time, then nodded slightly: "It should be only a few days since I came here."

    When Wang Siyuan heard it, he didn't know whether he was complaining or what: "Why do I feel that he seems to be familiar with everything here, and those who don't know think he has lived here for several months."

    Wang Siyuan's voice was neither loud nor soft.

    After Lin Ye heard his words, he glanced at him: "This will be my home from now on, I know my home well, is there any problem?"

    "Your family?" Lu Huaiyu accurately grasped the key point in Lin Ye's words.

    And Xie Jinling looked at Lin Ye and thought about it.

    Sensing Xie Jinling's gaze, Lin Ye pursed his lips, and added more rigorously: "My future home." After speaking, he blinked his eyelashes lightly at Xie Jinling, as if to show Xie Jinling that he was paying attention use words.

    Xie Jinling didn't say anything.

    Lu Huaiyu looked at him and Lin Ye more.

    Afterwards, Xie Jinling, Lin Ye, Lu Huaiyu and the twins walked to the guest room together.

    Xie Jinling walked through the front door that opened, and when he entered, he happened to see Jian Yi. Out of some subtle heart, Xie Jinling smiled lightly, and turned her body so that Jian Yi could clearly see Lu Huaiyu who was following behind him.

    "You... Lu Huaiyu?" Because of surprise, Jian Yi's pupils shrank slightly.

    "Jian Yi?" Surprise appeared in Lu Huaiyu's eyes.

    Wang Siyuan, who was standing behind Lu Huaiyu, heard the conversation, and tiptoed to look in front of Lu Huaiyu like a spectator: "Brother Yu? Are you a high school classmate again?"

    "Well, high school classmate."

    "Amazing, what kind of fateful meeting is this?" Wang Siyuan suggested, "Why don't we have a class reunion party tonight?"

    As soon as he finished speaking, he was stabbed by Wang Xingze behind him: "You don't want Yun."

    "Hiss... Take it easy!" Wang Siyuan supported his stabbed lower back and muttered in a low voice: "I'll just talk casually, let's liven up the atmosphere!"

    Xie Jinling slightly raised her chin to Lu Huaiyu, motioning for Lu Huaiyu to go inside first: "Don't stand at the door."

    Lu Huaiyu walked in, followed by the twins.

    The last one to come in was Lin Ye. He lifted the big bag containing clothes and some daily necessities in his hand, then tilted his head and whispered in Xie Jinling's ear, "I'll go in and put things in."

    While speaking, the hot air exhaled from his lips and teeth sprayed onto Xie Jinling's ears, creating a somewhat ambiguous and fiery itching.

    In the eyes of others, his actions like this are like biting ears between young lovers.

    Seeing this scene that was easy to make people think about, Wang Siyuan lowered his voice and asked Wang Xingze next to him in a low voice: "Why do these two people make me feel weird?"

    Wang Xingze nodded: "To tell you the truth, I also have the same feeling."

    If it's just a small partner, this way of speaking is really too intimate.

    Jian Yi's eyes sank slightly.

    He knew that Lin Ye definitely did it on purpose.

    As for Lu Huaiyu, his eyebrows and eyes are always warm, but if you look closely, you can find that there is no gentleness in the depths of his eyes at the moment, but he is looking at Lin Ye and Xie Jinling with a somewhat cold gaze.

    For some reason, the scene that caught his eyes made him feel uncomfortable. There was even a moment when he wanted to walk over and pull Lin Ye away.

    This feeling is like he saw the most perfect treasure by accident. He was amazed, liked and appreciated this treasure very much, and also had an idea of ​​wanting to hold the treasure in the palm of his hand and observe it carefully. Before he could implement it, he discovered that someone had touched this treasure before him.

    This mentality is a bit too subtle.

    For a while, Lu Huaiyu couldn't tell the specific reason for this emotion.

    On Lin Ye's side, in the blind spot where everyone didn't see, the corners of his lips curled up slightly, and he walked to the room to put things in a good mood.

    Looking at Lin Ye's brisk walking back, Xie Jinling recalled Lin Ye's small movements just now, her beautiful peach eyes slightly raised, and a faint smile and interest flashed in her shallow pupils.

    Lu Huaiyu looked at Xie Jinling and asked, "Where do we live?"

    Hearing Lu Huaiyu's voice, Xie Jinling withdrew her gaze from Lin Ye, and turned back to Lu Huaiyu's gaze. He raised his finger and pointed to the two rooms that could not be occupied for the time being, "Except for these two, you can feel free to use the rest of the vacant rooms."

    Lu Huaiyu nodded slightly: "Okay."

    Wang Siyuan glanced around, "Are all the rooms the same?"

    Xie Jinling walked to the round table, "You can think so." He sat down while talking, and then picked up the teapot on the table and poured himself a cup of clear tea as usual.

    Hearing what Xie Jinling said, Wang Siyuan was going to look around again. He grew up so big, and he had never lived in this kind of tent-like Miaojialou.

    Lu Huaiyu stopped Wang Siyuan: "Siyuan, let's put the luggage in the room first."

    When Wang Siyuan heard this, he gave up his thoughts for the time being, and began to choose a room on the right side of Lin Ye by counting troops, and then selected a room for his twin brother Wang Xingze by counting troops.

    Finally, he looked at Lu Huaiyu again, ready to repeat the old trick.

    Lu Huaiyu paused slightly, and refused with a chuckle: "I don't need it." He casually walked into an empty room where no one lived.

    After everyone else entered the room, Jian Yi looked at Xie Jinling who was sitting opposite him, and couldn't help asking, "Little Jin, why did Lu Huaiyu come here?"

    Xie Jinling originally didn't intend to talk about Lu Huaiyu, but since Jian Yi took the initiative to ask, he didn't hide it and told about the recommendation letter.

    After Jian Yi heard this, she narrowed her eyes slightly, and said, "That's a coincidence." His tone was very calm, and his voice didn't fluctuate too much. As for what he was thinking deep in his heart, only he could know. Got it.

    Xie Jinling replied indifferently: "It's a coincidence." He picked up the teacup and took a sip himself.

    In an instant, a light tea fragrance accompanied by a hint of sweetness flowed into Xie Jinling's taste buds.

    "Hmm... did you make this?" Xie Jinling asked while gently shaking the wall of the cup. After looking at the shallow rippling water pattern, he slightly raised his eyes and looked at the cup with some surprise. Jian Yi on the opposite side.

    "Well, I learned it from Mr. Li."

    Looking at Xie Jinling who took another sip of tea while he was speaking, Jian Yi's eyes showed a slight warmth: "I heard from Mr. Li that every time you go to school, you like to drink his tea. This clear tea."

    Xie Jinling nodded: "I really like to drink it." The main reason is that this tea has a slight sweetness when brewed, which perfectly neutralizes the slight bitterness of the tea.

    Although the pot of clear tea that Jian Yi made was not as authentic as Mr. Li's, the taste was still very good.

    He still likes it.

    Xie Jinling took another sip, then unconsciously brushed her upper lip with the tip of her tongue, moistening the somewhat dry lips.

    Seeing Xie Jinling's subtle habits, Jian Yi's eyes unconsciously rested on Xie Jinling's lips.

    Looking at Xie Jinling's moist lips after being moistened with tea, Jian Yi suddenly felt itchy throat, besides, there was a slight sense of thirst.

    Jian Yi doesn't remember where she saw it before, saying that people with too thin lips will appear a little flirtatious, and those with too thick lips will appear too sexy.

    And Xie Jinling's lips are moderately thick, and the shape of the lips is very beautiful, which is very suitable for kissing.

    Thinking of this, Jian Yi's eyes darkened a little.

    But soon, he seemed to realize something again. He lowered his eyebrows, and began to adjust the turbulent mood in his heart, trying to suppress the restlessness aroused by Xie Jinling's inadvertent little actions.

    It shouldn't be like this.

    The string of rationality was tightened in Jian Yi's heart, and he hinted to himself in his heart.

    You shouldn't be distracted and let your brain think about it.

    Xie Jinling was just drinking water, but some kind of dark daydreams and conjectures grew in his heart, and he even longed to have more intimate contact and entanglement with Xie Jinling.

    This is shameful and should not be done.

    Xie Jinling who was on the opposite side saw that Jian Yi suddenly lowered her head and remained silent for several seconds, so she casually asked, "What are you thinking?"

    Hearing Xie Jinling's slightly doubtful voice, Jian Yi suddenly recovered from her thoughts. He raised his head, gently supported his forehead, and said in a natural tone: "I'm wondering if this tea suits your taste."

    "Very good." Xie Jinling replied truthfully.

    After saying this, Xie Jinling thought of Jian Yi's first two sentences, so she asked, "Why did Mr. Li tell you this?"

    He remembered that although Mr. Li sometimes likes to listen to gossip and talk about gossip, he usually doesn't take the initiative to talk about other people's preferences.

    "I took the initiative to ask." Jian Yi said frankly.

    He stared at Xie Jinling's eyes, looked at the slight surprise that flashed in Xie Jinling's eyes because of his answer, and suddenly became a little expectant and a little nervous.

    He hoped that Xie Jinling would continue to ask this question in depth, so that he could also express his thoughts.

    At the same time, he was nervous that once he spoke his mind, not only would the result not be what he wanted, but it would destroy the existing relationship between him and Xie Jinling.

    Very contradictory.

    Also very anxious.

    Since Jian Yi can remember, she has enough confidence in everything, and also has enough confidence that she can do her best. But only when he met Xie Jinling, he would become unconfident, and even feel uneasy at a certain moment.

    In Jian Yi's somewhat complicated eyes, Xie Jinling put down the teacup in his hand, and his lips moved: "You..."

    However, just as Xie Jinling spoke, Lin Ye came out.

    He glanced at Jian Yi, then walked to Xie Jinling's side and sat down very naturally, "Is this tea delicious?" Lin Ye asked.

    Xie Jinling nodded: "You can try it."

    Lin Ye curled his lips slightly: "Okay." He knew that Jian Yi brewed this tea specially for Xie Jinling, so that Ling Ling could drink the tea he brewed himself when he came over.

    Thinking of this, Lin Ye's eyes flickered slightly, and he said to Xie Jinling beside him, "But I can't drink too much."

    Xie Jinling pointed to the empty cup: "Then you can pour a little less." Just taste it.

    "It's too troublesome." Lin Ye said, looking at Xie Jinling's half of the tea left: "Don't you have some left?"

    "Huh?" Xie Jinling seemed to understand Lin Ye's meaning.

    Lin Ye raised his eyes, moved his gaze to Xie Jinling's face, and met his gaze directly: "Can't I just drink your cup?"



    Almost at the same time, Xie Jinling and Jian Yi gave different answers.

    Lin Ye directly ignored Jian Yi's words no, and picked up the cup of tea that Xie Jinling drank, and started to drink it under Jian Yi's cold gaze.

    In fact, Lin Ye really wanted to point the mouth of the cup at the place where Xie Jinling drank just now, but he thought that if he did this, it might be a bit too much in Ling Ling's eyes, so he had no choice but to take a step back and choose another drink. in an irrelevant location.

    However, even if Lin Ye didn't kiss Xie Jinling indirectly, just drinking a glass of water together made Jian Yi feel like a stick in his throat.

    Although Jian Yi knows that there are actually many people who don't care about giving their cups to people they know well, and Xie Jinling may belong to this type of people. Because I don't mind it myself, I don't think it's a problem.

    However, knowing that he knew, he still felt a sense of irritability.

    Speaking of which, since he came here, the original calm mood has been broken repeatedly.

    There was a glint of darkness in Jian Yi's eyes.

    After Lin Ye drank the tea in the cup, he raised his eyelids lazily, and nodded seriously: "It's good." He commented on Jian Yi who was sitting opposite: "I didn't expect that Minister Not only is he good at studying, but he is also very good at making tea.”

    Lin Ye's tone was loose and casual, referring to Jian Yi's title as a cadre in Cheng Lin. It was clearly a compliment, but there was a faint sneer in his casual voice.

    Jian Yi raised her eyes, and said in a cold voice: "I just want to do everything as well as possible."

    As soon as Jian Yi finished speaking, Wang Siyuan, who had just come out of the room, answered with a smile: "Brother Yu, your high school classmate looks like a top student."

    Lu Huaiyu chuckled and said, "His grades are indeed very good."

    "It must be very good to be told by brother Yu." Wang Siyuan said while pulling Wang Xingze to sit on the other side of Xie Jinling.

    Unexpectedly, Wang Siyuan would be so decisive, so he chose to sit next to Xie Jinling, Lu Huaiyu, paused for a moment, then went to sit on the other side of Lin Ye.

    The round table, which was originally empty, suddenly became a little lively because of the addition of three people from Lu Huaiyu.

    Lin Ye looked at the twins sitting on the other side of Xie Jinling, the one with the sweat-absorbing towel on his head, what is it called far away, and it was too close to Lingling, leaning a little further to the left, his arms were almost touching Ling Ling arm up.

    Lin Ye closed his lips in displeasure, Jian Yi was already annoying enough, and now Lu Huaiyu came, that's all there was to Lu Huaiyu, followed by two twins who seemed to be very interested in Ling Ling.

    One word, annoying.

    If only these people didn't bother him and Ling Ling.

    In a flash of thought, Lin Ye stretched out his hand and gently tugged on Xie Jinling's sleeve, "Ling Ling..."

    However, almost at the moment when Lin Ye called out Xie Jinling, two different voices followed closely behind——

    Jian Yi: "Xiao Jin..."

    Lu Huaiyu: "Xie Jinling..."

    Xie Jinling: "?"

    Because of this unanimous voice, the air also became silent at this moment.

    Wang Siyuan and Wang Xingze glanced at each other, and then turned to Lin Ye, Jian Yi, and Lu Huaiyu who spoke at the same time.

    Is this all calling Xie Jinling to have something to do?

    Thinking this way in their hearts, the twins looked at Xie Jinling who was called by the three of them in a very tacit understanding.

    Wang Siyuan's eyes lit up, and some kind of flame ignited in his eyes.

    How to do! This weird atmosphere actually made him a little excited.

    Wang Xingze kicked Wang Siyuan lightly from below, and signaled with his eyes that he should at least restrain his expression.

    Xie Jinling glanced at Wang Siyuan from the corner of her eye, and then turned her gaze to Lin Ye: "What do you want to say?"

    Lin Ye said directly: "Didn't I go to Xialingzhai to buy some clothes today? I bought a piece of clothing from your side, but the style I bought was more complicated to me."

    "I wanted to try it on in the room just now, but I didn't know how to wear it." Speaking of this, Lin Ye paused for a moment, observed Xie Jinling's expression, and then said: "I just want you to come in and help me." , I'll try it again to see if it fits."

    Lu Huaiyu said slowly: "Whether it fits or not should be determined when buying clothes?" His tone was low and gentle, as if he was asking the question purely out of curiosity.

    Wang Siyuan echoed: "That's right, when you buy clothes, you will ask about the size."

    Wang Xingze also nodded in agreement.

    Lin Ye narrowed his eyes slightly.

    Lu Huaiyu smiled lightly: "Maybe the shops here are different."

    Jian Yi glanced at Lin Ye, then at Lu Huaiyu, and took a sip of tea expressionlessly.

    Xie Jinling did not respond to Lin Ye, but instead asked Lu Huaiyu, "What did you want to say when you called me just now?"

    There was a smile on Lu Huaiyu's face: "I want to ask if you have time." His voice was clean and gentle: "I have photos and related introductions of the herbal medicine we are looking for in my mobile phone."

    Lin Ye sneered: "Why, just after you put down your luggage, you want Ling Ling to take you?"

    Lu Huaiyu didn't speak, Wang Siyuan was a little unhappy, subconsciously retorted: "Hey, I said, brother Yu didn't say that Xie Jinling should take us now."

    It's just to look at the photos first, so that it will be faster and quicker when you actually look for it later.

    Even if you want to watch it first, don't be in a hurry.

    Lin Ye wanted to say something more, but Xie Jinling patted his wrist with the hand hanging by his side.

    This little action that only the two of them knew instantly made Lin Ye feel a little nervous.

    From cloudy to sunny. He stopped arguing like a little chicken, and calmed down very tactfully.

    After feeling that Lin Ye's mood was calm, Xie Jinling looked at Jian Yi who was sitting across from her again: "What about you? What do you want to say to me again?"

    Jian Yi said: "I want to ask you about Xiao Qin Lin."

    Xiao Qinlin is the monitor of the class. He is eight and a half years old this year. After Xie Jinling and Lin Ye left yesterday, this little monitor came to him and wanted him to tell the love story between SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing.

    "The love between SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing?" Xie Jinling was stunned for a moment, "Little Qin Lin asked you that?"

    Jian Yi nodded slightly, and glanced at Lin Ye who had an unnatural expression because of this sentence, "I was also surprised at the time, why he thought SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing were a loving couple. "

    Noticing the look in Jian Yi's eyes, Xie Jinling remembered that when they were in school yesterday, Lin Ye did teach Xiao Qin Lin to draw SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing.

    Obviously, it was Lin Ye who said something to Xiao Qinlin.

    Thinking of this, Xie Jinling's eyes turned cold for a moment, and then she looked at Lin Ye.

    Lin Ye's body was slightly stiff, and when he met Xie Jinling's cold eyes, his lips moved a few times, and before Xie Jinling could speak, he immediately admitted his mistake: "I was wrong."

    When he was drawing SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing, he was thinking of Xie Jinling and him. It happened that the little boy asked him what the relationship between these two cartoon characters was, so he said so out of selfishness. sentence.

    He regretted it a little later, but at the time he felt that since he had already said what he had said, he didn't correct it. Now that Ling Ling looked at him like this, Lin Ye also realized that it shouldn't be like that.

    Seeing that Lin Ye's attitude of admitting his mistakes was quite positive and sincere, the coldness in Xie Jinling's eyes also dissipated, and he said seriously: "Tomorrow Thursday, you and I will go to the school and talk to Xiao Qinlin."

    Lin Ye nodded: "OK."

    At this moment, Jian Yi said again: "Besides Xiao Qin Lin, there is another child I want to ask you about alone." He slightly emphasized the word alone.

    "Which kid is it?" Xie Jinling asked him.

    Jian Yi said: "Yan Yan."

    Hearing this name, Xie Jinling pursed her lips slightly.

    Yanyan's situation is rather special, and it is indeed inconvenient for too many people to know about it.

    Lin Ye turned his gaze to Jian Yi, his dark pupils glowed with a cold light, when he stared at Jian Yi's eyes like this, he gave a strong sense of oppression invisibly: "Do you have to ask now?"

    Jian Yi slowly raised her eyes, and also looked at Lin Ye.

    His cold and indifferent eyes in the past also showed a kind of unyielding sharpness at this moment. When he looked closely, there was a vague sense of aggressiveness: "Then you have to try it on now?"

    The eyes of the two met in the air, and at this moment, neither of them was willing to give in.

    Immediately, a tense and tense atmosphere spread silently in front of the table.

    "That..." Wang Siyuan raised his hand suddenly, "Why don't you two directly ask what Xie Jinling means?"

    After all, if both of them are unwilling to give in, Xie Jinling can only make her own choice.

    After thinking about it this way, Wang Siyuan became even more excited.

    This kind of scene is just like the otome game he played, the plot line is whoever chooses.

    Although Xie Jinling is not a girl, Wang Siyuan does not feel that it is against harmony to substitute this kind of picture.

    Wang Xingze on the side supported his forehead, so it was not without reason that Wang Siyuan was called a friend of women in school.

    He has the appearance of a hunk, but he has a heart that loves skin care and games.

    Girls don't treat him as a sister, who will!

    Moreover, if he said such a thing at this time, he should really tell Wang Siyuan not to be confused.

    Thinking of this, Wang Xingze looked at Xie Jinling who was watched by Lin Ye and Jian Yi at the same time because of his brother's words.

    Staring at the direct gazes of Lin Ye and Jian Yi, Xie Jinling raised her eyebrows slightly. He was about to speak when Lu Huaiyu, who hadn't made a sound for a long time, gently tapped the table with his knuckle fingers, and said slowly, "You will make Xie Jinling difficult." His voice was as gentle and gentle as ever.

    Lin Ye sneered, and was about to tell Lu Huaiyu not to pretend to be kind at this time, but before he could say anything, he saw Lu Huaiyu looking at Xie Jinling, and then said: "However, since there are already two choices , plus me, it becomes one of three choices, it shouldn’t be much different, right?”


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