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    The Guzang Festival is divided into the Big Gu and the Small Gu. The Small Gu is held every year, and the Big Gu is held every thirteen years for a total of three days.

    On the first day, all the people in the village went to the bullring to watch the bullfight. On the second day, they slaughtered the bulls to worship their ancestors. On the third day, it was the interesting interaction between young men and women.

    For Lin Ye, the first day and the second day are mainly to experience the atmosphere of this ancient ritual that has been passed down for thousands of years.

    On the third day, the disguised blind date meeting was the focus of his attention.

    There is no other reason, the main reason is that his Ling Ling is too popular.

    On the first day and the second day of the sacrifice, many people gathered in front of Ling Ling and expressed their love like a flower with a smile. There were men and women, most of them were girls, and only a few of them were boys.

    God knows, when he heard a boy enthusiastically confess to Ling Ling that he wanted to marry Ling Ling as his wife, how much he wanted to step forward and twist the collar of the other party to tell this person not to be delusional, if Ling Ling hadn't told him that night With those words, he would probably turn into a puffer fish in anger.

    "Ling Ling, I will follow you all day today."

    So on the morning of the third day, Lin Ye stood in Xie Jinling's house and said this sentence with a straight face.

    Seeing Lin Ye's serious eyes, Xie Jinling calmly said, "Why, you have to follow me to the bathroom?"

    "Follow." Lin Ye nodded, "Let's go together." It's best not to leave.

    Of course, Lin Ye didn't say the second half of the sentence directly.

    But even though he didn't express it, Xie Jinling still understood Lin Ye's implication, and he couldn't help laughing and said, "Will we need to hold hands then?"

    Lin Ye replied: "That's not necessary." Although he did think so in his heart.

    Xie Jinling didn't say much about this topic. He thought of the various activities that might be encountered today, and specifically reminded: "You don't seem to be able to drink well. Today's wine is not as good as the previous rice wine. The alcohol will be much higher. If someone comes Drink with you, don't force yourself, just tell the truth."

    After all, Xie Jinling had seen Lin Ye's drinking capacity before, and a dozen rice wines that blocked the door could make him drunk. Although he sobered up shortly afterwards, it undoubtedly proved that Lin Ye could not drink too much alcohol.

    Hearing Xie Jinling's words, Lin Ye originally wanted to say that he was actually good, but how could a man admit that he was not good? Although the prefix is ​​alcohol, it is also related to self-esteem.

    But soon, Lin Ye thought about it again, if he was drunk because of drinking, wouldn't it be easy for others to take advantage of it?

    Thinking about it this way, Lin Ye's words reached his mouth, but in the end he only said one word: "Okay."

    Xie Jinling glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. There was still an hour before the event started. If we set off now, the time would be just right: "Let's go to Lingfeng Mountain."

    Lingfengshang is the highest mountain here, and on the top of the mountain there is a viewing area surrounded by flowers and swing ropes. As early as the second night of the Kuzang event, a row of wine, as well as the bronze drums and reeds that will be used today have been placed on it.

    Lin Ye glanced behind Xie Jinling, and asked casually, "Where are your sister and the others?"

    "She and Sister Yaxi have already passed by first." Xie Jinling said, walking towards the door, but as soon as he opened the door, he saw several people walking towards him.

    "Morning, Xiao Jin!" Sang Linyang greeted first, with a set of neat teeth, which looked extraordinarily white against the bronze skin.

    On Sang Linyang's right stood Jian Yi, on the other side stood Lu Huaiyu, and then the twins Wang Siyuan and Wang Xingze holding cameras, among them Wang Siyuan was the second person to greet Xie Jinling.

    Holding the camera in his right hand, he raised his left hand and waved to Xie Jinling with a smile: "Good morning, Xie Jinling."

    His smile was very bright, looking sunny and energetic. In this kind of festive festival, such a smile is easy to be infected in the eyes of people.

    "Good morning." The corners of Xie Jinling's lips rose slightly, and the already seductive peach blossom eyes became a little more enchanting and charming with the smile on the corners of the lips.

    The morning sun poured down from the vast sky, and the warm halo of late autumn fell on his face, outlining his beautiful and distinct jawline and smooth and delicate facial features.

    At this time, there was a sudden click in the air.

    It's the sound the camera makes when the shutter is pressed.

    And the direction of the voice came from Wang Siyuan's twin brother... Wang Xingze's side.

    At this moment, everyone present looked at Wang Xingze.

    Sensing everyone's gazes on him, Wang Xingze put down the camera and explained embarrassingly: "I just thought Xie Jinling looked so good-looking just now, so I subconsciously took a picture."

    After saying this, he immediately looked at Xie Jinling: "If you don't mind, I will delete the photo." Although he asked this question, in fact, he didn't want to delete it in his heart.

    "Just don't take another photo." It's just a photo, Xie Jinling wouldn't be angry, but she still needs to explain it so that this situation won't happen twice or three times.

    "Ah... good!" Wang Xingze was overjoyed, knowing that this meant in disguise that he agreed to keep this photo.

    Wang Siyuan next to him raised his hand, put his arm on Wang Xingze's shoulder with a smile, leaned over and said, "Remember to send me the photo."

    Lu Huaiyu smiled lightly and said, "Actually, I really want to see this photo you took, Xingze."

    As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Yi on the other side of Sang Linyang glanced at Lu Huaiyu calmly, with a kind of imperceptible coldness in his eyes.

    Lin Ye looked at these people, and then whispered in Xie Jinling's ear: "Ling Ling, you are too lenient to them." It is rude to take photos without others' consent.

    Thinking this way, Lin Ye didn't feel that there was anything wrong with Lin Anan, who also secretly took Xie Jinling's photo three years ago, and he didn't feel that there was anything wrong with himself who saved that photo in the first place.

    At this moment, he is thinking that when he and Ling Ling are together in the future, he will also take a lot of photos, sleeping, eating, bathing...

    Lin Ye quickly stopped his thoughts.

    Xie Jinling noticed Lin Ye's ears suddenly turned red, he half-closed his eyes, stared at Lin Ye's eyes for a few seconds, and asked slowly, "What are you thinking?"

    Lin Ye looked away, and replied with a guilty conscience: "I didn't think about anything."

    "Really..." Xie Jinling's eyes twitched slightly, and then she stretched out her hand and gently pinched Lin Ye's red ears, "But you're red here." So you must be thinking about something.

    He didn't expect Xie Jinling to make such a sudden movement, and the delicate coolness that came from the base of his ears made Lin Ye's body tense instantly. However, his Adam's apple rolled, and Xie Jinling withdrew his hand before he could feel any more.

    Suddenly, a feeling of being stuck in Lin Ye's throat, this feeling is like being hooked to the tip of his heart suddenly by a light and fluttering feather, and the heart has just started to tremble, and all the daydreams suddenly come to an end. And it stopped.

    Lin Ye pursed his lips slightly, and rarely gave Xie Jinling a look of resentment: "Ling Ling, I suspect you did it on purpose."

    Xie Jinling raised her eyes: "Is there?" He chuckled lightly.

    He did it on purpose. Seeing Lin Ye's red ears, he knew that Lin Ye must be thinking of something unhealthy.

    So just wanted to tease him.

    Xie Jinling laughed again.

    And the interaction between Xie Jinling and Lin Ye, in the eyes of the people on the opposite side, became a kind of intimacy like no one else.

    Jian Yi looked at this scene coldly, her lips became colder than before.

    The smile on Lu Huaiyu's lips was also suppressed.

    Sang Linyang was the one who reacted most obviously among several people.

    He frowned tightly, with resentment in his eyes, jealousy entwined in his chest like tarsal maggots, making his breathing short and difficult.

    Counting today, it was only ten days.

    In just ten days, he watched Xiao Jin and Lin Ye get closer and closer, and watched the relationship between them get closer and closer, but he could only watch from afar, letting the jealousy in his heart slow down. Slow fermentation, and then secretly jealous like a poisonous snake hiding in a corner.

    Sang Linyang didn't understand that he and Xiao Jin grew up together, and their friendship for more than ten years was not as good as Lin Ye, who had been together for less than a year.

    Sang Linyang was very angry, angry at the relationship between the two, and even more angry at his lack of qualifications and reasons to stop it.

    In addition, he also felt a sense of powerlessness that he had never felt before.

    This feeling of powerlessness comes from a certain cognition.

    That is the original sometimes, feelings really do not come first.

    It doesn't matter how early you show up if you don't like it.

    Not suitable, just not suitable.

    Just like him and Xiao Jin.

    If Xiao Jin really had feelings for him, they would not have just maintained this kind of small relationship by virtue of their relationship for so many years.

    And Xiao Jin to Lin Ye...

    Although Sang Linyang didn't want to admit it, he really felt that Xiao Jin was different from Lin Ye.

    So do I really have to give up like this...

    He originally wanted to express his heart to Xiao Jin at the event today.

    But if after confessing to Xiao Jin, they can't even be the most basic friends, will this result be what I want to see...

    Sang Linyang lowered his eyes, his dark pupils were caught in a tangle.

    Because of this episode of interaction between Lin Ye and Xie Jinling, the few people whose moods were more or less affected did not speak much on the way to Lingfeng Mountain.

    Even after the event started, Sang Linyang, Jian Yi, and Lu Huaiyu were not very interested.

    As for Lin Ye, as he said at the beginning, he followed Xie Jinling almost every step of the way.

    Wherever Xie Jinling went, he would go there.

    Lin Ye is tall, handsome and slender. Although he is handsome and good-looking, his sword-cut eyebrows are sharp and unruly. When he lowers his eyes to look at others, his expressionless expression always gives people a kind Contemptuous of the awe-inspiring sense of oppression.

    It looks a little bluffing.

    Today is a day of joy, and young men and women who come to participate in the event are full of expectations of meeting their sweethearts.

    Seeing Lin Ye standing behind Xie Jinling like a demon, those who wanted to express their admiration to Xie Jinling finally gave up their thoughts and prepared to find someone else.

    But before looking for another brother and sister, according to the village's custom, they still offered Xie Jinling a lot of wine representing the relatives of the same village.

    Of course, Lin Ye, Jian Yi, and Lu Huaiyu were no exception as guests participating in the Guzang Festival.

    However, Lu Huaiyu and Jian Yi didn't drink much, and both of them used green tea instead to express their apologies.

    As for Lin Ye, in order to prevent someone from sneaking in on Xie Jinling when he was drunk, he didn't even take a sip of tea, let alone a sip of wine.

    Among them, only Xie Jinling drank a lot of alcohol.

    Xie Jinling grew up in the stockade, compared to Lin Ye, Jian Yi or Lu Huaiyu, his alcohol capacity is already pretty good.

    However, no matter how good Xie Jinling's drinking capacity is, if she suddenly drank so much alcohol in one day that was much stronger than rice wine, she would still feel very drunk afterward.

    Also a little drunk, and Shen Yan.

    It was approaching evening at this moment, and the twilight was gradually descending, and the afterglow of the setting sun was intertwined with the depth of the night.

    Zhao Yaqian took a look at the sky, and then supported Shen Yan to take her back to the stilted building.

    Seeing this, Gu Xiao wanted to step forward to help Zhao Yaqian and support the tall Shen Yan, but Zhao Yaqian refused.

    Looking at Gu Xiao, who was not a few years older than Xiao Jin and the others, but already very mature, it was rare for Shen Yan to invite him to participate in the Guzang Festival. Zhao Yaqian also hoped that the other party could have fun, at least to experience this kind of Features full of outdoor activities.

    "Gu Xiao, since you've come here, take it as a vacation for yourself. The next bonfire party will be the home of your young people. It's always good to stay and experience the atmosphere."

    Hearing this, Gu Xiao glanced at the young Miao family who were putting wooden poles in the middle of the field, and then glanced at Xie Jinling who was sitting under the tree with his back turned to him. After thinking for two seconds, he tapped lightly. He shook his head: "Okay, then you should be careful on the road."

    Zhao Yaqian smiled, thought of something and said: "By the way, you can help me tell this boy Lin Ye, so that he will not stick around Xiao Jin like a soldier, and feel the bonfire party."

    Lin Ye had stayed in her studio for a few months before, and Zhao Yaqian knew Lin Ye's feelings for Xiao Jin. At the end of the day, Lin Ye was either guarding against this person approaching Xiaojin, or he was guarding against that person approaching Xiaojin.

    Zhao Yaqian understood Lin Ye's approach. After all, Xiao Jin is so attractive, it is reasonable to care about Xiao Jin to prevent others from intervening. However, Zhao Yaqian feels that the relationship still needs to be relaxed, and she should relax properly so that she will not be so tense, so as not to put too much pressure on the other party.

    Gu Xiao responded with a smile: "Okay, I will convey it."

    Zhao Yaqian nodded: "That's troublesome."

    After Zhao Yaqian supported Shen Yan to leave, on the other side of the field, everyone had worked together to build the wooden poles prepared in advance into brackets, and then piled them up into stacks one by one.

    Sang Linyang, acting as the patriarch's agent, lit a bonfire with a torch that symbolized joy, enthusiasm, and splendor.

    In an instant, the flames burned, bringing fiery brightness to Lingfeng Mountain that fell due to the night.

    Gu Xiao stared at the bonfire for a few seconds, listening to the laughter of the Miao people around him, his mood seemed to be infected.

    Thinking of Zhao Yaqian's words, he walked towards Xie Jinling.

    After approaching, Gu Xiao conveyed all the words Zhao Yaqian asked him to bring to Lin Ye under the warning of Lin Ye's eyes that could be called not to approach strangers.

    After Lin Ye finished listening, he only replied, "I see."

    Got it, but not going to follow suit.

    He has kept it all day, how could he relax at the last moment.

    Thinking of this, he turned his head to look at Xie Jinling beside him.

    Affected by the alcohol, Xie Jinling's originally fair cheeks had a faint blush, and the corners of her eyes were also tinged with a light and diffuse blush.

    He seemed drunk, but he didn't seem drunk.

    He was said to be drunk because his cheeks, the tip of his nose, and the roots of his ears were all red, and even the corners of his eyes were moist red.

    The reason why he is not drunk is because he seems to be half-drunk, but his thinking is clear, and he can communicate normally without any knots or stumbling blocks.

    The bright bonfire shone on his beautiful and delicate face, and in the flickering red light and shadow, his whole body was like a sparkling peach blossom. The amber eyes were filled with a faint moisture, as if they were covered with a layer of tulle that was half damp and half hazy.

    Just slightly raising his eyes and squinting, a kind of turbulent color naturally appeared between his brows, which made Lin Ye's heart feel dizzy.

    At a time like this, he absolutely cannot allow others to get close to Ling Ling.

    After making up his mind, instead of following the others to gather around the campfire, Lin Ye moved closer to Xie Jinling.

    On the other side of Xie Jinling was the trees, and Lin Ye leaned against him, and the shadow that fell from his body completely enveloped Xie Jinling's body.

    He used his own shadow and the shadow of the trees on the other side of Xie Jinling to try to make Xie Jinling less conspicuous, and he thought at least to block some people's eyes from lingering on Ling Ling.

    Jian Yi, who was a distance away from Lin Ye, sensed Lin Ye's thoughts, and frowned slightly with her straight brows. However, thinking that Lin Ye was trying to prevent others from spying on Xie Jinling, he still didn't say anything.

    Because if it was him, he would make the same choice as Lin Ye.

    Just as Jian Yi was thinking about it, she saw Lu Huaiyu who was leaning sideways say something to Wang Siyuan who was going to dance with him, and then Wang Siyuan's eyes lit up, and he looked towards Lin Ye and Xie Jinling.

    Immediately afterwards, he saw Wang Siyuan, who was drinking a little too much, ran over with a smile and said something to a few Miao brothers and sisters. It seemed that the communication was not smooth enough. Pointing at Lin Ye, he pointed at the campfire again.

    Jian Yi's expression moved slightly, he vaguely guessed something, he slightly pursed his lips, and glanced at Lu Huaiyu.

    Sensing Jian Yi's gaze, the corners of Lu Huaiyu's lips curled slightly, and he smiled lightly, there was a bit of elusive emotion in his deep eyes.

    Soon, Wang Siyuan and his elder brothers and sisters came to Lin Ye.

    Looking at these people who suddenly surrounded him, Lin Ye narrowed his eyes slightly, and instantly became vigilant: "You..."

    He had just opened his mouth, led by the two sisters, and the others couldn't help but drag Lin Ye who hadn't participated in any activities because he followed Xie Jinling the whole time.

    Ignoring Lin Ye's resistance and the frown that almost killed an ant, the two sisters dragged Lin Ye to the campfire with the help of a few elder brothers with almost stubborn enthusiasm.

    Looking at Lin Ye passively dancing around the bonfire, Jian Yi's eyes suddenly became a little subtle. If he remembered correctly, the two sisters who were leading just now were the ones who were going to express their admiration to Xie Jinling during the morning duet, but were bluffed by Lin Ye's eyes.

    In the morning, everyone has not drunk yet, and their thinking is sober. Now, after drinking, the two Miao girls naturally became more courageous under the influence of alcohol.

    Coupled with other people, perhaps out of a small sense of revenge, they pulled Lin Ye away from Xie Jinling's side in such a way of hospitality.

    Thinking of this, Jian Yi looked at Lu Huaiyu again.

    It all started when Lu Huaiyu said something to Wang Siyuan.


    Just as Jian Yi was thinking, she heard a low hum.

    Jian Yi looked sideways, and found that Xie Jinling's head had hit a tree, and she murmured in pain.

    Are you sleepy...

    Jian Yi was about to stand up and walk towards him, when she saw Xie Jinling stand up suddenly, and walked down the mountain without looking back. His walking posture seems to be slower than usual, and his figure is also a little unsteady.

    Jian Yi frowned slightly, and chased after him without thinking too much.

    Seeing that Xie Jinling almost staggered, knowing that Xie Jinling would not fall, he subconsciously stretched out his hand to help her.

    He held Xie Jinling's wrist through his sleeve, and his lips moved slightly: "Xiao Jin, do you want to go back..."

    Jian Yi hadn't said the last word "go", but because she saw Xie Jinling's expression of turning her head suddenly, she immediately paused in her throat, and her heartbeat also missed half a beat.

    Under the silvery moonlight, amidst the faint flickering of the bonfire, Xie Jinling's eyes, which were a little moist due to drowsiness and alcohol, showed shallow waves as they turned around, like a pool of wine, oozing out An intoxicating bewitchment.

    He raised his eyes slightly, his shallow amber pupils seemed to be staring at Jian Yi, and it seemed that he just glanced at him without focus, and didn't put Jian Yi in his eyes.

    The silver jewelry on his body shone with a faint luster, but it did not conceal the alluring splendor between his brows at this moment.

    Xie Jinling like this reminded Jian Yi of the butterfly legend in Miao Jiang.

    If Xie Jinling is a monster that can confuse people, it must be like a butterfly demon with the most beautiful wings. The pollen is like a seductive and fallen poppy. When the wings are stirred, it is like a feather slowly falling to the tip of the heart, arousing those who approach for a while. Heart palpitations.

    At this time, Xie Jinling frowned slightly, after staring at Jian Yi for two seconds, he half-closed his eyes, as if to see the person in front of him more clearly, he stepped towards Jian Yi step.

    Jian Yi's Adam's apple rolled slightly, and her body tensed up a little.

    At this moment, Jian Yi was also a little uncertain whether Xie Jinling was in a sober state, and it was only because of the rising sleepiness that her eyes looked dim. Alcohol is still affecting thinking, and consciousness is in a state of confusion.

    At this time, Xie Jinling suddenly stretched out his other hand, he pinched Jian Yi's chin with his warm fingertips, and then turned Jian Yi's face from side to side, as if he was trying to identify something.

    Two seconds later, Xie Jinling withdrew her hand without haste, and said in a lazily drawn out tone, "'s Jian Yi..."

    His tone was slow, and his tone became hoarse and low because of drinking, and the slightly rising ending added a different kind of temptation |.

    Jian Yi's grip on Xie Jinling's wrist couldn't help tightening. He suppressed some kind of whimsical thoughts, took a light breath, and tried to make his voice calmer: "I'll take you back."

    Xie Jinling shook off Jian Yi's hand: "...No need." He immediately added: "Don't follow me." After saying that, he walked down the mountain road step by step.

    Naturally, Jian Yi couldn't just let Xie Jinling in this state go down the mountain alone, he chased after a few steps, and grabbed Xie Jinling's wrist again.

    Xie Jinling was a little annoyed, raised her thick eyelashes, and burped a little: "Let go..."

    Jian Yi was about to say that he could let go but he had to follow, when a deep and gentle voice sounded from behind him...

    "Didn't you hear him tell you to let go?"

    Jian Yi paused, turned back to Lu Huaiyu who was walking towards here with cold eyes: "It's you."

    Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows: "Do you prefer me, or Lin Ye?"

    After saying this, without waiting for Jian Yi to open his mouth, he said slowly: "It should be me, at least for me, you can still hold his wrist safely like now."

    Speaking of this, Lu Huaiyu's eyes also shifted from Jian Yi's face to Xie Jinling's hand that he was holding tightly.


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