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    Lingfeng Mountain.

    Beside the lively bonfire, the young men and women of Qian Jiang Wu Village are still dancing together. The shining flames shone on their bodies, illuminating their smiling faces as bright and bright as summer.

    Amidst the hearty and cheerful laughter, only the two of them were in a bad mood, and they were so quiet that they seemed out of tune with the laughter and laughter around them.

    Jian Yi and Lu Huaiyu sat on both sides clearly, separated by a long wooden board for placing wine jars.

    Jian Yi held a white paper cup in her hand, and the half-drinked transparent wine in the paper cup exuded a faint aroma of wine. Jian Yi's stern eyebrows were faintly reflected in the lightly rippling wine.

    As long as he recalled Xie Jinling's way of throwing off his hand and running towards Lin Ye full of joy after seeing Lin Ye, he would feel a sore feeling in his throat.

    His chest seemed to be squeezed tightly by a stone, which made him feel uncomfortable, and even breathing became a little obscure and difficult.

    Jealousy was like a tarsus maggot that couldn't get rid of, constantly disturbing his mind, drilling into his skin, bones and blood vessels, and devouring his flesh and blood.

    Jian Yi can't tell if this feeling is the pain of not being loved, the kind of sourness, jealousy, anger and powerlessness that swells and ferments in his body, as if it wants to turn his whole body into a got twisted.

    He tightened his hand holding the paper cup, and slowly lowered his eyes to hide the turbulent undercurrent that shouldn't have arisen in his eyes.

    On the other side one meter away from him, Lu Huaiyu looked not far ahead. The two brothers Wang Siyuan and Wang Xingze were blushing with drunken faces, dancing cheerful dance music with these Miao family members.

    His gaze seemed to fall on the twins, but in fact he just looked forward casually without a specific focal length.

    At this time, he suddenly said: "You should have liked him since high school." Lu Huaiyu's words without warning broke the dead silence and indifference between the two of them.

    Jian Yi paused while holding the paper cup.

    Although he didn't mention his name in Lu Huaiyu's words, he naturally knew who he was referring to.

    Jian Yi didn't want to pay attention to Lu Huaiyu, and he didn't even want to say more basic politeness: "I don't need to tell you." He just replied this sentence coldly, and unilaterally terminated the communication that had just started.

    And Lu Huaiyu obviously didn't care about Jian Yi's indifference.

    Or to be more precise, he didn't care whether Jian Yi answered or not, and he didn't need Jian Yi to give any response.

    "I quite like him." Lu Huaiyu took a sip of his wine, with some inexplicable emotions in his deep voice.

    If Xie Jinling's character three years ago was the kind he didn't want to get in touch with, then three years later, after seeing Xie Jinling's true face, his character would seem a bit insignificant to him.

    Lu Huaiyu admitted that he was moved by Xie Jinling's appearance, and he didn't think this liking was superficial. After all, everyone has an instinctive desire to pursue beautiful people or things, and the difference is only a matter of degree.

    Lu Huaiyu even thought that if he had paid more attention to Xie Jinling and had more contact with him in high school, everything would be different now.

    But in this world, there are no ifs.

    Unable to tell whether it was a pity or what, Lu Huaiyu felt more or less a sense of loss.

    At the same moment, Xie Jinling's room.

    Lin Ye, who clearly said that he would not take advantage of others, finally couldn't hold back and opened Xie Jinling's lips with the tip of his tongue.

    Before that, Lin Ye had never really kissed.

    Although he had dreamed of such scenes countless times in his dreams over the past three years, in fact, the only closeness between him and Xie Jinling, which was fairly close, was just a simple kiss of lips.

    But when it comes to things like kissing, it seems that every man has a self-taught ability in front of the person he likes and driven by his inner desire.

    At this moment, Lin Ye's tentative movement of opening Xie Jinling's lips with the tip of his tongue was very light and slow, filled with a very strong sense of contradiction, this contradiction stemmed from that careful love and extremely restrained madness.

    At this moment, all the surrounding sounds seemed to disappear suddenly. In the whole room, it seemed that only Lin Ye's heartbeat, which was as fast as a drum, could still be heard clearly.

    In order to allow himself to sneak in more smoothly, Lin Ye deliberately reached out and pinched Xie Jinling's earlobe, and then used his neatly trimmed nails to lightly stroke the root of Xie Jinling's ear.

    As early as the previous few times when Lin Ye nibbled Xie Jinling's earlobe with his teeth, from Xie Jinling's reaction, Lin Ye could feel that his ears were where Ling Ling was prone to itching.

    Sure enough, when he rubbed the delicate ear with his fingertips, Ling Ling subconsciously parted her lips slightly to make a resisting hum because of the itching.

    That is to say, taking advantage of this short opportunity, Lin Ye sneaked in smoothly, and began to hustle, grind, sweep and linger.

    His tongue hooked Xie Jinling's tongue lightly, no matter how strong the undercurrent in his eyes was, the kiss|sucking of his lips was extremely gentle.

    The sweetness between the lips and teeth makes Lin Ye feel like a traveler who has been thirsty for a long time in the desert and is nourished and comforted by the clear stream.

    Lin Ye knew that his behavior was shameful and wrong, but he really thought about it for too long, and thought about it for too long.

    Just one kiss, one kiss is enough.

    Lin Ye said to himself in his heart, however, he became more and more intoxicated, as if he was addicted.

    At this moment, Lin Ye was afraid that Xie Jinling would wake up, but also hoped that Xie Jinling would wake up.

    He likes Ling Ling very much.

    I like it so much that it hurts a little bit, just because of his inadvertent sentence, miss it for a long time.

    Finally, Lin Ye reluctantly stopped kissing until Xie Jinling's breathing became difficult.

    He knew very well that if he continued, it would not be as simple as just kissing. And based on his understanding of Lingling, he knew that Ling Ling would indulge his kiss and regard it as a kind of ambiguity between the two.

    But to go any further, as far as their current relationship is concerned, is crossing the line.

    Not yet.

    Lin Ye took a deep breath, put his palm on Xie Jinling's blind girl, rested his chin lightly on the top of Xie Jinling's hair, closed his eyes and slowly waited for the reaction to subside.

    This night, to Xie Jinling, was like a dream.

    He dreamed of Big Goudan, Er Goudan, and also Lin Ye.

    In the dream, Big Goudan and Lin Ye had a fight, and Er Goudan was watching the fun. Later, both Big Goudan and Lin Ye got lucky.

    Big Goudan ran to his side aggrieved, wanting to comfort him.

    Before Xie Jinling reached out to touch the big dog's hair, Lin Ye turned into a big dog, and then threw him under him, and started to lick him with his tongue, his face was covered with wet saliva.

    He felt tight in his chest and hot in his body.

    Just when he was about to push away Lin Ye who had turned into a big dog egg, all the pictures were cut off suddenly.

    wake up.

    Xie Jinling opened her eyes, and what she saw was Lin Ye's slightly heaving chest due to breathing.

    Xie Jinling found herself being tightly embraced by Lin Ye, and all the heat from Lin Ye surrounded him.

    No wonder he felt so hot.

    Xie Jinling raised her head, and her gaze moved upwards, passing Lin Ye's chin, and resting on Lin Ye's closed eyes. At this moment, Xie Jinling noticed that Lin Ye's eyelashes trembled slightly.

    Pretending to sleep?

    Xie Jinling raised her eyebrows.

    Yesterday he drank a little too much, and his mind was in confusion when he was drunk, but he was not the kind of physique that would be broken when he woke up after drinking.

    So Xie Jinling recalled the series of things that happened last night, and remembered them all. Whether it was Lin Ye carrying him home, rubbing his back, or even letting Lin Ye warm his bed afterwards, he remembered it clearly.

    Xie Jinling originally thought that was all there was to it.

    But seeing Lin Ye pretending to be asleep on purpose now, it must be that something happened after he fell asleep last night, or more precisely, something Lin Ye must have done to him.

    Otherwise, at this time, she would subconsciously close her eyes and pretend to be asleep because of a guilty conscience.

    Yes, guilty conscience.

    Xie Jinling could tell at a glance that Lin Ye's pretending to sleep at this time was obviously because of a guilty conscience.

    Xie Jinling couldn't help recalling the dream she had.

    It seems that Lin Ye secretly kissed him while he was sleeping.

    After she knew it, Xie Jinling wanted to laugh when she saw Lin Ye pretending to be asleep. Saving a little bit of teasing him, Xie Jinling buried her face in Lin Ye's collarbone.

    Sensing Lin Ye's suddenly tense body, Xie Jinling smiled softly, and the hot air exhaled from between his lips and teeth also permeated Lin Ye's collarbone.

    Lin Ye's Adam's apple moved slightly, trying to suppress the body's instinctive reaction to the heat and itching as much as possible.

    Xie Jinling raised the tail of her eyes slightly, continued to increase the firepower, and deliberately put her hand on Lin Ye's Adam's apple. And just when Xie Jinling was about to rub Lin Ye's Adam's apple with his fingertips, Lin Ye finally couldn't bear it and grabbed Xie Jinling's wrist.

    Lin Ye lowered his dark and deep eyes, staring at Xie Jinling's amber pupils: "Ling Ling, you did it on purpose." Knowing that he was actually pretending to be asleep, he deliberately teased him.

    Xie Jinling didn't deny it either, and said with a frank smile, "It was indeed on purpose." After he finished speaking, he thought of something, and then said, "I was still thinking just now, if you still don't open your eyes, then I'll go get the brush and put it on Your face is painted."

    "Hmm... How about just drawing a lemon candy dough?" Xie Jinling smiled leisurely, with some teasing in her tone.

    Lin Ye naturally knew that Xie Jinling was laughing at his childishness, and also knew that this was Ling Ling telling him in disguise that he remembered everything that happened yesterday.

    "Ling Ling," Lin Ye said with a smile, "next time you knead the dough, trust me, I will show you something different."

    Xie Jinling joked: "Ms. Lin will feel sorry for the flour." After saying this, Xie Jinling glanced at the time. At 7:45, the sky outside was completely bright, and the warm spring sunshine shone into the room: " Get up first, it's not too early now."

    He is going to take Lu Huaiyu and the three of them to find herbs today.

    Lin Ye sat up and said, "I want to be with you too." This was agreed before.

    Xie Jinling smiled lightly: "There is no need to emphasize it again." It is impossible for him to forget what he promised himself so quickly.

    Xie Jinling was going to go down to have breakfast first, and then go to the guest room to find Lu Huaiyu after eating.

    It's eight o'clock.

    Xie Jinling and Lin Ye washed up and sat down on the bench below.

    When the two were eating breakfast, Shen Yan and Zhao Yaqian sat opposite them, looking at them meaningfully.

    Xie Jinling was not affected by the eyes of Shen Yan and Zhao Yaqian.

    He was eating steamed buns and drinking soy milk, and there was a lazy feeling of comfort flowing between his brows.

    On the contrary, Lin Ye, who was sitting next to him, looked a lot cramped under the direct gaze of Shen Ya and Zhao Yaqian.

    If other people were sitting opposite, Lin Ye could eat breakfast without distraction, but the two older sisters opposite were Ling Ling's relatives and their elders.

    In this case, Lin Ye naturally couldn't care less.

    Strictly speaking, he is still very nervous now.

    When the soy milk in Xie Jinling's bowl was about to bottom out, Shen Yan finally said unhurriedly: "Lin Ye, you slept in Xiao Jin's room last night?"

    After the words fell, before Lin Ye could reply, Shen Yan said again: "Did you sleep together?"

    In fact, Shen Yan's words contained a bit of knowingly questioning. Of course, she knows the layout of Xiao Jin's room the best.

    There is only one bed in the whole room, no sofa, only a swivel seat to sit on. But this seat, it is obviously impossible for Lin Ye to lie on it for a night.

    So the whole night yesterday, Lin Ye could only have slept on Xiao Jin's bed.

    Thinking of this, Shen Yan narrowed his eyes slightly, and a cold light flashed in those oppressive phoenix eyes, and shot straight at Lin Ye.

    As for Lin Ye, at this moment, Lin Ye is like a child who has done something wrong and is about to listen to training, with his back straight and upright, not daring to be lazy in his attitude.

    He met Shen Yan's gaze and replied: "I did sleep with Ling Ling last night, but nothing happened to us." Lin Ye emphasized that he was afraid that he would leave a bad impression on Shen Yan.

    Of course, he and Ling Ling only need to know about the secret relationship.

    Shen Yan raised her eyebrows slightly, a pair of eyes that were as shallow as Xie Jinling's had a kind of quiet scrutiny, as if she could penetrate Lin Ye's heart: "Did you really do nothing?" She was not in a hurry Asked calmly, the neutral tone was completely opposite to the sharpness in the eyes.

    Lin Ye was a little dumbfounded, wondering if he really wanted him to tell the story of stealing Lingling.

    At this moment, Zhao Yaqian burst out laughing.

    She patted Shen Yan's shoulder lightly: "Okay, stop teasing him, and leave this kid a little secret."

    Shen Yan raised her eyebrows, smiled, and looked away.

    Seeing that Shen Yan no longer looked at him, Lin Ye also breathed a sigh of relief.

    After this breakfast, Lin Ye, who had breakfast for nothing, took the initiative to do the washing up.

    Shen Yan glanced at the back of Lin Ye who was washing dishes in the kitchen, then turned to Xie Jinling and said, "Xiao Jin, what do you think of Lin Ye?"

    What do you think?

    Xie Jinling thought for a while, and replied seriously: "Probably because I like him more every day."

    Hearing this, Shen Yan stretched out her hand to gently pinch Xie Jinling's cheek, and said indulgently: "No matter what you think or plan, Yaxi and I will support you unconditionally."

    In Shen Yan's eyes, as long as Xiao Jin is happy.

    Everything else is not important.

    Xie Jinling laughed, took Shen Yan's hand and gently rubbed her cheeks: "Sister is the best sister."

    Zhao Yaqian snorted lightly: "Xiao Jin, what about me?"

    Xie Jinling said: "Sister Yaxi is the best sister Yaxi."

    Zhao Yaqian was amused by Xie Jinling's description.

    "By the way," Shen Ya suddenly thought of something, and asked with some seriousness: "I remember you are going to take those graduate students to find herbs today. You know better than me that the more precious and difficult to find the herbs, Growing up in a place with steep terrain, you must pay more attention.”

    Xie Jinling nodded lightly: "Sister, I know." He knew in his heart that he was also wearing light clothes today, and he didn't even wear any silver jewelry.

    Zhao Yaqian glanced at Lin Ye who was still in the kitchen: "Will Lin Ye be with you?"

    Xie Jinling also glanced in the direction of the kitchen, her amber eyes glowed with a clear luster: "Yes."

    "That's good." Zhao Yaqian remembered that Lin Ye had the experience of living in the wild, and had also learned Jeet Kune Do, and his skills were quite good. With Lin Ye following her, she and Shen Yan could feel more at ease.


    Ten minutes later, Xie Jinling and Lin Ye went to the guest room together.

    Looking at Xie Jinling and Lin Ye who appeared at the door together, Lu Huaiyu's expression was inexplicable. Wang Xingze looked back and forth at Xie Jinling and Lin Ye, and finally stopped at Lin Ye: "You stayed at Xie Jinling's house last night?"

    Lin Ye didn't want to pay attention to Wang Xingze at all, he didn't like him very much.

    Last night at Lingfeng Mountain, if this man's elder brother hadn't encouraged those Miao family men and women, he wouldn't have been dragged to the bonfire dance, which made him almost lose sight of Ling Ling.

    But soon, Lin Ye, who noticed Lu Huaiyu's expression, changed his mind instantly. The corners of his lips curled slightly, and he asked back: "Is there any problem with me sleeping in Ling Ling's room?"

    "In the room?!" Wang Xingze was a little surprised: "You two share the same bed?"

    Lin Ye was in a very happy mood: "Could there be two beds in a room?"

    Lu Huaiyu's expression moved slightly, and an indistinguishable emotion flashed in his eyes.

    Xie Jinling, who was standing beside Lin Ye, gave Lin Ye a funny look. This Wang Xingze only mentioned home, but Lin Ye directly pointed out the specific room.

    The intent is too obvious.

    But he doesn't dislike Lin Ye's small thoughts.

    Lu Huaiyu looked at Xie Jinling: "Go in first, I clicked on the photo on the computer."

    Xie Jinling hummed.

    Judging from the pictures on the computer, the herbs that Lu Huaiyu and the others were looking for were very similar to the rejuvenating grass that was very popular here.

    Rejuvenation refers to Wedelia, which is a perennial herb.

    "Before we came, we checked the information carefully. Wild rejuvenation grass mostly grows in places like ditches and ravines," Lu Huaiyu said slowly: "Although the herb we are looking for is not rejuvenation grass, it is similar to rejuvenation grass. Very similar."

    "So I also want to ask, are the ditches and ravines the places we need to look for today?" If so, he might as well pack the corresponding equipment in his backpack.

    "It's not in these places." Xie Jinling stared at the pictures on the computer for a long time, "I've seen this kind of herb, it's in Jiumiao Mountain."

    "Jiumiao Mountain?" Lin Ye paused for a moment, "Is it the mountain next to Lingfeng Mountain?" He remembered that there were nine temple towers on the top of that mountain, and the spires could be seen from far away.

    "It's over there." Xie Jinling looked at Lu Huaiyu and the others: "There are many wild animals on that mountain."

    Wang Siyuan swallowed his saliva: "Will there be tigers?" He was looking for herbs, not risking his life.

    "Yes," Xie Jinling said honestly, "However, there is a high probability that we will never encounter them, and those wild animals are also small."

    At that time, Big Goudan will follow him.

    "The big dog's egg is the wolf king in this area. If there is a big dog's egg around, most animals will not come close. And the tiger is a solitary animal. There are wolves following us. Don't worry, you will be fine."

    Hearing what Xie Jinling said, Wang Siyuan also relaxed.


    Wang Siyuan's heart tightened: "But what?"

    "However, there are many traps on that mountain, most of which are deep pits."

    Xie Jinling glanced at Lu Huaiyu and the others, and warned lukewarmly: "So don't run around and follow me."

    In fact, if it was the safest consideration, Xie Jinling felt that Lu Huaiyu and the three of them should stay in the guest room, wait for him to find herbs for them, and just bring them back.

    In this way, when he is on the road, he doesn't have to be distracted to take care of these people.

    But these three people need to see the environment where the herbal medicine grows in person in order to write a research report, so he can only remind the three people to follow him.

    As for Lin Ye, he never needed to worry.

    After such a comparison, Xie Jinling's liking for Lin Ye became a bit more in an instant on the basis of the original.

    After explaining the things that need to be paid attention to one by one, Xie Jinling concluded: "I have said everything that needs to be said. If you have anything to bring, pack it as soon as possible, eat lunch early, and leave on time at twelve o'clock."

    Jiumiao Mountain is not far from their place. They set off at twelve o'clock in the noon. If they are fast, they will be back by ten minutes after sunset.

    When it was time to leave, Xie Jinling, Lin Ye, Lu Huaiyu, and Wang Siyuan and Wang Xingze were twins, a group of five people, plus a big dog sitting at Xie Jinling's feet, a total of six people.

    In the original plan, Sang Linyang, who was the agent of the patriarch, should also go with him, but because he drank too much wine last night, he was carried home by others at almost six o'clock in the morning. Still hungover.

    When the group was about to reach the pass of Jiumiao Mountain, Xie Jinling gave Lin Ye and Lu Huaiyu a sachet each.

    "Bring this sachet with you to prevent poisonous insects from approaching."

    "Why are the sachets of the three of us all black, but Lin Ye's is red?" Wang Siyuan flipped through the sachets in his hand and asked casually.

    Although the black sachet is also good, the red one is obviously better looking and more textured.

    "Because Lin Ye is my little friend, so he naturally has to be separated from you." Xie Jinling said it as a matter of course.

    Wang Siyuan was silent.

    How could he have forgotten that Xie Jinling's preference for Lin Ye was completely undisguised.

    Listening to Xie Jinling's answer, Lin Ye, who was standing aside, looked quite calm, but his heart was full of joy. He held the red sachet tightly in the palm of his hand, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised.

    Red is the color of celebration.

    It's red when you get married.

    Ling Ling gave him a red sachet.

    Rounding off, this red sachet is Ling Ling's token of love for him.

    Rounding it up again, this is his and Ling Ling's engagement souvenir.


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