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    As night fell, Lu Huaiyu stood under the luxuriant locust tree with his back facing the bonfire in the distance. The mottled light and shadow of the moonlight fell on his face, making his handsome face a little more elusive and deep.

    The corners of his lips were slightly curved, and his gestures and gestures were calm and gentle, but there was no trace of a wave related to a smile deep in the bottom of his eyes.

    As a former classmate, Jian Yi knew very well that Lu Huaiyu's character was definitely not as gentle and harmless as he appeared on the surface. As early as in high school, he knew that Lu Huaiyu was good at calculation and good at using things or people around him to achieve his goals.

    Wearing a mask of amiability, in fact, the kind of indifference in his bones is even worse than him.

    Jian Yi will not easily judge whether Lu Huaiyu's way of doing things is right or wrong. After all, everyone has their own set of social concepts and individual values ​​in dealing with others.

    Strictly speaking, he is not familiar with Lu Huaiyu. Even when they were in Cheng Lin High School, they were regarded as "colleagues". In fact, except for some necessary handover of activities, he and Lu Huaiyu most of the time maintain a mutual relationship. state of interference.

    Do not interfere with each other.

    It was like this in high school, now, Jian Yi naturally doesn't want this balance to be broken.

    So at this moment, even though she could hear some deep meaning in Lu Huaiyu's tone, Jian Yi didn't intend to pay attention to it, let alone wasting time on someone who didn't matter to him.

    Right now, the only thing he cares about most is Xie Jinling.

    If at the beginning he was not sure whether Xie Jinling was simply sleepy or drunk, then now he was almost sure that Xie Jinling's situation belonged to the latter.

    Under such circumstances, no matter whether it was out of selfishness or a basic moral view, he could not let Xie Jinling go down the mountain alone.

    Of course, the idea of ​​letting Lin Ye escort Xie Jinling was never within Jian Yi's consideration. In front of the person he likes, he can't be so frank.

    Jian Yi thought a lot in her heart, but in reality only two seconds passed.

    He has his own plans, but obviously Lu Huaiyu doesn't want his existence to be ignored.

    His gaze still stayed on Jian Yi's wrist holding Xie Jinling, his dark pupils were deep and hard to distinguish.

    " should let go?"

    Lu Huaiyu spoke calmly, and his unhurried tone seemed to be expressing his opinions, but if you listen carefully, it is not difficult to find that there is a bit of order-like coldness in his voice.

    Jian Yi replied indifferently: "What should I do, I don't need you to tell me." Lin Ye just let it go, he knew that his position in Xie Jinling's heart was not as high as that of Lin Ye, but what kind of stand did Lu Huaiyu use to follow her? He said this.

    For Xie Jinling, Lu Huaiyu was just a task at best.

    At least he and Xie Jinling still have a little tablemate affection.

    "...well... I said... can you let go..."

    Xie Jinling just feels a little dizzy now, and she doesn't want to see these two confronting each other. Moreover, Jian Yi held him like this, which made him feel uncomfortable, as if he was bound.

    do not like……

    He wants to go back to sleep...

    Xie Jinling shook her hand, but did not.

    He was a little annoyed: "...Jian Yi, you are not Jian are a cowhide plaster..." Speaking of this, Xie Jinling hiccupped again, and then she suddenly thought of something and started laughing.

    He is undoubtedly extremely good-looking, even when he smiles so recklessly, he is as bright as a peach blossom in full bloom.

    Jian Yi and Lu Huaiyu, who were confronting each other, looked at him together.

    Lu Huaiyu's lips moved slightly, and he was about to say something when he was interrupted by the sound of hurried footsteps.

    "Lingling!" After finally getting rid of those people, Lin Ye quickly ran over here.

    Hearing Lin Ye's voice, Xie Jinling blinked her thick and long eyelashes in a daze, then raised her eyes to look at him, her eyes lit up instantly, and cheerfully waved at Lin Ye: "Little buddy!"

    Lin Ye ran up to Xie Jinling, grabbed his swinging hand, and smiled softly: "It's me, your little friend." After saying this, Lin Ye turned his gaze to Jian Yi, and the smile on his lips was also at that moment All disappeared: "Let go."

    He only said two words, his tone was cold, without unnecessary nonsense, his sharp eyes were as sharp as a knife's edge, and he shot straight at Jian Yi.

    Jian Yi had no doubts at all, if Lin Ye hadn't had some scruples, Lin Ye would have punched directly now instead of just giving a verbal warning.

    But is he really going to let go like this...

    Before Jian Yi could make a choice, his hand was empty in the next second.

    It was Xie Jinling who forcefully shook off his hand, and then grabbed Lin Ye's hand with both hands, shaking it happily from side to side: "...Little buddy...let's go home..."

    "Okay," Lin Ye replied, and then glanced at Jian Yi, who was staring blankly at the hand that Xie Jinling had freed.

    Lin Ye let out a snort, and let Xie Jinling pull him away.

    As for Lu Huaiyu, Lin Ye ignored him from the beginning to the end.

    Listening to the footsteps of Xie Jinling and Lin Ye getting farther and farther away, Jian Yi's mood became more and more depressed.

    He lowered his eyes, his slender eyelashes covered the emotions in his eyes, and the hand that was already hanging by his side tightened slightly, as if he was trying to grab something.

    His hands seemed to still have the warmth from Xie Jinling's body, but the person who brought him this feeling had already dragged others away.

    Jian Yi was silent for a long time, and when she looked up again, her eyes returned to calm. He didn't look at Lu Huaiyu who didn't know what he was thinking, and went straight to the crowd who were still singing and dancing around the campfire.

    He didn't drink much all day, maybe now, he should try to get himself drunk.

    Only in this way can we not think about other things.

    Ignore the jealousy that is already running rampant deep inside.

    the other side……

    On the way down the mountain.

    Xie Jinling took Lin Ye's hand and walked in front. At this moment, his walking was even more unsteady than before. If Lin Ye hadn't used the strength of holding hands to stabilize him, Xie Jinling would have staggered several times.

    Because it is a downhill mountain road, there are many tall trees around it, so although the moon is very bright tonight, there are very few silver lights that can fall to the ground, which makes the environment of this section of the road relatively dark.

    Even though there was only half an arm's distance between Lin Ye and Xie Jinling, Lin Ye couldn't see the expression on Xie Jinling's face clearly.

    However, although Xie Jinling's expression could not be used to tell the difference, Lin Ye could clearly feel that Xie Jinling was in a state of drunkenness.

    Lin Ye thought of the scene of Jian Yi grabbing Xie Jinling's wrist when he rushed over just now, at that moment, if he hadn't been sane, he almost wanted to rush over and punch Jian Yi.

    Fortunately, in the end, he controlled the sudden violence and did not make any irrational beatings.

    In fact, he knew that Jian Yi probably wanted to help Xie Jinling to prevent Xie Jinling from falling while walking alone on the uneven mountain road. But knowing that he knew, Lin Ye still had a strong anger in his heart.

    Fortunately, when he walked in front of the two of them, Ling Ling took the initiative to hold his hand, and the sound of "little partner", lightly and slightly filled with a sense of joy, instantly extinguished the burning anger in his heart the fire.

    Thinking of this, Lin Ye stopped and called out to Xie Jinling who was walking in front: "Ling Ling."

    Xie Jinling turned her head to look at Lin Ye, and said slowly, "Huh?"

    Saying this, Xie Jinling raised her foot and took a step forward, as if to see Lin Ye better, but accidentally stepped on the edge of a stone, and her whole body tilted forward uncontrollably.

    Lin Ye quickly hugged Xie Jinling.

    And at this moment, accompanied by the ringing of the silver ornaments, the silver ring around Xie Jinling's neck pierced Lin Ye's chest.

    Lin Ye couldn't help snorting, but immediately put his arms around Xie Jinling's waist firmly, and whispered in his ear, "Be careful."

    While speaking, the hot air from his mouth sprayed onto the tips of Xie Jinling's delicate ears, causing Xie Jinling's body to tremble slightly physiologically because of the itching: "Itches..."

    Xie Jinling's voice was low, and the unconsciously protracted tone reached Lin Ye's eardrums, as if she was acting like a baby.

    Lin Ye's heart suddenly softened.

    He found that the drunk Ling Ling was really good, like a soft and docile Persian cat, making people want to comfort him gently.

    Thinking of this, Lin Ye folded his arms again, bringing the young man in his arms closer to him.

    Feeling the warm touch in his arms, Lin Ye stretched out his other hand, and patted Xie Jinling's back twice lightly with his palm, signaling Xie Jinling to lean his face on his shoulder.

    Xie Jinling understood what Lin Ye meant.

    He leaned his face obediently.

    However, because of this approach, he smelled the very faint lemon fragrance from Lin Ye's body.

    Xie Jinling narrowed her eyes slightly.

    It's his favorite flavor...

    He smiled lightly, and in the next second, he bit Lin Ye's neck.

    Lin Ye's body trembled violently: "Ling Ling, you..."

    Before he finished speaking, Xie Jinling's next behavior made a suppressed low gasp escape from his throat.

    Xie Jinling had two inconspicuous small canine teeth. After biting Lin Ye, he loosened his grip. However, the wet and tingling sensation brought by the sliding of the teeth still made Lin Ye tremble instinctively.

    At this moment, it seemed that there was a scorching | scorching | tingling | numbing electric current shot up from Lin Ye's spinal cord, and finally rushed straight to his throat.

    While disturbing his breathing, it made his mouth dry.

    "Ling Ling..." Lin Ye called Xie Jinling's name, trying to make Xie Jinling let go, his voice sounded deeper than usual, with a faint hoarseness.

    Hearing Lin Ye's voice, Xie Jinling muttered to herself...

    "'s not sugar, it's Lin Ye..."

    Xie Jinling let go, and then just buried her face in Lin Ye's neck, and said in a low voice, "Lemon, it smells so good..." His voice was sweet, and it was so warm inside.

    Lin Ye took a deep breath, trying to calm down the dryness in his heart.

    He took a breath, and gently placed his hand on Xie Jinling's black hair, "Ling Ling, don't make trouble, let's go back first."

    As for the matter of being able to touch Xie Jinling's hair casually, Lin Ye had long since put it aside. Anyway, everyone else belongs to Xie Jinling, so it is better to change to a lifetime of coolies for three years.

    "Go back, okay... go back." Xie Jinling smiled lightly.

    "Little buddy, carry me, Lin Ye carries me..."

    Lin Ye pinched Xie Jinling's ear gently: "Okay, I'll carry you." After saying this, he took two steps forward and squatted down with his back to Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling did not jump onto Lin Ye's back in a hurry, but took off the silver ring around his neck first, and then went up to Lin Ye's back.

    Xie Jinling's stature is considered very tall among boys, but compared with Lin Ye, whether it is height, body weight, etc., it is still much lower.

    Lin Ye picked him up without any effort.

    Being carried firmly on Lin Ye's back, Xie Jinling wrapped one hand around Lin Ye's neck, and gently shook the silver ring with the other hand.

    Hearing the pleasant and clear sound of the silver ornaments on the silver ring colliding, he said with a smile: "Lin Ye, let's go!"

    Lin Ye couldn't help but laugh.

    Just a minute ago he thought that the drunk Ling Ling was very obedient, but now it seems that he is not necessarily so.

    But fortunately, Xie Jinling didn't continue to make trouble on the way down the mountain afterwards, and Lin Ye carried him home safely.

    At this point in time, Shen Yan and Zhao Yaqian who came back first had already rested.

    Lin Ye carried Xie Jinling back to the stilted building, and was about to carry him to the room on the second floor when Lin Niang came out.

    Lin Niang yawned and looked at Xie Jinling on Lin Ye's back: "Xiao Jin is drunk." She walked over while talking, and gently touched Xie Jinling's forehead: "It's not very hot, you Put him on the stool first, and I'll cook him a bowl of pear syrup to sober up."

    Lin Ye nodded: "It's troublesome."

    When Lin Niang heard Lin Ye's words, she suddenly thought of something interesting. She shook her head and smiled, and said to Lin Ye who knew nothing about it: "Xiao Alang, I'm not troublesome, but I'm troublesome. It's you!"

    After Xiao Jin got drunk, she didn't get well all at once.

    There was a slow onset, and then a sudden fuss.

    The duration of the entire drunkenness is much longer than the average person.

    Hearing what Lin Niang said, Lin Ye was a little puzzled, and after thinking for two seconds, just as he was about to ask, Lin Niang turned and walked towards the kitchen.

    Lin Ye looked at her back, and finally gave up on asking.

    He put Xie Jinling on the bench, then sat next to Xie Jinling, and supported Xie Jinling with his arm.

    "Ling Ling," Lin Ye looked down at the young man beside him, who was just sitting obediently at the moment, and his quiet appearance had nothing to do with the time when he bit his neck on the road at the beginning.

    So when Ling Ling is drunk, is she sometimes well-behaved? Sometimes noisy?

    Is this the so-called indirect drunkenness?

    Lin Ye thought back to Lin Niang's words just now, and the last meaningful look in the other party's eyes really made it hard for Lin Ye not to suspect that Ling Ling's wine quality might be even worse than his.

    Just as Lin Ye was thinking, Xie Jinling suddenly raised her eyes to look at him.

    In the next second, Xie Jinling directly stretched out her hands, pinching Lin Ye's sharp and handsome face from left to right, and then began to knead Lin Ye's face like dough...

    "Lemon Drops...Lemon Balls...Dough Lemons..."

    Lin Ye's handsome facial features were distorted by Xie Jinling's rubbing, but fortunately he could bear the force, so Xie Jinling let it go.

    But even though Xie Jinling was allowed to rub his face like this, Lin Ye felt a little helpless and funny in his heart.

    It seems that the dough lemon candy he kneaded the morning before yesterday left a deep impression on Ling Ling, otherwise the other party wouldn't be subconsciously muttering about it at this moment.

    Within a few minutes, Lin Niang came out with a bowl of boiled sober water.

    She looked at Lin Ye's handsome face that was reddened and distorted by Xie Jinling's rubbing, and said with a smile, "Xiao Jin is the kind of fussy man after he gets drunk."

    "I see." Lin Ye held Xie Jinling's wrist, which was still about to move, and stopped him from continuing: "Ling Ling, drink pear syrup first to sober up."

    Hearing Lin Ye's words, or hearing the words "drink pear syrup", Xie Jinling stopped temporarily, and then looked at the bowl that Lin Niang put on the table.

    Lin Ye asked, "Will he drink honestly?"

    Lin Niang smiled and nodded, and said, "Don't worry about that, if you let go of his hand, he will take the initiative to drink."

    After finishing speaking, she added another sentence: "I boil pear syrup with pears and brown sugar. It has a strong sweetness and a distinct aroma. Xiao Jin will drink it as a drink."

    After hearing what she said, Lin Ye didn't ask any further questions, and let go of her hand according to her words.

    And Xie Jinling did exactly what Lin Niang said, she held the bowl consciously, and began to drink one mouthful at a time.

    "Xiao Alang, I've already boiled the hot water, and I've put herbs to dissipate heat in the wooden barrel. After Xiao Jin drank the hangover water, I will continue to trouble you."

    "Okay." Lin Ye was concentrating on watching Xie Jinling drinking the sober water, so he didn't think too much: "Mrs. Lin, go and rest."

    Seeing Lin Ye coming down, Lin Niang went back to the house directly.

    It didn't take long for Xie Jinling to drink up half a bowl of pear syrup.

    After drinking, Xie Jinling put down the bowl in her hand, subconsciously licked the corner of her lips with the tip of her tongue.

    Seeing this scene, Lin Ye paused, and a dark look flashed in his eyes.

    His eyes fell on Xie Jinling's lips moistened with sober water, the deep red color was like petals soaked in dew, after absorbing enough water, it looked delicate and charming.

    Lin Ye looked at it, feeling a little distracted.

    He coughed lightly, restrained himself, and was about to speak when Xie Jinling suddenly stood up from his seat.

    Seeing this, Lin Ye immediately stood up, "What's the matter, Ling Ling?"

    Xie Jinling raised her eyes and said to Lin Ye, "Take a bath."


    Lin Ye was stunned for two seconds, and when he realized it, Xie Jinling had already walked straight to the bathroom room specially used for taking a shower.

    Recalling what Lin Niang said, Lin Ye chased after him a few steps, and said to Xie Jinling, "I'll get some hot water."

    After Lin Ye brought the two buckets of hot water to the bathroom, he saw Xie Jinling turn off the tap at a glance, and was about to step into the wooden bucket that had just been filled with cold water.

    Lin Ye was startled: "Ling Ling!" He stopped Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling turned her head: "What are you shouting for..." He frowned slightly, as if he was blaming Lin Ye for his sudden surprise.

    Lin Ye quickly put the two buckets on the ground, walked over a few steps and grabbed Xie Jinling: "Ling Ling, there is only cold water in here."

    Xie Jinling raised her hand to push Lin Ye away, and said intermittently: " take a bath, that's right..."

    "That's right," Lin Ye responded to his words, half coaxing him to pull him tighter, "But Ling Ling, don't worry, wait until I put the hot water in."

    "You have to take off your clothes." Lin Ye followed up and added.

    It was the last sentence, which seemed to remind Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling groaned: "That's right, I haven't taken off my clothes yet." As he spoke, he stepped back from the steps and walked slowly towards the clothes rack next to him.

    Taking advantage of this gap, Lin Ye quickly poured the hot water in the bucket into the wooden bucket.

    In this bucket, there are herbs that Lin Niang put in advance, which floated on the surface of the water.

    Lin Ye couldn't tell what kind of herbs these were.

    Judging from the appearance, these herbs are not like the ones in his cognition, whether in shape or color.

    Lin Ye felt that these were more like pieces of red maple leaves or petals than grass.

    When he got closer, he could still smell a very quiet fragrance.

    Lin Ye tested the temperature of the water with his fingertips, and it was still quite hot, so he turned on the faucet next to it that could only put cold water, and began to adjust the temperature.

    After feeling that the water temperature was almost right, Lin Ye turned off the tap, stood up, and said to Xie Jinling who had already taken off his coat, "Ling Ling, the water is ready."

    Xie Jinling hummed lazily, her low tone mixed with a little nasal sound.

    "Then you wash it well, I'll go out first." After leaving these words, Lin Ye quickly walked towards the door. During this time, he kept his eyes fixed, and he dared not look in the direction where Xie Jinling was standing. The main reason was that he was afraid that he would not want to go out after seeing Ling Ling with all his clothes off.

    However, just as Lin Ye was about to reach the door, Xie Jinling suddenly stopped him.

    "Lin Ye buddy... come here, my belt buckle is knotted..."

    Lin Ye stopped, but he didn't look back, as if he was struggling.


    Without Xie Jinling shouting again, Lin Ye, who didn't even struggle for half a second, turned around decisively, and walked in front of Xie Jinling swiftly.

    Xie Jinling turned around and turned her back to Lin Ye: "Help me untie..."

    Because she took off her complicated coat, Xie Jinling only wore a thin white lining now.

    His hair fell down smoothly and fell to the thin but beautiful shoulder and neck, and every strand of hair exuded a faint fragrance.

    Since the position of the belt was torn into a knot by him just now, the tightened inner belt naturally clearly outlined his thin and smooth waistline.

    The white cloth fit the curve of Xie Jinling's body, and every fold was a silent and secret temptation to Lin Ye.

    Lin Ye held his breath, lowered his eyes, and untied Xie Jinling's knot. Fortunately, the knot was not very tight, and Lin Ye untied it in a few tens of seconds.

    "Okay." Lin Ye breathed a sigh of relief.

    " can go." Xie Jinling said indifferently.

    Hearing what Xie Jinling said, Lin Ye, who originally wanted to leave here as soon as possible, was suddenly not in a hurry to go out.

    "Ling Ling, I helped you, so you drive me away like this?" Lin Ye began to list: "I carried you on my back, poured water on my back, and helped you untie the knot, didn't you show any sign?"


    "Well, it means, like a hug...!" The unexpected touch at the corner of the lips made Lin Ye's pupils shrink suddenly, and the words he wanted to say were instantly frozen in his throat.

    Originally, he just wanted Xie Jinling to hug him, but he never expected that Xie Jinling would suddenly kiss the corner of his lips.

    Although it was just a fleeting kiss, it was enough to surprise Lin Ye.

    He stood there in a daze, and after a few seconds, he raised his hand to touch the corner of his lips.Although that moment was very short, he still felt the soft touch and the sweet fragrance flowing from Xie Jinling's lips and teeth.

    The corners of Lin Ye's lips turned up unconsciously, and just as he couldn't help savoring the unexpected sweetness, the sound of water waves came from behind him obliquely, and Xie Jinling, who had also taken off the lining, had already entered the barrel,Lie down very leisurely.

    The warm water flowed over Xie Jinling's skin, making Xie Jinling feel a sense of relaxation as if her skin was soaked in warm water.

    He put his arms on the edge of the barrel, leaned his neck back slightly, and let out a soft sigh with his eyes closed.

    Hearing Xie Jinling's lazy and tender sigh, Lin Ye's body immediately tensed up.

    He didn't turn around, his whole body froze there, thoughts in his mind began to spin, thinking about whether he should go or not at this moment.


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