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    As soon as Lu Huaiyu finished speaking, the air fell into a dead silence again. Originally it was only a confrontation between Lin Ye and Jian Yi, but now because of Lu Huaiyu's joining, the whole situation has become more complicated.

    There was a light and gentle smile on his face, and his dark eyes were staring at Xie Jinling, as if he really added himself into it simply because he was simply curious about how Xie Jinling would choose.

    Wang Siyuan looked at Lin Ye and Jian Yi, and then at Lu Huaiyu, the gossip soul in his body burned to the peak at this moment. He originally thought that there were only two lines to choose from, but he didn't expect that their brother Yu turned out to be the hidden strategy line.

    Needless to say, this is definitely a rather dramatic development.

    So now the question is, who will Xie Jinling choose?

    Wang Siyuan was thinking which of these three people was most likely to be selected, when he was kicked by Wang Xingze next door.

    The strength of this kick is obviously heavier than before.

    Wang Siyuan snorted, and turned to stare at Wang Xingze.

    Xie Jinling's eyes swept over the faces of Lin Ye, Jian Yi, and Lu Huaiyu one by one, but his expression was very calm, and he didn't feel embarrassed or anything because of the weird atmosphere.

    Afterwards, Xie Jinling fixed her eyes on Jian Yi who was sitting directly opposite him.

    Jian Yi's hand hanging by her side tightened, suddenly a little nervous.

    Xie Jinling said: "Don't rush about Yanyan's matter, it's the same if I tell you later."

    got rejected……

    At this moment, the bitterness in his heart spread to his throat, making him feel sore and dry.

    "...Mmm..." In the end, Jian Yi just lowered her eyes to hide the disappointment in her eyes.

    Xie Jinling looked at Lu Huaiyu again, and said calmly, "You don't need to rush." ​​Lu Huaiyu and the twins will stay together for at least a week, and there is still plenty of time.

    Lin Ye smiled, and Xie Jinling chose him. The satisfaction of being favored instantly filled Lin Ye's heart, making him feel a kind of warmth. At this moment, he seemed to have a lot to say: "Ling Ling, I..."

    "Let's go, let's try on clothes first." Xie Jinling stood up.

    "Okay." Lin Ye got up right after him, his speed was as fast as if Xie Jinling would regret it if he slowed down.

    But after Xie Jinling and Lin Ye went to the room together, Wang Siyuan, who had been watching all this, suddenly realized: "Oh... that's not right...!" Why did he think that Lin Ye was not in a hurry to try on clothes?

    And if you think about it carefully, the matter between Brother Yu and this Xueba is obviously more serious, while the matter about Lin Ye is clearly a private matter.

    Can't do business but private business?

    Translate, it is equivalent to brother Yu and Xueba, who can't beat Lin Ye?

    After thinking this way, Wang Siyuan subconsciously looked at Lu Huaiyu who was left behind. Speaking of which, this seemed to be the first time he had seen Brother Yu who was perfect in every aspect, and when he was chosen, he became the one who was left behind.


    Wang Siyuan said: "Brother must be angry now..." Absolutely! Although the corners of his lips were curved, his eyes were indeed cold and there was no smile at all.

    Lu Huaiyu smiled, raised his eyes and said, "No."

    Even more... scarier... Okay!

    Wang Siyuan trembled slightly, out of an instinct, he quickly pulled Wang Xingze up and ran away: "Brother Yu, let's go first."

    In a few seconds, only Lu Huaiyu and Jian Yi were left outside.

    Although Lu Huaiyu didn't have any expectations that Xie Jinling would choose him when he said that sentence, but when he actually heard Xie Jinling's choice, he still had a relatively negative mood swing.

    Lu Huaiyu shook his head lightly, not intending to stay outside any longer, but just as he was about to get up, Jian Yi on the other side had already stood up before him, and walked towards the room expressionlessly.

    When passing by Lin Ye's room, Jian Yi's gaze stayed on Lin Ye's door for two seconds. At this moment, his eyes became cold and gloomy, and the line of his jaw also stretched into a cold arc.

    In the end, Jian Yi closed her lips tightly and returned to her room without saying a word.

    At this moment, in Lin Ye's room.

    Lin Ye was standing in front of the closet.

    He was facing the mirror attached to the wardrobe, and Xie Jinling stood behind him.

    "Raise your right hand." Xie Jinling said while helping Fu Linye's right arm. After Lin Ye did as he said, he moved a step to the right, and buckled the totem floating cloth as an ornament into the opening of Lin Ye's shoulder.

    While Xie Jinling was doing this, Lin Ye kept staring at the mirror directly in front of him, staring at Xie Jinling behind him from the mirror.

    He saw that Xie Jinling lowered her eyes slightly, her slender eyelashes were like closed arcs, and there was a kind of tenderness like bluegrass flowing in the curly arcs.

    I also saw Xie Jinling's delicate and small nose tip, and the beautifully shaped lips below the nose tip.

    want to kiss him.


    "Okay, now you turn around."

    Xie Jinling's voice interrupted Lin Ye's reverie.

    Lin Ye regained his senses and turned to face Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling raised her eyes and glanced at him: "Open your hands." The belt must be tied from the front.

    Lin Ye nodded.

    Originally, when he was looking at Xie Jinling in the mirror, Lin Ye couldn't help feeling fondly in his heart, but now he was standing face to face with Xie Jinling, the way the other party lowered his head and seriously tied his belt, really made him really like it.

    When he felt Xie Jinling's hand sticking to his waist and abdomen through the fabric of his clothes, Lin Ye's breathing tightened suddenly, and his body tensed accordingly.

    He wanted to say something to distract him, and also to stop the temperature in his body from rising. However, before she could open her mouth, she saw Xie Jinling's slightly exposed part of the back of her neck because of her hair falling down.

    The back of the neck is white and delicate, smooth enough to be seen with the naked eye, like white snow in winter.

    A few strands of black hair fell on the smooth skin of the back of the neck, black hair and white skin, in this space where only two people are in, adding a bit of suggestive temptation |

    Lin Ye looked at it, and finally couldn't hold back, reached out and touched it lightly.

    It was also at this moment that Lin Ye felt Xie Jinling's body tremble slightly physiologically because of his touch.

    His eyes became dimmed, and his warm fingertips began to tentatively and slowly stroke Xie Jinling's graceful nape of the neck.

    The slightly callused fingertips were like the paintbrush that Xie Jinling had used on him not long ago.

    However, Xie Jinling was tracing the totem at that time, while Lin Ye is tracing some kind of hidden ambiguity that seems to be there.

    Xie Jinling paused as she fastened her belt. The touch brought by Lin Ye's fingertips on the back of his neck made him feel a boiling sensation for a moment.

    Lin Ye was testing him.

    Test his bottom line and the critical point of tolerance.

    Just like the king of the forest staring at the prey, enduring the hunting desire and wildness in his nature, temporarily restraining all the exposed aggression and plundering spirit on his body, and moving his sharp claws step by step , approaching the targeted prey.

    However, even though Lin Ye is a tiger, he is not the prey.

    Rather than being a lamb hunted by wild beasts, he is more suitable to be a beast tamer. After tying the last knot, Xie Jinling slowly raised her head.

    Facing Shang Linye's eyes that hadn't been retracted in time, Xie Jinling's eyebrows raised slightly, he held Lin Ye's wrist and said, "On purpose?"

    Lin Ye lowered his eyes.

    At this time, he simply stopped hiding his fiery emotions, and let Xie Jinling standing in front of him see all the dangerous dark clouds contained in those dark pupils.

    In the next second, he took half a step forward, and the distance between the two was less than a fist.

    With this approach, all the breath of Lin Ye invaded Xie Jinling's body, and the faint lemon fragrance carried in the hair also wafted to the tip of Xie Jinling's nose.

    He didn't say anything, and such a move was undoubtedly the most straightforward answer.

    Xie Jinling smiled lightly, two inconspicuous small canine teeth were faintly visible between the lips and teeth.

    Lin Ye's face is reflected in his shallow pupils, these glass-like eyes should be clear and moist, but at this moment, they seem to have an extremely charming charm, which makes Lin Ye's heart seem to leak After half a beat, the itching in the throat became more and more obvious.

    Obviously at the beginning, he was the one who was probing.

    At this time, Lin Ye had a feeling that he was being turned against the customer.

    And all of this was just because Xie Jinling stared at him deeply and smiled at him again.

    Lin Ye's lips moved, trying to find the rhythm. In the next second, Xie Jinling's hand that was holding Lin Ye's wrist turned to caress Lin Ye's cheek.

    His bony fingers are slender and beautiful, and the round fingertips that look like green onions gently stroke Lin Ye's eyebrows, just like what Lin Ye did to him just now.

    However, his movements were lighter and slower, revealing a sense of distance.

    It seemed to be a casual touch, but it also seemed to contain some kind of deliberate temptation.

    "You are here, filled with a hot|hot and strong emotion."

    Xie Jinling's voice was lower than usual, and the clear voice added a kind of seductive sexiness, and there seemed to be a different kind of tenderness slowly flowing out of the ups and downs of the tone.

    Up to now, Lin Ye has nothing to admit.

    His lips parted slightly, and he said what he wanted to say three years ago... "Ling Ling, I like you."

    His voice is deep and magnetic, and the cello-like timbre is full of endless thoughts and reveries.

    And when these words were spoken, Lin Ye's feeling of self-restraint that he had felt since seeing Xie Jinling disappeared.

    He didn't need to be scrupled anymore, and said frankly: "Ling Ling, you know, I don't think purely about you."

    He stretched out his hand to cover the back of Xie Jinling's hand, then tilted his head slightly, kissed Xie Jinling's fingertips, and said very carefully: "I want to be with you, as a lover."

    Originally, Lin Ye planned to progress step by step, but Jian Yi's appearance disrupted his original rhythm, and Lu Huaiyu's arrival today also gave him an inexplicable sense of crisis.

    Lin Ye didn't want them to get close to Xie Jinling, let alone Xie Jinling's eyes resting on them.

    He also didn't want to stay with Xie Jinling as a little friend anymore.

    He wanted to embrace Xie Jinling as a lover, and wanted to let those people not covet his Ling Ling in a fair and honest manner.

    The tails of Xie Jinling's eyes were slightly raised, and the peach blossom eyes with tear moles were a little more charming under the light of the room. He tiptoed slightly, with his lips pressed against Lin Ye's chin, and slowly said: "Then you still want to try harder."

    Work a little harder to let him have a deeper affection for him.

    Lin Ye was slightly taken aback.

    In the next second, after tasting the deep meaning hidden behind Xie Jinling's words, Lin Ye held Xie Jinling's shoulder almost ecstatically: "Does that mean you also have feelings for me?"

    He was very eager to verify, his eyes locked on Xie Jinling's face, not letting go of the slightest change of expression on his face.

    Xie Jinling did not give a direct answer, but said: "I thought my preference for you was already obvious enough."

    He raised his eyelids, and faced Shang Lin Ye's black eyes that were brightened like thousands of stars because of his supplement: "You yourself can feel it too."

    "However," Xie Jinling's voice changed slightly, "... Lin Ye..." Xie Jinling called Lin Ye's name, gently stroked Lin Ye's sharp side face, and said slowly in an unclear tone: " If it's just like this now, it's not enough..."

    Not enough for him to regard Lin Ye as a lover.

    After all, like and love, after all, there is still a certain difference.

    Lin Ye kissed Xie Jinling's fingertips again: "I will work hard."

    But before that..."Can I kiss you..." Lin Ye's fiery eyes fell on Xie Jinling's lips, his Adam's apple moved slightly, and his thirst rose.

    Xie Jinling suddenly smiled, he didn't answer yes or no, but asked instead: "If I refuse, what will you do?"

    Lin Ye didn't beat around the bush, and said very calmly: "I might kiss you forcefully." After saying that, without waiting for Xie Jinling's answer, he leaned over slightly, and kissed the lips that he had been thinking about for a long time.

    Xie Jinling did not expect that Lin Ye would cover his lips so simply. At this moment, he raised his eyelashes to look at Lin Ye.

    But Lin Ye covered his eyes with his palm.

    Lin Ye was afraid that looking into these eyes, he would no longer be satisfied with the simple kiss of lips.

    Xie Jinling's eyes were sparkling with peach blossoms, and they were like rippling lake water. The depth of the rippling contained the danger of deceiving people's hearts.

    Lin Ye closed his eyes, and gently rubbed Xie Jinling's soft and warm lips, letting their breaths linger together. Finally, before leaving, he lightly bit Xie Jinling's lips, then brushed the corner of Xie Jinling's lips, and slowly backed away.

    Xie Jinling touched the lower lip that was bitten by Lin Ye, and narrowed her eyes slightly: "You like biting people very much." It was the earlobe before, but now it is the lower lip.

    Lin Ye blinked innocently: "I just couldn't control it for a while."

    In fact, if possible, Lin Ye would like to kiss that little mole on the side of Xie Jinling's neck again.

    But Lin Ye also knew that at this time, enough is enough. Kiss once and kiss many times, he still knows how to choose.

    Thinking of this, Lin Ye restrained all his emotions, took two steps outside, and motioned Xie Jinling to look at his outfit, "Is it similar to what you are wearing?"

    Xie Jinling smiled and said, "It's exactly the same."

    In addition to the color and size, the patterns and totems of the clothing are exactly the same.

    Xie Jinling looked at Lin Ye carefully,

    It has to be said that Lin Ye's figure is a natural clothes hanger.

    He was wearing the same style of clothing as him, coupled with his chiseled facial features and fierce eyes, he had a sense of wildness that belonged to this place but not purely here.

    Xie Jinling looked at it for a while, and said, "There are still some accessories."

    He took off the feather pendant on his earlobe and signaled Lin Ye to come to him.

    Lin Ye was a little surprised: "Do you want to wear it for me?"

    Xie Jinling looked at Lin Ye who was coming, and asked, "Don't you like it?"

    "I like it." Lin Ye leaned slightly: "You help me."

    Xie Jinling didn't say anything, first took off the original black earrings on Lin Ye's earlobe, put them in Lin Ye's palm, and then began to put the feather earrings on Lin Ye.

    The autumn wind blowing in from outside the window blew the light feathers on the pendant, and the tail of the feathers and Xie Jinling's fingertips brushed Lin Ye's cheeks, making Lin Ye's mind that had not been down for a long time show signs of vigor again.

    He lowered his eyes slightly, looked sideways at Xie Jinling who was concentrating on wearing the earrings for him, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

    Then, as if he suddenly thought of something, his eyes moved.

    After Xie Jinling put on the feather pendant for him, he raised his left hand and handed the black earring in the palm of his hand to Xie Jinling: "Reciprocity is a courtesy."

    Xie Jinling raised her eyebrows, and immediately picked up the earring without flinching.

    Lin Ye looked at him expectantly, "I'll help you wear it."

    Xie Jinling shook her head: "I don't wear it now."

    Lin Ye's face collapsed: "Why?"

    Xie Jinling replied naturally: "The earrings don't match my outfit."

    Lin Ye choked up when he heard it.

    He thought that Xie Jinling gave him the pendant, at least it had other meanings, but he didn't expect that Xie Jinling just thought it was more appropriate for him to wear the ruby ​​feather pendant.

    All right, he was thinking too much.

    Lin Ye supported his forehead.

    But since Xie Jinling had already accepted his earrings, and he was wearing Xie Jinling's earrings, rounding up, they could be regarded as passing tokens to each other.

    As for the black earring in Xie Jinling's hand, he will put it on himself one day.

    In addition, he wants to give Ling Ling a &#ker of the same color.

    He even thought about what clothes to wear and what hairstyle to make for Ling Ling.

    Xie Jinling pursed her lips slightly, stared into Lin Ye's eyes and said, "What are you thinking?"

    Lin Ye withdrew his thoughts and touched the pendant on his ear: "I was thinking that you gave it to me, what about you?" Lin Ye felt that no one was more suitable to wear this feather pendant with rubies than Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling said indifferently, "I have one more."

    The corner of Lin Ye's lips twitched: "Then do we count as a couple?"

    Xie Jinling smiled lightly: "My sister also has it."

    Lin Ye: "..." Forget it, he shouldn't ask more questions.

    Hearing Xie Jinling mention Shen Yan, Lin Ye said casually: "The day after tomorrow is the Guzang Festival that is only held here every thirteen years. Aren't your sisters and the others coming back?"

    "I want to come back." Xie Jinling estimated the time: "They will come back tomorrow at the latest." If they are fast, they may be able to arrive this evening.

    Ten days ago, he had a phone call with Sister A in Xialing Village.

    Elder Sister has a project here, not too far from Lianggouyan Qiantan Village, Xie Jinling guessed that Elder Sister should drive Sister Yaxi back with her.

    And the reality is indeed similar to what Xie Jinling expected.

    That night, Shen Yan and the others came back.

    The only difference is that in the car, apart from Sister Ah and Sister Yaxi, there is also Gu Xiao who had a double-sided relationship with Xie Jinling.

    "Hello, do you remember me?" Gu Xiao put away the surprise brought by Xie Jinling's overly beautiful facial features, smiled slightly, and took the initiative to say hello, "I am your sister's special assistant." Three years The introverted and calm air on Gu Xiao's body is even stronger than before.

    Xie Jinling nodded: "I remember."

    Hearing what Xie Jinling said, the arc of Gu Xiao's lips spread a little more.

    Shen Yan said to Xie Jinling: "Gu Xiao happened to be here too, so I invited him to come with me."

    Zhao Yaqian walked up to Xie Jinling, and gently pinched Xie Jinling's cheek: "Little Jin is looking better and better now." Her tone was doting, and she looked at Xie Jinling with a smile in her eyes.

    Xie Jinling smiled lightly: "Sister Yaxi is getting more and more beautiful."

    "By the way, Sister, Sister Yaxi, your room has already been packed by Ms. Lin." After Xie Jinling finished speaking, she looked at Gu Xiao who was at the side: "Mr. Gu should stay in the guest room."

    Gu Xiao nodded slightly: "Excuse me."

    "Sister, Sister Yaxi, it's getting late now, go wash up and rest, I'll take Mr. Gu there."

    "Okay." Shen Yan smiled lightly and stroked Xie Jinling's hair.

    When Xie Jinling took Gu Xiao into the guest room, Wang Siyuan, who was sitting outside playing the single-player game B, looked at the handsome and elite Gu Xiao, and almost blurted out: "The fourth line?"

    As soon as he finished speaking, he was kicked again by Wang Xingze. Wang Xingze looked at Xie Jinling apologetically, and then said to Wang Siyuan, "Did you get into trouble while playing games?"

    Wang Siyuan also realized that he shouldn't have said these words, and he looked at Xie Jinling with a dry smile: "Conditional reflex, conditioned reflex."

    At this moment, Lin Ye, who had just taken a shower, came out with half-dried hair. He was wearing a short T, a pair of trousers, and a towel around his neck.

    When he saw Xie Jinling, his eyes lit up first, and the next second his sight touched Gu Xiao beside Xie Jinling, the joy in his eyes instantly subsided.

    He remembered that this person seemed to be Shen Yan's colleague, and it was this person who picked up Xie Jinling after he finished dancing with Xie Jinling three years ago.

    This person felt a bit like Lu Huaiyu to him.

    Or to be more precise, if Lu Huaiyu goes a little higher, it should give people this feeling.

    But this person's eyes are more real than Lu Huaiyu's.

    But even so, it can't change Lin Ye's rejection of him.

    Seeing him standing with Ling Ling, he felt an eyesore, just like Jian Yi or Lu Huaiyu standing with Ling Ling.

    Xie Jinling noticed the emotion deep in Lin Ye's eyes, he pursed his lips slightly, thought for two seconds, first explained the situation of the empty room to Gu Xiao, and then said to Lin Ye: "Come in with me."

    After finishing his words, he went into Lin Ye's room first.

    Without hesitation, Lin Ye walked in and closed the door behind him.

    Since Lin Ye had just taken a bath in this room, there was still steaming heat in the room, and the hazy mist had not completely dissipated, covering this not very spacious space, giving off a certain sense of charm.

    Xie Jinling raised her eyelids, staring at Lin Ye's eyes with pupils that were somewhat hazy by the mist. Before Lin Ye spoke, Xie Jinling said first, "Don't be jealous."

    Lin Ye paused.

    Are you a prophet?

    He just wanted to say that he was jealous.

    "Lin Ye, listen," Xie Jinling walked up to Lin Ye and said seriously, "Although I probably don't like you as much as you like me, you don't have to be jealous of everyone standing next to me. Hostile..."

    Lin Ye's lips moved: "I..."

    "Lin Ye." Xie Jinling interrupted him. The next second, Xie Jinling directly raised her hand and hugged Lin Ye with one hand. He pressed his palm to Lin Ye's back, leaned his body against Lin Ye's chest, and dropped a light kiss on Lin Ye's Adam's apple.

    At this moment, Lin Ye's breathing suddenly became short.

    His pupils contracted, his Adam's apple rolled, and his heart started beating uncontrollably.

    And Xie Jinling, after giving this superficial kiss, did not leave directly. Instead, in this posture, warm lips gently pressed against Lin Ye's vocal cords, and a low and slow murmur came out from his throat: "Lin Ye, you are always special when you are with me."


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