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    It stands to reason that what he should do most at this time is to leave directly, and don't even take a look in the direction where Xie Jinling is.

    But Lin Ye doesn't want to follow reason.

    He himself is not the kind of character that is absolutely rational.

    So in the end, he still struggled for less than half a second. Between going out and staying, Lin Ye decisively chose the latter.

    After making up his mind, Lin Ye immediately turned around. His lips moved slightly, and he was about to speak, but after seeing Xie Jinling's appearance, his throat got stuck again, and his thinking also stopped for a moment.

    In the wooden barrel that was emitting heat, Xie Jinling leaned lazily on the edge of the wooden barrel.

    The back of his neck was pressed against the mouth of the barrel, and he leaned back slightly, revealing his slender and beautiful neck. The curve stretched back was smooth and graceful, like a delicate and flawless swan's neck.

    The translucent drops of water rolled down from his small chin, all the way down along the curve of his neck...

    Flowing through the exquisite and beautiful Adam's apple, flowing through two slender and exquisite collarbones...

    Finally, slowly submerge in the water along the fair skin.

    The red flowers and leaves floating in the wooden barrel sway gently with shallow ripples along with the waves of the water. The bright red color sets off his exposed skin as white as creamy jade.

    It is difficult for Lin Ye to describe the unique beauty of Xie Jinling. can't find another person like his Ling Ling, who obviously doesn't need to do anything deliberately, but has a natural temptation|seductive and coquettish look that slowly flows out.

    Sensing Lin Ye's gaze, Xie Jinling raised her head and looked towards him.

    The thin mist that slowly diffused from the water lingered on Xie Jinling's face, exuding a hazy beauty. It seems that because of soaking in hot water, Xie Jinling's body temperature is rising, and his cheeks are a little red as if rouge has been smudged.

    Even the tear mole under the end of the eye was made more red and charming by the heat.

    His beautiful peach eyes were raised slightly, and he said in a very comfortable and lazy tone, "Why haven't you left yet..."

    Why haven't you left yet?

    With Ling Ling like this, how could he leave!

    Lin Ye stabilized his slightly messy breathing, and walked towards Xie Jinling: "Ling Ling, I'll stay here with you, okay?"

    Xie Jinling smiled lightly, and replied slowly: "I don't need your company."

    Lin Ye said, "I can rub your back for you." He walked behind Xie Jinling, squatted down and put his hand on the edge of the barrel lightly, touching Xie Jinling's exposed wet arm.

    Xie Jinling didn't speak, but seemed to be thinking. Seeing that he didn't answer, Lin Ye leaned forward again, and asked again in Xie Jinling's ear: "Is it okay?" His voice was deep and mellow, revealing a slight hoarseness.


    Xie Jinling moved her neck lightly, and turned her face slightly to the other side, avoiding the hot breath exhaled by Lin Ye while speaking.

    Lin Ye chuckled: "You haven't said whether you can or not."

    "'s okay..."

    Xie Jinling nodded. Still drunk and in a daze of thought, he thought it would be nice to have a free back scrubber.

    Seeing that Xie Jinling responded, Lin Ye looked at his hair hanging outside the barrel: "Then I'll tie your hair up first."

    Xie Jinling hummed lightly.

    Lin Ye got up to get Xie Jinling's usual hair rope.

    He has never tied hair, nor has any experience in it, but even though he has never done it, he knows that he just needs to use a hair rope to twist it around twice.

    "Ling Ling," Lin Ye called out to Xie Jinling before tying up Xie Jinling's hair.

    While gently stroking Xie Jinling's hair with his slender fingers, he said, "I've touched your hair several times, let me live in your house."


    "Really?!" Lin Ye was delighted.

    Xie Jinling nodded, and said lazily: "Little buddy... It's okay to live in my house..."

    "Big Goudan and...Er Goudan live at home..." Although they rarely live at home now, this is the right home.

    "?" Lin Ye's lips that had just risen were instantly pressed down.

    Then he didn't know what he thought of, and he couldn't help himself from laughing softly, Ling Ling was still drunk at the moment, it was useless for him to tell him these things.

    Let's tie your hair first.

    Lin Ye gathered all of Xie Jinling's hair, and during this process, his fingertips inevitably touched the skin of Xie Jinling's nape and shoulders, causing Xie Jinling to shudder several times.

    Xie Jinling's physiological instinct caused Lin Ye's eyes to change and change, and his breathing, which had finally calmed down, became a little disordered again.

    Lin Ye tied up Xie Jinling's hair, and used the clips on Xie Jinling's clothes to fasten the ends of the hair behind his head to prevent the hair from being soaked in water.

    However, after he finished these things, he found that there were a few strands of wet hair stubbornly sticking to the back of Xie Jinling's neck. The jet-black hair was messy and entwined, sticking to the snow-white skin, adding to the beauty. A different kind of tender feeling.

    Lin Ye pursed his lips slightly. At this moment, he suddenly wanted to reach out and touch it, to feel the warmth, smoothness and delicacy with his fingertips.

    And when Lin Ye was hesitating whether to start, Xie Jinling suddenly said: "Why are you still behind, go get the handkerchief..."

    Lin Ye's body paused, and he stood up suddenly like a guilty conscience: "Oh yes, take the handkerchief."

    When Lin Ye took back the handkerchief from the hanger and turned around, Xie Jinling in the barrel had already changed her position.

    Xie Jinling faced Lin Ye, her slender arms folded above the edge of the barrel, and her delicate chin rested on the overlapping wrists.

    The corners of his lips were raised slightly, and he was looking straight at Lin Ye with his moist eyes.

    "If you rub your back, you should also soak in it..."

    Lin Ye suddenly stopped.

    Soak... soak in...? He...together? ! ! !

    It took a full two seconds for Lin Ye to sort out the meaning of Xie Jinling's words. He blinked his eyelashes, and looked at Xie Jinling with a look of disbelief and surprise.

    As a result, after touching Xie Jinling's hazy pupils, the excitement in his heart dropped a lot in an instant.

    At this time, the hot air that evaporated from the water filled some vague shadows in Xie Jinling's eyes. He looked at Lin Ye and said the words that made Lin Ye's heart beat wildly, but in fact, he was just expressing an explanation without any extra thoughts.

    Lin Ye took a deep breath, and his mood immediately went up and down like a roller coaster.

    It took a long time for Lin Ye to reply: "Forget it...forget it." He was afraid that he would really fall into it, and if he couldn't control it, it would easily lead to a big mistake.

    Although he likes Ling Ling very much, and wants to be with Ling Ling for real, he doesn't want to take advantage of Lingling's drunkenness.

    Lin Ye has no confidence in himself.

    He absolutely cannot bear Ling Ling's charm.

    Lin Ye stabilized his mind, restraining the growing thoughts in his heart: "I'll just... stand outside and help you."

    "Alright." Xie Jinling nodded, "Anyway, you have long hands."

    Obviously he voluntarily refused, but seeing Xie Jinling change his mind so easily, Lin Ye felt a little lost again.

    Afterwards, he walked behind Xie Jinling, wet the towel, and began to rub Xie Jinling's back.

    However, he said it was rubbing his back, but in fact he just stuck a wet towel on it. Let the hot air condensed in the towel penetrate Xie Jinling's skin, so as to relax Xie Jinling's pores.

    He didn't even dare to push.

    Xie Jinling's skin is too smooth, too fair and flawless.

    He was afraid that if he used too much force, the rough towel would leave eye-catching marks on Xie Jinling's skin.


    Time goes by second by second...

    After less than thirty seconds like this, a thin layer of sweat appeared on Lin Ye's forehead.

    He was sweating and had a fever.

    Not only because of the hot environment, but also because of the constant surge of enthusiasm in my heart.

    At this time, Lin Ye finally understood what sweet torture is.

    He had to control the strength with which he used the towel, and he had to control his eyes not to glance in the direction of his daydream, and he had to control the position where he held the towel as he slid down Xie Jinling's back.

    Although he didn't really soak in the wooden barrel, but at this moment the anxiety | thirst | feeling he felt because of Xie Jinling was not missing at all.

    Obviously he was the one who said at the beginning that he wanted to help rub his back, but now Lin Ye regretted it very much.

    I can only think, can only restrain, and can only suppress feelings, which is really tormented.

    As time passed, the string in Lin Ye's heart became tighter and tighter.

    When they got to the back, Xie Jinling hummed comfortably.

    The string, which had been tense all this time, finally thumped and broke completely.

    Almost embarrassed, Lin Ye threw down the towel and stood up. Then, before Xie Jinling questioned him incomprehensibly because of his actions, he spoke quickly: "It's ready, you should get dressed and come out!"

    After throwing down these words, Lin Ye walked towards the door without looking back, as fast as a flood of beasts rushing towards him behind him.

    After finally walking out of the room, Lin Ye felt that his turbid and rapid breathing was better. He closed the door, leaned his back against the door, raised his head slightly, closed his eyes to calm the heat in his body, and waited for the reaction to subside.

    The windows of the stilted building were not completely closed, and the wind blowing in from the windows brought some coolness to Lin Ye and dissipated a little heat.

    Lin Ye raised his knuckle-boned hand, and lifted back all the hair that was sticky with sweat. The neck, which was tense because of the upward head, added a tough and sexy color under the irregular movement of the Adam's apple| gas.

    The moon is very round tonight, and the moonlight is very bright.

    The fireflies in the distance are twinkling, like the scattered bright stars in the sky.

    On this moonless night, in this quiet stilted building, there are only Lin Ye's deep breathing... and the sound of slowly rippling water in the bathroom.

    After feeling that the time was almost up, Lin Ye turned around slowly: "Ling Ling, are you alright?" He knocked on the door lightly, and asked Xie Jinling in a hoarse voice that didn't get better.

    When he knocked a third time, the door opened.

    Inside the door, stood Xie Jinling who was only wearing an inner lining.

    Lin Ye noticed that the haze in Xie Jinling's eyes had dissipated a lot, and the blush on her cheeks and the end of her eyes had also disappeared a lot.

    Looking at it like this, it shouldn't take long for him to completely sober up.

    Lin Ye glanced at the time, it was almost 9:40, he said to Xie Jinling: "Ling Ling, you go up and sleep well, the rest I..."

    Before she could finish the following words, Xie Jinling stretched out her hand and pinched his cheek again, rubbing it from side to side as before, pinching his face until the facial features were almost squeezed together, and then she smiled in satisfaction.

    He smiled and said, "Lemon dough, how did you run so fast just now? Do you have wings... No, lemon dough is a ball. The ball has no wings... and no feet, you..."

    "Ling...Ling, you..." Because Xie Jinling rubbed his face left and right, Lin Ye had difficulty speaking: "Ling Ling, let go first."

    After Lin Ye struggled to finish this sentence, Xie Jinling, who understood his meaning, obediently let go.

    However, in the next second, Xie Jinling took Lin Ye's hand again, and as if he was a good brother, he pulled him upstairs.

    Lin Ye followed behind him with his strength and asked, "Where are you going to take me, Ling Ling?"

    "Go to sleep."

    "Go...go to bed?!!"


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