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    "Lin Ye, you are always special when you are with me."

    When he said this, Xie Jinling's lips were always close to the skin of Lin Ye's vocal cords, so the breath flowing from between his lips and teeth also spilled on the skin of Lin Ye's neck.

    Not only that, but when his lips were speaking, the subtle and slow movements of opening and closing also became a kind of natural friction.

    The kind of hot itching made Lin Ye's body tremble slightly. It was clearly in the early autumn night, but it made him feel as if he was already in the sweltering midsummer.

    He heard the sincerity in Xie Jinling's tone.

    At this time, he should also focus on this sentence.

    However, knowing what you know, Lin Ye found that he couldn't concentrate at all. It is even more impossible to ignore the delicate touch on the neck extended by Xie Jinling's lips and breath, and only care about the sentence itself.

    Right now, Lin Ye only felt that the Adam's apple was getting hot.

    The place gently caressed by Xie Jinling's lips gave him a feeling of being scalded.

    But Lin Ye didn't want to avoid this kind of touch, this was a rare time for Xie Jinling to actively approach.

    Lin Ye lowered his eyes, looked at the top of Xie Jinling's hair, and sniffed the news wafting from Xie Jinling's hair. There was some kind of turbulent undercurrent in his deep black eyes.

    It was a kind of depth that seemed to engulf Xie Jinling's whole body into the whirlpool.

    At this moment, countless reveries and thoughts flashed through Lin Ye's mind, but in the end, he just took a deep breath, and then slowly closed his eyes, restraining the obscure desire in the depths of his pupils.

    Hold on...

    It's not quite right now...

    Lin Ye kept emphasizing it in his heart, desperately restraining the ferocious beast in his heart, preventing it from breaking free from the cage of reason.

    two seconds later...

    When he opened his eyes again, Lin Ye looked at Xie Jinling, although it was still very hot|hot|hot|intense|intense, but it didn't have the anxiety that he wanted to take Xie Jinling for himself just now.

    He was calm, but not completely calm.

    However, at least it has been able to not be disturbed by desire|desire.

    Xie Jinling rested her chin lightly on Lin Ye's shoulder, and patted the palm on his back lightly, as if using this to give Lin Ye a sense of security.

    Since Lin Ye was only wearing a single layer of short sleeves, Xie Jinling could feel the temperature slowly radiating from Lin Ye's body through a thin layer of fabric, and she could also feel Lin Ye's strong back under the palm of his hand. And regular firm muscle texture.

    Lin Ye has a lemon scent that he likes very much.

    In fact, if Xie Jinling hadn't actually smelled it, it would be hard to imagine that such a sharp and sharp person like Lin Ye would have this kind of light lemon fragrance that can be called small and fresh.

    This kind of strong contrast made Xie Jinling very interesting.

    After feeling Lin Ye's heartbeat gradually stabilized, Xie Jinling was about to back away.

    However, at this moment, Lin Ye, who sensed Xie Jinling's intentions, didn't want it to end like this. So in the next second, before Xie Jinling backed away, Lin Ye stretched out his hand and hugged Xie Jinling tightly with both arms.

    He wrapped his arms around Xie Jinling's waist, gently pressed his cheek against Xie Jinling's, and whispered in a slightly hoarse voice: "Ling Ling, I will remember what you said."

    After finishing speaking, Lin Ye's eyes shifted slightly, and his eyes stayed on Xie Jinling's side face for two seconds, and then moved to Xie Jinling's earlobe.

    Lin Ye's gaze made Xie Jinling pause slightly, and he seemed to have a feeling, and said first, "Want to bite again?"

    Lin Ye whispered, "I want to kiss you."

    Or more specifically, wanting to suck|kiss deeply.

    Lin Ye himself felt that when he met Xie Jinling, it was as if he had fallen ill.

    He seems to have some kind of skin thirst for Xie Jinling.

    I always want to get closer to him, and get closer to him.

    In fact, when he first met Xie Jinling on the mountain road to Shangling, he was able to restrain himself very well. But as time went by, in just a few days, the strings in Lin Ye's heart that were tightened by reason became looser and looser.

    Especially after Ling Ling gave him a response today, Lin Ye felt that his illness seemed to be getting worse, and he seemed to be getting more and more out of control.

    "Ling Ling, it's all your fault."

    "Huh?" Xie Jinling wanted to laugh, but he did, "What kind of logic are you talking about?"

    "Bandit logic." Lin Ye also answered straight.

    "Okay, let go first." Xie Jinling didn't plan to have much to do with Lin Ye on this unnutritive topic, he felt that Lin Ye's hug was a bit too tight, and now they should talk in a normal social posture.

    "Not loose." Lin Ye was a little stubborn in a certain way.

    "Well...don't make me say it a second time."

    "...Okay." But this kind of stubbornness was defeated immediately in front of Xie Jinling.


    At this moment, in the hall outside the room——

    Wang Siyuan and Wang Xingze looked at the closed door of Lin Ye's room, and they began to guess what Xie Jinling wanted to say when he called Lin Ye inside alone.

    "Is this the preferential treatment from my friends?" Wang Siyuan put down the pink mouse in his hand, and blinked with his chin in his hands, feeling inexplicably sour: "It's too obvious that Xie Jinling's preference for Lin Ye is too obvious."

    "Secondary." Wang Xingze sat next to Wang Siyuan, and rested his chin with one hand: "The atmosphere between the two of them is obviously very different from other people."

    Wang Siyuan followed up and said, "I'll bet on the speed with which I've been single for more than 20 years, these two people are definitely not just a small partnership."

    Regardless of Xie Jinling for the time being, as far as Lin Ye is concerned, he definitely likes Xie Jinling. As long as the eyes are not blind, everyone can feel it. As long as Xie Jinling appears, Lin Ye's eyes are almost glued to Xie Jinling's body.

    And as long as someone is too close to Xie Jinling, Lin Ye's gaze will be like wishing to come over and push the person away immediately, like a wild beast enclosing its territory.

    This possessiveness is simply outrageous.

    Wang Xingze analyzed: "Actually, I think that top student is also interested in Xie Jinling." Thinking of this, he glanced at Jian Yi's closed door.

    It is hard for Wang Siyuan to disagree: "Your analysis is correct."

    After saying this, Wang Siyuan seemed to have thought of something suddenly, tilted his upper body to the side of Wang Xingze's ear with some excitement, and said in a low voice: "And have you noticed that brother Yu has some feelings towards Xie Jinling? Different?"

    "is a bit."

    "That's right, do you think Brother Yu also..."

    "What are you whispering about?"

    Wang Siyuan was talking vigorously when Lu Huaiyu's slightly deep voice sounded behind him.

    Wang Siyuan's body froze slightly. In the next second, he and Wang Xingze exchanged a glance, sat upright decisively, and said to Lu Huaiyu who had already walked to the side and sat down, "Just chat casually."

    It seemed that he was not interested in what the twins were talking about, and Lu Huaiyu didn't ask much. His eyes fell on the direction of Lin Ye's room, and an indiscernible emotion flashed in his dark eyes like ink.

    "Is Xie Jinling inside?" He seemed to ask casually.

    "Inside." Wang Xingze glanced at Wang Siyuan's computer screen, the time displayed in the lower right corner was 9:30, if he remembered correctly, it was around 9:20 when they entered.

    "It's been five minutes since I went in." If it was talking, it should be finished.

    "I really want to know what they are doing inside!" Wang Siyuan's gossip spirit ignited again.

    Lu Huaiyu glanced at him, smiled and said, "Siyuan, are you here to listen to gossip, or to give a research report?" His unhurried behavior instantly hit Wang Siyuan's deathbed.

    Wang Xingze laughed at the side: "He's here to play Yiyou."

    Lu Huaiyu also smiled lightly, but when he looked at the door of Lin Ye's room, the coldness in his eyes still did not dissipate. He pursed his lips slightly, and after thinking for two seconds, he said to Wang Siyuan: "Siyuan, you remember that you brought a lot of food, maybe you should take it out for the host to taste?"

    When Wang Siyuan heard it, he stood up suddenly: "That's right! Brother Yu, I almost forgot if you didn't tell me!"

    He also brought chocolates in his bag. When Xie Jinling took them on a mountain road at noon, he saw Xie Jinling eating several candies. He thought Xie Jinling had a sweet tooth.

    It happened that there were a lot of sweets in the things he brought, Xie Jinling should like them better. After thinking about it, Wang Siyuan quickly walked to his room: "I'll get it right away."

    Wang Xingze glanced at Wang Siyuan's back, then turned his gaze to Lu Huaiyu: "Brother Yu, you did it on purpose."

    Lu Huaiyu smiled lightly, and said calmly, "You saw it." He really didn't want to see Xie Jinling staying in Lin Ye's room all the time.

    "Is this your Badness?"

    "Probably," Lu Huaiyu did not deny.

    At this moment, Lin Ye's room door opened.

    Xie Jinling walked out first.

    Lin Ye followed closely behind.

    Compared with when he entered, Lin Ye's mood was obviously different.

    There was a lazy joy between his brows, and the slightly curved corners of his lips showed his joy.

    Lu Huaiyu looked back and forth between Lin Ye and Xie Jinling's faces, trying to see something from their expressions.

    Sensing Lu Huaiyu's scrutinizing gaze, Lin Ye didn't care, and walked past him, sending Xie Jinling to the door of the guest room: "Ling Ling, see you tomorrow."

    When he returned, Lu Huaiyu stopped Lin Ye.

    Lin Ye lowered his eyes lazily, squinted his pupils, and glanced at Lu Huaiyu who was sitting on the stool: "What's the matter?"

    Lu Huaiyu stopped beating around the bush: "Do you like him?"

    When Lin Ye heard it, he didn't want to pay attention at first, but after thinking about it, he still replied: "It's obvious, isn't it." After speaking, he immediately added: "I'm pursuing him."

    Lu Huaiyu narrowed his eyes and sized him up for a few seconds: "Are you serious?"

    Lin Ye sneered: "Do you think I'm joking?"

    "Auntie, do they know?"

    "I shouldn't be obliged to answer you and say these things." Of course his mother knew that if there was no Lin Anan at home, his parents would not have passed the test so easily.

    However, there was no need for Lin Ye to explain this to Lu Huaiyu.

    Lu Huaiyu's lips moved slightly, and he wanted to ask something more, but Lin Ye became a little impatient: "Lu Huaiyu, I don't have time to play this hypocritical word game with you."

    Obviously he cared about it and wanted to test him out, but he insisted on turning a corner and talking about other people, so he didn't think he was going around in a hurry.

    False to the extreme and uninteresting.

    Lin Ye withdrew his gaze and walked back to the room.


    The next day was Thursday, early in the morning, Lin Ye followed Xie Jinling to the school after breakfast.

    Before the class started, Lin Ye found the little boy that day and told him that the relationship between SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing was friends rather than husband and wife.

    The little boy named Xiao Qinlin nodded calmly after hearing Lin Ye's explanation, as if he was not too surprised by it.

    Should it be said that he is the leader of the first class? He is a bit old-fashioned.

    Little Qinling said sternly: "When I asked Teacher Jian, I saw it from Teacher Jian's shocked eyes."

    His tone was a little smug, and he looked as smart as a little kid.

    Xie Jinling, who was standing next to Lin Ye, heard Xiao Qinling's description, and imagined the shocked look in Jian Yi's eyes for a moment... Hmm...somewhat unimaginable.

    Little Qinling looked at Xie Jinling, then at Lin Ye, as if he had discovered something, and said, "You are wearing the same style and the same earrings."

    Lin Ye knelt down and looked at Xiao Qinling, and asked expectantly, "Then what else did you see?" After he finished speaking, he continued, "What do you think we look like dressed like this?"

    "Like good brothers." Xiao Qinlin thought for a while, and replied seriously: "I see that you are very good friends."

    Lin Ye: "..."

    I don't know why, just a little disappointed.

    It seems that this little boy doesn't know that there is a description called a couple's style.

    At this moment, Jian Yi walked over with the textbook in hand. He first glanced at Lin Ye, ignoring Lin Ye's dazzling attire, and said to Xie Jinling: "Xiao Jin, it's time for class." He willThe top textbook was handed to Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling nodded: "Okay." He took the textbook handed over from Jian Yi very naturally.

    Although Xie Jinling has basically handed over all the courses to Jian Yi, he only finished half of the content of this section. In order to prevent students from being affected by changing teachers while listening to the class, Xie Jinling needs to finish the second half of the section as well.

    It's a beginning and an end.

    As for Jian Yi, she needs to be familiar with Xie Jinling's previous lecture process by listening in, so that she can learn from it and make some adjustments appropriately.

    When Xie Jinling was giving a lecture, Lin Ye was sitting in the last row facing the podium. He propped his chin with one hand, and looked at Xie Geunling on the podium seriously.

    He was so focused that he could only see Xie Jinling in the whole classroom.

    There was still a bit of a smile in his eyes, as if Xie Jinling's every move was reflected in the eyes of Xia Tianqiong, and the corners of his lips were always hooked with an inconspicuous but unignorable arc.

    Xie Jinling could feel Lin Ye's overly focused eyes, but he didn't pay attention to it, and focused more on the lectures.

    Fearing that the dust on the chalk would fall onto her cuffs, Xie Jinling purposely rolled up her sleeves a little before writing on the blackboard, revealing a section of her slender wrist.

    Xie Jinling didn't wear a bracelet today because she had to go to class, so her exposed skin looked very smooth and flawless.

    Lin Ye in the last row looked at Xie Jinling's actions, and felt that his Ling Ling was really good-looking everywhere.

    The hand holding chalk and writing on the blackboard is white and slender.

    Even every joint that is slightly protruding is so exquisite that it is impossible to pick out a single flaw.

    Although they were a little far away, Lin Ye could still vaguely see the red mole on Xie Jinling's wrist.

    It's obviously a common red mole, but when it grows on Xie Jinling's body, it inexplicably gives Lin Ye a sense of lust.

    One day, he will kiss all the moles on Xie Jinling's body, no matter the one under the eyes or other places.

    Thinking of this, in order not to let myself continue to be distracted. Lin Ye withdrew his eyes slightly, lowered his eyes and calmed down for a few seconds, then raised them again, and continued to look at Xie Jinling on the podium.

    As for Jian Yi who was sitting in the last row with Lin Ye but separated by two desks, she was not much better than Lin Ye whose thoughts were wandering.

    It stands to reason that what Jian Yi should pay attention to now is the content and rhythm of Xie Jinling's lectures, and then extract the method suitable for him to teach next time.

    But listening to Xie Jinling's voice in lecture, Jian Yi's thoughts drifted unconsciously.

    Perhaps in order to let the students below hear more clearly, when Xie Jinling was lecturing, she spoke much slower than usual.

    His steady voice was a little low, like a thousand turns, revealing a slight magnetism, like fine sand slowly slipping from between fingers.

    This kind of sound penetrated into Jian Yi's eardrums, like pieces of feathers falling to his heart, floating among them, disturbing his mind.

    The focus of his attention has also become Xie Jinling herself.

    Xie Jinling's skin is very white, like Wugou's frost and snow, which is different from most Miao people here.

    His irises are also of a lighter color, shining like glass in the sun.

    But it is such a kind of clear and lustrous eyes, when he is staring at you intently, perhaps because it is similar to some animal pupils, so it will always make the person being stared at have a feeling of rapid heartbeat.

    However, this feeling of rapid heartbeat is not the kind of shock and fear when facing a wild beast, but a kind of tension that is afraid of being lured to the heart and soul.

    Thinking of this, Jian Yi's hand holding the pen tightened slightly, trying to adjust Piao Yuan's mood.

    At this moment, besides Lin Ye and Jian Yi, there were three other people standing outside the classroom window, Lu Huaiyu.

    They came here not long after Lin Ye and Xie Jinling left. It was first suggested by Wang Siyuan, first to see how Xie Jinling was teaching, and then the three of them followed the students to the school.

    At this moment, they have been standing outside watching for a long time.

    Wang Siyuan looked at Xie Jinling on the podium, maybe this Xie Jinling was too dazzling, he touched his heartbeat that was a little faster, and subconsciously said directly in his heart: "If Xie Jinling is a girl, I will definitely pursue her crazily. "

    Hearing what he said, Lu Huaiyu's eyes turned cold for a moment.

    Wang Xingze immediately slapped Wang Siyuan vigorously, "Don't talk nonsense." His tone was serious, as if he was speaking to Wang Siyuan, but also as if he was speaking to himself.

    Seeing him like this, Wang Siyuan moved his lips, but finally held back the second sentence he was going to say. That sentence, if Xie Jinling had a little bit of favor for him, he would definitely forget all about gender.

    Lu Huaiyu looked back at Xie Jinling, and said to Wang Siyuan: "I heard that the Guzang Festival lasts for three days, and the last day is a bit like a blind date meeting. Maybe you can meet the Miao girl who makes your heart beat on that day."

    When Wang Siyuan heard it, Lu Huaiyu decisively turned his thoughts back and forth, and focused his attention on the Guzang Festival: "The Guzang Festival here should be more lively than our Chinese New Year."

    He brought a camera, and he can take a lot of photos, whether it is to keep as a souvenir or as a material, it is very good.

    "For sure," Wang Xingze took his words: "After all, it only happens once every thirteen years."

    "There is still a day and a half."


    In a day and a half, it went quickly.

    On the day of Guzang Festival, before five o'clock, the lights in the houses on stilts began to light up one after another.

    Xie Jinling also woke up very early, at around six o'clock, she and Shen Yan and Zhao Yaqian prepared the firecrackers and red colors for today.

    At about half past six, Lin Ye also came to help. But Lin Ye had never done this before, Xie Jinling was afraid that he would be self-defeating, so she asked him to help Lin Niang knead the flour for making glutinous rice cakes.

    Half an hour later, Lin Ye came out of the kitchen.

    With one hand behind his back, he walked up to Xie Jinling in a few steps, and said mysteriously, "Ling Ling, I'll show you something."

    Xie Jinling raised her eyes, her gaze was on Lin Ye's right cheek, and after a short stop for half a second, she said with a half-smile: "You can't make something out of flour, can you?"

    Lin Ye: "..." Is it so easy to guess?

    Xie Jinling wanted to laugh: "Isn't it obvious?" He glanced at Lin Ye's behind his back: "So just take it out and let me see."

    Lin Ye didn't move: "Guess what I squeezed first?"

    Xie Jinling thought for a moment, then replied, "SpongeBob SquarePants?"

    Lin Ye shook his head.

    Xie Jinling said again: "Q version of you or me?" Although this will be a bit difficult, Lin Ye is an art student, so it should be fine.

    Xie Jinling was thinking about it when she saw Lin Ye shaking his head again and denying his guess aloud: "That's not true either."

    The next two times were wrong, and this time, Xie Jinling was finally aroused a little bit of curiosity, and took the initiative to ask: "What is that?"

    Lin Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Flour version of lemon candy." Then, he stretched out his hand behind his back, so that the candy-shaped dough ball appeared in front of Xie Jin: "Lin's special, only this family . ” There was a faint smugness in his tone.

    Xie Jinling: "..."

    Where is this idiot.

    Xie Jinling looked at the huge candy dough with a delicate and complicated expression.

    Lin Ye used to be like this...

    He recalled Lin Ye in the third year of high school, and then recalled Lin Ye fighting with a five-year-old boy to win or lose.

    After such a comparison, it seems reasonable.

    Seeing that Xie Jinling was just staring at the candy dough without any other reaction, Lin Ye asked seriously, "Isn't it like it?"

    Zhao Yaqian, who watched the whole process, couldn't hold back a burst of laughter, and even Shen Yan couldn't help laughing.

    After a while, Xie Jinling spoke slowly: "Lin Ye, you are a little childish."

    "Maybe this is the saying that a man is a teenager until he dies?" Zhao Yaqian joked with a smile.


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