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    "Go...go to bed?!!"

    Lin Ye suddenly slammed on the brakes.

    At this moment, his thinking seemed to be down, and his whole body was frozen in place. But this time, the time he was stagnant was even longer than when Xie Jinling told him to soak in the barrel together not long ago.

    After a long time, Lin Ye's mind seemed to restart, rolled his Adam's apple, and confirmed it with some disbelief: "Really sleep? Just the kind of sleep you and I have?"

    Xie Jinling snorted softly, then pulled Lin Ye who was standing still, but didn't pull, "You are so annoying," he simply turned his head, his delicate brows furrowed slightly, and replied impatiently: " It's not me and you, could it be me and someone else..."

    "No!" Lin Ye blurted out without thinking.

    After finishing speaking, Lin Ye realized that his reaction seemed to be a little too big. He pursed his lips, met Xie Jinling's half-closed amber eyes, and wanted to ask something more, but Xie Jinling lost patience: "If you don't sleep, I will go up by myself..."

    Saying that, Xie Jinling let go of her hand, ready to go upstairs by herself.

    Seeing this, Lin Ye immediately grabbed Xie Jinling's wrist: "Sleep!"

    Anyway, this is what Ling Ling said and invited him.

    Even if Ling Ling wakes up at that time, it is what Ling Ling said herself, he has refused, so when the time comes, if he really has something to do with Ling Ling because he couldn't control it, it will not be regarded as taking advantage of others. dangerous.

    Lin Ye kept suggesting to himself in his heart, trying to find reasons for the secret anticipation and secret joy that bred deep in his heart.

    Although he knew in his heart that most of the sleep Ling Ling mentioned was simply sleeping together.

    There are four rooms on the second floor. Xie Jinling's room is on the outermost side of the second floor. Go up the stairs and go to the right, the first room is.

    In less than two minutes, Xie Jinling brought Lin Ye to her room.

    Lin Ye came to Xie Jinling's room for the first time. After entering, he looked around very curiously. Looking left and right, feel that everything is a little strange.

    Lin Ye found that Ling Ling's room was very tidy, and all the things were arranged neatly, according to the strict height and size.

    This reminded Lin Ye of the neat interior of the desk when Ling Ling was in high school. His Ling Ling is indeed a bit obsessive-compulsive.

    Lin Ye smiled, and was about to get the hair dryer hanging on the sticky hook on the wall: "Ling Ling, let me dry your hair first."

    Although he tied up Xie Jinling's loose hair when taking a shower, the hair roots near the nape of her neck were still somewhat wet.

    It's okay to have short hair like his, and it won't take long for the hair to dry naturally. But Ling Ling's long hair, if she didn't dry her hair and let the moisture get trapped in her semi-damp hair, if she just slept like this, she might have a headache when she woke up the next day.

    "I blow my hair myself." Xie Jinling walked to the bed, lifted the quilt, patted the mattress, and beckoned to Lin Ye: "Come here, buddy."

    Seeing Xie Jinling's gesture of waving to him, Lin Ye inexplicably had the strange illusion that he was a pet being called over by his master at the moment.

    But even though he thought so in his heart, he still walked in front of Xie Jinling very obediently after picking up the hair dryer.

    Xie Jinling raised her eyelids, and stretched out her hand towards Lin Ye: "Give me the hair dryer."

    Lin Ye didn't answer: "Ling Ling, I'll blow dry your hair." As he spoke, he pulled Xie Jinling to sit beside him.

    Xie Jinling frowned: "No," he stared sideways at Lin Ye, then patted the mattress again: "Lie down."

    Lin Ye was a little surprised: "I lie down? Now?"

    Xie Jinling became a little impatient again, and turned over directly, almost in the blink of an eye, her whole body was pressed onto Lin Ye's thigh in a kneeling posture.

    Lin Ye was startled, the sudden weight on his legs made his pupils contract sharply, and the next second, almost instinctively, he reached out and hugged Xie Jinling's waist.

    As for Xie Jinling, at this moment, his knees were naturally bent, and his bent legs were respectively attached to the sides of Lin Ye's legs.

    "Ling Ling you..."

    "Let you lie down."

    Xie Jinling interrupted him, grabbing Lin Ye's shoulders with both hands, and forcefully pressed him onto the mattress.

    When Lin Ye's back passively hit the mattress because of Xie Jinling's strength, he groaned from his throat.

    However, it was not because of the pain, but because of the warm touch that Xie Jinling fell on his body that was too close.

    Xie Jinling looked at Lin Ye who was lying down, the corners of her lips curled up like a lazy kitten, and she muttered: "...Well, that's right..."

    He said: "How can you sleep if you don't lie down..."

    Hearing Xie Jinling's words, Lin Ye's heart began to beat faster, and then, after meeting Xie Jinling's charming eyes with a smile, Lin Ye's ears turned red instantly because he suddenly thought of something.

    He pursed his lips lightly, and rarely asked nervously, "Do you want it now?"

    "That's right," Xie Jinling yawned lightly. He rubbed his eyes tiredly, and said as a matter of course, "Only you lie down now and warm up the quilt, um...then wait until I lie down , the temperature of the quilt is just right."

    Lin Ye: "?" Warm blanket?

    Lin Ye was hit in the head, and his excitement was instantly extinguished by a bucket of cold water.

    So Ling Ling let him sleep together, even forced him to lie down, just to make him a physical bed warmer?

    Lin Ye was a little dumbfounded.

    At this time, Xie Jinling picked up the hair dryer that fell on the bed because of their actions just now, then went to the mirror, connected the wire of the hair dryer to the power supply, and started to blow her hair.

    The buzzing sound from the hair dryer reached Lin Ye's eardrums, making his brain buzz along with it.

    Lin Ye sat up and patted his head, which had started to think wildly because of Xie Jinling's words. Obviously he knew that Ling Ling's so-called sleep was not what he thought, but he still couldn't stop thinking about it.

    Lin Ye was reflecting on himself when the hum of the hair dryer suddenly stopped.

    Lin Ye paused, and met the warning eyes of Xie Jinling. This time, Xie Jinling didn't need to do it himself. He resigned himself to his fate and consciously lay down again, and took off his coat by the way.

    Looking at the ceiling above his head, Lin Ye's mood was very subtle and complicated.

    He, Lin Ye, Ling Ling's bed-warming tool, is really hammered.

    Half a minute later, Xie Jinling, who had completely dried her hair, turned off the light in the room.

    Borrowing the faint moonlight, he walked to the bed from a good pace, took off his shoes, and dexterously got into the quilt warmed by Lin Ye's body.

    In the darkness, Lin Ye, who was lying on his back, turned towards Xie Jinling. He was about to speak, but Xie Jinling took the initiative to hug him.

    It seemed to treat him like a large pillow.

    Immediately afterwards, as if to reward Lin Ye for being a tool for warming the bed, Xie Jinling first pressed his forehead to Lin Ye's forehead, then kissed Lin Ye's cheek, and finally kissed the corner of Lin Ye's lips. Only then did he close his eyes contentedly, and fell asleep in Lin Ye's arms.

    He was obviously really sleepy. Within two minutes, Lin Ye heard steady and shallow breathing.

    Thinking about today's experience, Lin Ye felt a little helpless and a little funny. Ling Ling was so good, she kept teasing and pulling him, but now she ignored everything and fell asleep peacefully.

    Thinking of this, Lin Ye lowered his eyes and looked at the young man sleeping in his arms. Probably because she fell asleep with her eyes closed, Ling Ling's brows and eyes lost a bit of the gorgeous and flamboyant feeling she had when she was awake, and there was a little more tranquility and softness.

    The long and slender eyelashes naturally drooped under the eyelids. It was really hard not to let Lin Yexin feel a kind of affection for this obedient appearance.

    Lin Ye couldn't help looking at it, and stretched out his hand to gently caress this delicate tear mole under Xie Jinling's eyes. And between these back and forth caresses, Lin Ye couldn't control the blazing|hot heart that had been suppressed since Xie Jinling lay down.

    His eyes gradually darkened, and finally, with some kind of punishment, Lin Ye kissed the tear mole under Xie Jinling's eyes, and then lightly licked it with the tip of his tongue.

    For a split second, Xie Jinling in her sleep only felt a moist itch.

    Soon, this hot and humid feeling slowly descended from the end of his eyes, from the arc of his side face to his chin, and then slowly to his neck...

    Xie Jinling felt itchy, he subconsciously stretched out his hand to push it away, and murmured: "...Big dog...go away..."

    Big dog?

    Lin Ye's movements stopped suddenly.

    In the next second, he pinched the tip of Xie Jinling's small nose in retaliation, and when Xie Jinling raised his hand, he held the hand that he rejected in his palm.

    "Ling Ling, I'm Lin Ye..." Lin Ye's voice was very low, deep, slow and hoarse, as if every word was slowly rolling out of his throat: " me by name..." His tone was gentlegently coaxing.

    "" Xie Jinling whispered in her dream.

    Lin Ye's heart trembled slightly.

    It was at this moment that Xie Jinling who was sleeping felt that the red mole on her neck seemed to be bitten by something. And this slight tingling sensation made him snort softly.

    Hearing Xie Jinling's low-pitched protest like a kitten, Lin Ye chuckled, then interlocked his fingers with Xie Jinling's, and then blocked Xie Jinling's lips with his lips.

    In this way, he wanted to swallow all the sounds that came out of Ling Ling's mouth.

    At this time, the crescent moon outside the window was covered by floating clouds.

    The evening wind blew in through the gap in the window, but it failed to blow away the lingering feeling in the room.

    Looking at the young man close at hand, Lin Ye's eyes contained a darkness that was deeper than the sky outside.

    The rich fragrance and sweetness that he felt on his lips were constantly impacting his reason. In this room with only him and Ling Ling, in the atmosphere surrounded only by the sound of their breathing.

    Lin Ye's heart was beating violently, his blood was boiling, and his nerves were excited.

    He is no longer satisfied with such a simple kiss of lips.

    He wanted to poke the tip of his tongue in, and grab the sweetness from Xie Jinling's lips.

    And after this thought came into his mind, it immediately rushed towards him like a flood, the turbulence was unstoppable.

    Lin Ye closed his eyes.

    When he opened it again, he tentatively opened Xie Jinling's closed lips with the tip of his tongue.


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