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    At this time, although it is afternoon, the sun is not scorching,

    Looking up from the forefoot, dense forests cover Jiumiao Mountain, where dangerous peaks stand tall, making the whole Jiumiao Mountain appear a deep dark blue.

    Xie Jinling's group, plus a big gray wolf dog egg, set off from the entrance at the foot of the mountain and walked towards the winding and rugged mountain road.

    Big Goudan often comes here to play, and he is very familiar with the whole mountain. He walks majesticly at the front, and from time to time he uses his front feet to scratch the weeds that tickle him, and jumps up to catch butterflies from time to time.

    Xie Jinling is quite familiar with Jiumiao Mountain. If she walks at a normal speed, the time to reach the top of the mountain can be saved by at least 40 minutes compared to the original plan. But considering that Lu Huaiyu and the two twins seldom take this kind of mountain road with strange rocks, Xie Jinling still slowed down.

    Finally, after nearly three hours, Xie Jinling took Lu Huaiyu and the others to the top of the mountain.

    Wang Siyuan was so tired that he sat on the ground, looked around, looked at the rolling mountains, and couldn't help sighing: "One thing to say, look at it this way, these scenery are really beautiful."

    "It's really majestic and majestic." Wang Xingze nodded in agreement, not forgetting to take several pictures with the camera.

    "Ling Ling, drink some water." Lin Ye didn't care much about whether the mountains and rivers were beautiful or not.He took out a thermos bottle filled with water from his hiking bag, opened the lid of the water bottle, and handed it to Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling didn't answer, and asked, "Aren't you going to drink?"

    Lin Ye said as a matter of course: "I'll drink it after you drink it."

    Xie Jinling heard the words, but didn't say any more, took the water glass in Lin Ye's hand, raised her head and drank.

    After about three sips, Xie Jinling stopped, wiped the corners of her lips lightly, and handed the water glass to Lin Ye: "Here."

    Lin Ye took the water glass, and naturally aimed at the place where Xie Jinling had just drank, and began to drink the warm water in it.

    Seeing this scene, Xie Jinling raised her eyebrows, but didn't say anything.

    After Lin Ye finished drinking, he met Xie Jinling's gaze, hooked the corners of his lips, and said, "Why does this water feel sweeter than usual?"

    Xie Jinling wanted to laugh: "Psychological effect?"

    Lin Ye shook his head, denying: "No." He screwed back the cover: "It's the Ling Ling effect."

    Just after Lin Ye finished speaking, Lu Huaiyu, who had been silent all this time, suddenly asked Xie Jinling: "What special significance do the nine temple towers on the top of Jiumiao Mountain have?"

    Xie Jinling looked at the nine temple towers not far away: "These nine temple towers have been built for almost two hundred years, and each temple tower corresponds to a kind of blessing meaning. For example, money, health, good harvest, family harmony, and giving birth to children These."

    Xie Jinling roughly cited a few examples, but did not explain all the meanings of the nine towers.

    Lin Ye pointed to the tallest temple tower in the middle: "Then what does this temple tower protect?" This temple tower has 13 floors, nearly six floors higher than the other eight towers.

    Although this kind of temple pagoda is nothing in terms of height or shape now, but a hundred years ago, it was already considered a very exquisite and magnificent craft building.

    Xie Jinling looked at the tower that Lin Ye was pointing at, and did not immediately answer Lin Ye's question, but instead asked with great interest, "Why don't you guess?"

    Hearing what Xie Jinling said, Lin Ye, who was just asking casually, was also aroused with curiosity. He took a closer look at the thirteen-story temple tower up to the topmost spire.

    The appearance of this temple tower is not as dilapidated as the other eight towers around it. The vermilion rubble of each layer is relatively complete, and there are still bits and pieces of red silk ribbons tied on the fence columns.

    Although they were standing at a certain distance from the temple tower, Lin Ye, who had good eyesight, still saw a few scattered sachets and red wedding knots on the temple tower.

    Red silk, sachet, red wedding knot...

    Lin Ye's eyes moved, and he said two words: "Marriage?"

    Xie Jinling glanced at him and said with a smile, "That's right."

    Lin Ye took advantage of the victory and pursued: "Is there any reward?"


    Xie Jinling glanced at Lin Ye again, she really dared to say it.

    Lin Ye blinked, "Is there?"

    Xie Jinling asked him: "What reward do you want?"

    Lin Ye thought for a while, and then turned his eyes to the temple tower that symbolized marriage. He looked at the red silk, red knots and sachets on the temple tower, and said, "I want to hang the sachet you gave me on it." .”

    After saying this, without waiting for Xie Jinling's answer, Lin Ye quickly added: "I want you to go in with me."

    Go to the temple tower of marriage together, and hang sachets in the temple tower together.

    The meaning of Lin Ye is self-evident.

    He was confessing his love to Xie Jinling, in this way, to show him his love and his sincere desire to be with Xie Jinling for the rest of his life.

    Xie Jinling understood what Lin Ye wanted to express, and he raised his eyes to meet Lin Ye's gaze.

    At this moment, Lin Ye's pupils clearly reflected him. Those deep black eyes were like the sun floating in the sky and piercing the clouds, flashing a kind of brilliance.

    Stare at him like he's all there is to him.

    Xie Jinling thought of the happy time with Lin Ye in Cheng Lin three years ago, and also remembered the various explicit hints Lin Ye had made to him these days.

    In the end, under Lin Ye's eyes that gradually became a little nervous because of his silence, Xie Jinling replied with one word: "Okay."

    Xie Jinling is not a procrastinating character, after making it clear that he likes Lin Ye more and more, he has no reason to refuse.

    Hearing Xie Jinling's answer, Lin Ye laughed, and the eyebrows and eyes that seemed too sharp and sharp in the past became soft and brilliant at this moment.

    His handsome face with sharp edges and corners seems to be carrying thousands of stars. If it wasn't for the inappropriate location, he would have immediately stepped forward to hug Xie Jinling, and then kissed his eyes, the tip of his nose, and his lips.

    In the end, restraining the great ecstasy in his heart, Lin Ye only held out his hand to Xie Jinling reservedly, raised his little finger and said, "Pull the hook."

    Xie Jinling couldn't help but raised her hand to respond to Lin Ye's childish gesture of promise, "Okay, pull the hook."

    Lu Huaiyu on the side looked at the interlocking fingers of the two, his eyes became subtle and complicated, and the displeasure in his heart was like a tide rushing towards him, but he knew very well that he had no right to be angry.

    The atmosphere between these two people is not something he can blend into.

    He is just a passerby of Xie Jinling, maybe it won't be long before he will disappear from Xie Jinling's memory and become an insignificant stranger.

    Thinking about it this way, really feel a little unwilling.

    For the first time in more than 20 years, Lu Huaiyu felt this emotion.

    However, after all, he is used to hiding his emotions. Even though many thoughts arose in his mind at this moment, he finally covered up all his thoughts in his dark eyes.

    Xie Jinling said to Lin Ye: "Go find the herbal medicine first, and then the two of us will hang out here."

    Lin Ye nodded, and his deep and magnetic voice was full of unstoppable joy: "I'll listen to you."

    Wang Siyuan asked: "Then won't you go down the mountain with us then?"

    Xie Jinling replied indifferently: "I'll let Big Goudan lead the way for you." Having said that, he glanced at Big Goudan.

    Big Goudan seemed to understand Xie Jinling's words, opened his mouth and howled twice, as if he was responding.

    Hearing what Xie Jinling said, Wang Siyuan didn't say any more.

    It is indeed easier to go down the mountain than to go up the mountain. When they went up the mountain, they had already walked the mountain road, and they were barely familiar with the road section, and knew where to pay attention to the traps. According to the distance from Jiumiao Mountain to the guest room, they would be able to go back in less than two hours.

    Xie Jinling swept towards Lu Huaiyu and the others: "Let's go, I'll take you to find herbs right now."

    After half an hour.

    Under the leadership of Xie Jinling, the three of Lu Huaiyu who found the target herbal medicine began to take pictures and record them.

    It was almost four o'clock when everything was done.

    When the trio left with Big Goudan, Lu Huaiyu turned to look at Xie Jinling.

    Xie Jinling stood beside Lin Ye, her tall and thin figure was covered with a light halo under the shadow of the trees.

    He didn't wear any silver ornaments on his body, only the ruby ​​pendants on his ears were the most eye-catching touch of red under the light and shadow of the sky.

    However, this red is not in a hurry for the natural coquettishness between his brows, the flamboyant brightness, like the red thorns growing wantonly in the pines and emerald mountains, which are so beautiful and eye-catching. people's hearts.

    Lu Huaiyu couldn't tell what it was like in his heart at the moment. Maybe it's sour, stuffy, or maybe it's the sadness of seeing the most beautiful people but not getting them.

    For a special boy like Xie Jinling, maybe for him, it can only be a strong and beautiful dream. He can't have it, can't get it, so he can only put him somewhere in the apex of his heart, and let it become a memory, which will always be deep and clear.

    Standing on Xie Jinling's right hand, Lin Ye felt Lu Huaiyu's complex gaze, his handsome and unruly brows frowned slightly, and before Lu Huaiyu's gaze retracted, he firmly grasped Xie Jinling's hand as if declaring his final sovereignty. hand.

    And Xie Jinling also responded to Lin Ye, and the two of them interlocked their fingers.

    Seeing this, Lu Huaiyu smiled softly, suppressing the bitterness welling up in his throat, and left with the twins Wang Siyuan and Wang Xingze.

    As for the big dog who was leading the way at the front, he also looked back, but instead of looking at Xie Jinling, he was warning Lin Ye with his eyes.

    This person is a wolf, and it is not a day or two if we don't deal with it.

    Lin Ye raised his eyebrows, intentionally raised the hand that was intertwined with Xie Jinling's fingers, and shook it slightly proudly under the fierce eyes of Da Goudan, so angry that Da Goudan howled at him before giving up.

    Lin Ye was overjoyed, and analyzed with reason: "The big dog will definitely come back after leading the way." And he always felt that the big dog would find time to fight him.

    But let's fight.

    Anyway, Ling Ling has already responded to him now.

    He has officially become a boyfriend from a small partner.

    Thinking of this, the curvature of Lin Ye's lips spread a little more.

    Seeing Lin Ye's silly look, Xie Jinling asked him, "What are you thinking?"

    Lin Ye said what he had just thought truthfully.

    Xie Jinling's eyes twitched slightly: "Isn't this why I haven't entered the temple yet?"

    "Although we haven't gone in to hang the sachet, you have already agreed with your own words and hooked me up." Lin Ye leaned over and kissed Xie Jinling's nose: "I can't go back on my word, Ling Ling."


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