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    Yong said, wrestling his fingers and doing the math, then rubbed the back of his head and smiled very honestly, "I'm so diligent, in two or three years, the Shen family won't be willing to drive me away. At that time, I will have a good time with Emperor ShenSpicy, full of meat! There are still people who will take care of themselves when they are old!"

    What is Immortal World?This is the beautiful life that Immortal World should have!

    Hu Yong spoke happily, without thinking aggressively, imagining the happy future of relying on Emperor Shen to eat soft food, without even noticing that the smile on Yu Xin's face like a wax figure had already melted away.

    A strong anger surged in Yu's confidence, and he finally found himself possessive of the little girl he had raised for a year.

    Yu Xin frowned, feeling confused.

    The existence of Shen Yanyao is the good medicine for him to restore his soul. Yu Xin also regards the little girl as his life-saving straw, but there is more than one life-saving straw. Without Shen Yanyao, he can also find other wood spirit bodiespeople.

    Yu Xin never thought that in just one year so far, he would develop other emotions towards Shen Yanyao.

    So is this possessive desire purely for use, or is it mixed with other things?

    Yu Xin is not sure yet.

    He has always been insensitive to feelings, but Yu Xin felt that he didn't need to jump to conclusions hastily, he had plenty of time to slowly explore his mood.

    Of course, before that, he had to get rid of all the people, things, and things that might appear beside Shen Yanyao, hang around her, and play tricks on the little girl.

    For example, Hu Yong who had already started to have bad ideas about Shen Yanyao.

    "Huyong, after waiting for the outer gate, you can directly sign up for Lifeng." Yu Xin directly recommended, "Lifeng likes powerful fighters the most."

    Then, you were drilled to death by Master Lifeng, and you lost your energy to cause trouble for me.

    Before Hu Yong could react, Yu Xin had already brought the topic back to the issue of the Yaozu Holy Land, "It's meaningless to let people temporarily withdraw from the Holy Land and keep guarding it."

    "Don't look at it, what if they steal the bones of Empress Nuwa?" The Dragon Clan was frightened, and the broken horn couldn't hide it, and it immediately popped out of the top of its head, leaving a piece of hair bald.

    "Your strength is not weak, even if there is a difference of a few realms, you shouldn't even be able to tell who is coming, whether it is a man or a woman. There are no young people among the monster clan who can compete with it. Continue to keep people in the holyThe environment is also for those who come to kill casually, why bother? Leave them all. You can't keep him."

    "Even if the Yaozu is dead, no one will be allowed to disturb the peace of Empress Nuwa after her death!" Several members of the Yaozu were very excited.

    Yu Xin raised his hand to interrupt what they were about to say, "The visitor has come many times now. If he really wanted to insult the bones of Empress Nuwa, he would have left with Empress Nuwa's bones at this time. Since the other party is still frequentingIt can be seen that the purpose of coming here has nothing to do with the bones. It doesn’t matter if you let those who come here walk a few more laps in the holy land.”

    "The most important thing is, haven't you guys studied the history of the monster race well? The Holy Land is the tomb of Empress Nuwa, and the bones inside are carved out of jade. Where did the bones come from!"

    The bones that truly possess the power of gods have long since returned to heaven and earth, nourishing all living things.


    A group of scumbags suddenly fell into an awkward silence, you looked at me, I looked at you, no one could speak.

    Yu Xin sullenly expressed dissatisfaction: "Although it was a mistake, the quality of Yaozu's education is too bad nowadays. Sure enough, it is right to let you study in Myriad Forms Heaven Sect. You should study hard when the time comes.Final exam results will be sent to parents for signature.”

    "Master Kunpeng, don't!!!"

    The author has something to say:

    Yu Xin: Study hard, you love learning, and if you don't die, learn.

    Yaozu: Knowledge does not enter the brain!

    25 ? The elder brother who is full of tea fragrance ◇

    ◎However, green tea is most afraid of natural straight ◎

    It is impossible not to learn, absolutely impossible.

    After Yu Xin severely criticized the laziness and bad habits of the young monsters, he commented on all the worthwhile courses in the outer door of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect. In his mouth, it seemed that the lack of any one course was a heinous crime.

    Yu Xin naturally asked the Yaozu to study all these dozens of courses after getting started, and to participate in the inner school selection after passing the assessment.

    It wasn't until Shen Yuan led the immortal soldiers to escort the sinful demons that Yu Xin stopped criticizing the demon clans.

    The several monster clans present looked at Shen Yuan with gratitude in their eyes, deeply feeling that they were a fallen monster rescued by a living Bodhisattva, breathing the air of freedom again.

    Shen Yuan thought that the monster clan who was going to study and the sin monsters were related to each other, so he used his eyes to hint that he had some time to "visit the prison".

    Therefore, Shen Yuan made a very humane proposal: "This is your fellow clan. Before they are banned in the Book of Locking Monsters, let's meet and talk about what you have to say. I advise them to reform themselves in the Book of Locking Monsters.Try to come out sooner."

    Shen Yuan said that he took the heavenly soldiers and retreated outside the forging room, leaving enough space for all the monster races to release their emotions.

    Yu Xin looked at the sinners who were tied up in a string like zongzi, and after calling out their names, he urged in a light tone: "Say it, don't say it now, and you won't have a chance to say it after you go in."

    A pitch-black dragon struggled and shouted: "I am not wrong! It is this world that is wrong! It is these rules that are wrong! Heaven is dead, I..."

    "Next." Yu Xin frowned, waved his hands impatiently, and cast a spell to bind Jiaolong's mouth, interrupting his nonsense, "I've been locked up for so long, I don't have a brain, it's hopeless."

    Seeing what happened to Jiaolong, many tiger tribes showed grief and indignation, and asked Huyong with tears in their eyes: "Did my tigress remarry?"

    It is rare for Hu Yong to speak more reservedly, "You know the habits of the tiger clan."

    In a fight, if you win the girl, you are eligible to marry a wife. Of course, you have to not lose to all the competitors.

    How can there be a girl who is worried about marrying?There are only male tigers who cannot marry wives.

    They went in, and the crowd was so excited that they immediately set off firecrackers to celebrate.

    The guilty tiger burst into tears on the spot, crying loudly.

    Several other sinful tigers cried worse than this one, "Brother, you married a wife after all, and we have never even touched the hands of a tigress. Look at this, there will be no chance in the future."

    For a moment, the only sound left in the forging room was the cries of a group of rough men.

    Everything is the same, as long as you tear off a button, you can't stop it from behind.Sin monsters, you say something to each other, and within a short while, you all have the thought of "It would be great if you can go back, why don't you just be soft, work hard, and get out as soon as possible".

    Seeing that the timing was about right, Yu Xin bent his knuckles and tapped on the table, "I will create a spiritual weapon to seal your existence. You will live in one and serve the owner of the spiritual weapon well. When does she think it is suitable?"Let you go, you can go back and reunite with your family."

    "If you agree, you will put a drop of heart blood on the casting platform in front of you. If you don't agree, go back to the prison in Yixian City and squat."

    Without exception, the Tiger Clan was moved, but the brains of Jiaolong and Fox Clan were much faster than that of the Tiger Clan.

    Jiaolong bit the magic spell that bound his mouth, pricked up his ears defensively, and said vigilantly: "I was caught by Shen Yuan as soon as I was caught. Why should I be driven by the children of the fairy clan to be a lackey for others?"

    The fox clan followed suit: "Yes, isn't Emperor Shen averse to the business of buying and selling monsters? Why, he is finally so short of money that he wants to attack us. Hehe, I really can't tell. The immortal clan are all hypocrites."

    These doubts were considered by Yu Xin when he first set his mind on Sin Yao.

    Everyone in the world praised Shen Yuan for guarding Yixian City with the heavenly soldiers, keeping the monsters out, but after a long time of praise, it seemed that everyone had forgotten the most important point - the heavenly soldiers were supported by Shen Yuan and Madam Gu.Regardless of whether it is strictly speaking or not, the heavenly soldiers in Yixian City are the private property of the Shen family, and they are not the same as the heavenly soldiers in the old Heavenly Emperor's establishment.

    In other words, the monster clan captured by Shen Yuan with his family's heavenly soldiers is also a criminal who belongs exclusively to the Shen family.

    With Immortal World's current style of seventy-two emperors doing their own thing, how the Shen family wants to deal with this group of captured monster clans depends entirely on Shen Yuan's will.

    If the punishment is fair, Shen Yuan will gain a false reputation of "magnanimity"; if the punishment is severe, Shen Yuan can also earn the achievement of "Hate Evil Like Enmity".

    Yu Xin shook the design drawing, "The Book of Locking Monsters is a gift prepared by Emperor Shen for the young girl."

    Hearing this, the evil demons trembled in fright, and the fox demon immediately hugged himself and asked tremblingly, "Is that Emperor Shen's little daughter who likes men very much?"

    Yu Xin: "..."

    Yu Xin: "???"

    Oh, yes, Shen Yanyao did have this bad reputation.

    But after being together for more than a year, Shen Yanyao was busy with her studies and hardly interacted with other people. Yu Xin had already forgotten the rumors about her.

    Before Yu Xin could answer, Sinhu had already completed the process of persuading himself, "It's okay to like men, as long as I can go back and be with my clansmen, even if I sacrifice my innocence, it doesn't matter. I am willing to serve young and beautiful rich women!"

    Jiaolong snorted coldly, showing his disdain for Sinhu, but when it was his turn, he didn't even need to persuade himself, "Immediately, now, immediately, send me to see her."

    Yu Xin held down the violently throbbing veins, and emphasized through gritted teeth: "She's still a child, don't teach her badly."

    Jiaolong said disdainfully: "This girl is very well-known, so it's not certain who can teach her badly."

    Finally, Yu Xin couldn't bear it anymore, and slapped Jiaolong flat on the ground, "Keep your mouth clean."

    Jiaolong raised his head in disbelief, stared at Yu Xin and roared sharply: "As a monster, you are actually a running dog for a fairy woman! You are not worthy of being a monster!"

    Yu Xin was also surprised by the sudden anger in his heart, but seeing Jiaolong so annoyed, Yu Xin calmed down instead.

    He regained his peaceful and gentle smile, nodded and replied: "Yes, I am not worthy of being a demon. But it is useless for you, you are just a captured prisoner with chained tail and horns.It's up to the people."

    "You think you're powerful? Think you're omnipotent?"

    "However, I'm sitting here, examining for a child whether you are suitable to be the demon locked in her spiritual weapon—it's a pity, now I don't think you are suitable."

    A powerful spell hit Jiaolong, and he was no longer as light as before. Jiaolong was suppressed and couldn't move, so he could only use his eyeballs to stare at Yu Xin angrily.

    The smile on Yu Xin's face was the same as before, but all the monsters present knew Yu Xin's bad mood, and none of them wanted to open their mouths to make trouble.

    Yu Xin walked back to the forging table, and almost violently threw all the treasures of heaven, materials and earth that he had prepared into it, and the delicate and beautiful hammer in front of Shen Yanyao was slammed by him.

    Thick black clouds had already gathered on the top of Zhurong Mountain, and the lightning was constantly striking down, wanting to destroy the spirit weapon that was about to be born.

    Finally, in the forging platform, a plain-looking scroll floated out of the spiritual liquid and floated in front of Yu Xin's eyes.

    "Is it black? She doesn't like such a deep color." Yu Xin murmured, and the next moment he actually cut open his chest, took out a section of crystal-clear demon bone from his body, and threw it back into the forging table together with the scroll to be tempered again.

    Fresh fish bones are always translucent, slightly jade.

    Kun's bones are even more beautiful, she will definitely like them.

    The Yaozu behind him had been stupefied by Yu Xin's coquettish operation, but those who could still move backed away as much as possible, for fear that it would be him who would be dissected the next moment.

    The thunder and lightning outside the mountain slashed more and more quickly, and after a loud bang, countless gravels rolled down from the top of Zhurong Mountain.

    At the same time, the scroll that the disciple of the fish pulled out from the spiritual liquid of the forging platform finally showed a crystal clear texture.

    It was much higher grade than the spiritual weapon, and could be regarded as a semi-divine weapon, but in Shen Yanyao's hands, no one would think too much about it, no matter how good it was.

    Little girls just have a special ability to make all good things kinky.

    Yu Xin looked up and down in satisfaction, spread out the scroll, fingered the sword, pulled the sin monsters, and threw them one by one into the book of lock monsters to complete the work.

    Only when it reached Jiaolong, Yu Xin stopped.

    Jiaolong was left behind.

    He smiled at Jiaolong, raised his voice to ask Shen Yuan to come back, and held the scroll with a transparent axis and pink-blue paper to Shen Yuan with both hands, showing a regretful look, and said in a soft tone: "It's a pity that we can't completely share the worries of the emperor.", this demon's language is really obscene, I am worried that I will spoil my junior sister. Look..."


    The wretched man must not appear in front of his daughter!

    All kinds of social news about "underage girls being molested" flashed in Shen Yuan's mind, and the victim's face in each news became the daughter he held in his palm.

    Immediately, Shen Yuan was furious with the content of the brain supplement, "The villains who have bad thoughts about women and children should be locked up alone."

    Hei Jiaolong shouted in his heart: Knock inside!Did you hear that?Knock in!You talk nonsense, I'm not that kind of monster!!!

    However, no matter how dissatisfied he was, he couldn't make a sound out of his mouth, so he could only let Yu Xin destroy his reputation.

    Jiaolong burst into tears with anger, and suddenly hated himself for speaking without restraint.

    Yu Xin glanced at him with a smile, and said lightly, "Emperor Shen, I think he seems to have the intention of repenting."

    Shen Yuan looked at the crying dragon anxiously, hesitated for a while, and finally shook his head, "If he has the heart to repent, I'll just keep him by my side. He must not be sent to Yanyao's side. Yanyao is so small.If you are deceived, you will regret it."

    "What the emperor said is true." Yu Xin gave Jiaolong a helpless look, and pointed to the book of locking monsters that Shen Yuan kept in his arms, suggesting, "Emperor Shen, junior sister has wanted this gift for a long time. Look, forFive more days have passed since the book of locking demons was refined, should I give it to Junior Sister as soon as possible so that Junior Sister is not impatient?"

    "—If you look forward to a gift for too long, you will lose interest."

    Yu Xin's words won Shen Yuan's heart. He fastened a beast ring on Jiaolong's wrist, stuffed Jiaolong into the animal bag, and thanked him with fists together: "Thank you for reminding me, I will take a step first. We will meet again after dinner."!"

    Shen Yuan left quickly, and the remaining group of monsters were almost fainted by Yu Xin's tea-scented operation.

    They stared at Yu Xin dumbfounded, found their tongues after a while, and immediately praised: "Master Kunpeng, are you still going out at night? It's too hard."

    "Tonight, I have an appointment with Emperor Shen and his wife to go shopping in the underground city together."


    Is it the legendary dungeon where more than a dozen emperor cities have been opened up, and all of them can go to the monster clan?

    "We also want to go!" Yaozu immediately signed up enthusiastically, vowing to advance and retreat with Yu Xin.

    "You are all disguised as little demons in the soul-replenishing realm, and it is inconvenient to act with us. If something happens, we will send someone to take care of you."

    "In the past few days, you will stay in the city lord's mansion and learn how to live among the immortals with the steward sent by Mrs. Gu. You have never been in contact with the immortals in terms of talking and doing things. Learn more and watch more to avoid misunderstandings, had conflicts with classmates."

    After Yu Xin repeatedly emphasized the importance of academic performance to the Yaozu who were studying, he finally went back to the city lord's mansion to wash and eat.

    After the sky became dark, Yu Xin changed into his cassock and got up to go out.

    The night breeze is blowing, bringing a strong aroma, and the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze is so wonderful.

    Yu Xin stopped, and lightly touched the soft petals with his fingers, with a strong smile in his eyes.

    ——It’s the aroma of lilacs. Although it’s not the wisteria that you’re used to smelling in “Wishing Xinju”, lilacs are very suitable for this courtyard. When Shen Yanyao planted flowers, he must have thought about it before choosing lilacs.

    Did she pay attention to me?

    As soon as this idea appeared, Yu Xin felt double the joy.

    A few days ago, there was only a dwarf lawn here.

    After Shen Yanyao came back, did she give birth immediately?

    It's really cute.

    "Senior brother!" Shen Yanyao waited outside the door early, waiting for Yu Xin's compliment, and immediately asked for credit when he saw Yu Xin, "Eldest brother, lilac flowers are the most suitable for masters."


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