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    During the time, Yu Xin had already explained to her all the knowledge about golems.Looking at this group of puppets again, Shen Yanyao was in a dilemma, and asked Yu Xin's opinion in a low voice: "Brother, the Tianyan Demon Lord is not here, what should we do with these puppets? Is it okay to burn them with spiritual fire?"

    "Is it possible to use fire in water? It's also feasible. It's just that in the process of burning the puppet, a lot of demonic energy will be released. If the tourists who live here temporarily have demons in their hearts, they may not be able to control the demons." Yu Xin gaveAn ambiguous answer.

    He pulled Shen Yanyao back and walked back, "Liu Dijun is nearby, Jing Province is his fiefdom, we should ask Liu Dijun's opinion before making a decision."

    They went back to the water and explained the situation at the bottom of the river, which made Emperor Liu shut himself up on the spot.

    "Yan Qiong, it must be this old man again!"

    Liu Dijun's eyes were full of hostility, his expression was cold, and he lost his old lazy grace. Only at this time, can he see from the aura around him how this half-blood fairy and demon stands out from the encirclement of many amazingly talented bigwigs.Having secured the position of emperor, and dominating the Jing Province, Yan Qiong, the emperor of heaven, has nowhere to start for many years.

    When Emperor Liu said this, he didn't avoid Mrs. Jiang, and Mrs. Jiang didn't feel any discomfort because of Emperor Liu's insults to her father.

    When Emperor Yan Qiong gave his children to the emperors, he was no longer worthy of the warm identity of "father" in the hearts of these children.

    Emperor Liu's reaction to his wife was not surprising, but Shen Yanyao also showed no extra expression, so he couldn't help laughing.

    "It seems that Emperor Shen's family is not as obedient to the Emperor of Heaven as they seem."

    Shen Yanyao showed a polite smile, "My father is training at home." They are ready to fight with the Emperor of Heaven, how good the relationship can be.

    This time, Yu Xin did not take the initiative to decode and show his ingenuity, but returned the opportunity of performance to Emperor Liu, the owner of Jingzhou City, "How does the emperor plan to deal with this?"

    "Jingzhou City has a special geographical location. It connects many continents up and down, and it is backed by the Hopeless Sea, so it is free from the invasion of monsters and demons. In addition, the income is considerable, and Yan Qiong has always regarded it as something in its pocket and watched it covetously."

    "To put it bluntly, the income of Jingzhou City is created by tourists. If the tax is reduced, it will be a huge blow to me. But as long as Jingzhou City is still prosperous, it will not affect the information channels that Yanqiong is interested in."

    Emperor Liu sneered, "If we hadn't discovered the group of golems under the secret realm, once the golems got out of control, they would definitely attack the tourists who came here; Yan Qiong would also be able to take the opportunity to hold me accountable. It's a pity that we accidentally smashed into the place where the golems are..”

    "Furthermore, even if the puppets are found. If you value money, you must want to dispose of all these puppets secretly at this time, so as not to damage the environment and reputation of Jing Province. The spies he sent can also take advantage of me to burn the puppets, Jing Province has increased the proportion of magic energy and spread rumors, and it can still mess with me."

    "Unfortunately, man is not as good as God, he missed a move in the end-Yan Qiong must not have imagined, with the help of Yanyao, I have rebuilt the 'ancient mysterious realm'." Emperor Liu smiled again, his eyebrows stretched, full of charm.

    He whispered softly, "You guys wait here, don't leave for now, I'll come as soon as I go."

    Emperor Liu took Mrs. Jiang and disappeared from the mud of the wall.

    Shen Yanyao was at a loss for this development, turned to look at Yu Xin, but was surprised to find that the water was full of staff who usually followed Emperor Liu around.

    They looked at each other, smiled awkwardly and not politely, and shut up decisively together, saying nothing.

    Not long after, a group of people boasting to each other and competing for credit sounded from the direction of the passage where they fell, and Emperor Liu's protracted and beautiful voice was extremely clear in it.

    "I didn't expect to renovate the secret realm, and found that there is another cave under the secret realm. This matter requires your help. Liu thank you for your help. As a thank you, everyone spends in Jingzhou City. Please let Liu be responsible.I have a little thought."

    Following Emperor Liu's voice, a group of tall, healthy, evil-looking demons appeared at the entrance of the passage.

    Both Yaozu and Mozu have the ability of night vision.

    They looked down and were immediately attracted by the stunning beauty sitting in the arms of the fish demon.

    The daring demons only felt that the dim tunnel was full of pink hearts, and he immediately asked: "I have never heard that the emperor and his wife have a child. Who is this woman?"

    There was a chill behind Emperor Liu, and he immediately emphasized without changing his face: "Outsiders!"

    The author has something to say:

    Emperor Liu: Fortunately, I reacted quickly, otherwise the villain BOSS would kill an emperor to sacrifice to heaven today.

    62 ? bath water ◇


    The introduction of talents in Jingzhou City does not stick to one pattern, and is never restricted by race.

    If not, based on Liu Dijun's terrifying expression now, the demons would definitely suspect that he was suspected of being "a criminal as a demon".

    Emperor Liu also realized that his answer was too fast and his voice was too sharp, he said seriously: "Don't look at the beauty with a tender face, but she is actually my guest from Jing Province. The high-end talent I hired with great difficulty is very human."

    The implication is that Shen Yanyao is young and beautiful, but he is a high-end technical talent, and there are scarce resources wherever he goes. You are not worthy, so don't make yourself unhappy.

    Emperor Liu made a mistake again.

    He himself is famous for his beauty, and he has been eating the resources brought by his beauty, so he forgot that the vast majority of males in the Immortal World do not have the advantage of being surrounded by so many beauties.For males who need to personally pursue beauties, what is chasing is not chasing, and if the beauties are blind, they will really fall in love with them!

    So, after hearing Liu Dijun's explanation, instead of shrinking back, the demons became even more excited.

    He took a step forward, looked into the water carefully, and made sure that the hands and feet of the Yaozu holding the beauty were very regular, and praised Liu Dijun with a smile: "The emperor is well-mannered, and the Yaozu under your command is very polite when taking care of the distinguished guests.Beauty, just take the opportunity to mess around."

    Emperor Liu followed the other person's line of sight and found that the person Shen Yanyao had used as a chair was Yu Xin.

    Yu Xin seldom did it himself, but he personally designed too many people, which can be regarded as a super name. Emperor Liu will never underestimate each other because Yu Xin is famous for hundreds of years.

    When Emperor Liu thought that if he didn't handle it well, he might get Jing Province into trouble, cold sweat immediately flowed down his brow.

    Emperor Liu sighed deeply, stepped forward to stop the demons, put on a troubled and regretful expression, shook his head and said: "In that case, let me just say it straight, this girl is my wife's niece, and Emperor Shen of Yixian City and TianThis daughter of the Fairy Mrs. Gu, who is only twenty now, may not be a good match for you."

    "Two, twenty..."

    The Mozu raised his hands in shock, unable to believe his ears, and earnestly counted the age difference between himself and Shen Yanyao with his fingers, and then failed in the difficult addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

    The demons did not give up observing the bones, and finally confirmed that the beautiful woman floating on the water was really in her early twenties, and she was still a baby.

    Forget it, he is not worthy of the age.

    QAQ is such a stunning beauty, why is she underage!

    In order to suppress their eagerness to move, the demons had no choice but to look away, trying to be out of sight and out of mind.

    Without this episode, Liu Dijun once again greeted the demons he had brought, and proposed the scope of work for the temporary workers.

    "The puppet in the ground, I will work hard for you all."

    "Taking people's money and eliminating disasters with others, Emperor Liu is too polite." The demons had a relaxed attitude, and they didn't think how many "massive puppets" could be found under the ancient mysterious realm.

    They jumped into the water calmly, as if they were preparing to display their racial talents, and then, less than five minutes later, they emerged from the bottom of the water with horrified expressions on their faces.

    "Where did the emperor gather so many golems!"

    "There is something wrong with these puppets, the power in their bodies is too strong."

    "Yeah, people who gradually degenerate after being devoured by the heart demons should have less than 30% of their strength left when they become golems. Few of them can break through the soul-replenishing state. How can the golems locked at the bottom of the river be in the end?"what's going on?"

    A group of demons asked Liu Dijun what was going on.

    Emperor Liu: You ask me, who do I ask?It wasn't long before I fell, too.

    He really wanted to answer this way, but Emperor Liu could only say with a wry smile: "I don't know. Today, my subordinates reported something unusual in the secret realm. After I came here, the passage exploded, exposing the underground water system. I saw that the direction of the water flow was unusual.Going into the water to investigate, I didn’t expect so many puppets to be sealed underwater. This is why I have to ask you for help.”

    The demons immediately connected the fact that Jing Province suddenly cleared all the tourists out of the "ancient mysterious realm" a few days ago with the "abnormal situation" that Liu Dijun casually said.

    Relying on Liu Dijun's good reputation in running Jing Province over the years, the demons immediately complimented him: "Dijun would rather compensate the tourists than accept the bad name and take all the tourists out of the secret place, so as to save them from encountering golems and being injured. He is really kind and kind..”

    The kind-hearted Emperor Liu declined with a smile, full of hope that the only way to increase the entrance fee and make more money is to modify the secret place.

    After exchanging compliments, Emperor Liu finally understood why the demons who went into the water came back in shock.

    The demons' ability to digest the puppets is not that strong. If they stay here to deal with the puppets, they will be delayed in Jingzhou City for the next few months or even years.

    Emperor Liu understood and smiled immediately.

    The smile was full of killing intent.

    Yan Qiong, an old man, really didn't make any moves, and all his moves were indiscriminate.

    Liu Dijun's indifference in front of Tiandi Yan Qiong is that Liu Dijun thinks that Yan Qiong wants Jingzhou City's news system - of course, Liu Dijun himself doesn't care whether he can continue to be the city lord.

    But judging from the current situation, Yan Qiong intends to kill two birds with one stone. If the puppet can ruin Liu Dijun's reputation, he will punish Liu Dijun and take Jingzhou City into his own hands;Occasionally, if a major incident breaks out, then they will simply burn everything together, and let Liu Dijun and Jingzhou City become history together, which can be regarded as eliminating one of the seventy-two emperors and reducing the pressure on him to control the emperors.

    Emperor Liu may not care about the ownership of Jingzhou City, but the subjects of Jingzhou City cannot ignore it.

    Without hesitation at all, Emperor Liu said directly: "I don't care about the time it takes to clean up the dolls, and the cost is another matter. It would be great if you could ask more demon brothers to help."

    What the Demons were hesitant about was the issue of wages. Since Emperor Liu was so forthright, they also spoke quickly, saying that they could immediately contact their relatives and friends to come and work together to earn money, so that they could benefit from each other with Emperor Liu.

    The only problem is that the demons can come to work, but until the demons are fully manned, currently these demons neither plan nor have the ability to continuously deal with the underwater golems in three shifts.

    So who will guard the underwater situation, and ensure that even if there is an eventuality, the puppet can't control it and runs out, and it can still deliver the message instead of being directly torn to pieces by the puppet army?

    Yu Xin whispered in Shen Yanyao's ear: "Are you afraid?"

    Yu Xin didn't like to mix with the turmoil outside. He heard that he planned to stay at the bottom of the water to guard and let him go back.Is it really possible for those puppets to escape?"

    "Jing Province is never peaceful. It's not as good as Yixian City before you entered."

    This evaluation completely shocked Shen Yanyao.

    At any rate, the Emperor of Heaven is also a person who has experienced great battles and came to power, and has used his ability to replace the seventy-two emperors over the years.Liu Dijun just let the spies wander around the city casually, so he didn't take the Emperor of Heaven seriously.


    "Uncle is really skilled and courageous, I have more confidence in the alliance." Shen Yanyao rubbed her face and smiled wryly.

    "These few days have been hard, big brother. I will deliver three meals a day."

    Before leaving, Shen Yanyao finally considered important issues.

    "Brother, does this water count as bath water for golems?"

    Yu Xin:???

    The author has something to say:

    I'm sorry, the unit before the spicy chicken has disgusted me these days, I'm not in a good state orz

    Thanks to the little angels who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution during 2020-07-12 22:18:31~2020-07-14 22:37:21~

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    Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

    63 ? Come all come ◇


    "Junior Sister, I'm staying here. After you parted with me for a few days, what you want to say is threatening words?" Yu Xin asked meaningfully.

    Shen Yanyao saw the threat of "I don't think you will live well in the future" from his eyes, and immediately gave up, not daring to be shy anymore, obediently took Yu Xin's palm and said goodbye, "The water is cold, senior brother, you have to take care of yourself...Oh, no, it’s better if the water is cold, and it’s worse for your health if it’s hot.”

    If it is hot water, the big brother will turn into boiled fish.

    Shen Yanyao finally went back after Yu Xin repeatedly emphasized that Jingzhou City was far less stable and peaceful than it seemed, that she was not allowed to walk around alone, and that if she wanted to go out, she had to act with the rest of the same sect.

    Shen Yanyao listened to the development of the whole set of events, thought carefully about the solution, and always felt that the matter was very difficult.

    Just when Shen Yanyao thought that things had reached a stalemate, the situation suddenly changed.

    Fifteen days later, demons gathered in Jingzhou City from all directions.

    Liu Dijun directly destroyed all the previous transformations of the "Ancient Mysterious Realm", completely removed the part above the ground in that area, and turned the underground river into an exposed river.

    Emperor Liu not only did not hide this matter, but also publicized it as a gimmick, and even organized a "ceremony viewing" event, requiring tourists who entered the venue to appreciate the heroic appearance of the demons destroying the puppet to pay for the entrance fee.

    For the Immortal World, the golem has been a thing that has been known only by name for many years.

    Now that we can’t see the whole process of the puppet being wiped out, or the legendary “a large number of puppet”, how can tourists who like to join in the fun hold back their eagerness to try?

    Tourists immediately lined up to pay, just waiting to see the rare scene.

    Soon, layers of stands were built above the water system where the puppet was hidden, and the stands were blocked by layers of tourists.

    With a smile on his face, Emperor Liu looked even more beautiful. He routinely delivered a new business opening speech, and then announced the start of the operation to eliminate the golem.

    The recruited demons assembled in response, fifty people lined up in a column, and the two teams entered the water with their backs leaning on each other.

    Seeing the demons splashing into the water, the audience couldn't help but sigh.

    The demons went into the water to clean up the puppets, what can they see on the water?Isn't this a waste of spirit stones to buy tickets?

    Lost, lost.

    "Ah, look!"

    Several transparent water mirrors suddenly appeared in midair. The mirror surface was smooth and bright, clearly showing everything that happened underwater.

    The demons were shirtless, revealing the magic lines that had been hidden in the past, and the magic lines stretched wantonly in the water like living vines, surrounded by magic energy, and firmly grasped the ugly puppet with teeth and claws at the bottom of the water.

    The magic pattern suddenly pierced the puppet's head, breaking up the puppet into a ball of strangely colored air, completely losing its human form.

    Those air clusters quickly gathered with each other and turned into a huge cyclone, wrapping the demons in it, spinning crazily; while the demons were still standing in place, at this moment they finally released a large amount of demonic energy in their bodies, hooking upThe cyclone keeps pulling.

    The cyclone didn't move at all, but the magic lines on the faces of the demons were faintly visible, as if they could do nothing with the cyclone.

    The situation looked dire.

    Shen Yanyao clenched her fingers nervously, raised her body slightly and looked under the water.

    ——She has observed carefully since the demons entered the water, and there is no sign of Yuxin in the water, but there is never any evidence that he has ever left this water area.

    Where did Yu Xin go?

    A whole group of devilish energy suddenly rushed out of the water and slammed into the air with a "bang".


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