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    Back angrily, he punched his head directly, and Yan Qiong must have noticed something was wrong.If I sabotage Yu Xin's plan, will he go back on his word and not tell which one of our offspring is?"

    Mrs. Meng Die has passed away for many years and it is impossible to respond to Tuntian's question.

    So, Tun Tian thought that as long as Shen Yanyao didn't directly tell him to get out, he would pretend nothing happened, continue to eat and drink with the little girl as a pet, pretend nothing happened, and not tell Yuxin!

    I was so resourceful.

    The problem is solved.

    Tun Tian, who pretended nothing happened, swaggered open the window and flew into Shen Yanyao's room at night, and reminded the excrement officer as if nothing had happened: "My dinner is here."

    "...Aren't you going to take revenge?"

    "Why are you anxious for revenge? If I didn't see it suddenly today, I would have regarded him as dead." Tun Tian walked up to Shen Yanyao swaggeringly, stretched out his bird claws and asked brazenly, "You won't deduct my snacks, will you?"

    If Tun Tian didn't ask, Shen Yanyao would have simply forgotten that he could still be punished like this.

    Her eyes lit up immediately, like stars twinkling in the sky, "Yes."

    Tun Tian: "...?"

    "The egg yolk is gone."

    "The spiritual rice produced by pure wood aura is limited to one spoonful a day."

    Tun Tian, who was still upright with his chest and Shen Yanyao's toughness, finally couldn't help the macho tears.

    At night, it squatted on the roof, eating the food of the bird demon fixed by Myriad Forms Heaven Sect tastelessly, and found that it had lost the greatest happiness of demon life.

    Shen Yanyao's attitude towards Tun Tian obviously cooled down, and after five days of deducting snacks, he resumed the usual supply, but he did not have the original relaxed attitude.

    The originally somewhat slack study was completely picked up by Shen Yanyao, and he strictly followed the study time in the sect.

    Another ten days later, when Yu Xin dug out all the suspicious people in the middle and upper levels of Jingzhou City, threw them to Emperor Liu, and returned to the guest house, he sensitively discovered that his little girl's temper had changed.

    Yu Xin stepped forward, and before he could speak, Shen Yanyao had already reached out and hugged Yu Xin's waist, "Thank you, senior brother, I used to be too playful and didn't work hard enough, so you made a lot of arrangements behind my back to protect you.My safety. Not in the future, I will become useful myself."

    The girl looked hesitant, and said the most well-behaved and sensible words in her mouth, but the unresolved sadness was condensed in her brows, which made Yu Xin's heart tremble suddenly.

    No, his other growth should be that Shen Yanyao bloomed like a flower, not depressed after being torn by wind and rain.

    "You don't have to."

    Yu Xin resolutely refused, picked up the blame on the ground and put it directly on his back, "Actually, I like to worry, and I love to see you rely on me for everything."


    "Fake. I'm also very pleased that you are willing to study hard." Yu Xin simply hugged Shen Yanyao into his arms, and gently stroked his back to comfort him.

    He looked around the room, but he didn't see Tun Tian who was always chattering around Shen Yanyao, and he immediately knew who was doing more than failing.

    "Tun Tian is talking nonsense, which made you misunderstand and make you sad."

    "Eldest brother, how much did you pay for hiring him?"

    "There is no price at all. I lied to him that he didn't dare to wear the beast ring, so he did it himself."

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    It's very graphic, it really is Tun Tian's style.

    "Ah, when I think about not spending money these few years, my mood suddenly recovers." Shen Yanyao smiled again.

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    See you guys tomorrow night.

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    Shen Yanyao didn't notice that Tun Tian was different, and Yu Xin was happy to let her continue to enjoy a peaceful life. Now that Tun Tian revealed her identity, it can be seen that Shen Yanyao was in danger.

    Yu Xin simply took the initiative to explain what happened back then, and revealed Tun Tian's identity: "Thousands of years, the person who competed with Yan Qiong for the position of Emperor of Heaven is Tun Tian."

    "...I'm not surprised at all, in every sense." After a moment of silence, Shen Yanyao spoke with a strange expression.

    From Yu Xin's words, Shen Yanyao deduced the identity of the man attacked by Tun Tian almost instantly through Tuntian's identity and its reckless attack operation.

    The split soul of Emperor Yan Qiong.

    It really makes sense when you think about it.

    Most capable villains are suspicious. Apart from setting up secret agencies to undercover all day long, wishing that even the courtiers would know everything about what they eat and drink, their favorite thing to do is to distract themselves and try their best to practice "seeing is believing is believing".The principle is that you must rely on your own efforts to obtain information.Therefore, Yan Qiong personally came to Jing Province to make troubles, and then was eliminated by Tun Tian himself.

    With Tun Tian's thunderous strike, Yan Qiong is now very surprised, annoyed and...unbelievable.

    Shen Yanyao knew the "background of the story". In her setting, except for Tun Tian's grandson, the adopted son who was almost killed by Yan Qiong and the big boss in the background, the seventy-two emperors were all powerful.It is not as good as the Emperor Yanqiong, nor as sinister and vicious as Yanqiong. After touching Yanqiong, Yanqiong will clean it up little by little, and unify the Immortal World into one piece.

    Now that the big boss is so far away, Tun Tian shouldn't exist, and Tiandi Yan Qiong should continue to be at the top of power and enjoy the supreme happiness.

    It's a pity, it's a pity, people are not as good as heaven, and now the plot has gone out of order.

    It doesn't matter if there is no big boss. In terms of force alone, Tun Tian can beat Yan Qiong like a mouse... right?

    Shen Yanyao blinked, thinking of Tuntian's mentally handicapped behavior over the years, he asked worriedly: "Tun Tian is the kind who can beat Yan Qiong now, right? I mean, it doesn't take too much effort to beat it."

    Yu Xin nodded resolutely to agree with Shen Yanyao's opinion: "Since taking office, Yan Qiong has been busy consolidating his power and enjoying himself, so he has no intention of concentrating on cultivation. It's just accumulated over time. But Tuntian is different."

    Tuntian lost his wife, lost his status, and lost his face. A few years ago, he hid in the cold underground. He could do nothing but practice.

    If Yan Qiong could beat Tuntian, he would not have sent Mrs. Meng Die to seduce Tuntian, trying to kill the opponent through beauty tricks; in a situation where one liver is neglected, the strength of Yan Qiong and Tun Tian will only become stronger.The bigger it is, now, with Tun Tian present, Yan Qiong is nothing to worry about.

    Shen Yanyao heard Yu Xin's words, and frowned and asked: "Eldest Brother, you plan to let Tun Tian assassinate the Emperor of Heaven?"

    Yu Xin said flatly, "It's Tuntian who wants revenge."

    "But the nine palaces are guarded by heavenly soldiers at every level, and there are countless formations set up, which is too dangerous."

    Yu Xin shook his head, "It's enough to use force to defeat cleverness. The formations arranged by Tiangong are more than fancy, but not practical."

    Sure enough, he is a boss, and he has such a low evaluation of Tiangong Formation.

    According to the content written by Shen Yanyao himself, Tiangong's defensive ability is at least 8.5. With such a strong defensive ability, Yan Qiong himself may not be able to safely fight from the first floor to the top floor, but Yu Xin's mouth, These defensive formations have become flashy fancy things, and Tun Tian just needs to hit them without a brain.

    Woohoo, is this the power in the blood of the powerful monster race?

    It's so terrifying!

    "I can't continue to be lazy, senior brother, I want... to become stronger!" Shen Yanyao said seriously.

    Yu Xin looked down at Shen Yanyao, "Are you serious?"

    "Yeah, very serious."

    Yu Xin smiled immediately. He rubbed Shen Yanyao's long hair, rested his fingertips on the center of her brows, and lightly tapped, "Go to retreat, do things you have never done before, and you will find that you can work harder."

    "Retreat? I thought...the Immortal World didn't have such a thing."

    "The Immortal World is different from the lower realm. There is no life, and the lifespan is long. Everyone lives a rather lazy life. It is true that few people rely on meditation to promote cultivation, but if necessary, retreating in the Immortal World is also a good choice." Yu XinAfter speaking, he laughed, "Tun Tian probably won't have the time to be with you these days. After you go back to the sect, you can retreat and practice in the back mountain."

    "Okay." Shen Yanyao immediately agreed, not noticing the meaningful smile on the corner of Yu Xin's mouth.

    "Oh, by the way, senior brother, when will Senior Sister Bai come back? She has been away for many days."

    "If you succeed in crossing the tribulation, you will come back."

    "What if it doesn't work?"

    "To be with that unlucky Gu Tianyan is to go through calamities all the time." Yu Xin commented bluntly.

    Yu Xin maintained the proper distance, and after assisting Liu Dijun to catch the traitor, he immediately took the disciples of the Vientiane Tianzong to leave, and expressed his attitude with practical actions-it was Yu Xin who helped Jingzhou personally, and the entire Vientiane TianzongZong has nothing to do.

    Therefore, Shen Yanyao, who was imprisoned in the back mountain and asked to retreat for a hundred years, was completely dumbfounded.

    "Eldest brother, why, why a hundred years!"

    "It's only been a hundred years. Work hard. Either it has been a hundred years, or it has reached the Sun Chasing Realm, and the closed formation will open automatically." After Yu Xin finished speaking, he directly sealed the mountain.

    The smile on his face lost its warmth as the formation showed its effectiveness. When he returned to the house, he waved to Tun Tian who was lying in the bird's nest, and Tun Tian immediately flew down and landed on Yu Xin's arm.

    "What's the matter? Just after you came back, you forced the little girl to study. You must be the person she hates the most now."

    "It doesn't matter." Yu Xin didn't take Tun Tian's words seriously at all, and directly pointed out the situation, "Do you still remember our original agreement?"

    Tun Tian suddenly lost the tired and coquettish look of the little bird, and the whole bird stood up straight, with its head close to Yu Xin, "My blood descendant! Could it be that he is in Myriad Forms Heaven Sect?"

    "I want to tell you something from the past." Yu Xin's eyes fluttered slightly, but he quickly returned to his normal appearance, and told Tun Tian what happened to him back then. At the end, he touched Tuntian's head to his back with a voice.Much gentler, "Right now, probably all the emotions are 'I'm busy right now, I don't have time to clean you up, I'll talk about it when I'm free'."

    Tun Tian opened his mouth and listened, and after a while he recovered his voice, and said dryly: "Then you, didn't you just return to the human form, and then went to Tiangong again, you are too courageous."

    "But Yan Qiong is very careful, don't look at him not making a sound now, he must be thinking about going back to settle accounts with you. Our grandparents and grandchildren have new and old feuds, let me find a way to beat him all over the place!"Tun Tian patted his chest vigorously, and his creamy yellow body became much larger in an instant.

    "Be careful on the road." Yu Xin didn't stop him, provided Tun Tian with a storage bag and ignored it.

    Most of the monsters flying in the sky are impulsive, Tun Tian opened his mouth and swallowed, put away the storage bag, flapped his wings and disappeared into the sky.

    "Yan Yao and Tun Tian have made arrangements, and only Junior Sister Bai and Gu Tianyan are left." Yu Xin stretched out his finger and nodded in satisfaction after calculating.

    Great, be back soon.

    In case of a fight, he doesn't want to do it himself, and it's most suitable for Wuxiu to do it professionally.

    Yu Xin tidied up his robes, and walked towards the top of the mountain.

    Now that you are back, you should continue to finish the course until the final exam questions are out.

    On the top of the cloud in the nine-story palace, singing and dancing slowly, fairy music fluttering, and countless fairy girls twisting their waists, showing the most charming smiles on the top of the cloud.

    Heavenly Emperor Yan Qiong suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were full of panic, and his face was extremely ugly.

    The feeling just now...

    who is it?Who could have the ability to destroy his soul at once!

    There was also that girl, although she looked like she was in her early twenties, but he always felt that her face was very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere.

    "Go down." Yan Qiong drove away Xian'e with a cold face, sat alone on the high seat, propped his chin with his hands and fell into deep thought, Yan Qiong knew that if he thought about it carefully, he would definitely be able to recall who the familiar blood breath came from.

    Not long after, the faces of the two people who jumped out of his plan back then suddenly appeared in his mind, and slowly merged into a younger and more delicate face.

    Yan Qiong smiled immediately, "Shen Yuan, Gu Qingrong. That's right, I should have thought that people who had accidents back then would also make accidents now."

    Shen Yuan and Gu Qingrong's actions in Yixian City have become more and more serious these years. They let their daughter go out, which shows that they have confidence in their own strength and spared no effort to unite with other emperors.

    "Jing Province? Heh, the vision is really good, what a pity." It's a pity that people with vision may not have that luck.

    He is bound to win Jing Province, and will take Jing Province back sooner or later.If he is to find evidence that Yixian City and Jing Province are in private connection, he must follow the trend and uproot Yixian City!

    "Come on, the daughter of Emperor Xuan Shen came to Jiuchongtian. If the fairy asks, tell them that I miss my child." Yan Qiong immediately ordered, regardless of how hypocritical the excuse he made was.

    The relationship between Yixian City and Yaozu has changed from a life-and-death enemy to mutual benefit and win-win, and gradually twisted into a powerful force. For the time being, Emperor Yan Qiong can't take care of Yixian City, so let them offer their daughter as a hostage first, and seeDo they dare to do anything wrong behind their own backs?

    Yan Qiong snapped his fingers, signaling Xian'e to start singing and dancing again, he picked up the woman beside him and kissed her, and called out "Meng Die" in a low voice, which made the other party flustered and did not dare to reveal it.

    In the specially opened cave in the back mountain of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, Shen Yanyao sat on the futon with a dignified expression.

    Of course she intends to work hard and join the ranks of Gan Emperor, but she is not forced to retreat for a hundred years.

    Has anyone ever seen a person who used to get up on time, study on time, and go to bed on time, say that he would stay up all night at the beginning of the day, give up eating, drinking and sleeping, and suddenly become a non-sleeping training machine?Everything must be done step by step, and the same principle applies to liver cultivation. I also know that it is impossible for Shen Yanyao to increase the intensity of retreat in an instant.

    She meditated for four hours with a bitter face, and finally changed from being dignified, well-behaved, and focused to numb legs. Resigned to her fate, she got up and hugged her legs to think seriously about the possibility of escaping from prison.

    As the saying goes, one Zhuge Liang is no better than three cobblers.Shen Yanyao has a very clear understanding of herself. She knows that she is just a newborn baby, and the only knowledge she knows is the plot that has been crooked to the horizon and cannot be used anymore.There is no advantage.Therefore, after losing the protection and support of his elder brother, Shen Yanyao decisively took out the book of lock demon that he carried with him, picked up the staff and knocked on the book of lock demon like a wooden fish, and knocked the book of lock monster inside.More than a dozen big monsters, big and small, were released, and they smiled and said, "Hey, come out, I have something to discuss with you."

    A ray of light vibrated like a water wave lit up on the strange writing, and the ray of light floated upwards. After reaching Shen Yanyao's eye level, the small spot of light expanded into a circle of light and spread outward quickly.

    The aperture suddenly exploded with dazzling brightness, and after the strange sound effect exploded, dozens of big monsters stood in the cave that forced the sting.

    "Second Young Lady, what are your orders? You have asked our brothers to come out very frequently recently, and you have decided to start exporting your travels. Have you improved yourself in the face of danger?" As the strongest existence among the big monsters who committed crimes, Hei Long spoke first.

    As soon as Heilong spoke, he saw Shen Yanyao's embarrassed smile.

    In her heart, she took it for granted very often, and it was not because she dug a big hole for herself, and now she was bored in the rear mountain formation, and it was so ineffective every day, except for the big brother and parents, no one knew where she was.I retreated and couldn't find anyone to help me.

    Fortunately, the big monster in the Book of Locking Monsters and himself are both grasshoppers on the same rope. Whether they can go out at this time depends on them.

    Shen Yanyao truthfully told the truth about the "Hundred Years of Retreat" that she had made, which made the demons laugh so hard that they couldn't straighten up.

    After laughing, Hei Long caught a dark existence from the group of demons, "You are really lucky, this is a pangolin. At the time when Emperor Shen caught it, it didn't have a long prison term, but it's a pity that its nature has not changed, so it is a pangolin.To break out of prison, I was caught back several times, and it was time for Second Young Lady when you needed a big demon. It has a gentle personality and entered the book of locking monsters together, probably because the mining technology is amazing. Shen Dijun thinks that Second Young Lady can use itGet on it."

    The pangolin’s nose is pink and tender, and its small dark eyes are timid to look at people. If Hei Long hadn’t heard Hei Long’s great achievements in escaping from prison many times, Shen Yanyao would never have imagined that such a pangolin lived in his artifact.temperament


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